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Is There Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period

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What To Do If A Dental Procedure Is Not Covered

Dental insurance no waiting period

If a dental procedure is required but is excluded due to the dental insurance waiting period, ask your dentist if there is anything they can do to help you manage the cost. Sometimes the dentist may consider giving you a discount or consider payment plans. Waiting for the waiting period to be over to do major dental work may not be a good idea. Your dentist will be able to give you their professional opinion. However, if you do the math, most coverages that are limited by a dental insurance waiting period may only be covered up to 50%. If you let a problem get worse over several months to wait it out may cost you a lot more than your dental insurance would even be paying out. Your health has to take priority.

Also, remember that different dental benefit plans also include maximum amounts payable and deductibles so you will want to check these numbers out as well to understand if the waiting period is costing you anything.

Aflac Dental Insurance Plans With Little To No Waiting Period

At Aflac, well work with you so you can get the treatments you need on a timeline that works. Our network dental insurance and employer-provided dental insurance have no waiting period for any services for most plans and our supplemental dental insurance has little to no waiting period, depending on the treatments you are seeking.

Our dental plans are affordable and thorough. We recommend you chat with an agent about your oral hygiene and coverage goals to see what makes the most sense.

Peace of mind doesn’t have to break the bank

Dont wait until its too late. Help cover yourself and your family with affordable coverage from Aflac.

What Does Dental Insurance For Seniors Typically Exclude

There is a pattern among basic dental insurance. The cheapest, most basic plans may not offer coverage for major procedures like root canals, dentures, or implants. It’s also common to see waiting periods of six to 12 months, depending on the policy.

If you can’t afford a robust plan, you may consider charitable options. The American Dental Association runs the Dental Lifeline Network for vulnerable people. You may also explore local dental schools or Community Health Centers for more affordable services.

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Can I Sign Up For Dental Insurance Anytime

You can buy a dental plan through the federal Marketplace only when you enroll in a health plan at the same time. If youre already enrolled in a Marketplace plan, you cant add on dental coverage. If you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period, you can get dental coverage when you change health plans.

Dont Let Your Teeth Be Damaged By Energy Drinks

Dental Insurance No Waiting Period

I was looking for a Delta Dental Premier plan like I used to have at work and found one so I could keep using the same dentist that Ive seen for years.

I needed dental and vision combo and signed up for Delta Dental with VSP vision. Easy steps to sign up and got my confirmation email immediately.

Sarah A.

Needed dental implants and found out they are expensive. I found a plan with Renaissance Dental to help offset my costs to get implants.

Alex B.

I called and spoke with EasyDental and the rep helped direct me to the best plan for me. Very nice to work with and got a plan with Delta Premier.

Lauren C.

I needed a new dental plan. This website made it simple to sign up for a Delta plan like I used to have at work.

Preston R.

I wanted a plan with no waiting periods and found one with Renaissance Dental to help pay for my root canal and other major work.

Kristi A.

I dont understand insurance very well, but their customer service helped explain the plans and I got one with Delta Dental that includes my dentist.

Jennifer S.

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What Are Dental Insurance Waiting Periods

You waited forever to buy dental insurance and now that you finally have it, you are probably eager to use it. But wait a minute what is all this business about waiting periods? What exactly is a dental insurance waiting period, and is it possible to find a dental insurance plan with no waiting period? Whether you already have dental insurance, or youve just started comparing plans, take a few minutes to understand waiting periods what they are, why they exist, and how to get dental care with no waiting period.

What Services Does Dental Insurance With No Waiting Periods Cover

Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period:

  • Provides fast coverage for major work such as crowns, bridges, and dentures
  • Reduces your out-of-pocket expenses
  • Helps you receive prompt dental care to prevent further deterioration

Full-coverage dental plans with no waiting periods insure services such as:

  • cleanings

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Alternative Insurance Options: Discount Dental Plans

There are alternatives to dental insurance. For example, you can opt for dental savings plans. These plans work like membership subscriptions where you pay for one-year access to dental services at significantly reduced rates.

Benefits of dental savings plans include affordability to meet your needs and budgets, no paperwork, and no caps or limits.

You can also opt for discount dental plans such as Delta Dental Patient Direct, which has no paperwork to file and no waiting period. This plan only requires that an enrollee pays the discounted fee to the dentist at the time of treatment.2

Other alternatives to dental insurance include:

Why Do Some Dental Insurance Plans Have A Waiting Period

Option Dental Affordable Dental Insurance Quotes – No-Waiting Period Dental Insurance

Insurance is meant to be purchased before you need it not as a quick fix right after something major happens. Many insurance companies have waiting periods to make sure people dont sign up for dental insurance just to get a quick discount on major services, only to cancel the policy once the problem has been taken care of.

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State & Local Resources

Remember, Medicaid and Medicare plans are going to differ from state to state. If youre considering moving after retirement to be closer to the kids, you are struggling to find a job because of economic shut-downs, or you fit certain criteria, it might be easier to qualify for a local dental assistance programor it might be more challenging.

Heres where the internet starts coming in hand. Finding health clinics near you, dental charities near you, dental schools accepting new patients, and identifying free dental days can take some planning. It takes time. But theyre out there if you start looking.

Keep in mind that not all dentists accept the same types of insurance planswhich also include Medicare and Medicaidso even if you do have a plan youre enrolled in, youll still need to identify an approved provider in your area who is accepting new patients.

Is Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period Right For You

Though full coverage dental insurance no waiting period plans are the most comprehensive they also come at a higher monthly premium. If you don’t need major work and believe it is unlikely that you will within twelve months, then we also have more affordable plans that are still full coverage. Just note that a lower premium plan will result in a twelve month waiting period for major work. You can still receive routine dental checkups, cleanings, and basic dental work but if anything big comes up like a crown or root canal then you could get in a bad spot if it happens before twelve months from enrollment.

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Find Great Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period

With a clearer understanding of what waiting periods are, you can shop strategically when you want to invest in a plan that will help you get the care you need from dentists and specialists. To start your search for the ideal policy that wont make you wait, check out the Direct Benefits Marketplace.

Does Delta Dental Cover Work In Progress

Take Advantage Of Dental Insurance Michigan No Waiting ...

Any dental treatment in progress when your coverage begins such as root canals, crowns and bridgework is not covered under your Delta Dental plan, and your former dental plan should assume responsibility. Delta Dental will cover treatment started and completed after your plans effective date of coverage.

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Denali Dental: Best Preventive

Denali offers two dental plans: the Summit Plan and the Ridge Plan. Both pay 100% for preventive services and 50% for diagnostic services in the first year.

The Summit plan also covers 30% of basic and major services in the first year. Then in the second year, it covers 75% of diagnostic services and 40% for basic and major services.

The Ridge plan pays 10% for basic and major services in the first year, which increases to 25% in the second year. Diagnostic services coverage increases to 60% in the second year.

In the third year, diagnostic coverage increases to 70% and basic and major coverage to 40%. And in the fourth year, the diagnostic services coverage reaches 80% and basic and major services coverage reaches 50%.

For our purposes of finding no waiting period dental insurance, we are most interested in the Ridge plan. It has a maximum benefit of up to $2,500 and there are no waiting periods for any of the treatments.

In return, as we mentioned above, this plan covers a lower percentage of treatment than the Summit Plan does, but if you need dental care right away on major services, it may be worth it to get some immediate coverage.

Have a look at the highlights of the Ridge plan:

Preventive services:

  • Endosteal implants

No Wait Dental Insurance Plans

Its not fun to wait for anything, especially for dental care. At EasyDentalQuotes, weve got some of the best dental insurance plans with no waiting periods for individuals, families, and seniors.

Delta Dental and Renaissance Dental are some of the most respected dental companies in the country and have been serving their members for over half a century. Get access to major dental services such as crowns, bridges, dentures, and root canals without waiting. The Renaissance Dental Max Choice and Max Choice Plus plans have strong benefits with no wait for major services including dental implants. The Delta Dental No Wait Plan offers no waiting periods with a $2000 benefit max. If youre wanting to see a dentist in the Delta Premier network, the Delta Dental Immediate Coverage plan has a large $3000 annual maximum with no waiting. Plus all of these plans are PPO dental plans so you can see any dentist that you like.

Get coverage for the dental treatments you need now, and put your oral issues behind you. At EasyDentalQuotes, weve got the dental options youre looking for.

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How To Choose The Best Dental Insurance For Seniors

While no dental insurance specifies it is only for seniors, some dental insurance policies are better for seniors than others. For example, some cover preventative care one day one with no deductible, but nothing else. Others cover preventative and other routine restorative treatments like fillings also. And some policies are more comprehensive and cover common treatments for seniors, like crowns, bridges, and dentures.

There are several critical elements to consider when comparison shopping for the best dental insurance for seniors in 2021. Here are a few of the most essential factors:

Does Aetna Dental Insurance Have A Waiting Period

The Dental Plan With No Waiting Periods & Covers Implants!!!

Dental insurance is supposed to provide peace of mind. But will it be there when you need it? Most Aetna dental insurance policies have waiting periods before different levels of coverage will begin. Just because you have dental insurance doesnt necessarily mean any care you need today is covered.

Heres a closer look Aetna dental insurance waiting periods, how they might affect your coverage and what options are available if you need help fast:

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No Insurance No Problem

What To Do | Low-Cost Dental Clinics | Government Assistance Programs | Dental Schools | Clinical Trials | State & Local Resources | Other Options | No Dental Insurance

Going to the dentist without insurance can be really expensive, depending on what your smile needs. And if you do sign up for dental insurance, no waiting period is essential to keep costs low. Maybe insurance is completely out of the question, and youre looking for dental assistance programs to fill in the gap. Thankfully there are low-cost dental options out there for people who dont have coverage and qualify.

Best Dental Insurance For Seniors Of 2021

  • No. of plans: 6 plans available
  • Coverage: The range of annual coverage limit is from $1,000 to $2,500
  • Availability: in 14 states

Why We Chose It: Anthem is the best dental insurance plan overall for seniors. It has six affordable plans with low deductibles that provide a generous annual maximum for participants and no waiting periods for preventative care.

  • $1,000 to $2,500 in annual maximum between 6

  • 6-month waiting period for major services

  • Waiting period waived with proof of previous coverage

  • Several Medicare Advantage Plans with dental coverage

  • Rates vary based on geography and demographics

  • The most affordable policy doesnt cover dentures, crowns, or bridges

Anthem is an excellent provider with an extensive Dental Prime network. Established in the mid-1940s, the company has won numerous awards, including a place on Fortunes the Worlds Most Admired Companies for 2020. The Indianapolis-based insurer offers plans both directly and through employers and is available in most states.

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Unitedhealthcare: Best For Major Services

UnitedHealthcare has four dental Premier plans: Premier Choice, Premier Elite, Premier Plus and Premier Max. The Premier Choice plan features a lower premium and offers immediate coverage with no waiting period, as well as discounts in-network for preventive care, and basic and major services.

The Premier Elite plan has a higher premium but it pays more for major services. Just like with the Choice plan, there is no waiting period for preventive care or basic services, but for major services, there is a 6-month waiting period.

The Premier Plus plan includes orthodontic care for dependents and coverage for dental implants, and the Premier Max plan has an annual maximum of $3,000 and no waiting period or deductible for preventive care, although there is a 12-month waiting period for major services.

Have a look at the highlights of the Premier Choice plan, the only plan from UnitedHealthcare with no waiting period for any services:

Preventive services:

  • 1 oral exam every 6 months
  • 1 routine cleaning every 6 months
  • 1 set of bitewing x-ray per year
  • 1 fluoride treatment per year for patients under 14

Basic restorative services:

  • Dentures every 7 years
  • Bridges every 7 years

If you’d like to enroll in one of these plans, just go to They make it easy to search for dental plans with no waiting periods.

How Long Do Waiting Periods Last


Other dental insurance plans might stagger their coverage levels. For instance, you might receive 70% coverage for a particular service during the first year, 80% during year two, 90% during year three, and 100% coverage for the same service beginning in the fourth year. This is a way to encourage prevention through regular visits.

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Does Medicare Cover Dental Services

For adults, Medicare does not typically cover dental treatment, except if your dental condition threatens your general health. It can differ from state to state, but if you have a type of concession card such as a Health Care Card, a Pensioner Concession Card issued by Centrelink or by the Department of Veterans Affairs, or a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, you may be eligible for publicly funded dental care. Eligibility and treatment options can vary depending on your state or territory. Its also important to be aware that there may be long waiting lists for public dental care.

The Child Dental Benefits Scheme provides a range of free dental services, including routine checks, cleaning, fillings and extractions for children aged two to 17 years old.

Best Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period

Waiting periods for dental insurance refer to the time between purchasing a plan and when you can actually take advantage of certain benefits. While many of us would just assume all benefits would be available immediately, waiting periods are used by dental insurance companies to protect themselves from individuals who only buy coverage because they are faced with an expensive dental procedure.

Even if the company does have a waiting period, however, most will immediately cover diagnostic and preventive procedures. Basic procedures include extractions, periodontal treatment, root canal , and fillings. Some plans also offer no waiting periods for these treatments as well. The amount of reimbursement for basic procedures is also lower compared to diagnostic and preventive treatments. For major procedures, such as crowns, bridge, inlays, dentures, oral surgery, and implants, most services require waiting periods, and coverage percentages for major services are also significantly lower compared to preventive and basic treatments. Some companies, however, don’t require a waiting period at all and provide coverage automatically, even for more major interventions.

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What Procedures Have Wait Times

Generally, many basic procedures and most major procedures will have some type of waiting period. For fillings, deep cleanings and other basic procedures, youll probably need to own the policy for at least six months. For major procedures, the waiting period can be up to a year.

Insurance companies understand the dental problems are easier to treat when treatment begins fast. So why place limits at all? Unfortunately, waiting periods are necessary. Otherwise, people could make a single insurance payment, file a claim for hundreds or even thousands worth of dental work, and then drop their policy before the second payment. Dental insurance companies wouldnt be able to stay in business.

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