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Is Triple A Car Insurance Good

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Aaa Customer Satisfaction And Complaints

AAA Insurance – Importance of Insurance

AAA, also known as the Automobile Club Group, rates fairly average in terms of customer satisfaction. In a 2019 J.D. Power Claims Satisfaction study, the company ranked below average with a power circle rating of 3/5. In terms of overall customer satisfaction, where AAA was ranked against other mid-sized insurers, AAA rated above average, ranking fourth of 13 companies.

Because Many Auto Clubs Combine To Form Aaa You’ll Want To Look Up Aaa Insurance Reviews In Your Area

Youre probably already familiar with AAA as a roadside assistance company, but did you know that you can get AAA car insurance, too? AAA insurance reviews tell us that covering your vehicle with an auto policy may be worth the small roadside assistance fee.

As a part of our research into the best auto insurance companies in the industry, we did a little digging into what AAA offers. AAA car insurance members have good experiences according to AAA reviews and can take advantage of some unique perks.

Aaa Discounts And Extras

The discounts that come with AAA membership vary. Popular discounts include:

  • Cellular service .

  • Electronics from select companies, up to 35% off.

  • Car and moving truck rentals, 20% or more off.

  • Amusement parks, museums and other entertainment.

  • Movie tickets, dining and flower delivery services.

AAA certifies auto repair shops that meet its standards for equipment, customer satisfaction and technician expertise. Members get 10% off repairs, up to $50, at these locations. Most repairs are guaranteed for two years or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first.

AAA still offers paper maps to its members, but its storied TripTik travel planner you may remember the detailed, customized spiral-bound guides has moved online. AAA travel professionals can help plan the route and assist with car rental and hotel reservations.

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Geico Vs Aaa: Online Tools

GEICOs focus on online service makes them the winner in this category.

Almost all of GEICOs business is conducted online, allowing customers to access their policies or pay their bills 24 hours a day. They even allow customers to make online premium payments without logging into the system.

AAA offers online quotes and policy access, but because they are split into multiple companies across the country, there isnt a website where you can access general information about auto insurance quotes in your area.

Will How Much I Drive Impact My Quote

Triple aaa car insurance

Yes, your quote will be affected by mileage per year. While it is challenging to get nationwide numbers for AAA as it is an umbrella for 26 independent auto clubs, lets look at the numbers for AAA Northern California, Nevada, and Utah.

Using data Kelley Blue Book obtained from Savvy, if you drive your vehicle up to 3,000 miles per year, youll pay an average of $168.15 every month. But if you drive between 15,000 to 20,000 miles annually, your monthly rate jumps to $427.02. Driving your vehicle more miles will affect your car insurance rate. As mentioned above, AAA provides up to a 19% discount if drivers allow the insurer to check annual car mileage.

Savvy collects data from consumers current policies, including rate information, age, marital status, and other demographics. See more about Savvys methodology.

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How Aaa Roadside Assistance Works

The American Automobile Association, or AAA, describes itself as the undisputed leader in roadside assistance. The organization has been helping drivers tackle tricky roadside problems for over a century.

Founded in 1902, AAA has 60 million members across the United States and Canada. The company offers roadside assistance, car repairs, travel assistance, and other services to members. You can buy AAAs Classic plan for around $60 per year, while their higher-end Premier plan starts at $127 per year.

AAA also offers specialized RV and motorcycle roadside assistance plans for $35 per year. It covers winching, theft, locksmith services, towing, fuel delivery, trailer coverage, trip continuance, and other issues specifically for RV and motorcycle owners.

Whether locked out of your vehicle, running out of gas, dealing with a dead battery, or needing a 100-mile tow, AAAs roadside assistance programs are extremely popular across the United States and Canada.

What Is The Aaa Student Away Discount

If you have a child under your auto insurance policy whos going to school far from home, or you are a college student attending an out of town or an out of state university, the AAA college discount can help you save up to 30 percent on auto insurance for a child away at college.

The conditions are straightforwardto be eligible for the AAA student discount, you have to be attending a school that is 100-200 miles away from home or more, without access to a vehicle. Mileage and specific terms vary among providers.

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Aaa Motor Club Of Arkansas Mississippi Missouri And Select Counties In Kansas

New-member fee and additional member fee is not available for this club

Mobile App
PositivesOpen to anyone, no car insurance policy required Trip interruption Travel and retail discounts On-time arrival with GPS locationApplies to all cars on your policy On-time arrival with GPS locator Can pay-per-use if not an Esurance member.Applies to everyone on your car insurance policy, in any car
ConditionsLimit of 3 service calls per term Fee for customers under 23 years oldPays up to $75 per incident Vehicle-specific, so it doesnt follow the driver need collision and comprehensive.Must have a car insurance policy with Nationwide. Restrictions apply to ditch extractions. Only offered in 10 states: Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas.Must have collision and comprehensive coverage

Discounts For Driving History And Habits

The Truth About AAA Car Insurance

Five-Year Accident-Free Good Driver Discount

Squeaky-clean driving record? That could mean serious car insurance savings with good driver discounts. If you’ve been accident-free for 5 years, you may be able to save up to 22% on most coverages.

Seat Belt Use Discount

Buckle up and drive down your rate. If you and your passengers always wear seat belts, you could receive a discount off the medical payments or personal injury protection portion of your premium.

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Geico Vs Aaa: Customer Complaint Ratio

AAA earned an NAIC customer complaint ratio of 0.58 compared to a national median score of 1.00. This ratio means that they received more than 40% fewer complaints than the average insurance company. GEICO earned a score of 2.04, which means they received more than double the average number of complaints.


Aaa Car Insurance Costs

Insurers offer unique rates, depending upon individual factors, including your driving record, location, and age your vehicle and how you use it typical mileage your credit-based insurance score and other factors that can vary among U.S. states. The amount of insurance coverage you want to purchase also impacts your premium.

AAA Car Insurance Discounts

Like most insurers, Auto Club of Southern California, CSAA Insurance Group, and Automobile Club Group all offer discounts based on various variables. However, there are strong discounts for loyalty, and some plans also offer good student discounts. Here are some of the discounts you may see, depending on your location and policy:

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Compare Aaa Vs Geico Insurance

AAA and GEICO are well known for providing exceptional coverage and discounts. AAA offers a larger number of discounts than GEICO. But some of the discounts GEICO does offer are the most popular among drivers.

GEICO is financially stronger than AAA and is superior in terms of J.D. Power ratings. AAAs roadside service has GEICOs beat. It provides more than just a toll-free number and access via a mobile app.

Cheapest Compare The Market Quotes

Triple A Auto Insurance

On Compare the Market, Admiral again came in as the cheapest insurer with a quote of £322.56 for an annual premium. This policy included a £150 compulsory excess and a £250 voluntary excess. Personal injury cover and a courtesy car were both included as standard. LV= was more expensive at £408.46 but had a cheaper compulsory excess and offered one of the cheapest options to add motor legal protection .

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What Are Aaas Customer Satisfaction Rates

J.D. Powers 2021 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study ranked one of AAAs independent affiliates The Auto Club of Southern California Insurance Group as No. 3 overall with above-average satisfaction with a score of 897. Thats ahead of the industry average of 880. The study looked at 7,345 auto insurance customers settling claims.

On the other hand, another AAA affiliate, Automobile Club Group, ranked below average in satisfaction with a score of 863.

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners National Complaint Index, heres a look at consumer complaints to three of the affiliates in the latest data from 2020. The index is always at 1, meaning that any company with a complaint index of 2 is twice as high as expected.

  • Auto Club Insurance Association 1.85
  • Auto Club Group Insurance Company 1.79
  • Auto Club South Insurance Company 0

While NAIC reported in its index that the Auto Club South Insurance Company showed no customer complaints, the Auto Club Insurance Association and Auto Club Group Insurance Company came in with above-average complaints.

The data emphasize how AAA auto club performance can vary depending on location.

Aaa Insurance Reviews And Ratings

Category Rating:30%

  • Reviews on WalletHub: 2.6/5
  • NAIC: 3.82
  • BBB: A+

AAA didnt get a great score in this category, for a few reasons. For starters, it hasnt received ratings from leading credit rating agencies like A.M. Best, S& P or Moodys Investors Service. AAA also doesnt offer 24/7 live customer support. And most importantly, it has received a high number of complaints from customers.

For example, AAAs NAIC rating is 3.82, which means it has received more than the average number of complaints for an insurance company its size. Customers mostly complain about the companys lackluster customer service.

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State Farm Insurance: 45 Stars

AAA: Car insurance premiums are going up

State Farm is one of the biggest car insurance companies in the nation with local agents ready to help in all 50 states. It offers standard insurance coverage, as well as add-ons like roadside service and rideshare coverage.

State Farm auto insurance has great rates, which are affordable for drivers with a poor driving record or low credit. The companys Drive Safe & Save program tracks safe driving and allows you to earn a discount based on your driving habits. You can also earn a loyalty discount.

For more information, read our full State Farm insurance review.

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Us Auto Insurance Claims Satisfaction Study

AAA Car Insurance

Mercury AAA

AAA Mobile app grants you access to tons of exclusive member discounts at over 164,000 locations. You can also request roadside assistance from your mobile device as well as instant battery quotes. .

AAA eTourBook Guides provide members with great travel information for top travel destinations in the US.

Is Cheap Car Insurance Worth It

While its often made clear what isnt covered on a cheap car insurance policy, budget premiums can come back to bite in other ways. Many customers who have bought the cheapest policies claim theyve been hit with extra admin charges and “surprise” fees when trying to make a claim or change their car mid-contract.

Paying more for your car insurance can actually save you money in the long run. Comprehensive policies from big-name companies like John Lewis and Direct Line may have higher premiums, but could be better value over time because you wont need to pay additional fees for things not covered on budget policies.

For example, More Than comprehensive car insurance policy includes personal accident cover of up to £5,000 and windscreen cover as standard, both of which are not typically included in cheaper policies. Theyll even cover the cost of replacing a child car seat if its damaged in an accident.

Its also worth noting that cheap insurers typically have a poorer claims service, so when you do need to claim, its more difficult to get the compensation you need.

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How Much Is Temporary Car Insurance

As with most car insurance, the cost of temporary car cover will depend on a number of factors, such as how old you are, the car being driven and where you live.

Cover for short periods is usually very affordable. Cuvvas prices for certain cars start under £10 for a few hours of cover. Quotes for longer periods with other providers often fall well under £100.

If you think the short-term quotes you receive cost too much, try some other options. For example, adding another driver to the policy means several people can use the car anytime they want, so it may save you money over a year if youre considering using temporary insurance more than once.

Common Exclusions With Temporary Car Insurance

Triple a insurance phone number

Many temporary car insurance policies have an upper age limit of 75 and the lower age limit can vary. For some companies, it starts at 21, which makes it difficult for young drivers to get short-term cover. However, the AA’s lower age limit starts at just 18, while InsureDaily and Cuvva both insure drivers as young as 19.

There are separate short-term policies for learner drivers offered by companies like Marmalade. Find out more about learner driver insurance here.

If you have points on your licence or motoring convictions, it can be difficult to get temporary cover. Also, some providers will not cover non-UK licences so you should shop around and compare cover levels if youre planning on letting a visitor to the UK or an expat with a foreign licence use your car.

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Progressive Insurance: 45 Stars

Another household name, Progressive is known across America for its commercials featuring Flo and the Name Your Price® tool. But the companys success doesnt just stem from great advertising. Progressive offers considerable coverage and add-ons like custom parts protection and rideshare coverage for Uber and Lyft drivers. The website gives you side-by-side comparisons of different options so you can find the best car insurance for your budget.

Read more about coverage in our full Progressive auto insurance review.

Unique Discounts Offered By Aaa

AAA offers a few discounts that make it stand out from its competitors. These discounts are only available to drivers in certain regions.

AAA member discount

Depending on your membership status with AAA, you could be eligible for a 10% discount on your auto insurance. If at least one member of your household has a qualifying membership, all of your vehicles may be eligible.

Teen smart discount

AAA offers a discount to qualified teen drivers if they complete a program by the time they are 19. Given the already-high cost for teen drivers, this can be a significant savings.

Mature policyholder discount

The mature policyholder discount awards savings based on the age of the oldest insurance person on your policy.

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More About Aaa Auto Insurance

In addition to auto insurance, these AAA insurers offer life, home and renters insurance, and other AAA partner insurers may, too.

» MORE: AAA life insurance review

Website: When you go to, youre prompted to enter your ZIP code and redirected to your local chapters website. At that point, you can learn more about membership and insurance products, or you can find contact information for a local agent or representative to answer your questions.

Mobile apps: The Auto Club of SoCal insurance group and Automobile Club Group have an app you can use to manage your policy and AAA membership in one place as long as you belong to a club served by that AAA insurer. The Automobile Club Group app is available in all states insurance is provided except for North and South Carolina, which has a simplified version of the app . Otherwise, AAAs apps are restricted to membership needs like paying bills or summoning roadside assistance and include AAAdrive.

Similarities Between Aaa And Good Sam

AAA Gift Insurance Insights

AAA and Good Sam have certain things in common, including:

Multiple Subscription Options: Both companies have multiple subscription options at multiple price points. If you want maximum coverage and protection, you can pay around $130 per year, for example. If you want basic coverage say, for emergency roadside situations only then you can pay $60 to $80 per year for the most basic plan.

Coverage in Canada: Both AAA and Good Sam provide coverage in the United States and Canada.

Coverage for All Vehicles: AAA and Good Sam cover all types of vehicles, including motorcycles, RVs, trailers, light trucks, SUVs, and automobiles. Both organizations consider a light truck as anything with 1,500 to 4,000 pounds of load capacity. There are no extra charges for any of these vehicles.

Mobile Apps: AAA and Good Sam both offer mobile apps. Install the apps on your phone, then access roadside assistance or other membership services at any time.

Travel Planning: AAA and Good Sam are best-known for their roadside assistance, although both organizations offer travel planning to members. You can access travel discounts, vacation packages, free road maps, and other services with AAA and Good Sam.

Customer Service Support: Both Good Sam and AAA offer customer support via phone, email, and online form.

Insurance: Both AAA and Good Sam are affiliated with insurance providers, allowing members to get discounts on car insurance.

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