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How To Renew Ghana Health Insurance

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Frontline Provider Implementation Arrangements

How to renew your National Health Insurance Scheme[NHIS]. DAIL *929#

Health service provider responsiveness to clients

The responsiveness of the services to the social aspirations of people such as treatment with respect and dignity, confidentiality, autonomy in decisions concerning their own health and non-discrimination also affect their acceptability. Perceptions of language barriers and religious discrimination were among responsiveness related reasons some respondents gave as a disincentive to seek health care that affected NHIS enrolment even when the services were available.

Health insurance is not serving the purpose for which it was done. When we go to the hospital and they see the mayafi they end up insulting us that as for Muslims they like to give birth so even when they dont charge others they will charge us Urban

Sometimes too they assume everyone speaks Ewe and English so when you cant speak any they get angry at you.

Closely related to the issue of responsiveness as a barrier was what was described as Attitude of health workers.

When you come to the hospital and you are in labour some staff do not attend to us, some too come to work too late, they come when patients are already waiting

How To Renew Your Nhis Membership On Your Mobile Phone

Ghanas National Health Insurance Authority has gone digital with the renewal of health insurance cards.The new digital platform allows members to renew their annual membership on their mobile phones by dialing 84210#. The new system also permits members to make electronic receipting payments through mobile money platforms on all networks.

According to him, the new system is to support Governments efforts towards achieving universal health coverage. The new system will also reduce overcrowding which is associated with renewal of subscription and help raise the number of active members of the Scheme above the current active membership of 11 million.

To check abuses, the needy, would need to provide documents from the Social Welfare Departments to confirm their status to enable them to be exempted from the payment of subscriptions.

Definition Of Key Study Variables

In our analysis, one key variable was the NHIS status of individual household members. An individual was considered insured if a valid NHIS card was seen by the data collectors. Holders of expired health insurance card were classified as previously insured whilst those who reported never to have registered on the scheme were described as never insured. The membership of NHIS was categorized into the formal sector, informal sector and the exempt groups. The formal sector comprised of employees including those self-employed who contribute to the workers SSNIT pension fund. They are mostly teachers, health workers, civil servants and police officers. Other public employees such as orderlies, security agents, messengers and cooks also belong to the formal sector. The informal sector on the other hand is made up of non-contributors of workers SSNIT pension fund who voluntarily subscribe to the scheme through payment of annual premium. They are mostly farmers, artisans and traders. The exempt groups are free;from premium payments and consist of two categories. The exempt or exempt CEP is made up of children below the ages of 18years, the elderly aged 70years and above, and pregnant women. The other, exempt poor are the indigents who do not have any gainful employment or income, fixed residence or identifiable support from other persons.

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Factors Influencing Nonrenewal Of Health Insurance Membership In Ejisu

Peter Twum

1Department of Health Policy, Management and Economics, School of Public Health, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana

2Department of Global and International Health, School of Public Health, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana


1. Background

Health insurance coverage is an imperative aspect of achieving Universal Health Coverage . In Canada, every citizen and legal residents of the country have basic health insurance coverage which is provided by the government . The public programme, therefore, account for only 37.1% of residents. This shows that public-funded health insurance as practiced by Canada is the way to go to ensure equity and financial protection.

Learning from the developed countries, some low- and middle-income countries have begun introducing health insurance to their populations. A study by Escobar et al in Costa Rica, Peru, Indonesia, Rural China, Columbia as well as Ghana on the impact of health insurance in low- and middle-income countries ascertained a positive correlation between health insurance status and good health outcomes .

2. Methods

2.1. Design

A cross-sectional study was conducted from 1 June 2019 to 31 December 2019 among 427 people in Ejisu-Juaben Municipality who have ever registered with NHIS to find out the factors that influence the nonrenewal of health insurance membership.

2.2. Sampling Method
2.3. Sample Size
2.4. Data Collection Techniques and Tools

Formal Out Of Pocket Payments In Provider Facilities


Patients having to pay out of pocket for several services including medicines even when insured was common in some facilities and sometimes served as a major source of client discontent and disinterest to enroll in the NHIS.

Here lies the case: we talking about health insurance here but when you go to the hospital they dont give you the actual medicine, they write it for you to go and buy from the drug store. Mine is four years now. I dont want to renew it. I will rather take money to go to the drug store to buy the medicine than to renew it.

Community members also reported being asked to make top up payments with the explanation that NHIS reimbursement rates were inadequate. Long delays of several months in provider reimbursement were blamed by providers as well as insurance scheme staff for reinforcing what providers labelled as coping or managing behaviours such as charging clients co-payments, top up payments or balance billing; and disinterest in or inability to stock adequate quantities of medicines covered by the NHIS.

you see sometimes the facilities blame us for not paying claims on time, for owing them so much that is why they are not able to stock drugs

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Description Of The Sampled Population

A household response rate of 93.1% , involving data from a total of 55,992 members was recorded over 6months of data collection. For the purposes of our analysis, we excluded 16,730 individuals from 1599 sampled households whose NHIS cards could not be verified. Our analysis therefore involves data on 39,262 individuals, successfully linked to their corresponding socio-economic information from 9576 households.

Data Collection And Analysis

Data were sourced from the Ghana Statistical Service and had already been cleaned and managed including creation of sampling weights and wealth quintiles. The GSS constructed the wealth quintiles using household expenditure as a proxy. The household expenditure is composed of food and non-food items. The total number of households covered in the survey was divided into five groups by their total household consumption expenditure. The quintile ranking was then constructed using the household members total expenditure per capital. Bivariate analyses examined unadjusted relationships between socio-demographic factors and wealth quintiles. Equity in enrolment was assessed using concentration curves and indices, and multivariate logistic regression models to determine factors associated with enrolment.;While the concertation curve analyses equity in NHIS enrolment between the poor and the rich, the logistic regression model shows factors associated with enrolment in the scheme. The use of these two analytical techniques is therefore meant to produce reliable findings for informed policy decision-making.

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National Health Insurance Scheme


Official Website

The National Health Insurance Scheme was established by the government of Ghana in 2003. The program a form of national health insurance established to provide equitable access and financial coverage for basic health care services to Ghanaian citizens. Ghana’s universal healthcare system has been described as the most successful healthcare system on the African continent by business magnateBill Gates. The system has been found to have made Ghana’s rate of health insurance one of the highest in Africa, though funding problems may complicate its future.

Types Of Health Insurance

How to renew your NHIS card with your phone | Phenomenal Concepts

There are three main categories of health insurance in Ghana.

The first and most popular category is the district mutual health insurance scheme, which is operational in every district in Ghana. This is the public/non-commercial scheme and anyone resident in Ghana can register under this scheme. If you register in District A and move to District B, you can transfer your insurance policy and still be covered in the new district. The district mutual health insurance scheme also covers people considered to be indigent that is too poor, without a job and lacking the basic necessities of life to be able to afford insurance premiums.

Apart from the premium paid by members, the district mutual health insurance schemes receive regular funding from central government. This central government funding is drawn from the national health insurance fund. Every Ghanaian worker pays two-and-a-half percent of their social security contributions into this fund and the VAT rate in Ghana also has a two-and-a-half percentage component that goes into the fund.

To sign up for the district mutual health insurance scheme, you need to get to the district assembly where you reside or look for the offices of the scheme and register. You will fill a form, offering some basic personal information and you will be asked to present at least two passport pictures. You will need to fill forms for dependants above below 18 as well.

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How Do I Access Health Care

1. To access health care with your NHIS card:

2. Go to your selected Preferred Primary Provider with your card.

3. Present your card to the person in charge at the outpatient department or front desk of the health facility.

4. Officials of the health care facility will check the validity of the card and your biometric information.

5. Following confirmation of the validity and your details, you will be attended to.

6. Do not leave your card at the health facility after accessing health care.

Patient And Public Involvement Statement

Patients were not involved in this study. The development of the initiative being evaluated, research questions and outcome measures were informed by a vulnerability analysis which indicated that marginalised populations eligible for premium fee waivers under the NHIS were often not enrolling in the scheme. Research findings from the larger impact evaluation were disseminated in March 2018 to national policymakers and stakeholders, including district welfare officers, who liaise directly with programme participants.

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How To Access Health Care With Your Nhis Card

To access health care with your NHIS card:

  • Go to your selected Preferred Primary Provider with your card.
  • Present your card to the person in charge at the out-patient department or front desk of the health facility.
  • Officials of the health care facility will check the validity of the card and your biometric information.
  • Following a confirmation of the validity and your details you will be attended to.
  • Do not leave your card at the health facility after accessing health care.

Strengths And Limitations Of This Study

How To Link Your National Health Insurance Card (NHIS) and ...
  • Our study is the first to use data from the Ghana Living Standards Survey to examine equity in enrolment in the National Health Insurance Scheme .

  • We developed concentration curves and multivariate logistic regression models to produce new findings to inform decision-making.

  • Unlike previous studies, this study found that enrolment in the NHIS is slightly concentrated among the poor; however, the odds of enrolling increases with wealth quintile, level of education and age.

  • As a secondary analysis, the data used for the study lack a number of important factors including trust in scheme management, perceived quality of care, ease of enrolment, etc., which would be useful for better understanding NHIS enrolment.

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Some Implementation Prospects And Challenges Towards Achieving Uhc In Ghana

7.1. Payment of NHIS Annual Premium

You see these insurance people are charging us too much, they think it is easy to get 14 Ghana cedis so easily to be paying every year. Please tell them to reduce the insurance fee or make it possible for us to pay the amount small, small or better still make it free for all.

My bro just take a taxi from Fuo to Tamale Teaching Hospital and back and see how much you will pay and compare that with what you will pay for the whole year on health insurance and then you will see that you are just paying nothing, I say nothing.

Even though I dont pay cash for the annual premium because it is deducted from my salary at the controller and accountant general department in Accra, I believe the amount is too small compared to the cost of treatment, drugs, diagnoses which are all covered by health insurance scheme for free. So, this premium thing is just a penny.

7.2. Perspectives of Exempt Groups

My mother paid five Ghana cedis so health insurance is not free for children.

Normally people get confused with registration fees and annual premium, I want to put it clearly, all exempt groups I think you know they are to be registered free of charge. However, they are expected to pay for registration fee which is only two Ghana cedis.

One man came around my house and saw me and ask me if I am registered for health insurance I said no and he sent me to the office to register me. Now I dont have anybody to register me.

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Birth Of Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme

The idea for the National Health Insurance Scheme in Ghana was conceived by former president John Kufuor who when seeking the mandate of the people in the 2000 elections, promised to abolish the cash and carry system of health delivery. Under the cash and carry system, the health need of an individual was only attended to after initial payment for the service was made. Even in cases when patients had been brought into the hospital on emergencies it was required that money was paid at every point of service delivery.

Upon becoming president, former president Kufuor pushed through his idea of getting rid of cash and carry and replacing it with an equitable insurance scheme that ensured that treatment was provided first before payment for Ghanaian citizens. In 2003, the scheme was passed into law. Under the law, there was the establishment of Ghana National Health Insurance Authority which licenses, monitors and regulates the operation of health insurance schemes in Ghana. Like many countries in the world, Ghana’s health insurance was fashioned out to meet specific needs of persons resident in Ghana.

How To Renew Nhis Online On Your Phone

Annual Renewal | Alberta Health Care Aide Directory

Technological advancement in Ghana has positively affected the delivery of services to the people. The National Health Insurance Scheme has introduced mobile renewal for NHIS membership to its members. You must, therefore, know how to renew NHIS on your phone to enjoy convenience at your fingertips. This means that you no longer have to visit their offices for assistance.

NHIS membership cards remain valid for up to one year. This means that annual renewal is required. You should renew your health insurance card a month before it expires. Your NHIS membership will be deactivated if you do not renew after a year since expiry.

You will also become a defaulter if you fail to renew for three months since expiry. As a defaulter, you cannot get medical care under the National Health Insurance Scheme for the next three months. Read on to find out how you can renew your NHIS in Ghana.

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Background Of The Study Area

The Volta region, one of the ten regions of Ghana, was purposively selected for the study because the co-sponsor for the study, the Korea Foundation for International Healthcare was involved in supporting Maternal and Child Health programs in that region. Additionally, it was one of three regions where phase two of the scale up of the NHIS per capita provider payment system for primary care was planned, and findings from the study were considered of relevance to the scale up.

In the 2010 national population census the Volta region had a population of a little over two million, about 8.6;% of Ghanas population . Its inter censal growth rate of 2.5;% was the same as the national average. Ghana has a relatively young population with 43;% of the population aged less than 18;years and the Volta region is no different.

A municipality and a rural district adjoining each other, were purposively selected to study contrasting contexts of an urbanized district with relatively good health service access and a rural district with poor health service access. For reasons of research ethics and confidentiality, we do not use the names of the districts or the communities in which the study was conducted in this publication.

Factors Motivating Health Insurance Subscription

The major factors which motivated both subscribers and non-subscribers were: affordability of the NHIS premium; free drugs; social security; and encouragement from friends, family members and colleagues. Regarding affordability, a subscriber said:

I subscribed because; sometimes you wouldnt get money to go to the hospital. When this happens, because you are NHIS subscriber and have paid something little as premium, you would be able to visit the hospital and if anything at all, you will pay just a little token and they will attend to you. .

A non-subscriber corroborated this saying:

The NHIS makes it possible for you to visit the hospital and get treatment free of charge after paying the yearly premium which I see to be very cheap. Once you have your card, thats all. You dont need anything else. Just go there and the doctors would attend to you. Non-subscriber, Male, 36;years.

Regarding free drugs, the respondents noted that subscription to the health insurance makes it possible to get some drugs free of any charges at the point of service delivery. A male non-subscriber for instance had this to say:

Since individuals covered by the scheme have access to free drugs and other services, they are able to seek healthcare anytime. For instance, pregnant women are provided with free drugs and the cost of some lab tests are minimal. This, I think, is a good motivation to be a member . Non

A male subscriber also indicated:

A female subscriber also said;

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