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Is Axa Travel Insurance Good

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What Is Not Covered Under Travel Insurance

AXA’s Travel Insurance
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Daily allowance isnt paid in case of hospitalization for certain pre-existing conditions.
  • Treatment That Could Be Delayed Until Return
  • No coverage is given if the treating physician and the emergency service provider decide that the treatment could have been delayed until return to India.
  • Why Do I Need Travel Insurance

    Travelling abroad can be for a holiday or for business purpose. During the journey, you are susceptible to many risks away from home. There can be unfavourable incidents like thefts, accidents, loss of tickets, baggage, documents, and trip cancellation. Travel insurance, in this case, becomes vital. It covers the expenses incurred in the event of loss or medical treatment. This way, travel insurance ensures you get complete piece of time and are able to enjoy the journey completely.

    Bharti Axa Travel Insurance Policy Renewal Process

    The renewal procedure for Bharti AXA travel insurance can be completed by following these simple steps:

    • Go to the official website of Bharti AXA and click on renewal of travel insurance
    • Enter your 14-digit policy number, followed by date of birth
    • The online premium calculator will evaluate your premium eligibility as per your unique needs
    • Choose your preferred premium amount from the available options and complete the online payment process
    • A policy transaction number will be generated and a new policy kit will be emailed to you

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    Axa Travel Insurance Review: What You Need To Know

    AXA offers three tiers of travel insurance cover: Bronze, Silver and Gold. They each include the same types of cover, but with increasing cover limits. AXA policies stand out because they include as standard some key features that are not always included on competing plans: Baggage, Trip Delay and Cancellation, Insolvency and Catastrophe cover.

    Does AXA Travel Insurance Cover Trips in the UK? UK holidays are covered with AXA travel insurance, as long as you pre-booked at least 2 consecutive nights of accommodation.

    Pre-Existing Conditions: AXA covers many pre-existing medical conditions at no extra charge. Through AXA’s online medical screening process you will answer a few questions to declare your pre-existing diseases, illnesses or conditions. Be sure to declare your conditions or you may not be covered for them should you need to claim on the medical cover.

    Over 65s: Single trip policies an upper age limit of 80 years. The age limit for travellers on multi-trip policies is 75 years old. There is no upper age limit for Winter Sports cover, other than the policy age limits mentioned above.

    Axa Travel Insurance Promotion

    Top 5 Travel Insurance Plans in Singapore With the Best ...

    The regular AXA Smart Traveller travel insurance prices are soooo expensive! Even with the current promotion , it is still on the expensive side. 1 week coverage in Asia will cost $28.50 if youre travelling with at least one other person.

    Heres a link to the AXA Smart Traveller promotions page. Do note that this promotion is for online purchases only.

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    What Should A Good Winter Sports Policy Include

    • A high level of medical cover Skiing injuries can be very costly to treat, especially if you need to be airlifted to safety. Make sure you have at least £10m cover for emergency medical expenses.
    • A wide range of sports and activities Look for policies that cover every type of activity you think you might partake in, including things like tobogganing and snowmobiling. While not all insurers will include these as standard, some will offer them as an upgrade.
    • Off-piste cover Any part of a slope outside a marked run can be classed as off-piste, even a well-used shortcut between two green runs. Not all insurers will cover off-piste. Those that do may only cover off-piste skiing within certain boundaries or with an instructor, so check the policy wording. Learn more about off-piste skiing cover.
    • Low excesses Saves you from paying out more than you can afford if youre injured on the slopes.
    • High personal liability cover This means the insurance company will pay out if you injure someone and they seek compensation from you. This may be included in your standard travel policy. Look for policies with at least £2m personal liability cover.
    • Equipment cover Many insurers will also replace broken equipment, whether its hired or owned. This includes things like skis, snowboards, and ski clothing.

    Weve listed some of the best insurers for winter sports below.

    Bharti Axa Travel Insurance Policy Eligibility:

    Anyone can opt to purchase the BHARTI AXA Travel Insurance scheme that best suits them according to how much cover they want, what their destination is and how long the trip is going to be for. As long as members are between 3 months and 60 years, you will be covered. Family Floater can include spouse and two dependent children who are below 23 years old.

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    Does Axa Exclude Adventurous Activies

    Although the policy wording for adventure sport exclusions is vague , there are reasonable exceptions explicitly stated in the FAQs.

    Generally, activities are covered as long as they are:

    open to the general public without restriction organised by a licensed operator and for leisure and non-competitive purposes

    See the full list of covered activities and their limitations as listed on the AXA Smart Travellers FAQ page.

    Outdoor activity

    Bharti Axa Travel Insurance Policy Faqs:

    AXA Travel Insurance Protects Your Essential Travel Locally and Abroad
  • How do I reach Bharti AXA General Insurance to get more information about their products?

    A: You can reach Bharti AXA General Insurance by calling the toll free number for service that is available 24/7. You can also visit the official website and write to the company for any kind of assistance.

  • Is it possible to cover children and senior citizens with this insurance?

    A: Anyone from the age of 3 months to 85 years can be covered. However for individuals who are over 60 years need to contact a representative at Bharti AXA General Insurance by calling their contact number.

  • The period of the policy can be extended?

    A: The period of policy can be extended for Non-Schengen Products only. If you would like to do so, you can contact a Bharti AXA representative for the extension to be granted.

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    Not The Service It Once Was

    I always rated the service very highly. I broke my ankle and had to cancel my holiday. No one has been in touch for 6 weeks regarding my claim. I have been on hold for 50 minutes on 3 different occasions and it’s like they expect you to hang up. … Read more

    I always rated the service very highly. I broke my ankle and had to cancel my holiday. No one has been in touch for 6 weeks regarding my claim. I have been on hold for 50 minutes on 3 different occasions and it’s like they expect you to hang up. Still no idea if my claim is being processed. I am so anxious about this now – not only was our holiday ruined and I am still recovering, but now I have this battle on my hands. What is the point of a Platinum account when you get no service.

    How Good Is Axa Travel Insurance

    Policy name

    How well a policy covers you for typical coronavirus-related disruption. Ratings run from basic to low, superior and complete .

    How we analyse travel insurance

    We analyse and rate 52 key elements of travel insurance policies to come up with the overall policy score. We assess how important each individual element is to travellers when choosing and using a travel insurance policy, and weight it accordingly when calculating our total policy score.

    Initially, we score all the product elements out of five, reflecting how competitive each provider is in this area compared with other insurers. Weightings are then applied to the higher and lower element scores to enhance/reduce their impact on the overall policy score.

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    Axa Travel Insurance Singapore Review 2019

    Travel insurance plans are so cheap these days that its amazing that premium travel insurance like AXA Smart Traveller even exists.

    My colleague explained it to me perfectly: most Singaporeans who buy cheap travel insurance plans never had to file a serious claim before. But there are people who have gone through the trauma of actual medical emergencies overseas. These are the ones who understand the value of good travel insurance and are willing to pay more for AXA travel insurance.

    Lets enter the world of premium travel insurance and see if AXA is really worth your money.

    What Are The Advantages Of Taking Out Travelers Insurance

    Axa travel insurance

    The reason many people choose not to take out travel insurance is because they can’t imagine the worst. If you purchase good insurance, you’re covered in the case of most inconveniences, mishaps and emergencies. In a nutshell, the better covered you are, the bigger your safety net will be – and the more peace of mind you’ll have.

    As you’re planning your vacation, take a moment to consider what kind of issues could come up during your holiday? Booking trips and breaks doesn’t come with a crystal ball, but you can be prepared for any unforeseen events.

    Medical costs are a number one concern for most and your private health insurance won’t always cover hospital bills and emergency healthcare fees in foreign countries. If places like the United States or the Caribbean are your destination, these costs can quickly spiral out of control, so it is always a good idea to make sure that not only do you have travel insurance, but it’s the right kind for the right country. Travel insurance cost will adjust according to the place you visit, but whatever the cost, it’s well worth it when you consider the headaches of not being fully covered abroad.

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    If You Are Traveling From France Outside Europe

    If you are traveling from France to a country outside the Schengen Area, you may need to check the specific visa requirements of the country you are traveling to, as travel insurance covering you for medical costs up to a certain amount is often a condition of obtaining your visa. However, many countries, including the U.K. and U.S., have visa-free arrangements with the Schengen Area, which includes France. If obtaining insurance is not a condition of getting your visa, you still may not be covered for any medical costs during your stay, so it is vital to obtain travel and medical insurance in case you fall ill or injure yourself, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    For short stays, AXA provides three insurance products – a basic package costing 10.99 that offers you medical cover and assistance a more comprehensive package, costing 15.99, that also covers the cancelation of your trip, interruptions in your stay, and loss of baggage, and our most comprehensive package – costing 17.99 – that also offers liability insurance, protection against missed travel connections, and personal accident insurance. All policies cover Covid-related medical costs, subject to policy conditions. To find out more, click here.

    Do Aig Travel Insurance Plans Cover Covid

    AIG has Travel Guard plans that include coverage for Covid-related trip cancellation and medical expenses, including the Travel Guard Deluxe and Travel Guard Preferred plans.

    If you get Covid-19 right before your trip begins and you have to cancel, these plans will reimburse you for 100% of what you lose in pre-paid and non-refundable deposits. And if you get Covid-19 during your trip, these plans can cover your medical costs.

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    How Does The Travel Upgrade Work

    Its good to know that travel cover is available as an optional upgrade with our Standard and Comprehensive cover levels, and is already included as part of the Prestige and Prestige Plus plans**.

    It includes business travel and holiday cover, for up to 95 days at one time, with a maximum of 183 days in a year.

    For more information on particular benefits, see the details below.

    Bharti Axa Travel Insurance Claim Process

    AXA Travel Insurance for Thailand

    Bharti AXA has a fully reliable and easy claim process when the need arises

    Lets take a look at the cashless claims and reimbursement claims processes.

    Cashless claims

    • Intimate Bharti AXA General Insurance within 24 hours of occurrence of claim.
    • Choose from Cashless and Reimbursement claim facility.
    • To avail our worldwide cashless facility, you can reach us on +844-691-8883 , +844-691-8885 or +91-120-4593503 .
    • A Claims Service Representative from the company will guide you through the claim registration process. You can download the claim form here.

    Attach all supporting documents against the claim type and send it by mail, email or fax. Reimbursement claims

    • Ensure that all reimbursement claims are intimated within 7 days from the date of loss.
    • Send all the original bills and other necessary documents along with the claim form to Bharti AXA.
    • If you have been admitted in a non-network hospital, you can send the documents within 30 days from the date of discharge.
    • Bharti AXA will settle your claim within 30 days from the date of submission of the requisite documents.
    • If everything is in order, payment will be made within 21 days of receiving all documents.

    If claim is rejected, a letter will be sent explaining the reason for the rejection.

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    Bharti Axa Single Trip Insurance Policy

    This kind of Travel Insurance is the best for people who love to explore new places as this Travel Insurance is only for a single trip. You can choose the Travel Insurance depending on the place you visit. The destination can be a Schengen or Non-Schengen country, but the travel is just for the period specified. It is cost effective as compared to the other Travel Insurance plans.

    Usi Affinity Travel Insurance Services Ruby Policy

    The USI Explorer Ruby plan offers high limits of primary medical expense and emergency medical evacuation coverage.

    It also offers good Trip Cancellation coverage with optional Cancel For Any Reason , which covers missed connections, plane ticket change fees, travel delay, and more.


    • The COVID medical coverage provided by the plan is primary, so you do not need to use your own health insurance plan first.
    • In the event of unforeseen situations such as illness, injury, or death, it covers up to 100% of your travel.
    • Trip interruption is also included. It pays for unused, non-refundable travel arrangements prepaid to the travel supplier or additional transportation charges or returning air travel up to the cost of an economy trip, whichever is lower.
    • Travelers will be reimbursed when they must cancel their holidays due to illnesses, injury, or death of a companion.
    • This policy also includes concierge services 24/7

    Special COVID-19 Coverage:

    • Cancel for Covid-19 Sickness: If a trip is canceled or interrupted due to the traveler contracting the virus, this plan can reimburse for prepaid and non-refundable trip payments.
    • Medical Coverage for Covid-19: Includes charges for hospitalization and operating rooms use. This may also include expenses for a cruise ship cabin or a hotel room when they are recommended as a substitute for a hospital room.


    Rubys plan only covers pre-existing conditions when purchased within 14 days of trip deposit.

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    Axa Travel Insurance Review: Catastrophe And Insolvency For A Good Price

    Good for

    • Disclosing pre-existing conditions through the online application process
    • Longer winter sports trips
    • Covering a large amount of valuables
    • Comprehensive cruise cover
    • Scuba trips with more than 2 dives
    • Travellers over 80 years old

    Editor’s Rating


    The guidance on this site is based on our own analysis and is meant to help you identify options and narrow down your choices. We do not advise or tell you which product to buy undertake your own due diligence before entering into any agreement. Read our full disclosure here.

    Think You Didn’t Need Travel Insurance


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    What Is Covered Under Bharti Axa Travel Insurance

  • Expenses related to medical expenses, repatriation, and emergency medical evacuation. Even dental care expenses such as acute anaesthetic treatment of teeth
  • Accidental bodily injuries, permanent or partial disablement, death caused in an accident
  • Payment of daily allowance for the number of days that the insured person is hospitalized
  • Loss Of Passport And Documents
  • All legal costs and expenses are covered in case of claims towards third-party liabilities that arise out of death or bodily injuries
  • Trip Cancellation And/ Or Interruption
  • Damage caused by fire to your home while you were travelling abroad
  • Compensation for the additional cost of emergency accommodation
  • Hijack Distress Allowance
  • Individual And Family Travel Insurance Premium

    It is essential to include the cost of the Travel Insurance Policy within the budget of the vacation or holiday. You must be aware that the Individual and Family Travel Insurance policies are vital for foreign trips, as the unfortunate events are impossible to predict. Before availing the right Travel Insurance, you need to understand the calculation of premiums.

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    Bharti Axa Annual Multi

    If someone is mostly out during the year for business or leisure travel, then they should opt for annual multi-trip travel insurance. It is an easy way to stay insured, no matter where an individual goes. The annual multi-trip travel insurance has the best value deals for people who travel from one destination to the other. It can be as per the plan which can be for 30, 45 or 60 days depending on the requirements.

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