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How To Get Life Insurance On Your Spouse

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The Pros And Cons Of Getting A Joint Life Insurance Policy

How to Get Life Insurance on an Ex-Spouse

This type of coverage is rare for a reason: there are more unknowns compared to individual life insurance,. This means you should have a clear reason for getting it, and before you buy joint coverage, consider exploring other permanent and term life insurance options. Having said that, here are the main reasons why you would or wouldnt want to get a joint life insurance policy:

Get A Spouse Life Insurance Policy

It will never be cheaper than today to get a spouse life insurance policy, and it has never been easier.

We invite you to click on the quote button on the right of this page to get an instant quote after offering minimal information, or you can call us at 868-0099 and speak with an insurance professional who will help you find the life insurance best suited for your needs and budget. Also, you can contact through our website 24/7.

Benefits Of Gifting Life Insurance Cover To Your Spouse

When it comes to gifts, especially for your better half, jewellery, vacation, clothing might be the first to come to your mind. What if you could gift something that makes her feel the value she holds in the family? More than that life insurance will also ultimately protect the family she so enthusiastically cares for.

Here are five compelling reasons for you to gift a life insurance plan to your spouse, whether shes a homemaker or a working professional.

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Family Life Insurance For Children

No one wants to even think about the death of a child, but life insurance for children isnt necessarily only about protecting your child at an early age. Yes, it can help you cover some expenses if the unthinkable happens, but life insurance for children can also be helpful in ensuring that your child has a policy in place as they grow into adulthood.

Convertible insurance policies can guarantee that your children are covered even if they wind up with health conditions that might prevent them from qualifying for life insurance on their own later in life. And while you can purchase life insurance for children separately, policies for children can be bundled and included within a family life insurance plan.

A Key Employee In Your Business

Now MilSpouses Get the Advantage of Life Insurance ...

If you own a business, you can buy what is known as key person or key employee insurance to insure an employee who contributes significantly to the business.

If a superstar salesperson who brings in a majority of sales were to die, it would be a serious hit to company revenues, Hoang says. A key person policy will help the business owners cover business liabilities while finding someone new to fill the role.

Typically, the business buys the policy, pays the premiums and is the beneficiary, according to the Insurance Information Institute. The employee must consent to having a policy purchased on him or her and must go through the underwriting process.

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How To Buy Life Insurance On Your Significant Other

If youre looking to get life insurance on your significant other or name them as beneficiary of your policy, Quotacy can help. Weve helped many married and unmarried couples purchase life insurance.

Start the process by running a free and anonymous term life insurance quote.

If you want to buy life insurance on your significant other, be sure to complete the online quote and application using their information.

Tip: When filling out your application, use the titles partner or significant other instead of boyfriend or girlfriend.

After running quotes, when youre ready to apply you will be brought to a page that looks like the screenshot below.

As you can see it asks that you fill out the form with the insureds information

Once the application has been submitted, the life insurance company will need to personally contact them to verify application information and, if necessary, to schedule the medical exam.

You can always contact us directly if you want one-on-one assistance.

Purchasing Life Insurance With Your Spouse

The best time to purchase life insurance was yesterday. The second-best time is today. Once you and your partner have decided to get life insurance, do not delay. Life insurance premiums increase by 8-10% on average for every year you postpone buying.

The process of buying life insurance as a couple is pretty much the same as it is for singles. The only difference is that you and your partner must first decide whether a joint policy or two separate policies will suit your situation better.

Once that is done, you must figure out:

  • how much life insurance is needed
  • choose a beneficiary

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Help Her Leave An Estate For The Next Generations

Immovable properties and estate have always been a preferred way for financially independent people to stay in the memories of their progeny. Not that your children will not remember you without the wealth, but estate works as monuments in the family tree.

What could be better than you helping your spouse leave an estate for her children and grandchildren? And yes, a life insurance plan can help you achieve that.

Some of the best term life insurance plans offer whole life term cover till the age of 99. The iSelect Star term insurance from Canara HSBC OBC Life offers 99 years term cover with limited premium payment option. So, you can pay all the premiums before the retirement age of 60.

You can also get the whole life cover with a return of premium option. This plan will return all the premiums you have paid for the life cover once your spouse reaches the age of 60. However, the life cover continues and pays the nominees upon her natural demise.

Family Life Insurance Explained

Getting Life Insurance On Your Spouse

Family life insurance is a term used to describe a life insurance policy that includes coverage for every member of your family. While the details of these policies vary, family life insurance commonly includes whole life insurance coverage for the breadwinner of the family and term life insurance coverage for his or her spouse and dependents.

With that being said, family life insurance is customizable and can be formatted in any way that suits your needs. For example, a family life insurance policy could include term life insurance for both parents and their kids, or everyone could have some level of permanent coverage.

Family life insurance may also be convertible. For example, life insurance coverage for children often comes in the form of a term policy until they reach adulthood. From there, their policy could be converted to permanent coverage that they can continue to maintain on their own.

Regardless of how you fashion your coverage, the point of family life insurance is to make sure each family member has enough life insurance to meet their needs at every stage of their lives.

Additional expenses you can cover with family life insurance include:

  • Daily bills like groceries and utility bills
  • Mortgage or rent payments
  • Medical expenses or long-term care
  • College tuition and fees

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Life Just Got Even Better

Life insurance is usually thought of as something for the spouse who is the breadwinner. If that person dies, then the life insurance benefit would help provide for the family. The mortgage may still get paid the kids may still go to college.

Life coverage is no less important for the spouse who stays at home, works part time, or is a secondary breadwinner. The death benefit, payable if the insured stay at home spouse dies, could help pay for childcare, housekeeping, meals, and other services your family can’t do without.

Life insurance is also important for the kids. Getting them covered at a young age may help ensure they have the coverage in the future. They could convert the coverage as adults, even if they later develop health problems that would otherwise make them uninsurable. 1

With family life insurance whatever the future brings, your loved ones’ financial security may be protected.

Temporary Or Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance offers a death benefit for a fixed amount of time, which is the term. If you pass away during the term, then your beneficiaries will receive the death benefit, explains Stokes. After your coverage expires there is no death benefit paid out once you pass. However, there are different types of term life insurance:

  • Annually renewable term life insurance: This type typically lasts until you cancel your policy, or until you reach a certain age. With an annually renewable policy your premiums are based on your age and health when the policy begins, but those premiums increase over time, says Stokes. Annually renewable term life insurance is usually the least expensive life insurance you can buy, though it does get more expensive as you age.
  • Level term life insurance: Level term life insurance gives you more certainty over the cost of your premiums, as they remain level for the length of your policy. Often, level term life insurance is sold in ten-year and 20-year terms, she adds. Once the term ends you stop paying and no longer have coverage.

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Can The Wrong Person Receive Your Benefits

If you fail to keep your beneficiaries up to date or make a mistake in documenting them, someone other than who you intended may receive your assets or policy proceeds. This is why carefully designating and remembering to update beneficiaries is so important.

If you are worried about making a mistake when naming your beneficiaries, consult a financial professional or attorney to ensure your intentions will be carried out the way you wish.

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How To Find Out If Life Insurance Policy Is Still Valid

Can You Get Life Insurance On An Ex Spouse? Yep! Find Out ...

You should be able to find out if the policy is still valid by simply contacting the company that issued your life insurance policy. Even though some time has passed since the premiums have not been paid, but you may be able to receive a return on your investment with dividends.

You may be faced with the decision to cash out your life insurance policy, if the policy is still effective. The insurance company will want proof of ownership before they’ll pay up on a claim. Keep in mind that there is usually an expiration date for these policies anyway.

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Life Insurance For Your Parents And Grandparents

Another component of family life insurance is coverage for parents and grandparents. While older family members may be limited in the types and amounts of life insurance they can qualify for, family life insurance can include something as simple as final expense insurance with a death benefit thats small but adequate to pay for funeral expenses and other final bills.

When youre considering your familys life insurance situation, make sure you also evaluate the current policies on your parents and grandparents, and ensure they have some sort of coverage in place. If they dont have adequate insurance, you should consider helping them sign up for a term life insurance policy, permanent life insurance coverage or final expense insurance.

With final expense insurance in particular, elderly family members may be able to secure coverage without having to undergo a medical exam. They likely wont be able to qualify for a policy with a large benefit, but you can potentially get them a policy thats appropriate for their needs at a reasonable cost.

Basic Facts: State Farm Family Life Insurance

Talk to your agent to see which policy makes sense for you. Once you or your spouse is covered by either a State Farm Select Term or Whole Life insurance policy, just add one of these riders to help protect the rest of your family.

  • Select Term Rider Provides life insurance to age 95 with a premium that will remain level for 10, 20,or 30 years depending on the coverage you choose. The rider is available on both the insured and an additional insured and may be converted to a permanent policy if lifetime coverage is needed.1 Minimum coverage is $100,000.
  • Children’s Term Rider Add this to cover your children. Just one rider could provide up to $20,000 in life insurance coverage for each child in your family, including children yet to be born. So as your family grows, new children are covered once they reach 15 days old. Term coverage will terminate when the child reaches age 25 when it could be converted to permanent coverage. 1

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Yes Your Ex Must Know About The Insurance

We hear this question quite often as well, Can I get life insurance on my ex-husband without him knowing?

Since your ex-spouse will be the insured, he will need to answer questions about his health and sign an insurance application.

You cant take a life insurance policy out on your ex-spouse without his knowledge. Its impossible.

In fact, they will not only know about it, but they may have to take a medical exam so the life insurance company will make an offer.

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Ive run into some trouble here in the past when the ex-spouse doesnt want to cooperate with answering questions or taking an exam.

If you have children together, you might consider making them the beneficiary designations to the children, placing the money in a trust in the event of your ex-spouses death.

If you dont have children or other loved ones to assign the life insurance beneficiary, sometimes a charity or religious organization will work.

Can I Keep My Previous Life Insurance Policy

How will a Term Life Insurance Plan Benefit Your Spouse | Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance

Will it be a good idea to keep your previous life insurance policy? After divorce, there might be a need to buy a new life insurance policy or update an existing one you had with your ex-spouse.

If it is an existing joint life insurance policy, you might have to separate it. Unfortunately, this option is only available with some insurers, so it might not be applicable to you if your insurer does not offer it.

The good thing is, you could still work around it and either cancel it or take over it while your ex-spouse purchases a new one.

If you choose to cancel and buy a new one, the premiums will not be the same because of age issues and possible health problems, if any.

It would be an advantage if you had separate life insurance policies at the time of divorce. This way, you can keep the policy and continue paying for the premiums for the initial amount of coverage.

The only problem is if it does not provide enough coverage for your needs since a lot of things are bound to change after divorce.

However, you could purchase another policy to supplement the coverage for the existing one.

So what is the essence of having life insurance after divorce?


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How Beneficiaries Can Claim A Life Insurance Policy

In order for your beneficiary to make a death claim against your life insurance policy, they will need:

  • Your death certificate
  • The life insurance policy
  • A claim form
  • The primary beneficiarys death certificate

If you have multiple beneficiaries, each will need to submit a separate claim to the insurer in order to receive their portion of the proceeds.

Make sure that each of your beneficiaries has a copy of your life insurance policy and the insurers contact information. You may also want to provide them with access to your life insurance account if the insurer has an online portal, as well as the records of your premium payments. This reduces the likelihood of a dispute between your beneficiary and the insurer about whether coverage was in place at the time of your passing.

Once a life insurance claim has been submitted, the insurer will review it and pay the death benefit, so long as there are no issues with the submission. The process to pay out life insurance beneficiaries can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

While there are some methods to search for unclaimedlife insurance policies, these are typically restricted by insurer or state. So take the time to notify your beneficiaries appropriately, or you could pay thousands of dollars in premiums for no benefit to your loved ones.

Life Insurance Basics

Key Steps In Buying Spouse Life Insurance

The steps youll need to take when buying spouse life insurance is no different than buying life insurance for yourself. There are four basic items that need to be considered:

This step is very important because without taking time to consider your coverage needs, you and your spouse may come up short mitigating your financial risk when you need coverage the most.

On the other hand, whole life insurance lasts a lifetime and builds cash value that you can access if needed. Its an asset.

If you prefer to purchase life insurance without a medical exam requirement, youll have many opportunities to do so.

Your beneficiary should be designated based on your insurance needs and updated when appropriate. You can choose as many beneficiaries you like, and you can select contingent beneficiaries if your primary beneficiaries are not alive when you die.

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Your Spouse Is The Breadwinner

Its advisable to buy life insurance if your spouses income would put a strain on you or the family. The payment from the policy can help you and any kids continue to fulfill financial obligations such as rent, mortgage payments, bills, college tuition, food costs, and other expenses should your spouse pass away.

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