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How To Use Metlife Dental Insurance

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Metlife Dental Insurance Review: What’s Covered

MetLife Products Exclusively from Flex
  • 400 procedures
  • Exams, x-rays and cleanings

MetLife dental offers an impressive 400 procedures covered as part of its care plan. There will be a variation between the standard and high care plan options but this should be easy to choose based on your expectations of spending or, of course, what you want to be prepared for. We cover this more in our feature on what does dental insurance cover?

A rather special offering from MetLife is called TakeAlong Dental. This, as the name suggests, is a promise that you can take your dental cover with you as your life moves. While this is primarily referring to you moving home it also also applies to how your job can change too.

Don’t forget that the better you take care of your teeth at home, the less often you’ll need routine dental procedures. We’d recommend brushing your teeth twice a day, for two minutes each time, with the best electric toothbrush. For a brighter smile, look at the best teeth whiteners for use at home.

For preventive care cover, read our United Healthcare Golden Rule Dental Insurance review.

Concerned About The Cost Of Invisalign

Even if your insurance plan covers some of your Invisalign treatment, you might be intimidated by the price. Fortunately, Invisalign isnt the only clear aligner brand out there, and its definitely not the most affordable. If youre interested in straightening your teeth without breaking the bank, visit our review of the best Invisalign alternatives below.

What Does Dental Insurance Typically Exclude

Dental insurance doesnt normally cover cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening, and you may also struggle to find coverage for pre-existing conditions such as missing teeth. Some plans leave out major services like dental implants and orthodontic care altogether. Make sure to read over your dental insurance policy to see what it includes and excludes.

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Dr Kadamani Is The Metlife Dentist In San Antonio

When you see a dentist that is in-network on your dental insurance plan, you can count on two things: excellent care and no surprises when it comes time to pay for your treatment. By definition, an in-network dentist has accepted pre-set fees for services that are covered on your plan. At Laith Family Dentistry, Dr. Kadamani is in-network with MetLife. As your MetLife dentist in San Antonio, she and her team are here to provide you and your family with outstanding dental care at a cost that is affordable.

Average Cost Of Invisalign

Metlife vision insurance

If youve already gotten an estimate on Invisalign treatment, you know how expensive it can be. If not, you can expect to pay somewhere between $3,000 and $8,000. The exact price depends on your condition, your dentist or orthodontists fees, your location, and more.

It can even fall outside that range if you have a particularly easy or complicated condition. For example, a minor case of spacing might take less time to correct and, therefore, less money. While a severe case of overbite and crowding might come with a higher financial and time commitment.

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Use Your American Dental Insurance In Mexico

Step 1. Before going to Mexico call your insurance provider and ask if you are covered for the dental work you are about to have if you need pre-authorization, what are the requirements for the reimbursement, and at what address you have to send the dental receipts?

Step 2. Check with the Mexican dental clinic if they know how to itemize dental services on a receipt in a format that is accepted by the American insurance company. They have to know the dental service codes required by your insurance company.

Step 3. Have your dental work done and then mail the receipt with your dental insurance account information to the address you have been provided. If you dont hear from your insurer in a reasonable amount of time, call them for a status update.

Step 4. Enjoy your savings for your high-quality dental care. Besides the 60% – 70% you have already saved from choosing Mexico over the US, the insurance company will also pay a portion of the 40% – 30% you have to pay out of pocket.

Metlife Dental Insurance Review: Cost

  • Prices start at around $32 and go to about $124
  • Two payment plans available

Coverage options: PPO and DHMO

Plans available: Two

Snapshot: In-network savings up to 45 percent

Pricing will tend to vary by state but a rough guide shows a range from around $32 up to about $124. Since MetLife is one of the biggest insurance firms in the world you are less likely to have any claim turned down than you might be if you were to go with a smaller option.

The dental fees you can expect to pay are, on a community-average, between 15 and 45 percent lower, meaning you could make huge savings with this cover. There are also copay options for procedures like biopsies, where you might otherwise incur a large outlay.

There are defined fees for procedures requiring multiple services, like root canals, so you can get an accurate overall figure including materials – making budgeting easier with excellent peace of mind. Take a look at our feature on how much does dental insurance cost to see how MetLife compares to the average.

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How Do We Work With Metlife

The front office staff at Laith Family Dentistry is accustomed to working with dental insurance companies so we will be glad to help you better understand the details of your plan. Of course, you can always call your MetLife representative or speak to your insurance specialist at work if you coverage is through your employer.

In addition, well do everything we can to help you maximize your benefits. This includes verifying your benefits, filing claims and letting you know in advance what your out-of-pocket expense will be for a particular procedure you require.

What Does Metlife Dental Insurance Cover

Anything But Small | MetLife Small Business Benefits Spotlight: Rory

As is common among most dental insurance carriers, MetLife covers preventive dentistry as well as a number of restorative procedures. Elective cosmetic dentistry treatments such as teeth whitening and porcelain veneers are generally not covered by dental insurance plans.

Compared to other San Antonio dentists that are not with MetLife, Dr. Kadamanis fees may be between 15 to 45 percent less for the same service. Once youve satisfied the deductible specified on your plan and paid the coinsurance feeusually a certain percentage of the overall cost of a procedurethats all you owe us. We will not bill you anything more.

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What Is The Best Dental Plan

So which dental plan should you choose?

The biggest factors for choose dental insurance include:

  • Your budget
  • Where you live
  • Extend of coverage options

My top three choices are Delta Dental, Cigna or Humana dental insurance plans. But your comparison may lead to a different choice thats better for your personal needs.

Check with several providers to compare the monthly cost and coverage options. You will receive free quotes to find out what best dental insurance plan works for you.

If you still arent sold on the best dental insurance plans there is another option known as dental savings plans.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Invisalign For Adults

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Invisalign is an investment in your smile, one that can last forever. As a result, its fairly expensive. Between all the office visits, dentists fees, and manufacturing costs, Invisalign can cost a few thousand dollars, which you might not be ready to pay. Fortunately, your dental insurance might be able to help.

Dental insurance plans sometimes cover Invisalign treatment, although it depends on your specific provider and plan. This guide will help you navigate your insurance details and know what to expect.

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Other Options If Youre Not Covered

What if youre ready to get started with braces or aligners, but your current insurance plan doesnt cover the treatment you want?

If you have a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account , you can use either one to pay for your treatment. These accounts deduct money from your income before taxes and lets you use it for qualifying medical and dental expenses. Theyre often an option with plans sponsored by employers, and if you have one, you can use its funds to pay for your orthodontic treatment. Even if you received partial coverage from Metlife, you could use an HSA or FSA account to pay the remaining balance.

Otherwise, you can look for other ways to make the price tag more manageable, like financing plans. Dentist and orthodontist offices will usually offer payment plans, as will most at-home aligner companies, although a credit check might be necessary to qualify. Or, you can check out third party options like CareCredit, which provide financing specifically for medical and dental expenses .

How To Get Orthodontic Benefits

MetLife Endodontist in Denver Metro (in Lone Tree ...

Orthodontic coverage isnt something you need to buy separately its simply included in certain plans. There are two ways to get enrolled in a suitable dental plan: through your employer, or by purchasing an individual plan.

About half of all adults in the US receive dental insurance through their employer . There are a couple of advantages to enrolling in dental insurance through an employer plan. For one thing, insurance premiums get deducted directly from your wages before tax, reducing what you owe in taxes. For another, employers often contribute toward the cost of their plans, which results in lower premiums.

However, there are also some important drawbacks with employer-sponsored dental plans. First, youre limited to the plan options offered by your employer. This can be especially problematic if youre interested in braces or clear aligners, as many dental insurance plans do not cover orthodontics, or offer very limited coverage. Second, employer-sponsored dental plans are often bundled together with health plans, so you may need to wait for an open enrollment period to modify your plan. Lastly, many companies simply dont offer dental insurance at all.

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Other Ways To Manage Orthodontic Costs

If your plan doesnt include orthodontic benefits and you dont have any other options, you might be out of luck. But dont worry, there are still ways to save money on your treatment.

Dental Discount Plans: Certain providers may also offer dental discount plans . These are not insurance plans. Rather, theyre like a subscription where you pay a monthly or annual fee and receive discounts on certain procedures or designated dentists. Sometimes these plans include orthodontic treatments.

Shop around: Different dentists have different rates. And theres nothing wrong with getting multiple estimates on Invisalign to compare prices. Just make sure that the dentist you choose is in your providers network or you might not receive coverage.

Use an HSA or FSA account: These accounts are nice because they allow you to make tax-free contributions that you can use later on health expenses. Theyre an option in many employer-sponsored insurance plans. If you have an HSA or FSA, you can use it to pay for your Invisalign treatment.

Consider online clear aligners: If you like the appearance of clear aligners but dont want to pay Invisaligns high prices, you might consider getting clear aligners from a provider like SmileDirectClub. Theyre a faster and cheaper alternative that can treat mild-to-moderate cases of crowding, spacing, and even some bite issues.

Meet Our Dental Insurance Coordinator

Our entire team wants to help you get as much out of your dental insurance in Plano as possible. However, our dental insurance coordinators are the ones that take the lead. You will see these talented individuals working at our front desk. They are experienced in verifying insurance coverage, filing claims, and helping patients understand how their coverage applies to various services. If you would like their help to maximize your MetLife dental benefits, contact Vitality Dental Plano today.

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Best Dental Insurance In Mexico

If you are from the US or Canada your dental insurance is available in Mexico. There are some dental clinics in Mexico that can directly bill your insurance company based on an insurance-by-insurance procedure, but the vast majority of dentists will only complete the paperwork and you will be the one to submit it to your insurance provider. Either way, the bright side is that you can benefit from amazing discounts for your dental work.

What Is Full Coverage Dental Insurance In Mexico

Adjusting Benefits Used & Deductibles Met | Dental Software Tip

Full coverage dental insurance incorporates plans that assist with covering you for preventive consideration, just as essential and significant remedial consideration, and sometimes orthodontic treatment. The expression, “full coverage” signifies you’re getting benefits for a variety of sorts of dental medicines and methodology. For instance, you might have coverage for all the more exorbitant things like root waterways, scaffolds, and embeds, just as coverage for your preventive dental consideration. Full coverage doesn’t mean your arrangement takes care of 100% of all expenses, in any case.

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Best For No Waiting Periods: Spirit Dental

Spirit Dental

  • Coverage Limit:$5,000 after 3 years
  • States Available: 50

We chose Spirit Dental because their plans dont require any waiting periods and you only have to pay a $100 deductible once instead of every year.

  • 100% coverage for three cleanings and two exams annually

  • No waiting periods

  • Annual coverage maximums can be as low as $750

  • Plans vary widely on annual maximums and costs

Spirit Dental offers dental insurance plans with no waiting periods and annual maximum benefit amounts that increase after youve had your plan for a few years. They guarantee acceptance for everyone, and you can even get coverage for major services and dental implants.

Spirit Dental is offered through Ameritas Life Insurance Corp., which has an A+ rating from Standard & Poors and an A rating from AM Best for financial strength. Spirits partnership with Ameritas also means this company works with one of the largest networks of dentists worldwide. Currently, you can choose from 111,500 dental providers at 428,000 access points nationwide.

Along with having no waiting periods, Spirit Dental charges a one-time $100 deductible, compared to the annual deductibles most coverage providers charge. Spirit offers several dental insurance plans for individuals, they include no waiting periods, preventive coverage, three cleanings per year, and even orthodontics for kids, with up to a $5,000 annual maximum benefit after youve been a customer for three years.

Best For Families: Unitedhealthone Dental Insurance

UnitedHealthOne Dental Insurance

UnitedHealthOne is our pick as best for families thanks to their winning combination of preventive care and orthodontia coverage that can really save families a lot of money.

  • Broad network of dentists available

  • Many plans include 100% preventive care

  • Some plans cover orthodontics

  • Annual maximum benefit amounts as low as $1,000/person

  • Waiting periods may apply for basic and major services

UnitedHealthOne offers dental insurance plans with no age limit and preventive care covered with no deductibles or waiting periods. Note that UnitedHealthOne is part of the UnitedHealth Group, a Fortune 500 company. Policies may be underwritten by the Golden Rule Insurance Company, a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group. The group has an A rating from AM Best for financial strength.

Dental insurance plans, including coverage amounts and other details, can vary widely with UnitedHealthOne depending on where you live. However, this company does make it easy to get a free quote online without any medical underwriting.

Some plans from UnitedHealthOne require a waiting period of four months or longer for basic care and major services, although details can vary based on where you live. Some higher-tiered plans offer orthodontic coverage, although lower-tier plans may not cover major services like braces, crowns, and bridgework at all. Be aware that annual maximum benefits for some of their plans can be as low as $1,000.

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Things To Consider About Your Dental Insurance In Mexico

You pay your monthly premiums so you can have some coverage for dental care. But what if you need extensive work? Chances are your dental insurance will max out at $1,500 or $2,000. Many dental insurance providers count the cost of your yearly examinations, X-rays, and cleanings in that amount. That leaves you with some money still left, but certainly not enough to cover you if you need extensive treatment.

According to the Fair Health Consumer, on average, a dental crown in the U.S. will run you around $1,672. If you need a root canal, you can expect to spend up to $1,400. As for dental implants, many dental insurance companies dont even include them as covered treatment. Averaging up to $3,000 per tooth means you may have to pay entirely out of pocket for your treatment.

If youre getting a procedure thats covered, most likely you will still be responsible for your deductible and co-payment or co-insurance portion of the treatment. These out of pocket costs add up fast and make many people wonder if buying dental insurance if even worth it. You might enjoy reading more about this on our article Is Dental Insurance a Scam.

So the bottom line is by going to Mexico you can save a lot, especially if you need extensive dental work. Some dental insurance providers are covering non-emergency care outside of the U.S. Weve identified one, Delta Dentals PPO plan.

Is Paying For Dental Insurance Worth It

MetLife AON Employees

Only you can decide if paying for dental insurance is worth it. However, you should take the time to run some basic cost analysis to determine how much you would pay for dental insurance premiums, copayments, and deductibles per year versus how much youve actually paid for dental care in previous years.

According to an analysis from the American Dental Association, most people would actually be better off paying for dental care out of pocket. For the majority of adults, total copayments, coinsurance, and premiums exceed the market value of their dental care, they write.

Also, keep in mind that youll get a lot more value out of your dental insurance plan if you actually use it. The ADA says that more than one out of three adults with dental insurance dont use their plan, which could be part of the reason many arent getting enough value for the money they invest in dental insurance each month.

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