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Is Amex Travel Insurance Good

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Is American Express Travel Insurance Good Value – AARDY

Terms, conditions, exclusions, limits and sub-limits may apply to any of the insurance products shown on the Mozo website. These terms, conditions, exclusions, limits and sub-limits could affect the level of benefits and cover available under any of the insurance products shown on the Mozo website. Please refer to the relevant Product Disclosure Statement and the Target Market Determination on the provider’s website for further information before making any decisions about an insurance product.

Car Rental Loss And Damage Insurance

The Amex Platinum card comes with complimentary standard car rental insurance that provides secondary coverage when using your card to reserve and pay for your entire rental car contract. You also have the option to purchase premium primary car rental coverage.

For either coverage to be valid, you must decline the rental car agencys LDW or CDW coverage when renting the vehicle.

Heres an overview of how both of these coverages work:

American Express Travel Insurance Review: Who Should Get It

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In this American Express Travel Insurance review, well explore what plans they offer, what each plan covers, and which plan is best for different situations. Enjoy!

If a trip is on the horizon, its time to think about protecting your financial and physical health. Yup, Im talking about travel insurance.

I know its not much fun to review coverage and premiums. You might even wonder if travel insurance is really worth it. While not everyone has the same needs, for most people traveling internationally, the answer is yes.

Trip cancellation and interruption insurance protects the financial investment you make in your trip if your plans change. Emergency medical coverage ensures you wont be left with a hefty medical bill if you get injured or sick while traveling. Convenience features like trip and baggage delay take the edge off pricey annoyances that can come with air travel. And as most travelers will tell you, those annoyances arent exactly rare occurrences.

Even if you know travel insurance is a good idea, you might not know where to start looking. Good news and bad news: You have tons of alternatives to choose from. Choice is great, but it can also be overwhelming. Thats why we do the research and break down popular travel insurance options for you.

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Highlights Of American Express Travel Insurance

  • All AMEX travel insurance plans include coverage for pre-existing medical conditions if the plan is purchased within 14 days of the initial trip deposit.
  • All plans include coverage for trip cancellation due to foreign and domestic terrorism .
  • All plans include trip cancellation for financial default with a short 7-day wait period.
  • None of the AMEX plans offer cancel for any reason or missed connection coverage.
  • All plans have trip length limits of 31 or 60 days, depending on the plan.
  • All plans include trip cancellation and trip interruption, so these are all travel insurance package plans .

Case Study #: Around The World

American Express (AMEX) Travel Insurance Reviews ...

Lets suppose you want to go around the world using your Platinum Card.

No problem.

If youre in Vancouver, you can fly from Vancouver to Hong Kong to Dubai to London to Vancouver for 74,700 points + $742 in taxes and fees.

Toronto works just the same.

Flying from Toronto to Hong Kong to Dubai to London to Toronto costs just 74,500 points + $761 in taxes and fees.

Did you ever imagine you could fly around the world for $750?

Thats the power of the Amex Platinum Card.

Round-the-world: Vancouver to Hong Kong to Dubai to London to Vancouver74,700$742

These round-the-world trips offer a value of well over 4 cents per point, meaning the $699 annual fee you’re paying for the Platinum Card is saving you several thousand dollars on flights.

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Trip Cancellation And Trip Interruption Insurance

Trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance are designed to cover unexpected, unforeseen events that may cause you to have to cancel your trip or that cause a disruption in a trip youre already started.

To be eligible for coverage, purchase your entire round-trip common carrier ticket with your Amex Platinum card.

American Express has a broad definition of who is covered under this benefit. Eligible travelers can include the cardholder, traveling companion, family member of the eligible traveler, or family member of the traveling companion.

Examples of events that could be covered include the following:

  • Bodily Injury or Illness if you, a traveling companion, or a family member of either, experience an accidental injury or become ill, causing you to cancel your trip, you may have coverage
  • Bad Weather if extreme weather causes your trip to be canceled or disrupted, there could be coverage
  • Change in Military Orders applies to cardmember and/or spouse
  • Terrorist Action or hijacking
  • Jury Duty or other qualifying legal obligation
  • Uninhabitable Dwelling of either the cardmember or traveling companion
  • Quarantine imposed by a physician

You can expect coverage of up to $10,000 per trip, and a maximum limit of $20,000 per card per 12-month period.

Terms and conditions apply.

How To Choose A Travel Credit Card

With Canadians enjoying more choice thanks to an ever-growing array of travel credit cards, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to pick the one that works best for you. Luckily, by educating yourself about a few key features, it can be easier to select the card that matches your needs and spending habits the most. Here are some important things to consider:

Sign-up bonus

  • While bigger is generally better when it comes to sign-up bonuses, consider whether the card is the right fit for you in the long run. Simply put, dont let an offer alone sway you into picking a particular card since youll likely keep it even after the offer ends.
  • Youll also want to get familiar with the terms of the sign-up offer, as you may need to hit a minimum spend within a specific time frame in order to qualify for the bonus .

Earn rate

There are two kinds of earn rates:

  • 1. A flat earn rate;that offers the same number of points across the board for all types of spending ideal for those who prefer simplicity and whose spending doesnt skew to particular categories.
  • 2. Bonus earn rate;that offers a higher return on specific categories like gas, groceries, or dining. To maximize rewards, you should ensure that any revved-up bonus categories match your spending patterns.


Perks and benefits

Annual fee

Eligibility requirements

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When Should I Purchase Travel Insurance

  • For any trips abroad. Most importantly, to ensure you are covered for any medical emergencies. If you have pre-existing conditions, these can also be covered as long as you have declared them.
  • For peace of mind, to get help and redress for common problems such as lost luggage, baggage delay or a stolen passport.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Travel Insurance

Exciting New Amex Travel Benefits in 2020 | FinanceBuzz

The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card;is a rare card that offers trip insurance without a sky-high annual fee. This mid-range card includes several noteworthy benefits for an annual fee of just $95 per year.

One of the strongest benefits the card offers is Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver . If you rent a car, pay with your Sapphire Preferred and decline the CDW coverage sold by the rental agency to automatically be covered. This is primary insurancemeaning it pays before your auto insurance at home kicks inand will pay associated costs for theft or accidental damage. Keep in mind it doesnt cover liability for other property , medical, or legal expenses.

Another valuable included benefit is Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Insurance. This coverage reimburses you for nonrefundable, prepaid expenses you incurred if you unexpectedly have to cancel the trip or have to cut the trip short . You can be reimbursed up to $5,000 per traveler with a maximum of $10,000 per trip and $20,000 annually. Some examples of covered reasons include hospitalization or death of an immediate family member, court subpoenas, or terrorist activity.

The Sapphire Preferred also offers several forms of insurance for smaller dollar amounts. Though these benefits top out at $500 to $3,000, they cover frequently occurring events which might make them of use to you.

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What Does American Express Domestic Travel Insurance Cover

American Express domestic travel insurance policy will cover you for loss of deposits, cancellation charges, loss of luggage, personal effects and travel documents, rental vehicle excesses and delayed luggage expenses.

Please note that exclusions may apply, including changes of mind regarding travel plans, loss of luggage or personal effects due to negligence, and any injuries or losses sustained under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

For more details about what is and isnt covered, check out the Product Disclosure Statement on American Expresss website.

What Is Not Covered

Now, onto the most important part of any trip: knowing what is not covered under these credit card travel insurance policies.

The most important thing to remember is that these insurance policies are meant to be secondary to any primary coverage. This means that you will only receive the excess dollar amount beyond what the airline or insurance policies give you.

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Best Travel Card For Aeroplan Rewards

Air Canada is Canadas number one airline and its loyalty program is Aeroplan. The program went through some massive changes in late 2020 and is now easier to use for more travellers. If youre a frequent flyer, or you just want to earn a lot of Aeroplan points, then theres a great card you need to get.

Can I Get American Express Travel Medical Insurance From A Credit Card

American Express Travel Insurance

With most of its credit cards, Amex doesnt offer travel medical insurance only referrals to medical assistance. If you need more comprehensive coverage, you can purchase a policy on the providers website.

Getting emergency medical assistance through Global Assist Hotline

The Amex Global Assist Hotline offers assistance in medical emergencies when youre traveling more than 100 miles from your permanent residence. At the time of this writing, this benefit is available to cardholders of all Amex credit cards.

Amex can provide referrals for:

  • Emergency medical transportation.
  • Medical and dental care.
  • Repatriation of mortal remains.

While Amex will connect you to these services, youre responsible for costs from third-party providers.

The Global Assist Hotline also offers medical monitoring, relaying information about your care to your family.

Getting emergency medical assistance through Premium Global Assist Hotline

Access to the Premium Global Assist Hotline is reserved for those with select Amex cards. These include The Platinum Card® from American Express, The Business Platinum Card® from American Express and Centurion® Card from American Express.

Youll get access to the same medical services that other Amex cardholders do. However, Amex may pay for emergency medical transportation and repatriation of remains.

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Will Credit Card Travel Insurance Cover The Coronavirus

With any travel hiccup, it is important to understand the terms of credit card coverages. In the case of the coronavirus, each policy will have unique language regarding outbreaks and illnesses.

For example, The Platinum Card® from American Express mentions the following covered losses in its terms and conditions:

  • Reimbursement of a nonrefundable amount paid to a travel supplier in case of “accidental bodily injury or loss of life or sickness” of the cardholder or any eligible traveling companions.
  • Quarantine imposed by a physician for health reasons.

In other words, if you or your qualifying travel companions become sick or quarantined because of the coronavirus, any additional expenses incurred may be covered under the card’s policy. On the other hand, the terms don’t explicitly mention anything regarding epidemics or pandemics, so you may be out of luck if you want to cancel your travels simply because you want to avoid the coronavirus. If you continue to travel during 2020 and your trips are interrupted or canceled, The Platinum Card® from American Express may reimburse you for nonrefundable prepaid land, air and sea transportation arrangements.

What Do American Expresss Customers Say

American Express Travel Insurance reviews seemed to be a mixed bag. Customers on gave Amex travel insurance 2.1 out of 5 stars, with only 26% saying they would recommend the service. The first 10 reviews gave the service 1 star, warning others to stay away. On the flip-side, the 11th review is a glowing 5-star review, saying the customers claim was settled quickly and efficiently.

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What Is American Express Premium Car Rental Protection

Most American Express cards even those that dont include secondary coverage on rental cars offer the opportunity to purchase primary coverage at a reasonable flat cost per rental. Primary coverage means that you dont have to file with any other insurance before filing with American Express. Enrollment required for select benefits.

The following table compares the lower and higher levels of the optional Premium Car Rental Protection policies with a secondary policy included with The Platinum Card® from American Express. Remember, though, the included secondary car rental policies differ across American Express cards, so yours might not be exactly like the one outlined below.


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Best No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Cards

| 3 New American Express Platinum Enhancements | Bumped Up Insurance Benefits |
  • Annual fee: $139
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Welcome offer: earn up to 40,000 bonus Scotia Rewards points after spending at least $1000 within the first 3 months . Offer expires November 21, 2021.
  • Earn 2 Scotia Rewards points on every $1 spent on eligible grocery stores, dining, entertainment, and transit purchases
  • Earn 1 point per $1 on all other eligible purchases
  • Includes Priority Pass airport lounge membership with 6 free visits per year
  • Income required: $60,000

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What Is Covered By Trip Cancellation And Interruption Insurance

You can find the full terms and conditions of what is generally covered on your respective card in your Guide to Benefits, which can be found through your online account. Ill use the Delta SkyMiles® Reserve as an example.

Here is a rundown of the covered losses provided by Amexs trip cancellation and interruption insurance:

  • Accidental bodily injury or loss of life or sickness of either the eligible traveler, traveling companion or a family member of the eligible traveler or traveling companion
  • Inclement weather, which prevents a reasonable and prudent person from traveling or continuing on a covered trip
  • The eligible traveler or his or her spouses change in military orders
  • Terrorist action or hijacking
  • The eligible traveler or traveling companions dwelling made uninhabitable
  • Quarantine imposed by a physician for health reasons

Amex also provides an extensive list of things that are not covered by trip cancellation/interruption insurance:

If you do find yourself canceling or cutting a covered trip short, here are the basic guidelines provided by Amex on what types of expenses are covered for trip cancellation/interruption:

Do All Credit Cards Offer Travel Insurance

First, its important to establish what is meant by travel insurance.

If you mean getting a refund if the trip is cancelled or goes wrong, then yes. Credit card providers are bound by strict consumer laws set out in Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, which covers purchases of £100 to £30,000.

But credit card providers do not offer full travel insurance, as they do not pay out for medical issues that may arise during a trip overseas.

They will also not pay out in the event of lost luggage and do not include other features that are common in travel insurance policies, such as personal liability.

Some providers offer travel accident insurance sometimes for free but this is not as comprehensive as full medical cover offered through standalone travel insurance policies.

Accident insurance covers accidental death or an accident resulting in permanent injury such as loss of limb or sight. But hospital treatment for less serious conditions is not covered.;

There is one card that offers comprehensive travel insurance, including medical cover. This the Platinum card from American Express, which comes with a fee of £575 a year.

But this is a charge card, not a credit card. The difference is that, unlike with a credit card, the customer has to pay the entire balance each month.

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Us Citizens Can Build Your Own Plan: Choices Choices Choices

With the variety found in the packaged plans, American travelers who are interested in American Express travel insurance might wonder why theyd check out the Build Your Own Coverage.;The answer is incredible flexibility and fantastic choices. From a long menu of clearly presented choices, complete with prices, all options are clearly outlined.

Health-focused travelers can direct their money to medical coverage and accident protection. Travelers who already carry medical coverage through their workplace can top up their protection and focus on trip interruption and baggage protection. Adventure travelers who had to pre-purchase mandatory insurance from an activity provider can supplement their coverage for the rest of their trip. Its an excellent solution for anyone whose travel plans seem to fall a bit outside the box.

No matter which way you go, you cant go wrong. Its all about choosing the route thats right for you just like travel!

$200 Annual Travel Credit

Is American Express Travel Insurance Good Value?

This is exactly what it sounds like: $200 for you to use on travel every single year. In the past 3 years alone, Ive used my $200 travel credit on a;flight to Asia, a;flight to South America, and a;flight to Europe.

The $200 annual travel credit isn’t only good for flights, though; it can be used towards any flight, hotel, car rental, or vacation booking made through American Express’ travel portal.

Pro Tip: Use your $200 annual travel credit on the first hotel or flight booking you make with your Platinum Card. You dont want to forget to use it!

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