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How To Get Bonded And Insured For Pet Sitting

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Insurance For Pet Sitters Usually Provides Coverage For:

How to Get Bonded

1. Care

This includes coverage for injury or loss of a customers pet, including emergency vet care, death, runaway recovery expenses, animals in transit while in your care, and even rewards for the safe return of the animal.

2. Liability

This includes general and professional liability as well as coverage if the damage is caused to a customers home or belongings while you are pet-sitting.

3. Property

This includes coverage for lost keys, bonding, equipment breakdown, and business contents. This type of coverage will give you tranquility and backup in case something unforeseen occurs.

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Pet Sitters’ Risks And Concerns

When you are seeking pet sitting insurance, you will want to consider the risks involved in your work to ensure that your policy will adequately cover you. Be sure to work with an agent who can tailor a policy to your needs and concerns, so that you know you are covered for the unexpected, and you have peace of mind.

Some scenarios to discuss with your agent include:

  • Health and safety of the pets:
  • What happens if you accidentally harm a pet, or a pet becomes ill under your care?
  • What if a pet is stolen while in your care?
  • What if you use a grooming product that causes the pet to develop a skin rash?
  • If the pet needs to go to the vet while in your care, who pays?
  • Care for the home:
  • If you are both pet sitting and house sitting, what happens if something goes missing while the home is in your care?
  • What if you accidentally cause a house fire?
  • What happens if you accidentally break something valuable?
  • Discussing these and other concerns related to your specific pet sitting business with an agent can help to ensure that your policy meets your needs.

    Smart Practices For Your Pet Sitting Business

    As a business owner, its wise to carry pet insurance and to be prepared to show the credentials when accepting a new client. In fact, its wise to have some paperwork for the new client to sign and have this documentation included in the paperwork.

    That way the client knows that the sitter has a license and is bonded and insured. This also shows that the pet sitter is a responsible business owner that wants to do things the right way.

    Being properly licensed, bonded and insured can help to create more trust between the client and the pet sitter. Clients want a person that takes their business seriously.

    Its not just a pet that the pet sitter is tending to and walking, its an extension of the family. Clients want their family to be well taken care of so they are much more likely to hire a sitter who shows that he or she is responsible enough to be bonded and have pet liability insurance as opposed to someone who is not.

    As a pet sitter, youre responsible for caring for the clients pet while they are away. This may require some quick thinking, having to make quick but informed decisions in order to ensure the safety of the pet. It also means that the pet sitter is knowledgeable about pet care and will be responsible enough to get the pet medical attention if required.

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    Your Portsmouth Trained Pet Sitters And Dog Walkers

    Client Software

    Its never been easier to book your next dog walking or pet sitting appointment. Easily access your portal to schedule visits, check your sitters status, upload pictures, manage invoices and more.

    5 Star Service

    As pet owners ourselves we know that when we are away we worry about our furry family.;Were here to answer any questions or concerns and answer phone calls, texts and emails any time of day.

    Every sitter is required to send a photo or video of your pets at each visit because there is nothing better than getting a cute photo of fluffy while you are on your vacation or stuck at your office.

    I havent had a better experience with Pet Care since my previous sitter changed jobs and referred me to Portsmouth Pet Sitting Company/ Sitter For Your Critter. ;

    I highly recommend her. She is legit, bonded, insured and professional. I appreciate the daily text messages she gives when Im away so I can relax knowing all is well. Thanks so much, Crystal. Your biggest fan T looks forward to seeing you again soon!

    Are Rover Sitters Bonded And Insurededit

    This company is where you can turn to if you need any dog ...

    Hi Steve, NO Rover sitters are NOT insured or bonded, but there is a guarantee that provides limited coverage for the dog owner. This article describes the guarantee

    Many sitters purchase their own liability insurance to cover themselves in case something happens. There are 4 primary Pet Sitter liability insurance companies for US based businesses. All of the insurance carriers are responsive and respected. Rates start around $130 a year depending on the services you offer and how many people you are covering and your level of deductible.

    • Pet Sitters Associates

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    What Type Of Insurance Does A Pet Sitter Need

    Liability insurance policies are typically comprehensive, but they may not cover some loses. Youll just have to review the policy carefully to determine what is and is not covered. Liability insurance is the first type of insurance policy most dog sitters particularly those with new businesses should obtain.

    Pet Sitter Insurance Versus Bonding

    Bonding, which is regarded as fidelity bonding in the pet sitting industry, is a type of business insurance that protects customers from theft by employees. Its an advantage to your pet sitting;business to be bonded because it automatically gives your customers a higher level of trust in your business. However, because bonding is very specific coverage, its not the only type of insurance you want to get for your pet sitter business.

    Have your pet sitting business stand out and attract customers by ensuring it is bonded and insured. This makes your business more trustworthy in customers eyes.

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    Pet Sitting Insurance Faq

    Are you bonded and insured?

    What Is Pet Sitting Insurance?

    Insurance for pet sitters is designed specifically to protect your pet sitting business from bodily injury and property damage claims. A Pet sitting insurance policy from Pet Care Insurance starts at $139/year and includes coverages like animal bailee, vet bill reimbursement, general liability and coverage for basic grooming and obedience training. We also provide additional options to meet such as employee dishonesty coverage and additional insureds to protect your business.

    How Much is Pet Sitting Insurance?

    A basic pet sitting insurance policy from PCI starts at $139/year. However, there are additional options that you may add to your policy for an additional premium. For example, one of these options is employee dishonesty coveragea coverage similar to bonding.

    Do I Need Pet Sitting Insurance?

    As a pet sitter, purchasing a pet sitting insurance policy helps protect your business. If you’re not insured when a pet is injured, eats something bad, or you damage a client’s property, you and your business could be in financial trouble; these events, and others like them, expose pet sitters to lawsuits and other liability claims.

    What Is Animal Bailee?

    This is one of the fundamental features of PCIs pet sitting business insurance policy. Animal Bailee covers expenses related to animals injuries or death – which you are legally liable for – while it is in your care, custody, or control.

    Is My Family Covered If They Work For Me

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    Why Go With Pet Care Insurance

    Pet sitter liability insurance gives you the financial protection you need in case of an accident.

    Even if you are as careful as possible, there is always a chance that something can go wrong.

    Consider what would happen if:

    An animal under your supervision goes missing.

    Consider what would happen if:

    An animal dies due to your negligence.

    Consider what would happen if:

    An animal is injured while you are watching them.

    We know there are risks associated with your line of work and have created policies that give you financial safeguards in case something goes wrong.

    We are committed to you. With a trusted carrier, a team that has proven experience and leadership in the insurance industry, and customer service representatives that are knowledgeable and friendly, we are the best choice for your liability coverage needs.

    Choosing The Correct Type Of Business License

    There are multiple forms of business licenses since there are so many different types of businesses in the United States. Since there are hundreds of business license classifications, choosing the correct type of license is key to completing and submitting the correct paperwork. A small business license is logical for a pet sitter since the business will most likely be privately owned without employees.

    The first step to choosing the correct type of business license is to decide what type of business will be operating under the license. Once the license is achieved, it must be posted at the location of business where it can be seen easily by the public. For a pet sitting business, the business license should be displayed where clients can easily view it when dropping off or picking up their pet. Displaying the business license in plain view allows the public to know that the business has taken the necessary steps to be properly licensed. Even though not every state requires a pet sitter to be licensed, a licensed, bonded, and insured sitter will be more reputable and attract more clients. A client will hire a licensed sitter over one that is not licensed.

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    If I Need Employee Dishonesty Coverage Are There Better Options Than A Bond

    Yes. Employee dishonesty coverage can be obtain through purchasing an employee dishonesty bond or employee dishonesty insurance, and, in most cases, they offer the same type of coverage.;For example, our program, PCI, allows you to add employee dishonesty coverage to your liability policy without needing to purchase a separate bond.

    Having the employee dishonesty coverage option available as part of a package;simplifies the purchase process for pet sitters, dog walkers, pet groomers, and pet trainers. ;

    Review The Information Available From Your States Insurance Commissioner

    How to Get Bonded to Become a Pet Sitter

    An insurance commissioner helps to establish and enforce the insurance requirements in their state.

    Most will likely provide informational websites thatll explain the basic insurance requirements in the state, and they may even provide tips and other resources thatll help you obtain the right type of coverage.

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    How To Get Bonded To Become A Pet Sitter

    For a pet sitter the first question a potential client usually asks is “Are you bonded?” The answer always needs to be yes. If you have business insurance you may or may not already be bonded. There is an important difference between the two, but as long as you are covered you can rest easier knowing your pet sitting business is protected.

    Check with your insurance provider to see if bonding is included in your business coverage. The difference between being bonded and insured is that bonding covers a pet sitting business over the lack of an employee’s completion of a job or theft that occurs on the job. Insurance covers property damages that may occur. Specify to your insurance agent that you need to be bonded as well as insured in your coverage.

    Join a pet sitting organization, such as the National Association of Pet Sitters or Pet Sitters International. Becoming a member of one of these associations will greatly reduce the cost of insurance and bonding for your pet sitting service. Make sure you sign up for bonding and insurance as a member of the organization.


    • Be prepared to offer character and work references for the last ten years in order to become bonded as a pet sitter.


    • If you have a criminal record, especially a felony, you will find it very hard to become bonded as a pet sitter, as most companies don’t want to take the risk.


    Taxes And Business Expenses

    Pet sitting is more than taking dogs on walks or practicing pet behavior training. Just like any other small business, there are business expenses for pet sitters. Even if a pet sitter earns a small amount of money, they still need to claim earnings on their personal income tax return. Since pet sitters are independent contractors, money is not taken out of a weekly or monthly check for taxes as it would if they were to work for an employer. Instead, you must set aside money for tax payments, which are made to the federal and state government on a quarterly basis as estimated payments.;In addition, if a client pays you more than $600 in one year, they can report your business fees as their own business expense and send you a 1099 form, which you must;report on your own tax return as business income.

    In order to ensure enough money is available for tax payments, its a smart idea to open a;separate checking or savings account to set aside money;for taxes. This money should be used to pay your quarterly estimated payments. You can also build up an extra cushion of money in case you owe more than expected at the end of the year.;Once youve paid your taxes for a couple years, youll have a better idea of how much you usually owe.

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    Pet Sitter Insurance / Dog Walker Insurance / Pet Taxi Insurance / Pooper Scooper Insurance

    Business Insurers of the Carolinas has been a proud provider of insurance and bonding;coverage specifically designed for pet sitters;since 1992.;By working directly with;the largest pet sitter associations;and their members;for almost 25 years, we have;gained a;unique understanding of the types of claims that occur in the industry and what is needed to be properly covered.;Each year;we;refine and enhance our association;liability programs based on the feedback we receive from our clients.

    What We Offer

    We continue to offer the broadest liability coverage for the pets and property in your care -;whether in your client’s home, in transit, or at your home. We cover all pets from Aardvarks to Zebras and every pet in between . As long as they are truly a pet and in your care, they are covered under our association plan!

    What We Cover

    As a Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agency, Business Insurers;works with many insurance companies who provide coverage to pet professionals just like you. We offer a full array of coverage options including optional coverage endorsements for pet grooming, in-home pet care, and house-sitting. Below are more details on the the main coverages we offer:

    ·;General Liability to protect against third party claims for bodily injury or property damage arising from negligence on behalf of you, your employees or independent contractors.

    We Know Your Needs

    Help Our Business Stay Here For Good

    Fetch Pet Care-How to Find the Best Pet Sitter

    Our small business has been devastated with over 300 corona virus related cancellations and very few new reservations are coming in due to travel restrictions and stay at home orders. We waived all cancellation fees because we understand that what matters most is the health and safety of our clients and our community.;We applied for

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    Types Of Insurance For Your Pet Sitting Business

    To some extent, the type of insurance you need should be based on the services you provide to customers. Every pet sitter company needs to have certain types of coverage, such as the following:

    According to the;Canadian Animal Health Institute, in 2018 cats continued to outnumber dogs with 8.3 million cats considered household pets, while dog ownership increased to 8.2 million.

    Where To Find The Best Pet Sitter Insurance

    As people in America increasingly acquire pets and are away from home more for work and travel, the demand for pet sitters is growing. Most pet sitters today are finding that their potential clients want their pet caretakers to carry some type of insurance. Pet sitter insurance signifies that you are serious about your business.

    When you’re researching the coverage you need, it’s a good idea to check in a few reputable places. Insurance agents, lawyers, and financial planners are all good sources for information about coverage. You may also want to check with peers and colleagues that run pet sitting businesses to see what kind of coverage they use. When you do begin to collect quotes, find consumer reviews to make sure that your insurance company is reputable and pays claims quickly . Doing some legwork ahead of time will help you make sure you’re not overpaying for coverage.

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    What Is Covered By Dog Walking Insurance

    The main part of dog walker insurance or pet sitter insurance is commonly referred to as Care, Custody and Control Coverage . Almost every responsible dog walker and pet sitter will have the CCC Coverage.

    Although the jobs can be different, dog walking insurance is the same thing as pet sitting insurance, and it works similarly to many other pet business insurance plans. This is because the associated risks are essentially the same, or very close to being the same.

    Any job that requires you to be responsible for someone else’s property will pose a high risk for legal issues. It is best to go over details thoroughly before choosing a plan, but most dog walking insurance plans cover basics like below.

    1. Dog’s injury in your care

    Veterinary expenses if the dog is injured while under your care are always covered by dog walker insurance policies. For example, if you are walking a dog when he steps on some broken glass and needs to have it removed from his paw that would be covered.

    These policies will also typically cover medical expenses if the dog injures someone else while under your care. If a;child runs up from behind to pet a dog you’re walking without asking and the dog bites the child, any medical treatment needed will likely be covered. Make sure to find a policy that includes this, as our dogs are unpredictable.

    2. Property damage

    3. Locksmith services

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