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Is Dental Insurance Worth It Uk

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Does Dental Insurance Cover Whitening

Bupa | What is dental insurance

Teeth whitening is classed as a cosmetic procedure because it is primarily used to reduce staining and improve the look of your teeth. As such, youll have to cover the cost entirely of any teeth whitening procedures you opt for with your dentist.

In-dentist whitening treatments can cost up to $600 per session, depending on where you live. Thats why many people explore teeth whitener kits and strips to brighten their smile at home instead. To learn more, read our guide to how teeth whitening works.

Boots Private Dental Plan Level 2

Individual cover starting price*

NHS treatments and a higher contribution than Level 1 towards private dental treatments

Routine dental treatment

NHS treatments and a contribution towards private dental treatments

NHS treatments and a higher contribution than Level 1 towards private dental treatments

Routine dental treatment



*Premiums quoted are per month, inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax charged at the prevailing rate. Residents of the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are exempt from this tax.

To qualify for cover:

  • The primary policyholder must be over 18 years of age at the commencement of your policy
  • You and any person to be covered under the policy must reside in the UK, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man for at least 180 days in each period of insurance
  • Any children to be covered under the policy must be under 18 years of age, unmarried and permanently living with you or, if in full time education, under 23 and living with you outside of term time

If you require any further help or assistance regarding the Boots Dental Plan, please call us on 0333 222 7910.

Boots UK Ltd is an Appointed Representative of Healix Insurance Services Ltd. Healix Insurance Services Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under Financial Services Register number is 437248.

You can visit the Financial Conduct Authority Website, which includes a register of all regulated firms, or by contacting them on 0800 111 6768.

What Kind Of Dental Insurance Is Best

Individual dental insurance comes in three forms:

  • Dental Health Maintenance Organization
  • Low premium payments, no annual cap, must use in-network dentists
  • Dental Preferred Provider Organization
  • Annual cap, may pay a higher % of dental care costs than a DHMO, higher fees for out-of-network dentists
  • Dental indemnity insurance
  • Highest premiums, annual maximum cap. Small if any deductible, very wide range of dentists to choose from
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    Things To Check First

    Before you commit to anything, check that you’re not covered elsewhere. Some employers provide medical insurance as a benefit to employees, and that may include some level of dental health care. Even credit cards can throw in health cover as an incentive to new customers.

    If you do find that you already have dental cover under another policy, be sure to check it carefully to ensure the levels of cover are sufficient for your situation if not, you may still want to take out your own private dental insurance.

    And we’ve said it already but it’s worth repeating: check and double-check the small print of your policy so you know exactly what you are and are not covered for.

    Private Dentistry And Insurance Is It Worth It

    Dentists: One in three can

    Most of my patients who have dental cover, and that has never been a large proportion of my patient base, are covered on some form of an employer corporate plan rather than an individual one. I have never noted any great differences in rebate levels. On the whole the amounts, that people realistically have been able to claim as a proportion of reasonable private dental costs seems to have been quite low . One significant exclusion has been implants, which have been part of commonly accepted general dentistry for decades. Sometimes there have been issues with pre-existing conditions. The trouble with dentistry is that much of it, with the exception of accidents, can be considered to relate to some form of pre-existing condition.

    When patients have asked me, as has happened many times, whether I would recommend that they takeout individual private dental cover, I always say I am not qualified to give advice. However, it seemed to me that their rebates would rarely exceed their premiums!

    I asked Paul Lewis from Get Dental Plans to comment on these sentiments and tell us what has changed in this market. We asked him some specific questions.

    Q. What is the current status of the dental insurance market in the UK?

    Q. Obviously, with private dentistry once again about to increase dramatically here, there is bound to be greater demand for insurance. But, it has to be worthwhile. Do you feel that it is?

    Recent posts

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    What Does Uk Private Medical Insurance Cover

    Insurers will offer different plans, which can fall into basic, mid-range and comprehensive categories, though they may have different names for them. The table shows whats generally covered on each type of policy.

    Type of cover

    There may be limits on:


    • In-patient treatment
    • Types of treatment and the hospitals you can choose
    • The number of treatments you can have in one year
    • Diagnostic tests you will normally be diagnosed by the NHS


    • Outpatient treatment
    • Consultation appointments, diagnostic tests, and services like physiotherapy and sometimes psychiatry
    • The number of treatments you can have in a year, though usually more than basic policies
    • Ambulance transport
    • A parent staying in hospital with a child
    • Dental treatment
    • Medical treatment and care at home
    • A private room when you stay in hospital
    • Specific illnesses but do check with your insurer. Cancer treatment, for example, is now covered by most standard policies, but some may still exclude it .

    Isnt Dental Insurance Part Of Health Insurance

    Although some of the more comprehensive health insurance plans do cover dental treatment, many dont. You need to check the details of your policy before you make a claim for dental treatment and if you dont have dental cover included in your health insurance, you may wish to consider a plan that incorporates both general and dental health insurance.

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    What Does It Do

    Private health insurance also known as private medical insurance pays some or all your medical bills if youre treated privately.

    It gives you a choice in the level of care you get, and how and when its provided.

    If you dont want to use the NHS, it can be very expensive to use private treatment without it especially for serious conditions.

    Guardian Direct Dental User Reviews And Ratings

    Bupa I Dental insurance COVID-19 update

    Compare Guardian Direct Dental against other providers using You’ll get multiple quotes to compare dental plans that better suit your needs and budget.

    • Rated A+ at Better Business Bureau
    • Scores 4.8 at Consumer Advocate

    Depending on which site you search, Guardian Direct Dental Insurance reviews are also wildly mixed, which is interesting. According to Consumer Advocate, Guardian Direct Dental has a 4.8 rating out of 5.

    One recent review stated that, ‘I’m so thankful that my employer chose Guardian Dental as our provider – they have covered so much and even have a rollover plan that has come very handy when I maxed out my yearly benefit.’

    Other customers were unhappy with the customer service, complaining that staff need to be more clear when explaining benefits, caps and reimbursements.

    • Not all procedures are approved
    • Availability varies by state

    Delta Dental is one of the largest dental insurers in America, covering all 50 states, and has six different plan options. These span PPO and DHMO, and include full mouth x-rays every two years.

    There are over 340,000 dentists in the Delta Dental PPO and Dental Dental Premier Plans, so you’ll hardly be stuck for choice. As with all of the best dental insurance providers, plans and the exact levels of coverage varies by state. Pricing varies on where you live too.

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    How Much Does Denplan Cost

    The cost depends on your dental health and which care plan youre on. Depending on the dentist, you might also pay a joining fee. The costs vary by practice.

    As a guide, care plan fees start at around £8.71 per month for Denplan Essentials, and around £50 per month for more extensive plans. To be clear, though, every dentist has a slightly different fee structure, so you might pay more or less than this when you sign up.

    For an accurate quote, you need to contact a Denplan dentist and discuss your personal treatment needs in detail.

    What Does Dental Insurance Cost

    The cost of dental insurance varies according to the type and level of cover you choose, as well as personal factors such as your age.

    However, according to the websites of the companies in our top 6, prices for dental policies start from:

    • Axa According to independent financial advice, an annual private premium for a 60-year-old starts at £247.80, which is £20.65 a month.

    • Boots Level 1 cover starts from £15.82 a month and Level 2 starts from £23.02 amonth.

    • Simplyhealth Cover starts from around £9.55 a month and ranges to £28.87. Companies can offer cover to employees at a cheaper rate through Simplyhealth’s business dental plans.

    • Dencover NHS cover – £6 per month, Silver cover – £9 per month, Gold – £14 per month, Platinum – £19 per month, Diamond – £24 per month.

    • WPA Cover starts from £11.40 for customers aged 18-49 and £13.94 for people aged 50-65 with 65 being the maximum joining age.

    • Bupa No average prices are available on Bupas website , but according to one independent financial review, Bupa Dental Cover 20 starts from £355.20 per year for a 60-year old person. For younger people, this is likely to be cheaper.

    You can compare health insurance prices on

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    What Is The Best Dental Insurance For Individuals

    Most dental insurance companies offer plans for individuals, but obviously some are better than others. Based on our research the best dental insurance for individuals is offered by Delta Dental. It offers affordable dental plans for single people, and has an extensive network of dentists to pick from in over 330,000 locations nationwide.

    You can choose from an HMO plan, with affordable copays on preventive, basic and major dental services, and best of all there are no waiting periods for many services. Theres a PPO plan on offer too, for all three tiers of care. It includes a deductible and there is an annual maximum on treatment, so youll have to cover any additional fees after you have reached that maximum within a year.

    Is My Policy Renewed Every Year

    NHS PATIENTS â Manchester Dental Practice

    Each policy has different terms and conditions so you will have to look closely at how the renewal works. You could find a better deal than the previous year provided that you do not make any claims and continue to keep your teeth healthy. After a certain age the policy can get more expensive so at this point, you might want to consider locking in an ongoing cost with your provider.

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    Should I Get Dental Insurance

    Whether or not you think its worth paying for dental insurance usually boils down to how frequently you go to the dentist, or expect that you might need to.

    According to the Office of National Statistics , the average household spends around £140 on medical services every year including dentist treatment. While some yearly premiums for dental insurance are lower than this, many are higher. If youre going to an NHS dentist twice a year and getting just a check-up each time, your costs could well end up being less than dental insurance premiums amount to.

    However, if you are concerned about your teeth or expect you may need frequent treatment in the future, then getting insurance out could help you make considerable savings.

    Do you have a dental insurance plan? Would you recommend it? Wed be interested in hearing from you. You can join the money conversations on the Rest Less community or leave a comment below.

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    What Are The Advantages Of Dental Insurance

    You may be perfectly happy just going to the dentist and paying out of your pocket each time. However, dental insurance can come in handy if you run into a dental emergency or have to get an expensive procedure done, and you dont have savings readily available to cover these costs.

    The amount youll have to contribute towards NHS dental treatment will depend on which band that particular treatment falls into.

    For example, more complex treatments such as dentures, bridges and crowns fall into the NHS Band 3, which means youll have to pay £282.80 towards these costs if you live in England, £203 in Wales, and up to £384 in Scotland and Northern Ireland. With a private clinic, the cost of these treatments is likely to be much higher. If you would feel more secure paying a bit each month to have these possibilities covered then dental insurance could be worth considering.

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    What Is Private Health Insurance

    Whether you have pains in a joint, are worried about cancer or have some other troubling symptoms, private healthcare insurance effectively enables you to jump the NHS queue.

    In return for your premium youll get swift access to private healthcare from assessments and diagnosis through to treatment and aftercare.

    You will often get to choose which specialist you see and attend a private hospital close to you.

    Private health insurance doesnt just support your physical health either. The best private health insurance companies are increasingly providing more support for mental health too.

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    Why Do Smokers Pay More For Dental Insurance

    Why choose Denplan?

    Most dental insurance companies charge smokers higher premiums than they do those who dont use tobacco. This is because insurance companies assume more financial risk when they cover a smoker.

    In general, someone is considered a smoker if he or she has smoked in the past year. Some insurance companies extend that criterion back as far as five years, according to

    The reason why smokers are charged higher dental insurance premiums is that those who smoke are more prone to diseases of the gums and teeth, the article says. In fact, smoking is considered one of the main reasons for tooth loss.

    The Oral Health Foundation argues that individuals who smoke tend to produce more bacterial plaque in their mouths than normal, which can ultimately cause gum disease.

    The gums are affected because smoking causes a lack of oxygen in the bloodstream, so the infected gums don’t heal. Smoking causes people to have more dental plaque and causes gum disease to get worse more quickly than in non-smokers.

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    Does Cover Get More Expensive As I Get Older

    Unlike many other types of insurance, there is normally no difference in the cost of dental cover up to the age of 50. Once you are over 50 it may be difficult to find cheaper plans and generally, the cost will go up. Make sure to check your policy to make sure that you will not be dropped by the insurer when you reach a certain age.

    What You Get With Bupa Dental Insurance

    Preventative dental treatment

    Preventative treatment is about keeping your teeth and mouth healthy to avoid any more serious treatment.

    This includes routine examinations, X-rays and scale and polishing.

    Restorative dental treatment

    Restorative dental treatment is when your dentist tackles existing problems with your teeth and mouth.

    Dental Injury

    Accidents happen. If your teeth or mouth are injured, we ll do our best to get you smiling again with a range of treatments covered.

    Dental Cover 20 only

    Dental emergency

    We understand that there are times when you need to see a dentist as quickly as possible. Debilitating toothache, an infection, or a damaged tooth can all require immediate dental attention.

    Dental Cover 20 only

    Oral Cancer

    Our dental insurance policies cover you for oral cancer, so if you re diagnosed, we’ll be able to help. You can get around the clock access to expert advice from the comfort of your own home. We’ll be with you for every step of your cancer journey.

    Dental from home

    If you have a dental emergency or you’re self-isolating, or you want a second opinion, as a Bupa dental insurance customer you can choose to consult a Bupa Dental Caredentist by telephone or video.

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    Options For Getting Dental Insurance

    Dental insurance can seem like a complicated product. Both NHS plans and private cover are offered by health insurance companies, which also offer private medical insurance products with separate dental insurance add-ons.

    Choosing a health insurance policy with a dental add-on can be expensive, but you will be covered for a full range of health issues. If you already have private medical insurance, you can pay for dental to be added on to your existing policy. Axa, WPA, SimplyHealth and BUPA all offer health policies.

    Read our list of the best health insurers or get a tailored quote by using specialist comparison site .

    Whether you have health insurance or not, you can just pay or save for the full cost of NHS or private treatment as and when you need it. This is called self-insuring. If you only have an annual check-up that might seem like the best option but bigger procedures will be expensive.

    There are also inexpensive cash dental plans offered by insurers that may not cover the full cost of treatment but can pay out a set cash sum to cover some or all of your fees.

    Some insurers also offer family policies, where children under 18 are covered for free, as well as specialised cover for couples.

    It is important to note that with most dental insurance policies, customers cannot claim for the first 2 to 3 months of the policy. Check your policy wording for specific timelines.

    You can read our dental insurance FAQ here.

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