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How To Get Disability Insurance

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How To Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits

How Much Long-Term Disability Insurance Should I Get? : Disability Insurance

If you find you just cant work while on dialysis, talk to your doctor about your likelihood of applying for disability benefits. Not only is a physicians help and support invaluable and necessary for your claim, but their professional opinion should be as well. If your doctor doesnt think youll be approved, then it may be worth the trouble of starting your Social Security disability claim. Some approvals can take up to two years.

If you decide to apply for benefits, whether with the Blue Book or an RFC, make sure you include all of the necessary medical evidence. Even if you meet a listing, leaving information out could cause your claim to be delayed or denied all together. 70 percent of applications are denied in the initial stage, though many are accepted during the appeal process.

Important medical evidence for kidney dialysis and disease will include:

  • Blood tests that measure levels of chemicals and waste the kidney normally filter out
  • eGFR
  • Urine tests to show irregular chemicals, proteins, or blood
  • Kidney biopsy to examine tissue
  • Dialysis reports showing, kidney function before and during treatment
  • Summaries of other treatments, such as surgeries and medications
  • Information about any other hospitalizations and any other related documents
  • Detailed reports from your primary care doctor and/or kidney doctor describing the limitations caused by your kidney failure and dialysis

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The Healthier You Are The Better

This may be the most obvious factor of all. People in less-than-average health who have chronic conditions and/or use tobacco are more likely to suffer disabilities.

When assessing your health, disability insurance companies may request the following:

  • A paramedical exam, similar to a physical checkup, conducted by an independent third party
  • Measurement of height, weight, body mass, pulse, and blood pressure
  • Collection of blood and urine
  • Family medical history
  • Whether you drink or use tobacco

However, there are ways for applicants in great health to bypass the medical exam.

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Requesting Compensation For A New Disability

You normally do this if you are already getting VA disability, or have filed before and were denied. For example, you hurt your back while in the military so the VA is paying you disability compensation for a bad back. Now, you realize you are having hearing issues that may be related to your military service.

In this case, you just have to file a new disability claim with the VA. Some disabilities may have time limits, and you do have to document everything just like any other application for VA disability.

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How Does Disability Insurance Work

When youâre unable to perform your normal job duties because of an injury, illness, or other condition â whether or not itâs permanent â disability insurance replaces a certain percentage of your gross monthly income. It wonât completely replace your pay, but it provides enough so you can afford food and other necessities without drastically changing your lifestyle.

Like other insurance policies, you pay a monthly premium to keep your disability insurance policy active. If something happens and you cannot work, you file a claim with the insurance company so you can receive a monthly payment, called a benefit amount. The benefit amount varies by type of plan, but it is generally 60% of your gross monthly pay. Benefits will pay out for a certain length of time, called a benefit period. Your benefit period depends on the type of plan you have.

Before you can apply for benefits, you have to go through the policyâs elimination period, also called the waiting period. The elimination period for a short-term disability is typically one or two weeks, and the most common elimination period for a long-term disability is 90 days. Policies with shorter elimination periods are typically more expensive and have higher monthly premiums. Less-expensive policies have longer waiting periods.

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What Does Long Term Disability Insurance Cover

Here are the top five reasons for filing long term disability claims:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Mental health issues including depression and anxiety
  • Injuries such as fractures, sprains, and strains of muscles and ligaments
  • As you can see, the scope of disabling events is wide. That’s why perhaps the most important factor when considering long term disability insurance is a policy’s definition of disability.

    How a policy defines disability will determine how much, and even if, you collect benefits following an injury or illness. Some policies will pay out a monthly benefit if an injury prevents you from working at your normal job, but allows you to do other types of work that will nonetheless reduce your income. Other policies will not pay benefits if you are able to work in another type of profession, even if you earn less money.

    A policyâs definition of disability is based on your capacity to work. Maybe youâre unable to work in your chosen profession, but can do other work. A disability may allow you to work in a reduced capacity. Serious ailments can prevent you from working in any job.

    To collect on a claim, you must meet the policyâs definition of disability. This can vary greatly by company and policy. The broader the definition, the more it will cost.

    How Can I Increase My Va Disability Rating For Back Pain

    If you believe that your VA disability rating for back pain should be increased, you can file an appeal within one year from the date that you received your disability rating. If you choose to appeal the decision, you may do so by choosing one of three lanes:

    If your condition worsens and youre outside the one-year time frame to file an appeal, you can file a new claim for an increased rating. You can also file a claim for a secondary condition at any time, which could potentially result in an increased disability rating.

    This firm has been helping veterans for much longer than most. My experience with them is they never stop trying to get the most for their clients.

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    Employment Insurance Sickness Benefits

    The EI Sickness program provides temporary income replacement benefits to eligible workers for up to 15 weeks. To qualify, your income must be reduced by at least 40%, you must be employed by a qualifying employer, and you must have already earned 600 hours of insurable employment.

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    Types Of Disability Insurance

    How to Get Dyslexia Disability Insurance : Disability Insurance & More

    There are two main types of disability insurance short-term and long-term coverage. Both replace a portion of your monthly base salary up to a cap, such as $10,000, during disability. Some long-term policies pay for additional services, such as training to return to the workforce.

    Short term vs. long-term

    Typically replaces 60% to 70% of base salary

    Typically replaces 40% to 60% of base salary

    Pays out for a few months to one year, depending on the policy

    Benefits end when the disability ends. If the disability continues, benefits end after a certain number of years or at retirement age.

    May have a short waiting period, such as two weeks, after you become disabled and before benefits are paid

    A common waiting period is 90 days after disability before benefits are paid

    Disability policies vary in how they define disabled. Some policies pay out only if you cant work any job for which youre qualified. Others pay out if you cant perform a job in your occupation. Some policies cover partial disability, which means they pay a portion of the benefit if you can work part time. Others pay only if you cant work at all.

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    Other Sources Of Disability Benefits

    You may also be eligible for benefits from the Canada Pension Plan and the Quebec Pension Plan to add to your income when you’re unable to work.

    The CPP disability benefit and QPP disability benefit are available to people who have contributed to those plans and aren’t able to work regularly at any job because of a disability.

    How Californians Can Apply For Short

    California workers who become disabled for up to one year may file a State Disability Insurance claim. The states Employment Development Department handles all SDI claims, which only cover disabled Californians with off-the-job illnesses and injuries. Californias SDI policy covers claimants for up to 52 weeks the longest period for any state-managed short-term disability benefits program. Once approved, you may receive up to $1,300 in weekly cash payments, though other factors may change your approved amount. Learn more helpful information about how Californias SDI program works.

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    Can I Get Disability Insurance Through My Employer

    If one of the employee benefits offered where you work is group disability insurance, you should enroll as soon as possible if the answer to any of the three questions youâve just asked yourself is of concern to you.

    If you canât get disability insurance through your job , you need to get disability insurance on your own as soon as possible.

    Get Help With Increasing Your Va Disability Rating For Your Back Injury


    Going through the process of getting your disability rating increased for back pain or a back injury can be a frustrating and confusing process. The VA disability lawyers at Woods and Woods can help ensure that you receive the maximum compensation youre entitled to receive from the VA the first time you file a disability claim.

    We also work with veterans who have had their back conditions worsen with time to help them successfully increase their disability ratings as well as assist them in filing appeals and supplemental claims.

    Talk to Us About Your Claim:

    A family-owned business since 1985, our VA disability lawyers have helped countless veterans get the highest disability rating they deserve for their service-connected back injuries. We also assist the surviving spouses of deceased service members to obtain the benefits to which theyre entitled.

    We never charge a fee to help you apply for disability benefits or increase your disability rating you only pay if we are successful in increasing your disability rating in your VA benefits case.

    Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with our VA disability lawyers to discuss how we can help you increase your VA disability rating for back pain.

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    How Do I Get Disability Insurance

    When shopping for disability income insurance, any coverage you receive will ultimately come from an insurance carrier. But there are several different avenues to coverage you may want to consider.

    One option is to look for coverage as an individual. Disability insurance for individuals can be obtained by working with a licensed independent insurance agent or going directly to an insurance company. When you buy an individual policy, you own it for as long as you pay the premium. Plus, the amount you pay is generally locked in. It will not change unless you opt for more coverage. Individual plans are also portable. You donât lose coverage by changing jobs or losing your employment.

    Another option is to get disability insurance through work. More often than not, group disability insurance coverage can only be obtained if it is offered to you by your employer or an association you belong to. Because many employers offer group disability insurance as an employee benefit, they may pay some or all of the premium cost. Group disability plans are guaranteed issue. This means if you apply for coverage, you are automatically enrolled. There is no underwriting.

    The biggest downside of an employer-sponsored policy is that itâs possible to lose coverage. This can happen in two ways.

  • First, you will lose your disability insurance if you no longer work for the employer sponsoring the group plan. This type of coverage is contingent on your employment.
  • The Disability Insurance Underwriting Process

    Your risk of becoming disabled plays a large role in determining how much you will pay for coverage. So how exactly do insurance companies calculate your risk of becoming disabled?

    Individual disability income insurance requires underwriting. Whereas group plans help insurers spread their risk among a large group of policyholders, issuing an individual policy requires the insurance companies to assess the risk of a single applicant.

    Before you get caught up in the cost, it helps to understand the various factors that insurance companies look at when assessing risk.

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    How Robust Is My Financial Safety Net

    Many people have just enough money in their checking account to get by until the next paycheck. Very few people have an adequate emergency fund , savings, or investments to meet their financial needs if they couldnât work.

    Getting back to the 22-year-old mentioned earlier, how big of a safety net would they need at that age? How about 32? 42?

    Having six months of income in a savings account is recommended by just about every financial planner. Itâs great to have if the car needs expensive repairs or the air conditioning system has to be replaced. But, it takes a very large safety net to meet the basic needs of a family for an extended period of time. Disability insurance is that safety net many people need.

    Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits

    How Does Disability Insurance Work? : Disability Insurance

    The Canada Pension Plan provides monthly payments to people who contribute to the plan during their working years.

    You may be eligible for CPP disability benefits if:

    • you contributed to the CPP for a certain number of years
    • you’re under 65 years old
    • you have a severe and prolonged mental or physical disability
    • your disability prevents you from working on a regular basis

    The benefits include payments to children of a person with a disability.

    Apply as early as possible if you think you’re eligible for CPP disability benefits. Quebec residents may be eligible for a similar program called the Quebec Pension Plan . It may take several months to process your application.

    If you applied for CPP or QPP disability benefits and were told that you’re not eligible, you can ask to have your application reviewed or considered again.

    Once you reach age 65, your CPP disability benefit will automatically change to regular CPP payments. Your regular CPP payments may be less than the CPP disability payments you got before.

    If so, consider:

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    What Is Disability Insurance

    It can give you a tax-free monthly payment to help replace your income and cover your expenses if an illness or injury keeps you from working.

    While a disability can often be visible to the naked eye, not all disabilities are so easily recognized. Chronic pain or a mental health issue can also qualify as a disability.

    Two Types Of Disability Policies: Short Term And Long Term

    Short term disability insurance is for temporary disabilities and is designed to replace up to 60%-80% of your income for a short period of time. STD is often provided through your workplace, either as a mandatory or voluntary benefit. The typical benefit period is 3-6 months , or until you can get back to work.

    Long-term disability insurance is for more severe and even permanent disabilities. Its sometimes offered as a workplace benefit, but is often purchased as an individual policy. The benefit is designed to last for many years through retirement if needed replacing up to 60%-80% of your income if something were to happen and you could no longer work.

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    Eligible For The Hazardous Duty Supplement

    If you have at least 20 years of eligible hazardous duty service credit, you may qualify for the hazardous duty supplement as part of your service retirement benefit. You are not eligible to receive a hazardous duty supplement if you retire on disability. If you qualify for the supplement, compare your estimated disability retirement benefit with your service retirement benefit, including the supplement, before applying for disability retirement to determine which type of retirement is best for you. Your human resource office can assist you. You can also create retirement benefit estimates through .

    The Employer Pays A Portion And The Employee Pays The Balance With Post

    Why Does It Take So Long to Get Disability Insurance ...

    If the employer pays a portion of the premium, and the employee pays the balance with post-tax dollars, then the benefits are taxable in the same proportion as the percentage of the premium paid by the employer. For example, if you paid for 50% of your premium with post-tax dollars, you would only be taxed on 50% of the benefit that your employer had been paying.

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    What We Mean By Disability

    The definition of disability under Social Security is different than other programs. Social Security pays only for total disability. No benefits are payable for partial disability or for short-term disability.

    We consider you disabled under Social Security rules if all of the following are true:

    • You cannot do work that you did before because of your medical condition.
    • You cannot adjust to other work because of your medical condition.
    • Your disability has lasted or is expected to last for at least one year or to result in death.

    This is a strict definition of disability. Social Security program rules assume that working families have access to other resources to provide support during periods of short-term disabilities, including workers’ compensation, insurance, savings, and investments.

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