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Is State Farm Home Insurance Good

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Drive Safe & Save App

Best RUNNER UP Homeowners Insurance Companies of 2022 – State Farm

Drive Safe & Save is State Farms usage-based insurance option. You can get a basic discount for having low annual mileage without the mobile app. You can also get the app and save more based on other data. Data collected includes:

  • Acceleration
  • Time of day
  • Time traveled

The Drive Safe & Save program only results in a discount on your State Farm auto insurance it wont raise your rates. However, if you were already receiving a low-mileage discount and the data shows you no longer qualify, you can lose that discount.

Positive State Farm Insurance Reviews

“I have been with this agent now for more than 20 years. I have never had an issue with anyone at this office and have stayed with them because of the wonderful customer service all of the staff at this location has provided me. I would refer anyone to them in a heartbeat. They have always been good for peace of mind, and I have never worried about them not being there for me or my family. Kudos to an awesome agent and fantastic group of professionals.”

Mickey via BBB

“I had a flat tire needed to be towed an hour away on a Sunday. I called my agent first thing Monday morning. Check in the mail to reimburse me on same day. Great customer service!”

Jeri C. via BBB

How Are State Farms Customer Service Ratings

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, State Farm received the fewest customer complaints of any major insurer in 2018. However, they scored second place behind Geico for overall customer satisfaction. Interpret that as you will.

On customer review sites like Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs, all of the major insurers tend to score around the same rating . For that reason, I dug into the written reviews to see if there were common themes among upset customers.

In the case of State Farm, unhappy customers tend to call out mixed experiences with agents. While these may be isolated cases, you can likely increase your chances of having a good experience by building a relationship with an agent early on.

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How Much Homeowners Insurance Do I Need

The cost to rebuild the home if its destroyed is the foundation of how much homeowners insurance you need. That amount is called your dwelling coverage.

Coverage for your belongings and additional living expenses are often set at a percentage of the dwelling coverage, but you can adjust the coverage limits if you need more. Pay close attention to your liability insurance to make sure it covers your net worth, or the amount you stand to lose in a lawsuit.

How Much Does State Farm Cost

Account Manager

Given the countless variables that dictate rates, its hard to definitively say which provider is the cheapest. Generally speaking, however, State Farm tends to muscle out the competition and rank somewhere between 1st and 5th among 22 providers.

As evidenced by their generous safe driving programs and discounts, State Farms algorithm tends to favor good drivers. If you have poor credit and/or one at-fault accident, you may find lower rates elsewhere.

Still, a low premium is virtually pointless if your provider doesnt payout for claims.

AM Best is an independent organization that assigns major insurance providers with Financial Strength scores indicating their ability to pay out claims. Luckily, State Farm scores an A++ Superior rating, so theyre far from stingy.

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State Farm Standard Home Insurance Coverage Plan

To learn what a standard home insurance plan through State Farm entails, reach out to a local agent. In general, coverage and premiums can run the gamut based on a number of factorsthe size of your property, where you live, history of claims, and what kind of coverage you need. That being said, heres what you can expect with a State Farm standard home insurance plan:

Dwelling Coverage

This type of insurance covers the cost to repair or replace your home should it become damaged under a covered peril. This could include an act of vandalism or disaster thats insured, such as a fire, hurricane, lightning, or hail. This usually includes both attached structures such as garages and attached decks as well as unattached structures such as garden sheds, fences, and gazebos. Depending on where you live, State Farm might include sewer drain coverage. This foots the bill should there be water damage to the structure of your home.

Personal Belongings

This includes anything that gets damaged or stolen during an insured hazard. It also usually covers belongings that are not stored in your home . Valuables such as collectors items, jewelry, and art might not be covered, depending on the policy. If they are covered, there might be lower limits than the total of your other personal belongings.

Personal Liability

Loss of Use

State Farm Renters Insurance Features And Discounts

  • Multi-line discount Get a discount for bundling your renters and auto policy.
  • Home alert protection discount Receive a discount for installing a smoke detector, fire alarm, burglar alarm, or other home safety devices.
  • Inflation coverage This coverage is included in your policy and is meant to factor in inflation and adjust your coverage accordingly.

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State Farm Car Insurance Discounts

Here are some of the State Farm auto insurance discounts offered, based on our review of state insurance filings. Discounts details may change among states, and might not be available in all states or from each State Farm subsidiary. Also, some vehicles may be ineligible for certain discounts, like motorcycles and antique cars.

Accident-free For drivers who have been with State Farm at least three years and had no “chargeable” accidents.


Good student

Student away at schoolFor students under age 25 who live more than 100 miles at home and don’t have a car at school.

Steer Clear Safe DriverFor drivers under age 25 who have had no accidents or moving violations for three years and who complete the State Farm Steer Clear Program.

Good driver plus discountFor drivers who are accident-free, insuring more than one vehicle, and also buying a condo, farm/ranch or homeowners policy.

Driver improvement courseFor drivers age 55 and older.

Driver trainingFor drivers who have classroom and driving instruction from a certified instructor.

Vehicle safetyFor 1994 model cars and newer.

Passive restraintFor 1993 model cars and older.

Limited use farm truck


Multi-lineFor buying more than one type of insurance from State Farm, such as auto insurance plus homeowners, renters, condo or life insurance.

How To File A Complaint With State Farm

Intuition | State Farm® Commercial
  • Customers can call State Farm at 1-800-782-8332 to speak with a customer service representative and report the details of their complaint.
  • Write State Farm a letter. Customers can mail a written complaint to State Farm at State Farm Insurance / One State Farm Plaza / Bloomington, IL 61710. They must indicate the specific department the complaint is about in the address, such as car or home insurance.
  • Tweet. If you can’t get the company’s attention elsewhere, you can tweet @StateFarm, the company’s official customer service Twitter.
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    State Farm Compared To The Top 10 By Market Share

    We briefly touched on State Farms share of the home insurance market, a market which includes State Farms mobile home line of insurance underneath its umbrella, hinting at the dominant role the company plays as the top insurance provider in the nation. Now we will show you just how far ahead State Farm is in comparison to the top 10 competitors.

    None of the remaining top 10 competitors comes close to State Farm Allstate, the closest by a long shot, is trailing by $10 billion with a widening gap of a little over 10 percent in market share. And what does State Farm do with its sizable market share and commanding lead?

    It uses its size and the resulting influx of cash to filter savings down to policyholders in the form of comparably well-priced rates or discounts. Savings are all well and good, but what about payouts on claims? Is State Farm stingy with paying policyholders claims? Or a possibly worse scenario, does the company recklessly pay any claim that is made?

    State Farms loss ratio percentage sits safely in the middle ground around 60 percent, a moderate percentage showing that the company regularly pays legitimate claims but is cautious and avoids bad investments.

    State Farm exudes a level of measured responsibility and balance, offering savings with clear limits and responsibly managing claims with controlled payouts .

    How To File A Claim With State Farm

    There are multiple ways to file an insurance claim with State Farm.

    State Farm’s online claims process is streamlined and informative. Policyholders can file auto, home, renters, health, life and business claims on the company’s website or via its app. The online claims process takes about 10 minutes to complete, after which you can easily keep track of your claim.

    Customers can also file claims over the phone. If you work with an agent, you can file a claim through your local office during business hours. You can also call the numbers below.

    • For auto, home and property claims, call 732-5246.
    • For auto glass claims, call 624-4410.
    • For emergency roadside assistance, call 627-5757.
    • To make a payment, call 440-0998.

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    State Farm Life Insurance Policies

    • Return of premium term life insurance Get a refund on premiums if you outlive the policy.
    • Instant answer simplified life insurance This is a type of life insurance that doesn’t require a medical exam.
    • Universal survivorship life insurance A policy for married couples known as “second to die” because it doesn’t pay death benefits until both people die.
    • Universal joint life insurance A policy for married couples or business partners known as a “first to die” because it pays the death benefit when the first person dies.

    Goodbye Forever State Farm

    Insurance: State Farm Home Owner Insurance Quote

    I just cancelled my family’s State Farm policy this morning upon hearing about their attempt to indoctrinate grammar school children by supporting LGBT school book program. I do not care what people do in the privacy of their own homes, live your best life!! I am all for personal freedom and acceptance But when an insurance company makes an attempt to sexually indoctrinate school age children they will never get another dollar from me. I vote with my money!! No amount of apologizing or pulling out of program will be good enough to get me back as a customer. Companies must learn that some things are irredeemable…and sexualizing children is one of them. Bye forever State Farm.

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    State Farm Will Be Your Good Neighbor

    State Farm will be your good neighbor until you actually need help. Then they become as tight fisted as it gets. Our agent was terrible at communicating and made everything sound like it was our fault. No notifications of issues with our policy though they claimed to have sent a letter we never received. So, I’ll vote with my feet and my money and leave State Farm for a better insurance agency.

    State Farm Home Insurance

    State Farm homeowners insurance provides coverage to repair or rebuild your home after events that cause damage, like significant weather or theft and vandalism. The company also offers protection for keepsakes like jewelry, collectibles and pictures. You can also purchase additional liability insurance coverage.

    You can read more about State Farm in our review of the best homeowners insurance companies of 2021.

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    Look For These Home Insurance Discounts

    Here are some common types of home insurance discounts:

    • New or renovated home discount for upgraded wiring and plumbing.
    • Safety and security discounts for fire safety devices and security devices .
    • Roof age discount based on the age of the roof.
    • Disaster preparedness discount if you take steps to safeguard your home against natural disasters, such as installing storm shutters and shatterproof glass.
    • Multi-policy discount for buying more than one type of policy with the same insurance company, such as auto, RV and motorcycle insurance. Bundling auto and home insurance is typically one of the best discounts you can get.
    • Multi-home discount for insuring more than one home with the same insurance company.
    • Claim-free discount when you dont have a recent history of insurance claims.
    • Insurance payment discounts such as small discounts for going paperless and paying your premium in full.
    • Employment, organization and association discounts depending on your occupation or if you are a member of a union, professional organization or alumni association.

    Allstate Vs State Farm: Customer Service

    Clipboard :30 | State Farm® Commercial

    Allstate and State Farm both have good customer service options. You can request support by calling the company during business hours, downloading the mobile app , logging into the online customer portal, or by visiting an agent in person at a local office. However, support for certain policies, like life insurance and business insurance, is only available via phone or in person.

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    State Farm Customer Service And Complaints

    According to the NAIC, State Farm accounted for about 11% of total car insurance complaints in 2020. Since the company has about 16% of the market share, it has fewer complaints for its size than average. In other words, most customers have a positive or neutral experience with the companys service.

    Bad Faith Insurance Practices By State Farm

    According to the American Association for Justice, State Farm is accused of shady, unfair practices in the following categories:

    Acting recklesslyHomeowners insured with State Farm have brought a class lawsuit action against the company as they habitually undervalue their properties. A jury found that State Farm acted recklessly and with malice in most of its claims in this case.

    Denying, delaying, and defending claimsVery much like Allstate, State Farm has also been denying claims, delaying payments, and defending lawsuits that should have been solved promptly. Unfortunately, all of it is done in the name of bottom line. State Farm avoids paying claims at all costs and denys/delays payments to the extent of even forging customers signature on important polict documents.

    Mishandling Katrina claimsState Farm was notorious in mishandling homeowners claims related to the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina in the year 2005. Home inspectors clearly testified how State Farm instructed them to alter damage reports, so the company could cheat its customers and pay less than the claims were actually worth.

    Putting profits over policyholdersState Farm advertises, Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there. All they have been doing is talking the talk but not walking the walk. State Farm falls short in serving their customers in Dallas, Fort Worth, Lewisville, Farmers Branch, and all over Texas.

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    Financial Stability And Rating For State Farm

    Besides customer satisfaction, claims service, and other factors, an insurance company’s ability to pay claims is important. Rankings are used to understand an insurance company’s financial stability in the marketplace. A.M. Best rates State Farm’s financial strength as A++ which is the highest-ranking possible.

    S& P Global, also known as Standard & Poor’s, rates State Farm as AA. So, although that doesn’t speak to how you might feel about your specific interactions with the company, it provides an indication of how stable the company is financially.

    Our Take On State Farm Homeowners Insurance

    State Farm Homeowners Insurance Review

    State Farm is the largest homeowners insurance company in the country, with 18% market share. It began as an auto insurance company, so bundling is an option that can give customers convenience as well as a discount.

    The company has strong financial backing and serves customers nationwide, offering basic coverage, a wide array of optional add-ons, and many discount options. Unfortunately, the discounts vary from state to state. Discounts are especially limited for homeowners in Pennsylvania, North Dakota, South Dakota, New York, and Alaska.

    Ultimately, we gave State Farm a high score of 96.60 out of 100 based on various metrics, like coverage, availability, customer service, and more.

    On State Farms Better Business Bureau profile, common complaints cite issues with billing and discounts whereas, positive reviews note high levels of professionalism.

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    State Farm Claim Covers Rental Car

    State Farm claim covers rental car. They only paid a portion of it. Enterprise charged my credit card. I went back and forth between State Farm and Enterprise for over a month. State Farm claimed they paid, and Enterprise claimed they didn’t. Finally, supposedly, they are sending me a reimbursement check.

    Helpful,courteous and did her job well. All my needs were met with no problems. The agent Liz Warken was exceptional. Just made the day a good one.

    State Farm Car Insurance Review Highlights

    Rank Third cheapest quartile among the cheapest major car insurance companies, according to WalletHub’s price comparison.

    Top Discounts Drive Safe & Save , multiple-auto , good student , and Steer Clear® young-driver monitoring .

    Basic Coverage Options Bodily injury liability, property damage liability, medical payments, personal injury protection, comprehensive, collision, and uninsured/underinsured motorist.

    Supplemental Coverage Travel expense reimbursement, rental car reimbursement, and emergency road service.

    Other Specialty Auto Insurance Policies for business vehicles, sports cars, and classic cars.

    WalletHubs editors obtained sample State Farm auto insurance quotes for a total of six driver profiles, which are fairly representative of drivers across the U.S. You can learn more about these sample quotes in the Methodology section of our full State Farm Auto Insurance Review.

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    State Farm Market Share

    Financial jargon or economic terms can often be intimidating the terms themselves can be confusing and off-putting to readers, and unnecessarily complicated explanations only bring people further from understanding. Thats where we come in. We are here to rid you of that type of extra confusion and help you better understand how such terms like market share affect you as a policyholder.

    The market share is exactly what it sounds like: the share of the market or business that a company controls within a single industry over a certain period of time. In this case, the company would be the insurance provider, State Farm, and the industry is manufactured home insurance, which is included under the larger umbrella of home insurance.

    So why should you care about what percentage of the market your insurance provider controls? How does this affect what will always be the bottom line cost? Well, you are right to question. A single year figure for State Farms market share will tell you its financial status but not much else. Of course, a larger insurance provider equals more financial backing that potentially leads to better savings and security when filing claims.

    Over several years, though, the comparison of State Farms market share can give you insight into how it is conducting business as well as projections for how the company will continue to conduct business in the future.


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