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Is Guardian Dental Insurance Good

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Which Is Better: Delta Dental Or Guardian Dental

Guardian Life Insurance help students learn about proper oral health habits that can last a lifetime

Here are some facts to know when comparing Delta Dental to Guardian Dental:

Delta Dental:

  • Delta Dental is the largest dental benefits company in the United States. It is a not-for-profit organization that provides services to more than 80 million people.
  • Delta Dental has 145,000 dentists and 292,000 office locations in its network throughout the United States.
  • It provides dental insurance for 80 million members.
  • It covers preventive services as well as basic and major services. The amount of your reimbursement will increase with each year that youre covered.
  • Its important to know you wont be covered for major services during the first year.

Guardian Dental:

  • Guardian is one of the most affordable dental plans on the market.
  • Guardian Dental offers both PPO and DHMO plans in select states.
  • The company provides coverage for regular exams, cleanings, X-rays, root canals, crowns, implants and braces.
  • Theres no waiting period for preventive care.
  • The maximum benefit payouts increase each year.
  • Guardian Dental offers online quotes, provider lookup and service tools.

What Is The Cost Of Dental Insurance

The cost of dental insurance varies depending on the state you live in, how old you are, and the specific dental plan youre thinking of selecting. The less expensive dental insurance plans, so those with low annual benefit limits, usually start at less than $20 a month per person. Again, this is largely dependent on where you live.

More premium plans can reach up to $60 plus a month per person . If you have one of those, you will enjoy a higher annual maximum benefit limit , plus extra coverage and dental services.

Individual & Family Dental Insurance

Americans with dental benefits are more likely to go to the dentist, take their children to the dentist, receive restorative care and experience greater overall health.

Conversely, if you dont have dental insurance, you are more likely to have extractions and dentures and less likely to have restorative care or receive treatment for gum disease. People without dental benefits report higher incidences of other illness, including heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetesĀ¹.

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What Does Dental Insurance For Seniors Typically Cover

The coverage for dental insurance for seniors varies depending on the policy. Also, where you live can affect how your policy works. As a result, there is no standard plan for seniors that exists, nor is there a set of benefits that all dental plans for seniors include. Therefore, reviewing the policy benefits is essential to ensure you have the coverage you need.

There are also limitations to coverage, and these vary from policy to policy. For example, while most dental insurance plans for seniors cover preventative services, like cleaning and X-rays, at 100% without waiting periods and without a deductible, many do not cover more than that. The same is true for Medicare Advantage plans that have dental benefits. However, full coverage dental plans, like PPO, HMO, and POS, provide coverage for restorative work that is Basic, like fillings, and Major, like bridges and crowns. Even in comprehensive plans for Major services, some treatments like adult orthodontics, oral surgery, or implants are not covered, even when other Major services are.

The options and combinations for what is and is not covered are endless. However, some general expectations you can have for dental insurance for seniors include:

  • At least two preventative care appointments, including exams and cleanings
  • Annual X-rays
  • Restorative work like fillings for cavities
  • Crowns

Can I Get Work Done At Dental Schools For A Discount

Benefits Resources

Yes, this is a great way to save money for dental work. Dental students need to practice their procedures before they become qualified dentists.

If youre worried about quality, dont worry they have licensed dentists standing by observing the procedures.

I would recommend primarily using dental schools for routine procedures, such as:

  • Checkups
  • Teeth whitening
  • Cavity fillings

Major services like root canals and crowns might not be as easy and extremely time-consuming for new dentists.

Be prepared to spend significantly more time at the dental school versus a professional dental office. The dental students are learning throughout the procedures, after all.

Also, be sure to check with your insurance provider to see if this work at dental schools is covered as not all dental plans allow it.

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Offer Employees Group Dental Insurance That Focuses On Overall Health

There’s a reason your employees want and deserve dental insurance. Without good oral care, people are 67% more likely to have heart disease 50% more likely to have osteoporosis, and 29% more likely to have diabetes.1 Thats why it is no surprising that 75% of employees consider dental coverage very important.2

Guardian is committed to keeping members healthier by helping them save on important oral care treatments. Guardian covers oral cancer screenings, enhanced periodontal treatments, dental implants, and an additional cleaning after the maximum is met.

We also offer an array of features to extend the annual maximum, adding more value to benefits, including:

  • Preventive Advantage, which enables members to get dental exams, cleanings, X-rays, and fluoride treatments without deductions – all from their annual maximum.
  • Maximum Rollover, which helps members save by rolling over a portion of each member’s unused annual maximum for future use. This helps promote regular annual dental visits and helps make future treatments more affordable. Rewards are increased when a contracted dentist is visited.

Find Out How Big The Provider Network Is

Remember: a big part of maintaining good dental health is finding a dentist you like. Whether you already have one or you’re still looking, network size is key. On the other hand, if you really don’t believe dentist loyalty is important for you, you may want to consider a DHMO with a limited network: premiums are usually lower, and the fee structure is simpler.

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More About Guardian Life Insurance

Guardian Lifes website offers plenty of general information about life insurance, though it lacks specifics on the companys own offerings. You can use the companys term life insurance calculator to see how much coverage you need and get a quote.

Policyholders can make payments and view documents on the companys website or mobile app.

In addition to life insurance, Guardian offers other financial products and services, including:

  • Disability income insurance.
  • Individual dental and vision insurance.
  • Critical illness and accident insurance.
  • Workplace benefits, including a college tuition benefit.

What Does A Guardian Dental Plan Cover

Guardian Life Insurance help students learn about proper oral health habits that can last a lifetime

You can apply for Guardian Dental insurance if you are no longer working or if you work for yourself. Plans range in price from $16.85 to $33.99 per month. Plus, its easy to enroll you can do this online in just a few minutes.

Guardian Dental insurance plans offer varying levels of coverage for dental services like:

  • Regular dental exams

Preventive dental care like checkups and cleanings will cost you little to nothing.

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Guardian Direct Dental Insurance Review: What’s Covered

  • Exams, x-rays and cleaning as standard
  • Root canals, crowns and surgery classed as major

Guardian Direct dental insurance breaks down its areas of coverage into three sections so you know what to look for when seeking your plan. These are preventative, basic and major services, which break down like this:

  • Preventative: most routine dental services like oral exams, cleanings and x-rays.
  • Basic: more complex services like fillings and simple extractions.
  • Major: this is for complex dental services like oral surgery, crowns and implants.

To look after your teeth between dental check-ups, brush your twice teeth daily for two minutes at a time. The best electric toothbrushes have built-in timers to help with this. To maintain your smile, you may want to use one of the best teeth whiteners for at-home brightening.

How Much Is Dental Insurance

The cost of dental insurance depends on these factors:

  • Plan type
  • Provider
  • State of residence

Policyholders pay monthly premiums for their coverage, but thats not the only factor to consider when evaluating the cost of dental care. Look at deductibles, copays, coinsurance and annual limits to determine just how much you will pay for your dental care.


Dental plans premiums range from $17 to $96. Plans with the lowest premiums focus on 80% to 100% preventive coverage, with minimal or no coverage for basic and major procedures. Plans with high premiums tend to have low deductible rates and comprehensive coverage for preventive, basic and major work.


A deductible is the amount of money a policyholder is responsible for paying before their insurance coverage kicks in. In dental insurance, annual deductible rates are usually set at $50 per person and $150 per family.

Other policies charge a one-time deductible. These tend to have higher rates and a higher deductible , but the policyholder only needs to meet it once instead of annually.


After you meet your deductible and your insurance coverage kicks in, youre still responsible for a portion of your dental care. This is called coinsurance. Consider a policy with 80% major work coverage: this means that insurance pays 80% of the procedure and the policyholder is responsible for paying the remaining 20%.


Annual maximum limits

Cost of common dental procedures

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Guardian Dental Insurance Claims Support

Guardian doesnt have any information about claims for individual policyholders on its website. In general, dentists often handle insurance claims through their office. In some situations, you may need to contact Guardian and file a claim following the instructions.

If you have a policy through your employer, you can submit a claim online.

Meet Mona: Your Insurance Coordinator At Center One Dental

$400,000 Guardian Grant to Dental Lifeline Network Will Provide ...

If you have questions about your Guardian Dental insurance benefit, we encourage you to contact our office and speak with Mona. She is our friendly and knowledgeable insurance coordinator, and she is an expert at helping patients understand and make the most of their insurance benefits.

If you have Guardian Dental insurance in Canonsburg, Dr. Raj is a comprehensive and compassionate provider, who is also in your network. Give Mona a call today to learn more about how we can help you and arrange a convenient time for your next appointment!

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Making High Quality Dentistry Affordable

It seems like the cost of health care continues to rise each year. Dental insurance can be a useful tool in helping families to defray the cost of preventive care and certain procedures. Choosing a dentist in your Guardian network, like Dr. Raj Vekariya at Center One Dental, can help you maximize your dental insurance.

Regularly attending your preventive cleaning and checkups with Dr. Raj every six months is another way to protect your oral health. Cleaning and checkup appointments are covered at 100% with your Guardian Dental insurance because dentistry focuses on prevention.

Consistent preventive care can help you successfully avoid more significant problems because Dr. Raj will screen for issues like tooth decay, cavities, periodontal disease, and oral cancer. Detecting these concerns early on allows you to treat these issues more effectively with less invasive treatment procedures.

Average Cost Of Dental Insurance

According to the American Dental Association, those without any dental coverage pay approximately $370 per year in out of pocket expenses for routine preventive care.

However, the cost increases if you need major work like crowns or a root canal.

According to, The cost for you to buy a typical individual policy is about $350 per year. It can be a close decision to figure out if dental insurance is really worth it.

Luckily, there are no shortages of different types of dental insurance plans available.

Most dental insurance procedures are broken down into four different areas:

  • Preventive care: general cleaning, deep cleaning and X-rays
  • Basic procedures: Fillings, root canals and simple teeth extractions
  • Major procedures: Bridges, dentures and extensive surgery
  • Orthodontia: Braces for children

Without dental insurance or dental savings plan, it can be very expensive if you need basic or major work done.

However, if you only get preventive care or like a non-network dentist, paying cash can be better. You can save money as you wont be filing regular claims.

While you might lose money some years with insurance, you can save money when you need basic or major work.

In my opinion, getting dental insurance can be worth it as the estimated costs are almost the same. But you must use an in-network dentist to enjoy the benefits.

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Is Guardian Dental Insurance Any Good

Guardian Dental offers excellent dental plans for both individuals and families. You can now get benefits and low rates that were once only offered in group plans. The company offers comprehensive dental plans, and it doesnt charge sign-up fees.

The Better Business Bureau gives Guardian Insurance an A+ rating, and Guardian Dental has a BBB Accreditation.

Guardian Life Insurance Customer Complaints And Satisfaction

Guardian: A Leader in Dental Insurance

Over three years, Guardian Life has drawn significantly fewer complaints to state regulators than expected for a company of its size, according to a NerdWallet analysis of data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Additionally, Guardian Life ranked 11th out of 21 companies in the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Life Insurance Study for overall customer satisfaction.

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Dental Health Maintenance Organization

With this option, you pay a monthly premium based on the dental services used. Referrals to a specialist require pre-approval from Guardian and there is no out-of-network dentist coverage. Guardian Dentals DHMO consists of 52,000 locations with 12,000 dentists.

There is no annual maximum and no deductibles providing you stay with your primary dental care provider. Guardian pays the difference between the total cost of dental services and your office visit charge and co-payment. There are no forms to submit and no waiting periods.

See below costs for an individual in the following sample areas with a DHMO plan:

$15.71 per month

How To Get Dental Insurance

Individuals can get dental insurance directly from insurance companies or through healthcare marketplaces. Most plans offer quick, easy online enrollment, but others may require that you speak with a representative to sign-up.

Follow these steps to get the right dental insurance policy:

  • Establish your dental needs. Do you have healthy teeth that just need preventive care or do you anticipate restorative or major work?
  • Determine how much you can pay for dental care
  • Do comparison shopping on and other private marketplaces
  • Look for 100-80-50 coverage: 100% coverage for preventive care, 80% for basic care and 50% for major work
  • Compare the cost vs value of DHMO, PPO, direct reimbursement and dental savings plans
  • Evaluate premium rates, deductibles, copay, coinsurance and annual limits
  • Check the companies of your choice with state regulatory agencies. You can also look up any licensed insurance provider with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners , which registers and analyzes consumer complaint data from across the country.

Dental implants are eligible for coverage if tooth loss results from injury, trauma, or a medical condition. Congenitally missing teeth are not covered. Additionally, coverage only applies to the root replacement . The actual missing tooth may be excluded.

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How Do They Handle Claims

Guardian does not have a link to claims information on the website, nor did we find a page directly dedicated to claims information.

There is a contact page that separates contact information by type of policy, as well as a general contact phone number.

We also found some claims forms in the forms section of the website, which can be downloaded, printed, and sent to the company. The mailing address and the email address are found on the forms after download.

The site has a customer login area where, presumably, more information is available.

Its not really unusual for a company offering this type of product to have little claims information on their website however, we do expect some basic information. This is especially important in a life insurance claim situation where the beneficiary is attempting to file a claim and may not have any customer login information. This is one area where we would like to see Guardian improve.

See Why Our Guardian Customers Trust Us To Help Them Find The Best Plan For Their Needs

Reno Pediatric Dentist

“Manny was very helpful while helping me select a dental plan to fit my needs. He took time and explained the differences in the plans. Together we brainstormed what we felt would be the best plan for me. Thank you for your help.”

“I’d been struggling for weeks with the need to make a decision about dental coverage. It was surprising when Mr. Manny answered the phone. He proved extremely knowledgeable and shared valuable information regarding plans, pricing, and necessary options. There was never the feeling of hurry up and make a choice, as he even took time to research available providers within a five mile radius of our house.”

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How Do You Find The Right Plan For You

To help you find a suitable option, Guardian Dental allows you to narrow down your search according to either your ZIP code, a certain dentist or a tailored dental plan.

One positive from searching this way is that you can do so anonymously, so you are not signing yourself up to any unwanted spam.

Once you have signed up, you receive an ID card within 7-10 days of enrolment.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Whitening

Teeth whitening is classed as a cosmetic procedure because it is primarily used to reduce staining and improve the look of your teeth. As such, youll have to cover the cost entirely of any teeth whitening procedures you opt for with your dentist.

In-dentist whitening treatments can cost up to $600 per session, depending on where you live. Thats why many people explore teeth whitener kits and strips to brighten their smile at home instead. To learn more, read our guide to how teeth whitening works.

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