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Is Trustage Life Insurance Any Good

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First, well explore each product in-depth before moving onto the next section.


Not ALL insurance is the same. And which TYPE of insurance product you own may have DISASTROUS implications.

So making SURE which type you want to own is CRITICAL.

Lets start!

Term insurance, in short, terminates.

Thats right, it only lasts for a temporary amount of time!

In other words, you can OUTLIVE your coverage.

If thats true, then why do people purchase term insurance?

The answer?

Most likely because term insurance solves a temporary problem.

Temporary problems include:

  • Paying off your mortgage, or,
  • Leaving money to your family if you die young.

These are temporary needs that go away with time.

One day, youll pay off your mortgage and draw retirement, right? And when you accomplish this goal, the need for term insurance goes away.

Then, what about permanent problems?

Thats a great question! And we have the perfect example of a permanent problem below.

Your funeral arrangements!

If you need insurance to cover final expenses, it doesnt make sense to buy life insurance you could outlive, right?

NOTE: Well cover this in more detail soon. Hang tight =)

How TruStages Term Insurance Product Works

Now you have a basic understanding of term life insurance, lets look at TruStages website.

Here are a few sample quotes to get an idea of how TruStages term products work:

In this example, I requested a quote for a 65-year-old male to see what rates they offered.

It says:

Trustage Cmfg Life Insurance Policies

TruStage offers three types of policies in partnership with CMFG Life Insurance Co., none of which requires a medical exam. With your permission, the company will cross-check the information you provide with third-party sources such as prescription drug databases.

Term life insurance. Open to applicants ages 18 to 69, TruStages simplified issue term life insurance is sold in all states except New York. You can apply online to get an instant decision, and theres no medical exam required, though you will need to answer some questions about your health and lifestyle.

TruStage offers $5,000 to $300,000 in coverage, and the policy renews every five years until you turn 80. Your premium will go up each time you renew coverage. The policy includes an accelerated death benefit, which allows you to tap into the death benefit while youre still alive if youre diagnosed with a terminal illness. It also has a conversion feature, meaning you can convert to a permanent life insurance policy later on.

Whole life insurance. TruStages whole life insurance policy is available in all states except New York and Montana, and to people ages 18 to 85. You can purchase $1,000 to $100,000 of coverage without the need for a medical exam, and premiums will stay the same for the life of the policy. But you cant customize coverage with life insurance riders.

Whole life insurance builds cash value over time, and once youve accumulated enough, you can begin borrowing against your policy.

What Are Trustage Insurance Reviews

When you start to look at all of the different reviews, you easily see that people are pleased with this company. Their products currently protect more than twenty million peoples.

Some life insurance companies will cancel your coverage when your health starts to fail. However, that is not the case with TruStage. As long as your premiums are paid, they will not cancel your coverage because of things like age or illness.

Consumers are also very pleased with the fact that it is easy to get coverage with this insurance company. They state that the process is simple when applying for coverage.

So, if you are looking for a well-rated life insurance company, TruStage may be your perfect match. They offer excellent coverage and for many can be quite affordable. That being said, it is important to note that TruStage insurance is known for being pricier than other life insurance companies.

What Is The Best Homeowners Insurance Company

As with auto insurance, Amica Mutual is widely considered to offer the best homeowners insurance in the industry. Amica was the highest-rated insurer in J.D. Powers 2020 U.S. Property Claims Satisfaction Study. And unlike many competitors, Amica has also consistently received top marks for customer service over the years. The company also offers a wide array of discounts, from multi-line discounts to loyalty, autopay and paperless billing.

How To Get A Quote From Trustage Life Insurance

TruStage Life Insurance

You can apply for a TruStage policy online or over the phone by calling 866-579-3170.

These are the steps to apply online:

  • Select the type of policy you want from the dropdown menu under Life.
  • Enter your ZIP code, date of birth and gender, then click Get Pricing.
  • Select from a range of quotes and click Apply Online Now.
  • Name up to four beneficiaries and click Next to move on to the health questions.
  • Answer a few health questions, accept the electronic delivery terms and privacy notice and give permission to have your prescription records checked. Then youll be asked to provide name and Social Security number.
  • Lastly, enter your payment information, review the policy, agree and electronically sign the e-documents.
  • Ive signed up for TruStage life insurance. What happens next?

    Approval is typically instant since theres no required medical exam. Once approved, register your online account so you can take full advantage of your policy. Coverage begins once your first payment processes.

    What Are Trustage Insurances Strengths

    Quick, Low-Hassle Coverage: 

    TruStage lets you get reliable life insurance from a reputable insurer without any burdensome application process or extended underwriting delay.  Theres no medical exam, and the online application isnt overly complicated or confusing.

    If personal privacy is a priority, TruStages underwriting is less intrusive than many other companies.

    The downside of the streamlined application and underwriting is that, because youre giving the insurance company less data to evaluate its risk, you usually end up paying premiums substantially higher than what would have been available with a fully underwritten policy.

    Solid Customer Service:

    Local credit unions tend to value customer satisfaction more than larger financial institutions, so it isnt surprising that a company that works closely with a big network of credit unions would have a similar outlook.

    Simplified-Issue Whole Life:

    Most brokers that promise easy online access to life insurance only offer term coverage.  Term policies are simpler and therefore require less time and effort from agents during application.

    TruStage sells whole life with a simplified application and no medical exam, which is noteworthy.  However, this may be a double-edged sword.

    Whole life insurance policies tend to work best when theyre tailored to an individual policyholders financial situation and objectives.  If you hurry through the application process, you might not end up with the ideal policy for your circumstances.

    How Does Trustage Work With Cmfg Life Insurance

    CMFG Life Insurance issues TruStages life insurance products and is TruStages parent company. CMFG holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and financial rating from AM Best. The company has closed 11 complaints on the BBB site in the last 12 months, as of April 21, 2020. Multiple complaints dealt with payment refutes due to unapproved billing or issues with the companys products.

    CMFG Life Insurance is also a subsidiary of CUNA Mutual. CUNA Mutual sells life insurance on its website under the TruStage name.

    Life insurance ratings

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    What Are Trustage Life Insurance Rates

    TruStage makes it very easy to determine how much your coverage will cost, with online quoting and a rate chart available for the term life product.

    We ran a quote for a 30-year-old male for term life insurance. Our rate quote came back at $42.50 a month for $100,000 in coverage, which matches the rate shown in the chart for that age band.

    This is a pretty expensive quote. Considering that the coverage is a simplified issue with no medical exam. It is also important to look at the chart and see how the coverage increases in cost over time. By the age of 50, after 20 years of coverage, this policy will cost the same person $114.50.

    It is important to look at how long you want the coverage to last. Additionally, look at how much you will pay over the duration of coverage. If you are looking for coverage to last into your senior years, whole will probably cost less in the long run.

    We also looked at the guaranteed acceptance life, bumping our sample age up to 45 to meet the minimum issue age. A policy with $10,000 in coverage came back at $50 a month. Which is not unreasonable.

    What Types Of Life Insurance Coverage Does Trustage Offer

    TruStage offers a simple lineup of term and permanent policies:

    • Term life insurance. Purchase up to $300,000 in coverage for a policy that lasts a set number of years.
    • Whole life insurance. Available up to age 85, this policy offers up to $100,000 in lifelong coverage and predictable premiums. It also builds cash value over time.
    • Guaranteed whole life insurance. This coverage is open to applicants 45 to 80 years old, and it doesnt require a health questionnaire or medical exam. The maximum coverage amount is $25,000.

    Ratings Awards And Recognitions

    Though TruStage does not have the same amount of reviews as Prudential, AIG, or other larger insurance providers, its extensive history has enabled it to be reviewed by multiple different independent organizations.

    The ratings for TruStage Life Insurance Company include:

    • A.M. Best: A rating
    • Affordability Index: 8.2
    • Customer Service: 8.9
    • COMDEX Ranking: N/A

    A.M. Best is the industry benchmark for financial strength in the life insurance industry. The other three metrics are based on a number of factors including our industry knowledge of TruStage compared with other companies. The COMDEX ranking is a composite score that considers A.M. Best and other top ratings agencies.

    Learn more about our process for reviewing life insurance companies here.

    Companies that are able to consistently be rated as financially stable can usually provide lower monthly premiums and higher guarantees of reaching certain payout levels.

    According to the companys website, TruStage has also been ranked as the nations most reputable insurance company by an independent organization known as the Reputation Institute.

    Accidental Death & Dismemberment

    Accidents can happen anytime. Don’t leave them unprepared.

    Your untimely accidental death could leave your family with long lasting financial burdens. Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance can help give them a safety net.

    How does it work?

    As a member of Members 1st Federal Credit Union you are eligible to enroll for $2000 of no-cost TruStage® Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance underwritten by CMFG Life Insurance. AD&D insurance can pay a cash benefit to your beneficiary if you die in an accident or suffer a serious injury.

    What’s covered?

    Once you enroll, AD&D insurance pays a cash benefit to your beneficiary if you die from an accident or you are seriously injured. Credit union members ages 18 and over can also choose to increase their protection or their family’s with up to an additional $300,000 in coverage.

    Acceptance is guaranteed and there are no medical questions.

    Enroll Today

    TruStage® AD&D Insurance is offered by TruStage Insurance Agency, LLC and underwritten by CMFG Life Insurance Company. The insurance offered is not a deposit and is not federally insured or guaranteed by your credit union. Base Policy Series E10a-014-2012, E10a-ADD-2012 and E10a-015-2012.


    Trustageauto & Home Insurance Program

    You trust your credit union to make products and services available to help you do more with what you have. That’s why we’ve joined with a dedicated team of insurance professionals to bring you the TruStage Auto & Home Insurance Program. Working with carefully selected insurance companies, these programs can provide discounted rates designed for credit union members, online services, and 24/7 claims service. If you haven’t compared auto or home insurance rates lately, it’s a great time to take a look. Your credit union membership could result in some nice savings. Get your free quote today or call .

    TruStage® Auto and Home Insurance program is offered by TruStage Insurance Agency, LLC, P.O. Box 61, Waverly, IA 50677-0061, and issued by leading insurance companies. Discounts are not available in all states and discounts to vary by state. The insurance offered is not a deposit and is not federally insured. This coverage is not sold or guaranteed by your credit union. © TruStage Insurance Agency 2020 AUT-2948338.1

    Trustage Life Insurance Reviews And Complaints


    TruStage isnt accredited with the Better Business Bureau, but it has an A+ rating for its customer interaction. The BBB has recorded eight complaints in the last three years, which is low for an insurance company. Customers award the insurer 2 out of 5 stars.

    The company has an excellent review on TrustPilot, earning 4.7 out of 5 stars from over 3,400 reviews as of October 2020.

    AM Best financial rating

    How Much Does Trustage Life Insurance Cost

    Because TruStage Life Insurance products are no medical exam life insurance policies, naturally, their monthly premiums are higher when compared with companies that offer life insurance policies with medical examinations.

    The table below shows TruStage Life insurance sample monthly rates for a 40-year-old man and woman:


    As you can see, their rates are rather expensive, for relatively small amounts of coverage. This is because TruStage offers no medical exam life insurance to people who are considered high risk by most insurance companies.

    If you are in good health, TruStage is likely not the best life insurance option for you.

    Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance Reviews

    Liberty Mutual has an A+ on the Better Business Bureau and a 1.13 out of 5-star customer rating with over 400 reviews. The provider also has 1.6 out of 5.0 stars on Trustpilot with 31 reviews. 

    Here are a few examples of customer reviews.

    “I have been with Liberty Mutual for four years. I originally switched for the new car replacement coverage, since my car was newer. From the begining with two cars and a house insured I saved $100 a month compared with that I had previously.” 

    – Maria N. via BBB

    “Impossible to cancel policy. Can only call by phone. 60-minute wait time limit, but my call always drops before 20 minutes elapses. Offer a callback number or fix your sketchy business practices where I can’t cancel an account.”

    – Justin K. via BBB


    Trustage Offers Several Coverage Options For Individuals Including Homeowners And Auto Insurance And Has A High Rating Through The Bbb

    Is trustage life insurance any good. Life insurance products trustage offers: Trustage, part of cuna mutual group, offers term, whole, and guaranteed acceptance life insurance policies underwritten by cmfg life insurance company. Trustage life insurance policies, issued by cmfg life ins co, can be expensive compared to other leading companies’ insurance policies such as ladder life, bestow life, or health iq.

    Trustage isnt accredited with the better business bureau, but it has an a+ rating for its customer interaction. Trustages life insurance is generally considered to be fairly expensive compared to similar offerings sold by competitors, but it has a high overall customer satisfaction rating. Trustage life insurance, which is part of cuna mutual group, the marketing name for cmfg life insurance company, has more than 3,500 credit unions that participate in their insurance program.

    The life insurance offered by the credit a unions through trustage, is fast and convenient to purchase, however their rates are typically higher than what can be found on the open market . The company has received 0.43 rating from naic which indicates has good customer support. A rating from a.m best which indicates the company can pay off your claims & a+ from bbb, which indicates company interaction with customers.

    Pin by Jr. CokerThe Coker Agency LLC on Life Insurance

    Pin by Radha Krishnan on Life Insurance Advisors

    I love this quote. ParadisoInsurance (With images

    Trustage Auto Insurance Reviews

    TruStage has an A rating from the BBB but no customer reviews. On Trustpilot, the company has 4.8 out of 5.0 stars and over 4,000 reviews. Customers are generally very happy with the service theyve received, which is promising that any issues with TruStage auto insurance will be resolved by the company quickly.

    Consumer Complaints Rating Of Trustage Life Insurance

    TruStage doesnt appear on the NAICs website, but CMFG earns a ratio of .79. The median average is 1.0, so we can infer that CMFG receives slightly less than the average amount of complaints for a company of this size.

    Although TruStage is not accredited by the , they earned an A+ rating. There are eight complaints in the last three years, which is really very low. They have seven one-star reviews on the website which is also miniscule. 

    About Trustage Auto Insurance

    TruStage Insurance is a subsidiary of CUNA Mutual Group, a financial company that has been in business since 1935. It is primarily a life insurance company, but it has recently added auto insurance to its roster of coverage offerings. 

    However, TruStage auto insurance doesn’t come directly from the provider. Instead, TruStage acts as a sort of insurance broker, connecting interested motorists to its partner company, Liberty Mutual. One of the main draws of choosing TruStage auto insurance is its discounts for credit union members.



    Ratings And Reviews Of Trustage Auto Insurance Partners

    Most people who buy car insurance through TruStage will directly interact with the company only once: when they are referred to an insurance provider. The vast majority of the interactions you’ll have after you’re referred will be with either Esurance or Liberty Mutual. This includes the process of purchasing insurance, as well as making a claim or managing your insurance policy after you’ve signed up.

    Esurance and Liberty Mutual have average reviews from customers. Neither company is renowned for its customer service, but they do not have particularly poor reviews, either â Esurance and Liberty Mutual received 3/5 and 2/5 rankings in J.D. Power’s claims satisfaction survey, respectively. Each company also had slightly higher than average complaint ratings from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners , suggesting that they received more complaints than normal for a company of their size.

    On the plus side, each company is on strong financial footing: Esurance received an A+ rating from reviewer AM Best, while Liberty Mutual received an A . This means that consumers should not worry about the companies’ ability to pay out claims after an accident.

    Editorial Note: The content of this article is based on the authorâs opinions and recommendations alone. It has not been previewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners.

    Trustage Life Insurance Policies Available

    Should You Trust TruStage with Life Insurance? (An Eye ...

    The companys life insurance products can be modified and adjusted in order to meet the needs of the families who are applying for coverage.

    Additionally, the company also offers other types of insurancesuch as health insurance and automobile insurancewhich can help reduce the costs of a monthly life insurance policy when bundled together.

    Like most major life insurance, though, TruStage has several different policy types to choose from.

    What Is Trustage Insurance Company

    TruStage is the brand name of a credit union-focused insurance program from CUNA Mutual Insurance. CUNA traces its roots back to 1935, when credit unions were first formed. They aimed to help average Americans with finances.

    The insurance branch was created to provide additional financial solutions that were previously out of the general publics reach, such as life insurance.

    While TruStage is generally marketed through credit unions, its policies are actually available to anyone. Credit union membership is not required, but the site does push visitors to consider joining one.

    TruStage Insurance Agency is a brand and an agency service rather than an insurer. The company operates as a subsidiary of CMFG Life. They underwrite its products and partner with other insurance companies to provide products. It does not underwrite directly.

    TruStage car insurance is offered through both and Liberty Mutual, and home insurance through the latter. The company also partners with GoHealth to help customers shop for health insurance. Life insurance and AD&D coverage are both underwritten by CMFG.

    Your one-stop online insurance guide. Get free quotes now!

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    How Does Trustage Insurances Life Insurance Application Process Work

    Because the policies on offer are either simplified issue or guaranteed acceptance, TruStage is able to keep the application process simple and painless.

    An online form is available or, if you prefer, you can call the company and submit the necessary information to a TruStage representative over the phone.

    The online application is straight-forward and requires less detailed information than some other online brokers.  The form asks for contact and identifying information , standard demographic, financial, and health-history information, and the identity of the intended beneficiary.

    During the application process, you also grant TruStage permission to run a medical background check.  This lets TruStage, as part of its underwriting, review prescription histories and similar medical databases.

    Before the application is submitted for consideration, you also have to provide a confirmed payment source, such as a bank account or credit card.

    TruStage doesnt charge you at this point, but they ask for the information to ensure applicants are serious about purchasing coverage and have a suitable method to pay the premiums.

    Many applicants get approved for coverage right away; others can take up to a week or two to get a decision.  In some cases, TruStages underwriters need to contact applicants with follow-up questions while the application and medical records are being reviewed.

    What Is Trustage Insurance

    If youre a member of a credit union, theres a good chance youve received direct marketing materials from TruStage.  Or, your credit union may have sent you a special offer for life insurance that TruStage is making available for credit union members.

    Since the offer is reserved for members only, people often assume theyre getting a good dealand maybe thats true.  But to know for sure, you need to know a little more about TruStage and the life insurance it sells.


    TruStage Insurance Agency is, for all practical purposes, the life insurance marketing division of the CUNA Mutual family of companies.  Based in Wisconsin, CUNA Mutual serves a very specific niche.

    Member companies partner with thousands of credit unions throughout the country, offering financial services to credit union members and to the credit unions themselves.

    Along with the life insurance sold by TruStage, CUNA Mutual companies also sell multiple other types of insurance, retirement-planning and investment services, and a suite of lending products; all of which are intended for credit unions and their members

    When you received that special offer from TruStage , it was likely because a credit union provided your contact information to CUNA Mutual.

    What the credit union received in exchange for its members information isnt always clear, but you can be reasonably certain that CUNA Mutual companies are providing something of value to gain access to the credit unions membership rolls.

    Mutual Company

    Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

    Guaranteed acceptance life insurance policies are an excellent option for individuals who have severe medical conditions.

    TruStages Guaranteed Life Insurance may be best for people who will have difficulty passing medical exams including those who have cancer, diabetes, are active smokers, or are obese.

    Here are the features of the guaranteed acceptance policy from TruStage:

    • Available for ages 45 to 80.
    • Coverage amounts from $2,000 to $25,0000
    • No medical exam, and no questionnaire.
    • You cant be turned down for health reasons.
    • 2-year waiting period. If you pass away in the first 2 years, you get your premiums back plus 10%. After that, you receive the full death benefit.

    This policy is more expensive than their whole life insurance. Only apply for guaranteed acceptance if you cannot qualify for other policies.

    What Types Of Insurance Does Trustage Insurance Sell

    While some of the other CUNA member companies offer other forms of insurance, TruStage focuses on no exam life insurance life insurance, particularly simplified-issue policies.  In fact, none of TruStages available policies require a medical exam.  Instead, TruStages underwriting relies on a health questionnaire and review of digital medical records.

    TruStage offers three basic life insurance policies available for most consumers:  renewable term, standard whole life, and guaranteed-acceptance whole life.

    TruStage Term Life Insurance: 

    TruStages most popular and heavily marketed offering is its renewable term policy, which lets eligible applicants up to age 69 obtain renewable term coverage with minimal delay.

    Coverage levels generally range from $10,000 to $300,000.  However, available policy limits are reduced for new applicants age 50 and over.

    Crucially, TruStages term coverage is a not a standard level-term policy like whats offered by most online life insurance brokers.  With a level-term policy, the monthly premiums are set when a policy is issued and remain constant throughout the policys entire term.

    So, for instance, if you purchase a 20-year level-term policy when youre 40, your first premium payment will be the same as the premiums youre paying when youre 60.  If you renew the policy after the term ends, the premiums will increase.  But during the policys term, premiums are fixed.

    Increasing Premiums

    TruStage Whole Life:

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