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Is Travel Insurance Mandatory For Uae

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Other Illegal Or Restricted Activities

India to Dubai travel by Emirates | COVID Test in Dubai (2021) | VISA | Immigration

Religious proselytism

Its illegal to engage in religious proselytism, such as preaching, possessing, or distributing religious literature or material that contradicts or challenges Islamic teachings and values.


Its illegal to criticize or disrespect the UAEs ruling families, political system or institutions, including through comments made on social media. Punishment can be severe, including lengthy jail terms.

Online behaviour

The UAE restricts the use of virtual private networks .

There are strict laws regarding online behaviour, which also apply to the use of social media. Comments or behaviours considered defamatory, antisocial, culturally insensitive, or contrary to morality may be punishable by fines, imprisonment, and deportation.

National Media Council – Government of the UAE

Economic Activities

Certain economic activities that are mostly civil in Canada, such as bouncing cheques and defaulting on debt, can have both civil and criminal consequences in the UAE.


Fundraising and charity activities are strictly regulated in the UAE. Its illegal to raise funds or organize a crowdfunding campaign without proper authorization. Ensure that you donate funds only to government-approved charities.

Government-approved charities – UAE Government

Intimate relationships

Sexual relations outside of marriage are illegal and subject to severe punishment. You should carefully consider the risks of living with an intimate partner outside of marriage.

Why Travel Insurance Is Required For Dubai

Travel insurance is required to enter the UAE. This means that it is one of Dubais travel requirements. The cost of medical treatment for patients in Dubai is relatively high and while the healthcare needs of its citizens are covered, treatment for foreign visitors is limited to emergency, life-saving treatment only and foreign visitors are expected to pay out of pocket for this care. Travel insurance for Dubai can protect you from incurring such high medical expenses.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Coronavirus Disease In Uae

With Covid-19 dominating the world as of now, more and more insurance companies, if not all, are introducing coronavirus cover in their insurance plans, not only health but also travel insurance plans as well. The Covid-19 travel guard cover generally covers the insured person for Covid-19 infection while being on the trip or before leaving. If you are diagnosed with Covid-19 before boarding the flight, the insurance will cover the cancellation expenses of the trip. If you come in contact with the infection while being on the trip, the insurance generally covers the treatment expenses and compensated for trip interruption. The coverage benefits may differ as per the insurance company that you choose to make it a point to check out the full list of benefits offered in the Covid-19 cover.

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Tips For Choosing Best Travel Insurance Plan

Since there are various travel insurance plans available online, it may become difficult to select the best and most suitable one. To ease this process, we are mentioning here some tips that can help you select the best travel insurance policy:

  • Affordability of the Premium: The premium of any insurance policy, for sure, plays a major role in the selection of a travel insurance policy. Therefore, check the premium and make sure the coverage that the policy offers justifies it.
  • The Credibility of the Insurance Company: The goodwill and positive reviews of the company play a major role while making a selection.
  • Hassle-Free Buy, Renew, and Claim Settlement Process: Select a travel insurance company that offers convenient methods to buy, renew, and settle the claim.
  • Travel Destination: Make sure that your travel insurance policy is covering the travel destinations of your choice.Moreover, the travel destinations that you want to cover affect the premium as well. Travelling to countries where the medical expenses are high cost more premium.
  • Travel Duration: The duration of the travel affects the premium too. An insured has to pay a higher premium for journeys with a long duration. So, make a selection accordingly.
  • Claim Settlement Ratio: Select an organization that has a good claim settlement ratio. A claim settlement ratio or claim settlement percentage tells a lot about the company and its reputation, so dont rely on an insurer without checking the claim settlement ratio.

Indian Embassy In Dubai

Buy Best Travel Insurance Plan Online in UAE

Whichever country you travel to, make sure that you have all the information pertaining to the home country’s embassy or representatives in the host country.

Dubai has one Embassy of India/Consulate General of India located at 8th Street, Al Hamriya, P.O. BOX 737, Diplomatic Enclave – Dubai – United Arab Emirates. The embassy is open from Sunday to Thursday between 8 am and 4.30 pm.

You can contact the embassy at 3971222/ 3971333

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Common Mishaps Such As Loss Of Baggage Or Flight Delays May Affect Your Tour Plan Drastically

It is mandatory for all foreign nationals, including indians, to obtain a dubai visa to travel to and stay in this emirate. This question should rather be rephrased into why you must get travel insurance for dubai visa. Travel guard is a travel insurance product, underwritten by american home assurance co a subsidiary of american international group, inc . Get travel insurance for your dubai trip starting from 206.

Travel Risks In Dubai

Crime is relatively low in Dubai, however it is always recommended to exercise the same caution you would in any large city. Avoid travelling alone, especially in unfamiliar areas and at night. And be mindful that some individuals such as lone travellers or women may be a particular target.

It is recommended to only use licensed taxis or Uber. Safety standards are very high and penalties for law-breaking are very severe.

You may also inadvertently fall foul of the law. There are a number of things that are illegal in the UAE that are legal in the UK.

Firstly, alcohol. As a tourist, it is only legally permissible to drink in licensed venues, and drinking or being visibly drunk in public can lead to arrest. Moreover, if you are visibly drunk whilst travelling through Dubai you could be arrested. If you plan on renting a flat or becoming resident in Dubai, you will need to acquire a licence to drink alcohol at home. If you take a daytrip to Sharjah, remember that alcohol is completely forbidden there.

Electronic cigarettes are illegal in the UAE and could be confiscated when you arrive.

While it is not advisable to use illegal drugs anywhere, use in Dubai can come with some of the most severe penalties in the world. Its also considered possession if you are found to have drugs in your bloodstream from using before visiting Dubai. Distributing drugs can incur the death penalty.

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Here’s What You’ll Love About Our Hala Medical Insurance

Have you got family or friends visiting you inthe UAE soon?We can help you cover that.

Sowhat is HALA?

HALA medical insurance cover is a policy designed for travellers visiting UAE with a valid visit visa. HALA provides protection against medical emergencies and related expenses of up to AED 150,000 that may arise during the period of the visa.

Mandatory Medical Insurance To Enter The Uae

ICA and GDRFA Approval Travel Guide – UAE Residence Visa – Travel System

She told me that, apart from the cost of the visa, I need to pay an addtional 15 euro per passport for a mandatory medical insurance!

In her e-mail, she forwarded me the following text, as an “official explanation”:

Dear Partners,

Greetings from Dubai

Effective from the 1st August 2011, the UAE government passed a new visa regulation requiring UAE visitors to have mandatory a valid medical insurance at the time of application of a visit visa to the UAE.

Visit Visa Medical Takaful Plan is the plan approved by the UAE government for the visit visa application. The plan provides the medical coverage as required by the UAE visa regulations for visitors entering the country.

The plan covers emergency inpatient medical expenses incurred by visitors while in the UAE, 24 hours a day for up to maximum of AED 150,000 and repatriation of mortal remains up to maximum AED7,500.

The plan offers facility for direct billing settlement to providers where visitors can access the companys wide network of healthcare providers without the need to pay first, thus providing convenience for fast medical attention in time of emergency.

An external health insurance is not accepted and above is mandatory.

Now, I was wondering if anyone else has heard about this “mandatory health insurance” which costs 15 euro or is it just a made up thing?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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How Much Should I Pay For A Travel Insurance Dubai Plan

The cost of your travel insurance Dubai plan will vary based on the duration of your stay in the city along with several other significant factors. At Tata AIG, we offer travel insurance for Dubai visitors at as low as 45.50 per day. It is advisable to select an adequate sum assured so as to ensure sufficient protection for yourself during the trip. If you are travelling to Dubai with family, the sum assured has to be determined in a way that provides financial security against adverse events to all of you.

When Does My Coverage Begin

For Trip Cancellation:

  • For a single trip policy, cover starts at the time that you book the trip or pay the premium, whichever is later
  • For an annual multi trip policy cover starts at the time you book a trip, or the effective date shown on the certificate of insurance, whichever is later.

For other benefits, coverage begins when you leave your country of residence. The initial departure point has to be from the United Arab Emirates.

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Travel Documents Required While Travelling From India To Dubai

While travel insurance for UAE is strongly recommended, there are also certain travel documents that are required for travelling to Dubai from India, which have been listed below.

  • A valid Indian passport
  • Pre-approved visa, if applicable
  • The colour photograph of the traveller
  • Prescription for specific medications, if necessary
  • Travel health insurance to Dubai, including Covid-19 coverage.

Covid Guidelines: Amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, all travellers to Dubai are required to carry a negative PCR test report for a test not older than 72 hours. For some specific countries, the aforementioned test needs to have been conducted a maximum of 48 hours prior to the individuals arrival in Dubai. However, children below the age of 12 years and passengers who have a severe or moderate disability are not required to carry the aforementioned report.

What Additional Coverage Should I Get

Online Buy Travel Insurance in UAE at Low Cost

In addition, you can choose to get additional coverage for things like:

  • Expensive items/technology, which are usually not included in standard policies. Even if you have baggage insurance, most companies will exclude expensive items, such as laptops, cameras, jewellery, or designer clothes.
  • If there is an event of terrorism during your trip, you can get cover for any medical expenses or other losses related to it.
  • Personal/legal liability, in case any of your actions during the trip cause bodily injury to someone or damage someones property. The insurance policy will cover a portion of the medical bills.
  • Adventurous activities or sports.

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Travel Essentials To Dubai

It is mandatory for foreigners, including Indians, to have a Dubai visa, to enter the Emirate of Dubai. People should obtain a visa before they commence their travel from their respective countries. Indians and other foreign nationals who have valid US visas except for work visa or are US Green Card Holders can get a Dubai visa on arrival.

Will My Uae Travel Medical Insurance Cover All My Activities

That depends on what you will be doing. Travel insurance, as a default, usually excludes activities that can be considered high-risk. And there are a lot of high-risk adventurous activities you can do in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE that might not be covered. For example, a standard travel health insurance policy may not offer coverage for activities such as skydiving, dune bashing, scuba diving, car racing, skiing, etc.

If you intend to engage in such activities, then you should ask your insurance providers whether it is possible to purchase additional coverage for them. A policy that offers coverage for high-risk activities will cost more, and there are still some activities that will not be covered.

Your UAE insurance will not cover you if you:

  • Get into an accident/become injured while engaging in a high-risk activity that is not included in your policy
  • Get into an accident/become injured while you are drunk
  • Get into an accident/become injured due to your own recklessness
  • Have a doctors check-up for pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Lose or damage your belongings due to your own recklessness
  • Miss your flight or need to cancel for a reason that is not included in your policy.

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What Types Of Travel Insurance Is Available With Insta Dubai Visa

Insta Dubai Visa and Orient Insurance PFSC have come together to cover your travel and make your visit to UAE most secure. You will be covered for COVID-19 completely under the Travel Insurance purchased from IDV. Two types of TA is offered:

  • Travel Outbound – Travel Outbound is for UAE residents travelling overseas.
  • Travel Inbound – Travel Inbound is for travellers visiting UAE.
  • Ensure You Have Medical Travel Insurance Before Travelling

    Pakistan To UAE Travel Guide – Dubai Visit Visa – Sharjah Visit Visa – Abudhabi Visit Visa

    It is mandatory for all foreign nationals, including indians, to obtain a dubai visa to travel to and stay in this emirate. We are open from 8 am to 5 pm ct. Indians travelling to dubai must submit proof of negative covid test result taken not more than 72 hours prior to departure. The insurance system for advancing healthcare in dubai .

    Isahd . The uae government has passed a visa regulation requiring all uae tourists to have a mandatory valid medical insurance at the time of application for a visa to the uae. Travel insurance isn’t mandatory, however it is highly recommended. Memorial day may 31, 2021:

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    Dubai Visa Information And Entry Information

    Visa Information

    • A quarantine undertaking form
    • A valid travel insurance policy that covers medical expenses for the duration of the visit
    • It is also advisable for visitors to Dubai to have valid travel insurance Dubai plan that covers medical expenses. As an Indian citizen, you must consider buying travel insurance for Dubai from India. You can also book a PCR test from authorised centres in Dubai.

    The immigration procedure at Dubai International Airport now also comprises random eye screenings, which require the visitors to Dubai to present a hard copy of their visa or visa confirmation number.

    Eligibility As Per The Type Of Travel Insurance Plans:

    • Individual Travel Insurance: and UAE resident or national within the age group of 30 days and 75 years .
    • Family Travel Insurance Plans: all immediate members of your family including children older than 30 days, spouse and parents.
    • Corporate or Business Travel Insurance Plans: the employees sanctioned by the company holding the plan.
    • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plans: any UAE citizen or resident over the age of 65 years.
    • Student Travel Insurance Plans: students travelling abroad for study-related purposes.

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    Why Should Travel Be Insured

    While you are away from your native country, you might encounter some issues like loss of baggage, hospitalisation due to a clinical emergency, accidental death or flight accidents. Such issues arising in your destination country can be secured with Travel Insurance. Travel Insurance is your friend in need in unknown territory.

    Medical Travel Insurance For Dubai Visa Covid

    Is Health Insurance mandatory in Dubai?

    Dubai Medical Travel insurance is compulsory if you need a visa to visit the United Arab Emirates. Health care is not free in Dubai and medical expenses are high.

    Dubai is a favourite destination for shopping and sightseeing. Many tourists visit Dubai Creek, Bastakia in Old Dubai to the North and Bur Dubai to the South.

    Visitors in the United Arab Emirates also visit Abu Dhabi and Sharjah City. Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE and is famous for the Ferrari World Theme Park.

    If your country is visa-free to Dubai, still, it is better you get travel medical insurance coverage in case of medical and Covid-19.

    Your passport may be seized in case of unpaid medical bills until you are able to clear your bills.

    You can to purchase Dubai travel insurance with us today for a worry-free experience. Whether you are travelling to Dubai for business, medical or pleasure, apply for Dubai travel insurance for a smooth stay.

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    Why Do You Need Travel Insurance From India To Dubai

    There is no certainty in life, and the same principle applies to travel plans as well. You will need a travel insurance policy to handle any unexpected circumstances before or through the course of your sojourn to Dubai, including a sudden illness that could cause you to miss your flight, baggage loss or delay at the airport, or a medical emergency en route Dubai or home.

    Therefore, it is advisable to invest in a travel insurance plan and safeguard yourself against unplanned situations that carry the potential to ruin your trip. With our excellent plans offering international travel insurance for Dubai visitors, you can be well-equipped to travel to and from Dubai sans worry.

    Here are the benefits included in our travel insurance Dubai plan.

    • Covid-19 cover to cover the costs associated with testing Covid positive during the trip
    • The option to pay in Indian Rupees and get coverage in United States Dollars
    • Affordable policies with a premium as low as 41 per day
    • Instant purchase of online travel insurance to Dubai without extensive health check-ups
    • Cover for flight delays and cancellations, hotel booking cancellations, and loss of passport
    • Compensation on the loss or delay of check-in baggage
    • Travel medical insurance to Dubai to financially assist you in the instances of sickness and accidents during the trip

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