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Is Travel Insurance Tax Deductible In Canada

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Insurance Placed With Unlicensed Insurers

Here’s what you should know about travel insurance amid new travel advisories

Premium Tax is payable by an Ontario corporation that enters into or pays premiums under an insurance contract with an unlicensed insurer. Premium Tax is also payable by an Ontario individual who, through an Ontario insurance broker, enters into or pays premiums under an insurance contract with an unlicensed insurer.

An unlicensed insurer is an insurance corporation that is not licensed under the Insurance Act to carry on an insurance business in Ontario.

The insurance contract is in respect of property situated in Ontario or a person who is resident in Ontario, but does not include life insurance.

The premiums placed with unlicensed insurers should be reported on lines 10B, 10C and 10D as applicable, and the related Premium Tax reported on lines 13 to 16.

Which Medical Expenses Arent Tax Deductible

Any medical expenses you get reimbursed for, such as by your insurance or employer, cant be deducted. In addition, the IRS generally disallows expenses for cosmetic procedures. You typically cant deduct the cost of nonprescription drugs or other purchases for general health, such as toothpaste, health club dues, vitamins, diet food and nonprescription nicotine products. You also cant deduct medical expenses paid in a different year.

Additionally, if you pay for your medical expenses using money from a flexible spending account or health savings account, those expenses arent deductible because the money in those accounts is already tax-advantaged.

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Do I Take The Standard Deduction Or Itemize My Expenses

The decision to take the standard deduction or to itemize will ultimately be decided upon your own financial situation. Furthermore, choosing one or the other is not permanent, and you are able to change every year when you file your taxes. To determine what would work best for you, we suggest looking at the Schedule A 1040 Form. Here you can add up your itemized expenses and then compare that number with the standard deduction that would apply to you. If your itemized expenses are larger than your standard deduction amount, then you would be able to save money by taking the time to itemize your expenses.

For instance, suppose this year you paid your health insurance premiums and had several costly medical expenses like prescription glasses and medical tests. If your total health care costs pushed you to exceed the normal standard deduction you qualify for, then it would make sense to itemize so that you can get the greatest tax savings.

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What Medical Expenses Are Tax Deductible 2020

There are a few ways in which this may be accomplished, for example reimbursement is allowed for services provided preventatively, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, preventive surgery, teeth and vision consultations, dentist and vision consultations, dental and hearing treatments and expensive medical supplies you purchase to travel within.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tax Deductions For Businesses

Is Travel Insurance Tax Deductible in Canada

Q: I am self-employed and I need to buy appropriate business attire to meet my clients. Can I deduct these wardrobe purchases as an expense?

A:You cannot deduct the clothing that you will wear. Any personal expenses are not deductible, says the CRAs Trépanier.

Q: I got a parking ticket after a meeting with a client ran late. Can I deduct it?

A:Penalties such as fines and parking tickets cannot be claimed, she says.

Q: I have one cellphone that I use for work and home. How do I claim that as an expense?

A: You have to determine the portion that is used for business and you deduct only that, Trépanier says.

Q: I have a cleaning service and I buy the cleaning supplies for my business. What can I deduct?

A: You can claim the cost of your cleaning staff and your cleaning supplies for your business. If you operate your business at home, you can make these deductions if they are related to your work space, according to Trépanier.

Q: I have the Internet at work. Can I claim it as an expense?

A: It can be claimed 100% at your principal place of business. However, if its a home office, only a portion of the Internet can be claimed for its use in your work space. You have to evaluate the time that you use the Internet for your home business.

Q: I own a small business and I have one car that I use for both work and my family. What is my motor vehicle deduction?Q: I have an office at my business and at my home. Can I claim both as an expense?

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What Insurances Are Tax Deductible

Tax deductions are available to companies purchasing health insurance for employees who pay premium fees from their own pocket when covering healthcare. As an example, medical insurance plans include hospitalization, surgery, X-rays, prescription drugs, insulin, dental work, lost or damaged contact lenses, and some long-term care options which may require limitations.

Health Insurance For Self

Self-employed workers, who dont have access an employers group insurance plan, are in a different boat than salaried employees. If youre self-employed, you should know that you can deduct your private health insurance premiums from your self-employed income instead of reporting them as a medical expense . This strategy can net you significant tax savings and non-taxable benefits if you are employed by a small business.

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What Is An Eligible Medical Expense

The list of tax-deductible medical expenses is long, and additional expenses may be eligible beyond what is listed by the Canadian Revenue Agency .

An eligible medical expense must be medically necessary for the health and well-being of you or a member of your taxable household. It also cant have been previously reimbursed by a separate healthcare plan, such as a group healthcare plan or independent medical insurance.

Prescribed Drugs Medications And Other Substances

Travel insurance lapse leaves family with $33K air ambulance bill

This section identifies prescribed drugs, medications and other substances you can claim as medical expenses.

Drugs and medical devices bought under Health Canadas Special Access Program the amounts paid for drugs and medical devices that have not been approved for use in Canada, if they were purchased under this program. For more information, visit Health Canada.

Insulin or substitutes prescription needed.

Liver extract injections for a person with pernicious anaemia prescription needed.

Medical cannabis the amounts paid for cannabis, cannabis oil, cannabis plant seeds, or cannabis products purchased for medical purposes from a holder of a licence for sale of the Cannabis Regulations). The patient must be a holder of a medical document of the Cannabis Regulations). The Cannabis Regulations require that the patient be registered as a client of the holder of a licence for sale and require the patient to make their purchases from the holder they are registered with.

Where a patient has a registration certificate that allows them to legally produce a limited amount of cannabis for their own medical purposes, the cost of growing and producing cannabis for medical purposes , such as pots, soil, nutrients, and lights, is not an eligible medical expense.

Vaccines prescription needed.

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Cannabis As An Eligible Medicalexpense

Income Tax Act s. 118.2, Cannabis Regulations s.264

Previously, the cost of cannabis products could be eligiblefor the medical expense tax credit when they were purchased for a patientfor medical purposes as per the Access to Cannabis for Medical PurposesRegulations, under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

With the legalization of cannabis, as of October 17, 2018,eligible medical expenses include, for a patient who is the holder of anappropriate medical document, the cost of cannabis, cannabis oil,cannabis plant seeds or cannabis products purchased for medical purposes from aholder of a licence for sale for medical purposes of cannabis products.The individual purchasing the cannabis product must be registered as a clientof the holder of a licence for sale. This measure wasincluded in Bill C-97which received Royal Assent in June 2019. See Licensedcultivators, processors and sellers of cannabis under the Cannabis Act.

What Are The Travel Insurance Tax Deduction Provisions In Canada

  • You can only claim travel medical costs. This eliminates other travel insurance-related claims such as travel interruption, cancellation or even baggage insurance. You may have travel insurance that provides coverage for all travel-related perils. However, the only amount that can be claimed for a refund is that which is related to the medical costs that will be incurred during the travel period. This also applies to other eligible uninsured medical expenses that a traveller incurs when travelling outside Canada.
  • Travellers can claim medical expenses incurred outside and inside Canada. However, you MUST NOT have received reimbursement for the expenses. For instance, if you have an insurance policy, your insurer must not have reimbursed the extra medical expenses incurred.
  • Employed persons cannot make claims on health benefits received by the employer which are reimbursed to the said person. However, if the insured incurred travel medical costs out of pocket, then they can file a tax claim.
  • Medical costs paid to a private health services plan for a spouse, self or anyone connected by blood can be claimed on the income tax.
  • You will be required to provide documents that show proof of your medical travel insurance to CRA. This will show the cost of the premium and the eligibility of the policy for a tax credit. As such, you should ensure you safely store the travel medical insurance receipt if you plan on making a claim.
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    What Is The Medical Expense Tax Credit

    The Medical Expense Tax Credit can give you some financial assistance if you have paid for medical services out of pocket. Premiums paid for private health insurance plans are often eligible for deduction by the Canada Revenue Agency, but does that also apply to the self-employed?

    Premiums paid to private health plans can be deducted from your business income, but you must be the sole proprietor of your business, and it must be your primary source of income.

    To figure out which expenses count for deduction, visit the Tax Planning Guide website, which lists them along with what you cannot claim. Canada Revenue Agencys website gives an even more detailed list.

    Reporting Payments On Your Tax Returns

    Are Health Insurance Premiums Tax Deductible in Canada for ...

    To claim the payments of your health plan premium, include them with your other eligible medical expenses and claim the credit on line 33099 of your return.

    If you are paying premiums under a plan managed by your employer, you will find the exact amount paid on your T4 Statement of Remuneration slip in Box 85 of the other information section. If you do not have the information on a T4 slip, keep your receipts to be able to prove the amounts you paid in the event of a CRA audit.

    If you have retired or left a job where your employer still pays for your health plan premiums, you will receive a T4A Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity and Other Income slip with the amount shown in Box 135.

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    Other Ways To Lower Your Tax Bill

    If youre not eligible to deduct your health insurance premiumseither because you dont meet the cost threshold or because you opt to take the standard deduction when youre filing taxesthere are other ways to reduce your overall medical expenses.

    You might consider electing a high-deductible health plan as a type of insurance coverage. HDHPs typically offer lower premiums than other plans. They also offer the unique feature of enabling plan subscribers to open up a Health Savings Account , a tax-advantaged savings account. Money that is contributed to an HSA account can be used to pay for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. Your contributions to an HSA are tax-deductible and, when used for eligible expenses, your withdrawals are tax-free, too.

    Corporate Tax Harmonization And Simplification

    For taxation years ending after December 31, 2008, corporations are required to file a harmonized T2 Corporation Income Tax Return with the Canada Revenue Agency . The harmonized tax return includes the following Ontario corporation taxes:

    • corporate income tax
    • corporate minimum tax
    • capital tax, and
    • special additional tax on life insurance corporations.

    However, the harmonized tax return does not include the Ontario Insurance Premium Tax . For taxation years ending in 2009 and 2010, corporations subject to Premium Tax previously filed the Insurance Premium Tax Return with the Ontario Ministry of Finance . For taxation years ending in 2011 and beyond, corporations will file the new CT – Insurance Premium Tax Return with the ministry.

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    How To File And What Documents You Need

    Line 330 on your return must be filled out with all the correct information in order to qualify for reimbursement. In the event of an audit, its highly recommended that you retain all receipts as proof of payment.

    In order to claim medical expenses, you will also need

    • Supporting documents such as receipts
    • Disability Tax Credit Certificate
    • Prescriptions for the items and services indicating that they are a medical necessity

    If you have a disability, you may be able to partially claim services and items related to your ailment. Its important that you fill everything out carefully. If you arent sure about something, contact the CRA or your accountant.

    If you are a self-employed individual you can also claim expenses for your spouse and dependent children, but there are certain limits with that as well. You can potentially claim for extended family if you are paying for their health expenses, but this is not guaranteed. Self-employed people may deduct their health insurance premiums from their income, as opposed to claiming them as a medical expense, and can offset the costs of their premiums with their return.

    You should also be aware of what is not eligible. You cannot claim any fees paid to your provincial health plan. You also cannot claim a gym membership or healthy food, saying that theyre important to your health.

    Home Office Expenses For Employees: Temporary Flat Rate Method

    Canada warns against non-essential travel abroad as Omicron spreads

    Using the temporary flat rate method, you can claim $2 per day you worked from home between 2020 and 2022. However, this tax deduction is capped at a maximum of $400 in 2020 and a maximum of $500 in 2021 and 2022. With this route, you donât need any documents to support your claim, nor does your employer have to sign any documentation.

    You are eligible for the temporary flat rate method if you meet all of the following criteria:

    • You worked from home in 2020, 2021, or 2022 due to COVID-19
    • You worked from home for at least 50% of the time for a minimum of four consecutive weeks during the applicable year
    • You solely wish to claim home office expenses and not additional employment expenses on your income tax
    • You were not reimbursed for home office expenses by your employer.

    The temporary flat rate method and your home insurance

    Although the temporary flat rate method doesnât necessarily deduct the cost of your home insurance from your personal income directly, itâs used as a deduction for general home office expenses, such as rent, electricity, and internet access. So technically, you can consider the cost of your home insurance to fall within this amount, even if youâre not explicitly writing your premiums on a tax form.

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    Can You Write Off Health Insurance Canada

    When self-employed individuals pay their health insurance premiums, rather than claiming it as a medical expense for their return, the costs can be offset by the tax that the self-employed person pays. Also keep in mind that certain items arent eligible for funding. If you plan to use your provinces health plan, you are not entitled to any fees paid.

    Reduce The Cost Of Your Travel Medical Insurance By Claiming A Tax Credit

    Canadian travellers may be eligible to get some money back for travel medical insurance premiums

    Travel insurance can be expensive, particularly if you travel for extended periods of time, have pre-existing health conditions or are a more mature traveller.

    Fortunately, Canadian travellers may be eligible to recoup some of the cost of your travel medical insurance premium by claiming it for a CRA Medical Expense Tax Credit on your income tax return.

    Medical Expense Tax Credits allow you to reduce your income tax liability by claiming travel medical insurance premiums and other eligible medical expenses on your tax return and meeting certain eligibility requirements.

    Make sure you speak to your accountant to get professional advice on claiming your travel medical insurance premium as a Medical Expense Tax Credit:

    In the meantime, here are a few things to keep in mind about Medical Expense Tax Credits:

    The bottom line is that while you wont be able to recoup the full amount of your travel medical insurance premiums by claiming them on your tax return, it can still be a fast and easy way to save some money.

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    Travel Medical Insurance Is Tax


    Many people may be surprised to learn that travel medical insurance is tax-deductible as a medical expense. This one simple tip could help many people fit their travel insurance expenses into their overall yearly budget. When you receive your travel insurance confirmation documents, dont just save the wallet cards and throw the rest away! That confirmation document also acts as your income tax receipt.

    The Government of Canada lists the following entry as a claimable medical expense: Premiums paid to private health services plans including medical, dental, and hospitalization plans. They can be claimed as a medical expense, as long as 90% or more of the premiums paid under the plan are for eligible medical expenses.

    Its important to note, while travel medical insurance is tax-deductible, trip cancellation or interruption insurance is not. If you have an all-inclusive policy, only the portion of the policy that covers medical coverage is deductible.

    You should also be aware that the Canada Revenue Agency uses a percentage of your overall medical expenses, so your entire premium will not be refunded.

    If you purchased your travel insurance from Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers, you can download your confirmation of insurance documents from our client portal. Watch this video for an explanation on how to access those documents online.

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