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How To Lower Premiums On Auto Insurance

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Install Car Safety Features

How to Lower Car Insurance Premiums : Car Insurance

More on safe-driving discounts. In the same way that a defensive course minimizes your risk, so do car safety features. Often cars will have a list of safety equipment you need installed in order to get an additional discount. These features can include airbags, anti-lock brakes, electronic safety controls, and automatic seatbelts. Sometimes even showing the receipt of a kids safety car seat can lower your car insurance premium.

Bundle Your Car And Homeowners Insurance

Insurance companies love to have as much of your business as possible and will reward you for coming to them for all of your insurance needs. By bundling your car and homeowners insurance, insuring more than one vehicle on the same policy or combining your car and renters insurance, you could receive lower costs on your car insurance rates.

Improve Your Driving Record

Suppose you already have a speeding ticket, DUI or moving violation for distracted driving on your driving record. In that case, theres not much you can do to change it except wait for time to render those events less relevant when evaluating your driving history. What you can do is take steps to make sure you dont receive additional speeding tickets, DUIs or moving violations that could further negatively impact your car insurance rates.

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How Are Car Insurance Premiums Calculated

Now that you know what car insurance premiums are, lets discuss how insurers decide how much you pay for coverage. There is no standard car insurance premium for every driver. These costs are highly personalized, and each insurer calculates car insurance premiums differently. However, most take into account the following when setting rates:


Coverage Level

Youll pay the lowest car insurance premium if you only carry your states minimum required coverage. Purchasing higher coverage limits or more exhaustive policies will increase your premium.


Collision and comprehensive insurance policies typically include a deductible. Choosing a higher deductible will result in a lower premium.


The discounts for which you are eligible affect your rate. Common car insurance discounts include a homeowners discount, military discount, multiple policy discount and pay-in-full discount.

How To Get Ed Drivers Car Insurance Discount

4 Easy Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance Rates Immediately!

Finding an approved class to be able to get a discount on drivers education insurance on a car doesnt have to be overwhelming. There are many ways to find the right course.

For teens still in high school, your school will likely offer driver education. This is a very convenient option that is worth considering. If your high school does not offer a course, they may have suggestions for special courses available in your area.

Most areas have many options for private driving classes. Most of these classes are for teens who are first-time drivers. There are also many courses geared towards adults or anyone looking to update their driving skills to become a safer driver.

There are now some online driving courses available. Of course, these wont usually have a practical driving component.

Not only are driving courses useful for new drivers, some states require drivers to take a course before getting their drivers license. Moreover, even if you are already a more experienced driver, updating your skills and knowledge is never a bad idea.

Also, dont forget to consider asking your insurance company for suggestions. If the company offers a driver discount, the agents who work there will likely know some courses they can suggest if you contact them.

While talking to your insurance company representative, ask them about the amount of the discount. This will allow you to easily compare the discount between the different insurance policy options of the service providers.

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Offer To Pay Higher Deductibles

Your deductible is the amount you pay before your insurance begins to cover costs. When agreeing to higher deductibles, your insurance costs usually drop. According to Policy Genius, Increasing your deductible by $300 could lower your full-coverage policy up to 30 percent and paying a $1000 deductible could be up to 40 percent in savings. How high you set your deductible should be based on the amount of money you are comfortable paying out of pocket to repair or replace your vehicle after an accident.

Compare Car Insurance With Just A Few Clicks

Weighing up car insurance policies doesnt have to be a chore we make it quick and easy. With our free car insurance comparison tool you can view plans from our partners and compare features, coverage and excess.

You just need to provide a few details and if you see a policy you want, you can apply straight away. The whole comparison process just takes a few minutes and could potentially help you save money on your insurance.

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Ways To Lower Car Insurance Costs

Car insurance is an often overlooked expense where you could find some significant savings. There are many things you can do both today and over time to lower your car insurance payments.

  • Shop around. Car insurance rates vary considerably from company to company for similar coverage levels. When its time to renew your policy, get quotes from several companies to make sure youre getting the best deal.
  • Consider bundling your insurance. If you have homeowners insurance you may want to consider using the same provider for your car insurance. Kelly Blue Book reports that bundling your home and car insurance policies could save you about 10% per year.
  • Install a driving monitor. Many insurance companies now offer discounts when you install a device that lets them monitor your driving habits. Some insurance companies give steep discounts of up to 30% for drivers who do not display any alarming tendencies .
  • Ask for a mileage discount. If you drive less than the average driver then you may want to ask your insurance provider for a mileage discount. If you travel less than 5,000 miles annually you could save on your insurance policy.
  • Improve your credit score. There are many benefits to having a good credit score including lowering your insurance rate. According to WalletHub there is a 49% difference in the cost of auto insurance for someone with excellent credit compared to drivers with no credit history. Having a higher credit score could save you a significant amount.
  • Carpool Bike Or Take Public Transit To Work

    How to Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium

    Insurance rates are higher for drivers who make the often scary commute to work every day. The reasoning is that the more often you drive, the more likely you are to get in an accident. So if you’re able to take public transportation, carpool, or bike to work then you can likely lower your insurance premiums, and save money on parking and gas too.

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    The Bottom Line On Lowering Your Car Insurance Premium

    Heres a summary of the best strategies to cut down on what you pay for your car insurance policy. You can use one or more of these tips to get the lowest possible car insurance rates.

    • Insurance carriers differ in how they use pricing algorithms, and in the customers they want, so comparison shopping is one of the best ways to save.
    • Most companies offer car insurance discounts to those who purchase multiple policies or types of coverage, so consider buying car insurance from the same carrier that sold you your homeowners or renters insurance policy.
    • Installing anti-theft devices such as a LoJack or car alarm could help you save up to 25% on premiums.
    • Opting for a higher deductible if you can afford it, is certain to lower your premium.
    • If you’re a good driver or don’t drive often, consider a pay-as-you-drive or pay-how-you-drive insurance program.
    • Depending on your state, your credit history could influence your premium. Taking steps to improve your credit could help you lower your car insurance rate.
    • Be a responsible driver. There is no surer way to lower your car insurance premium. Taking a defensive driving course could also help you obtain additional discounts.
    • Larger vehicles are more expensive to insure because they’re more expensive to replace. Switching to a smaller SUV, for example, can reduce the amount of money you pay for car insurance.

    If you’re looking for additional ways to save, check out Moneys best cheap car insurance for the best deals on coverage.

    Take A Driving Course

    Young or inexperienced drivers may be able to save on car insurance by seeking out professional training. For example, Travelers offers a discount of up to 8% to young drivers who can prove theyve completed an approved driver training course.

    If its been a while since your last drivers education course, taking a defensive driver course could also save you money on your auto policy. In many states, you must be over the age of 50 or 55, and savings vary.

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    Avoid Lapses In Coverage

    If you have even a day without auto coverage, your premiums will likely go up. When you are switching insurance policies or providers, dont cancel your former insurance until the new one has kicked in. In addition, always pay your bills on time. Even one missed payment could skyrocket future premiums.

    Usage Based Insurance: Telematics

    How to Lower Your Car Insurance Premiums

    Another factor that could use an entire article devoted to it, Usage Based Insurance , is a way to reward good drivers for their safe driving. Those drivers who exhibit safe driving habits like not speeding, hard braking or hard cornering will get discounts if these events do not occur. The driving is tracked either by an app on your mobile phone or by a device inserted into your car’s CPU. Those who enrol in these programs generally get 10% off just for enrolling, with an additional 15% for safe driving. Potentially saving 25% on your auto insurance for being a safe or seldom driver is a pretty good deal.

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    Car Insurance For Low

    Individuals who earn less than $50,000 can get low-income auto insurance. Individuals and families can get car insurance that is funded by the government in some states. Low-income people can find affordable insurance by purchasing car insurance that offers equal pricing.

    Since the mid-1900s, traffic laws and car insurance have improved tremendously. However, it comes with a steep price. Unfortunately, the most expensive premiums are often paid by those with less money.

    Pay Attention On The Road

    In other words, be a safe driver. This should go without saying, but in todays age of increasing in-car distractions, this bears mentioning as much as possible. The more mindful you are, the more accidents or moving violations youll be able to avoidevents that raise your insurance rates. Travelers offers safe driver discounts of between 10% and 23%, depending on your driving record.

    For those unaware, points are typically assessed to a driver for moving violations, and more points can lead to higher insurance premiums .

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    How Do I Find Low

    NAIC reports that at least one motorist chooses to drive without insurance. These uninsured motorists can be caught in an accident, or are caught by police. This leaves them with huge medical bills and fines.It can be difficult to find low-income insurance. Shopping around is the best way for low-income people to find affordable insurance.

    There are many powerful search engines on the internet, including Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Yahoo!, and DuckDuckGo. You can use the power of the Internet to compare rates from different companies. To find out if there are any discounts, you can search the internet. Combining discounts with comparatively low rates can lead to a great deal.

    Do Male Or Female Premiums Go Down Differently By Age

    Auto Insurance : How to Increase a Deductible to Lower Premiums on Car Insurance

    The decrease in rates for car insurance between males and females are different because of factors like the likelihood to cause accidents, chances of having DUIs and even taste in vehicles.

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, male drivers are more likely to be involved in fatal accidents due to speeding and drive cars that cost more to insure. An FBI report also found male drivers are twice as likely to be arrested for severe driving violations like DUIs.

    The difference in car insurance rates between men and women is more pronounced before 25. For instance, MoneyGeek found that 16-year-old male drivers pay $422 more than females on average.

    Comparison Table of Male & Female Premiums at Younger Ages

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    • Extra Amount Paid by Males
    • 16
    • $1,411$18

    The chart above shows the premiums for men and women getting closer as they age. It continues until 25 when they pay roughly the same rate for coverage. After 30, female drivers pay slightly more for car insurance. Based on MoneyGeeks analysis, no data indicate a confirmed risk factor in older women drivers.

    Comparison Table of Male & Female Premiums at Older Ages

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    • Extra Amount Paid by Males
    • 30
    • -$16

    Some states, including California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts, have already begun equalizing car insurance rates by prohibiting gender from being used as a car insurance rate factor.

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    Lower Your Annual Kilometre Count

    Another way to save funds may involve reducing the amount of annual kilometres you drive as listed on your policy. If you use your vehicle to commute to work or occasionally for business, let your broker or insurer know youre driving less, since there could be savings you can tap by changing your vehicle classification from commuting/pleasure to pleasure. However, once the lockdown ends, dont forget to contact your insurer and inform them you are returning to driving the same distances you once did.

    Dont: Just Renew Without Comparing

    According to a PureProfile survey in 2018, 89% of Aussies renew their policy without shopping around, even with 81% also admitting the cost of their insurance goes up each year.1 Comparing car insurance might just change that.

    Reviewing your cover and looking for a better deal is something you can do every year to reduce your car insurance premiums or to find a policy that youre happier with. Comparing whats out there and taking control of your finances will always be one of our biggest tips on how to save money on car insurance. It can also help you determine if youre still getting value from your current cover.

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    Ask About Available Discounts

    You would be shocked to discover how many discounts are available. Ask your insurer for their list of discounts, because you never know what details about your life might qualify you for a cheaper rate. For example, your occupation, that roadside assistance program you signed up for, or your teen drivers grades could all help you lower your rate.

    Switch To A Smaller Vehicle

    How to lower your car insurance premiums

    If you need a new car, make the cost of car insurance for your new wheels one of your buying criteria. Premium costs will vary depending on the cars size and price, along with its incidence of claims and repair costs compared to other vehicles.

    Insuring a sizable SUV may cost more than covering a smaller and more affordable vehicle. Honda’s smaller SUVs, for example, often rank among the cheapest cars of all to insure. As a rule, insurance for larger cars tends to be more expensive because theyre more costly for insurers to replace, explains the Insurance Information Institute. Due to their weight, more sizable vehicles also tend to cause greater damage to other cars and property when they crash.

    Car type matters as well. Premiums are typically lower overall for sedans than for SUVs or sports cars, for example. That said, premiums vary from model to model within each vehicle type. In part, thats because of attributes such as safety features a higher safety score for a particular model may offset such negative factors as purchase price or accident record.

    If you plan to shop based on safety, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s 2021 Top Safety Picks is a good place to look at evaluations and safety ratings. Many car insurance companies offer discounts for features that reduce the likelihood of theft or personal injuries, such as alarms, airbags and anti-lock brakes.

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    The Type Of Vehicle Insured

    What type of vehicle you are insuring also makes a big difference in the cost of auto insurance. There are a number of variables in play when auto insurance companies look at the type of vehicle including its replacement cost, prior insurance claim history for the make and model , vehicle safety ratings, and more.

    Vehicle Year Make And Model

    Of course the item you are insuring, your vehicle, has an impact on the insurance price but not as much as you may think. While it certainly is more expensive to insure a BMW versus a Honda Civic, the physical damage coverage is only one part of the insurance premium. You are also insuring your body for injury. The vehicle safety rating often has a major impact on the insurance premium.

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    Maintain A Good Credit Record

    Establishing a solid credit history can cut your insurance costs. Most insurers use credit information to price auto insurance policies. Research shows that people who effectively manage their credit have fewer claims. To protect your credit standing, pay your bills on time, dont obtain more credit than you need and keep your credit balances as low as possible. Check your credit record on a regular basis and have any errors corrected promptly so that your record remains accurate.

    How Are Auto Insurance Premiums Calculated

    How to Lower Car Insurance Premiums

    Auto insurance rates vary depending on a number of factors. How premiums are calculated is different from one auto insurance company to the other. However, there are certain common elements that all auto insurance companies use to calculate premiums.

    A number of variables evaluate every application for auto insurance according to the risk formula created by the evaluating auto insurance company. These factors include your age, your driving record, credit history, the type of vehicle insured, and more. Understanding how auto insurance premiums are calculated can be a little tricky.

    There is no formula that fits all. However, once you understand the variables which auto insurance companies look at, then its possible to find ways it improves your risk profile. The one thing that is common between all auto insurance companies in the lower the risk you pose of filing a future claim, the lower your auto insurance rates will be.

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