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How To Shop For Car Insurance

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How To Get Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

How to Shop for Car Insurance
  • Shop around and compare

    Auto insurance rates vary greatly between companies â you need to research which insurer will offer the best coverage specific to you.

  • Bundle policies

    You may get discounts if you bundle insurance plans together, for example, by having your auto and home insurance bundled together with the same auto insurance carrier.

  • Increase your deductible

    The deductible is what you pay when something happens to your car, before the insurance company pays the rest. Increasing your deductible can lower your annual premiums.

  • Ask about discounts

    Many insurers offer discounts to members of professional organizations or affiliation groups â so it pays to ask about discount relationships.

  • Pay premiums annually, instead of monthly

    If you pay your premiums up front for the year â or even per half-year â you will usually end up paying less than if you paid monthly.

  • Maintain a good driving record

    At-fault collisions and driving convictions stay on your insurance record for years and make your rates go way up â if you drive safely, sensibly, and obey the road rules over a long period, youâll pay the lowest rates.

  • Track your driving

    With usage-based insurance you can earn discounts for driving well. Tracking your own driving online, you can earn discounts by not driving far or often, and on advanced stats like how carefully you brake and accelerate.

  • When To Shop For Car Insurance

    Quoting car insurance at least once a year can be beneficial as rates change frequently. If you’re paying too much, don’t wait to switch. Your current company will refund you the unused portion of your policy when you cancel. Just make sure you’re covered with your new company before cancelling. Adding a teenager to your family policy is also a good time to shop for auto insurance, as you may find an insurer that offers discounts for teen drivers.

    Pro tip:

    Progressive gives discounts for drivers listed on your policy who are 18 years old or younger, as well as students with a B average or better.*

    How To Shop For Car Insurance In 5 Steps

    Car insurance can be expensive.

    The average cost of auto insurance in the U.S. is around $137 per month, according to PolicyGenius, an online insurance marketplace.

    Shopping around for car insurance is one of the best ways to save money while ensuring you have the coverage you need.

    If youre getting quotes without the help of an independent agent, its helpful to understand some car insurance basics before exploring your coverage options.

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    How To Get 40 Off Your Car Insurance With This New Deal Amid Cost Of Living Crisis

    The new deal may just come in handy to save a few extra pennies each month amid the cost of living crisis

    As the cost of living crisis continues to reach far and wide across the country many Britons are looking for new ways to save money. Consumers have changed their shopping habits following the rise in energy bills, food costs and fuel, as inflation remains at its highest.

    Despite the doom and gloom there are many offers and deals available out there across a wide sector, all with the same aim in helping consumers save money. Cashback sites are claimed to be a good way to save money on a regular basis, and sites like TopCashback, give shoppers money back when they buy their offers through their site.

    Their latest deal may come in handy for those who are looking to renew their car insurance or for first-time drivers looking to get the best possible deal. They have an offer on with Compare The Market, giving UK drivers the chance to earn £40 cashback when purchasing their car insurance.

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    Anyone who is a young driver or an experienced driver, including over 50s, can register for free with TopCashback and then take out an insurance policy as normal from Compare The Market through the TopCashback website. After that, all they have to do is just wait for their cashback sum and free meerkat toy to arrive.

    Average Car Insurance Rates By State

    Shopping For Car Insurance: What

    The rates in auto insurance quotes vary highly between states because of differing laws about required coverage and required coverage amounts. Different states also have different risk factors.

    Here are the average rates for different kinds of car insurance across different states nationwide:

    State or District

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    Do I Need To Shop My Car Insurance Policy

    Before you start gathering auto insurance quotes, you may want to consider if you even need to shop. Rate increases are likely to be fairly widespread, but that doesnt mean every driver will see the same percentage of increase or even higher insurance costs at all. If your companys rates were relatively low before, you might still feel like your policy is within your budget even after an increase.

    To decide if you should shop around, devote some time 15 to 30 minutes should be plenty evaluating your insurance. Consider answering questions, such as:

    • Does your policy still fit your needs?
    • Does your premium still fit into your overall financial budget?
    • Do you still find the interactions with your company to be efficient and helpful?
    • Have your policy coverage needs changed?

    If you still like your company and are comfortable with your auto insurance premium and type of coverage, there may not be a need to shop. Your situation is unique to you only you can weigh the pros and cons of staying with your current company versus shopping around and switching carriers.

    Things To Consider When Determining The Coverage Limit:

    Do you have a car that is less than four years? Does your car have a high resale value? If so, you should get the following coverages:

    • Comprehensive coverage
    • Gap insurance

    If you have an older car, then you will have to opt for physical damage coverage. Take a look at the following coverages that are suggested:

    In most states, the required minimum coverage is insufficient to protect you adequately. As a result, you should think about including the following:

    • Increased bodily injury and property damage liability limits
    • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage
    • Medical payments

    Every persons scenario is unique. The amount of insurance coverage you choose is determined by various factors, including the type of car you drive and how much you drive. It is generally recommended that everyone increase their liability limits to the maximum amount that they can afford. There may be various coverage options that suit your driving demands and financial position in addition to the state-mandated car insurance coverages.

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    What Is A Deductible

    A deductible is an amount you must pay before the insurer covers your losses, but they dont apply to all types of insurance coverage. Coverage that typically has a deductible includes collision, comprehensive, uninsured/underinsured motorist, and personal injury protection.

    When you purchase insurance with a deductible attached, you get to choose your deductible amount. Policies with higher deductibles typically have lower premiums and vice versa. You can select different deductibles for different coverage types. However, its important to weigh the potential premium savings you may receive by choosing a higher deductible with your ability to pay it if you need to file a claim.

    Best Way To Shop For Car Insurance: Everything You Need To Know

    How to shop for car insurance based on reviews

    The best way to shop for car insurance is to do so annually by using comparison tools located on specific websites. These tools allow you to examine the costs of several providers so you can determine which option works best for your budget and needs.

    The best way to shop for car insurance is to do so annually by using comparison tools located on specific websites. These tools allow you to examine the costs of several providers so you can determine which option works best for your budget and needs.

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    It Can Reduce The Cost Of Insuring Teen Drivers

    When you add a teen driver to a family policy, comparison shopping becomes essential, because teens often cause auto insurance rates to soar.

    Theres good news though some carriers offer insurance discounts for teen drivers who

    • Maintain a good grade point average
    • Take a safe-driver training class
    • Attend school at least 100 miles away and keep the car at your home

    When shopping around, be sure to check whether each car insurance company offers teen driver discounts.

    What Are Quotes For Car Insurance

    A car insurance quote is a free estimate of how much youll pay for an auto insurance policy. Its based on several factors, including your age, driving history, the type of car you drive, where you live and your past car insurance claims.

    Each insurance company has its own formula for calculating car insurance rates, which is why its important to compare car insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies. You could pay less for the same coverage at a different company.

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    Compare Car Insurance Quotes

    In under five minutes, compare personalized car insurance quotes online from Canada’s top providers, for free.

    Car insurance in Canada is a requirement for anyone who wishes to drive a car. In each province, car insurance policy requirements vary depending on whether it’s a public or private insurance system.

    British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba are public insurance systems where you buy car insurance from the government.

    Alberta, Ontario, and Atlantic Canada use private insurance companies vying for your business which is why comparing car insurance quotes online is an effective strategy for lower rates. Quebec is a hybrid system where you buy injury coverage from the government and property damage from your insurer.

    Every province mandates coverage requirements, some more than others. You can also further customize your policy to your personal needs.

    How Do They Stack Up

    Have you ever thought about how to lower your car insurance bill ...

    When you stack up each of the eight sites side-by-side, its easy to choose a winner. is the highest rated by both customers and employees and it produces the quickest quote process, most accurate quotes and, all in all, takes all of the stress out of shopping for car insurance.

    While all of the companies on this list help customers compare car insurance quotes from many of the industrys top carriers, theres only one that gives the most accurate quotes all in one place. And thats

    Nick Versaw


    Compare.coms #1 goal is to save you money. We publish resources that are based on hard-hitting data and years of industry experience to help you make more informed decisions with your wallet.

    • All of Compare.coms content is written and reviewed for accuracy by a team of experienced writers and editors who are experts on the topics they cover.
    • None of Compare.coms content is ever influenced by the companies and brands we partner with.
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    Best Car Insurance Coverage

    The best car insurance coverage may not necessarily be the cheapest. While cost is an important factor to consider, you should also make sure your insurer offers the coverage you need and has an excellent reputation for meeting customer claims obligations. Compare car insurance companies on more than price to find the best option.

    How Do I Choose The Right Coverage Types

    The coverage types and the amount of coverage you choose will have a big impact on your auto insurance quote. But dont get overly focused on price and skimp on necessary coverage. If you dont buy enough insurance, youll have a coverage gap that could cause major financial pain if you get into a car accident.

    Your goal is to find the best coverage for your specific situation and at the best price. Here are some common coverage types to consider.

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    Car Insurance Cost Factors

    In addition to your state, car insurance companies determine your rates based on different variables in your driver profile. Here are some of the most important ones:

    • Vehicle: Generally speaking, expensive cars cost more to insure.
    • Deductible: A higher deductible will usually come with a lower rate.
    • Gender on your license: Men often have higher premiums than women.
    • Age: Insurers charge the highest premiums to young drivers and senior drivers.
    • Coverage limits: Choosing higher liability limits will raise the cost of your premium.
    • Location: Car insurance rates vary from one place to another. Even within the same state, your rate might be higher if you live in an urban area.
    • : Drivers with high credit scores will get better rates on their car insurance policies. If your credit is average or just OK, you will pay more.
    • Driving history: Your driving record plays a significant role in determining your rates. A recent at-fault accident, DUI, or traffic violation such as a speeding ticket could make your rates much higher.

    Geico Car Insurance: Best Overall

    The best way to shop for car insurance online | Pay less for insurance with an app

    Many people find that Geico offers the cheapest rates when they shop car insurance. Geico has many discounts based on your driving history, your car, and your situation. The companys full name is Government Employees Insurance Company, and it still gives a discount to federal government employees.

    Geico is the second-largest car insurance company in the U.S. and has a financial strength rating of A++ from AM Best. The company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau , and it has above-average customer service ratings online. Geico also did outstanding in both the J.D. Power Insurance Study and Shopping Study.

    With Geico, you can also get mechanical coverage for your car, which is rare among insurance companies. The program is called mechanical breakdown insurance, and its similar to an extended car warranty.

    Read more about the provider in our Geico auto insurance review.

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    How To Compare Car Insurance Rates

    The best way to shop for car insurance is to compare quotes from different companies to see different costs and coverage options. Pay attention to these four aspects as you go:

  • Deductible

    The higher your deductible is, the lower your rate will be. However, you should always make sure your deductible isn’t so high that you’d struggle to pay for repairs before your insurance kicks in. You’ll typically pay a deductible for comprehensive, collision, and gap coverages.

  • Coverage types

    A liability-only policy will grant you a cheaper rate, but it might not satisfy your needs. If you lease or finance your car, your lender will require comprehensive and collision. Some lenders may even mandate a certain amount of liability coverage over the state minimum. Even if your car is paid off, you should consider comprehensive and collision coverage if your car is new to avoid paying an expensive repair bill yourself. Learn more about common auto coverages.

  • Coverage limits

    This is the amount your insurance will pay out for a bodily injury or property damage claim. Selecting your state’s minimum liability coverage will reduce your rate but might not be enough to satisfy what you owe to the injured party. Use our car insurance calculator to get an idea of how high you should set your limits.

  • Pro tip:

    What Happens When I Receive A Car Insurance Quote I Like

    We assume the quote you like best is the lowest one youre shown.

    Once you complete our form, well show you a list of quotes and provide a reference number for the lowest quote youre offered.

    In most circumstances, the brokerage will get in touch with you right away. Or, you can call the broker directly with the phone number we provide.

    The broker we connect you with will have access to the answers you provided on our form. Theyll be ready to discuss your lowest quote and take you through the process of buying a policy.

    Weve designed our service so that we do all the heavy lifting for you.

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    What Do I Need To Get Car Insurance In Canada

    For car insurance in Canada, you need the following:

    You must be a resident of Canada

    A valid drivers license

    Not convicted of auto insurance fraud in the last 10 years.

    Car must be for personal use

    For high-risk car insurance, you may need to use the Facility Association for coverage through a standard insurer.

    Remember, honesty is the best policy. The fastest way to have a claim denied or your insurance cancelled is to lie about where you live or any modifications to your car.

    Check Your Credit History

    How to Shop for Car Insurance

    California, Massachusetts and Hawaii dont allow the use of credit-based insurance scores as a factor for setting car insurance rates. But if you live in a state that does, check your credit reports before you shop to get a general idea of where your credit is at. Then dispute any errors to help make sure your information accurately reflects your credit. Take note: Investigating disputes generally must be resolved within 30 days, though in some cases it may take up to 45 days.

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