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Is Imported Car Insurance More Expensive

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Buying An Imported Car

How To Import a Classic JDM Car to the US
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  • Buying An Imported Car – A UK Guide

If you are interested in buying an imported car new or used, one thing that may be helpful is understanding that imported cars can be put into two major categories, Parallel Imports and Grey Imports. These categories are described below along with details on how you can make your purchase as successful one. There are several reasons why one would want to purchase an import, no matter if it is a parallel or grey import these vehicles have special qualities that both car enthusiasts and everyday motorists alike happen to enjoy. They can have a unique look that can be very desirable to some people yet at the same time these unusual body styles and unfamiliar technical aspects may also be a key reason why others refuse to purchase imports and choose to only buy cars that are manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Shop Around And Consider Multi Car Insurance

When you start looking for car insurance, make sure you shop around for cheaper new driver car insurance.

If your family own several cars, it may be better to insure them via a multi-car insurance policy

Multi insurance might also be suitable:

  • if you own more than one car

  • if youre a family with more than one driver

  • if youre a couple with more than one vehicle

What Are Grey Imports

Grey-import vehicles usually come fromoutside the EU. They include certain high-spec Japanese and American cars, like the Nissan Figaro and Eunos Roadster. You may have to make some changes to your new vehicle to make sure it meets UK safety standards, such as adjustments to the lights, before you can drive it. Cars like this usually require special insurance cover.

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When Color Does Matter

The color red doesnt necessarily affect your insurance rates, but its possible that a custom paint job will.

Custom paint jobs can be considered by some insurance companies as additional custom parts or equipment. Even if it does increase your premiums, it wont be by much. Itll be a minor added fee at best.

But in the case of car colors most frequently stolen, consider yourself lucky if you have a red car. In 2012, CCC Information Services reported that car thieves prefer going after green, gold, black, and white cars. Silver is the most commonly stolen car color.

In this case, having your car stolen will most likely increase your rates as you will have to file a claim. But only if you have comprehensive insurance.

The Cost Of Auto Insurance For A Supercar

How much does imported car insurance cost?

How much does it cost to insure a Lamborghini? The short answer isa lot. Although auto insurance for a supercar works mostly the same way as for a regular car, supercar insurance is much more expensive.

This is partly because supercars are considered specialty products by most auto insurance companies.

The purchase price of exotic cars is part of what makes them a unique product to insure, but they can also be quite rare, which makes them more difficult to repair if theyre involved in an accident.

This ends up making premiums more expensive with insurance for import cars or insurance for exotic cars.

Which is the cheapest supercar to maintain? You can take a look at the table below to get an idea of what the range of pricing is for supercar insurance.

The table shows the top 20 most expensive cars in the country to insure. Nearly every one of them would be considered a supercar.

Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates for the Top 20 Most Expensive Cars


You can see that the type of car you drive will drastically impact your auto insurance rates.

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What Type Of Car Insurance Coverage Do You Need For Your Import Car

What is an imported car? If you own an import car, you may not be under the same constraints that you would be under if youd purchased a vehicle from a dealer in the U.S.

Every state has its own liability insurance requirements. Search below to see what they are in your state.

Liability Car Insurance Requirements by State


However, if you went through the time and trouble to import your vehicle, you probably want more than just the basics. You didnt get here because you want the bland, humdrum, run-of-the-mill normal for your ride. So dont leave it unprotected.

Youre going to want to carry comprehensive and collision coverage for your vehicle. If you leased your vehicle, this is probably going to be required.

If you purchased a vehicle from overseas, however, you may have either gotten a personal loan or you may not have needed a loan at all.

So, what type of insurance do you need for your vehicle if you arent under a lenders constraints? Well, first of all, youre going to have to purchase your states minimums, just as you would with any other vehicle.

Then you need to consider two things:

  • The value of the vehicle that youve imported
  • The cost of the work to manufacture your vehicle

Are imported cars more expensive to insure? Why might it cost more to insure a Japanese import car? That definitely depends on what kind of car you imported.

Average Annual Classic Car Insurance Rates by Coverage


Will I Need Gap Coverage For My Exotic Auto If I Still Owe On It

GAP coverage is a type of insurance that helps to pay the difference between what you owe on your vehicle and what your vehicle is worth.

This coverage is used to make sure that youre financially covered in the event that you total your vehicle and you owe more to your loan provider than your car is worth.

For example, lets say you owe $20,000 on your vehicle and your insurance company will only pay $15,000 based on the vehicles fair market value.

GAP insurance would step in to cover the remaining $5,000 you would owe to your loan provider after your auto insurance pays out on your claim.

GAP insurance is a good option for drivers who owe more on their vehicle than its worth.

Before purchasing GAP insurance, be sure to calculate your loan balance and compare it to your vehicles fair market value. If you owe less than what the car is worth, you probably dont need GAP coverage.

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How Much Does It Cost To Insure A Parallel Car Import

When it comes to imported vehicles, parallel imports are the most similar type of car import to standard UK cars.

  • A parallel import is usually a European version of a car that has an identical or very similar UK equivalent.

  • Examples include Opel models, which are identical to their counterparts offered in the UK by Vauxhall for example the Opel/Vauxhall Zafira or the Opel/Vauxhall Astra

Grey Imports Normally Need Specialist Insurance

Why Are Cars So Expensive In Tunisia | So Expensive

Grey imports are normally quite a bit pricier to insure than UK cars. And they probably need specialist insurance too. This is because:

  • Grey imports are often high-spec cars with powerful engines .

People who drive powerful cars are statistically more likely to drive more dangerously and make claims. So insurers put their prices up.

  • Grey imports are often high-value cars that would be expensive to repair or replace. This is because it can be harder and more expensive to find car parts for them.

And sometimes they might need specialist mechanics who are used to fixing imported cars.

  • Grey imports won’t fit into a UK insurance group, which makes it harder for insurance companies to figure out a price.

  • Grey imports might have had modifications to make sure they meet the UK’s regulations around safety and emissions.

This means it’s harder for insurers to figure out how risky they are.

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Imported Cars And Car Insurance Key Facts

  • There are added complications compared to cars designed for use and registered in the UK

  • There are different types of import and this will affect the cost of your premium

  • Regular car insurance providers may increase premiums or excesses for imported cars

  • You may be able to find cheaper car insurance premiums by shopping around or using specialist import car insurance.

Saving Money On Imported Car Insurance

If youre looking to insure an imported car, chances are theres more involved than just the money. Insuring an imported car is going to be more complicated and expensive than insuring a standard car, but there are options which could lower your premiums depending on the car and its usage.

Multi-car policies

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Misleading Temporary Discount Rates

Some insurers offer very low premiums just to get customers through the door. Then they bump up the cost the following year and hope you won’t notice. This is called dual pricing

We dont do this. And luckily, it looks like other insurers might not be able to continue this unfair practice for long. The Financial Conduct Authority have said they want to put an end to dual pricing but they havent announced when it will happen.

First Check Where Your Car Is From

Do Cars Imported to the UK Cost More to Insure?

If you import your car from the United Kingdom it will haveno impact on your car insurance. But, youll still need to complete therelevant paperwork before you import. Firstly, youll need to let the Britishauthorities know you are exporting the car. Once transfer of ownership iscomplete, youll get a V5C document, which is the equivalent of our VehicleRegistration Certificate. At this point, youll need to complete the V5C/4Notification of Permanent Export section of the V5C document and send it tothe UKs Driver & Vehicle Licencing Agency , Swansea, SA99 1BD.

There are two possible charges you will have to pay whenimporting a car from the UK into Ireland: VRT and VAT.

VRT wont apply on a vehiclethat you have used in another jurisdiction for more than 6 months. So, ifyoure moving from the UK to Ireland and have documentation to prove you wereusing this car in your first home, you wont have to pay VRT. However youllstill have to make an appointment for a VRT inspection with the NCTS. Thisinspection will confirm that your vehicle is as described in your V5C document.

Meanwhile, VAT is only charged on a newcar. This means its been in service for 6 months or less, or has been driven6,000km or less. VAT in such a case is still applicable even if VAT wasinitially paid in another EU member state.

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Are Supercars Illegal In The Us

U.S. laws regarding exhaust emissions, bumpers, and vehicle modifications are not the same as laws in Europe or Asia where many supercars are designed and built.

When you import an exotic car from abroad you may be asked to make modifications in order to drive it legally on American streets.

If you buy a supercar that requires modification, you can still display it as soon as you get it, but you wont be able to drive it legally until you get the necessary work done.

Faq About Import Car Insurance

What is an imported car?

There are two ways to think about imported vehicles. In a broad sense, imported cars are simply made on foreign soil and transported to the U.S. for sale. This includes cars made by Toyota and Kia, for example.

However, if someone wants to specifically buy an imported car, they are usually looking at cars that were not meant for the U.S. market. These cars either have to be modified to meet federal regulations, or they have to be 25 years of age or older. At that age, the federal regulations no longer apply.

Is it hard to insure an imported car?

It is not hard to insure an imported car. The hard part is importing the car, paying taxes, and registering the vehicle . Many companies including Geico, State Farm, and Progressive offer agreed on value plans to cover cars that grow in value.

Is it more expensive to insure an imported car?

If you use agreed value coverage, it is more expensive to get insurance for imported cars that you drive regularly. But if you drive a vehicle infrequently, it can be less expensive to insure. Remember, auto insurance quotes are influenced by many things, like the kind of car you drive, your age, and your zip code.

What are mileage limits for import car insurance?

What is total loss buyback?

How much is insurance for a Nissan Skyline?

Finally, you could insure it with a standard insurance plan and pay around the same price as you would insure another old Nissan, but the full value of your car would not be covered.

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Car Insurance For Japanese Imports

Theres a reason why Japanese cars are so popular: the country manufactures a huge number of vehicles, is efficient at making them at scale, and as a result their cars tend to be cheap to buy.

That Japanese vehicles are grey imports built outside of the EU – means they can be more expensive to insure. But we recognise that their popularity means many of our customers will need to insure their Japanese car. Thats why weve built special relationships with some of the largest insurers in the UK to ensure you get the cover you require, regardless of where your car was manufactured.

Are Imports More Expensive To Insure

Prices Of Cars Over 1500cc May Increase | Imported Cars Cannot Be Auto Financed | PakWheels Weekly

Its typically more expensive to insure an imported car than one sold in the UK as its difficult for an insurance provider to predict how much of a risk theyre taking by insuring them. An imported car might need to go to a specialist garage and repairs could cost more as parts might be harder to find.

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What Information Does The Insurance Company Need

You might be asked where your car has been imported from, and whether it has UK specifications.

You might also be asked for proof of your Individual Vehicle Approval, but other than that it should be a pretty smooth process.

Dont forget that, like all other cars, it needs to have a valid MOT certificate.

Are Imported Cars More Expensive To Insure

Usually, yes. You can expect cars built for markets outside the EU to be harder to insure and come with higher premiums. For a start, many insurers wont give you a quote for an imported car so you have to shop around for a specialist.

The reason an imported car is more expensive to cover is because of the huge unknowns an insurer will face. Its not always clear how much it would cost to find replacement parts. This is made even more difficult if these come from areas of the world with a different set of standards and testing to ours.

Not being able to fully understand the risks of an imported car – particularly when it comes to repair costs and sourcing replacement parts – means most mainstream insurers are unlikely to provide cover.

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How Much Does It Cost To Insure An Imported Car

We analysed quotes offered to tens of thousands of motorists and found that imported cars tend to cost, on average a bit over 50% more than cars bought in the UK . Of course the price you’re offered will depend on lots of different factors about you as a driver, as well the car itself. Not all imports are equal either: US and Japanese imports tend to cost more to cover than European imports, for example.

Young Drivers Pay Some Of The Highest Insurance Premiums On The Market And Many Are Paying Expensive Premiums Even With A Clean Driving Record And Their Best Efforts To Keep Annual Insurance Costs Low

Junk status will make your car insurance more expensive

Car insurance for teens and young drivers tends to be expensive, so it’s important to find an insurer that offers plenty of features focused on young after a detailed review, we’re confident that these are the best car insurers for teens and young drivers in 2021. Which companies are best for young drivers. Even if you have many years’ experience driving in your own country, holding a foreign licence could still affect your insurance costs in the uk. Car insurance for a young driver is essentially the same as an ordinary policy

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Insurance Advice For Those Buying An Imported Car

It may be a good idea to speak with Lifesure who are specialist imported car insurance brokers before you purchase any type of imported car so that you will have a good idea of how much your new premium will be and we can also inform you on what types of imported cars will cause your insurance premium to go up the most. We can be contacted on 01480 402460.

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