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Is United Concordia Good Dental Insurance

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Geha Dental Insurance Plans And Benefits

About United Concordia Dental

The GEHA dental plan has a few special features that other dental insurance companies just dont have. GEHA offers High Option and Standard Option plans that are now better than they ever were beforeand thats really saying something!

GEHA is actually part of the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program dental plan. It is also only available to certain qualified federal employees. It offers a highly comprehensive list of dental services to its members, including preventive care all the way up to the high dollar services like bridges, crowns, and dentures.

What Does Dental Insurance Typically Exclude

Dental insurance doesnt normally cover cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening, and you may also struggle to find coverage for pre-existing conditions such as missing teeth. Some plans leave out major services like dental implants and orthodontic care altogether. Make sure to read over your dental insurance policy to see what it includes and excludes.

Humana Dental Insurance User Reviews And Ratings

Compare Humana Dental against other providers using You’ll get multiple quotes to compare dental plans that better suit your needs and budget.

  • Rated A+ at Better Business Bureau
  • Scores 4.7 at Consumers Advocate

Humana Dental Insurance reviews are mostly favorable, with customers praising the PPO plan’s low deductibles, no copayments, and 100% coverage for preventive procedures.

Positive reviews center around regular cleanings and dental exams, with one customer review on Consumer Advocate stating how, ‘This plan has a monthly premium of only $12.99/mo and I go twice a year for cleanings and exams. I pay a $15 Co-Pay each time. All of my x-rays are: No Charge! I selected an In-Network Humana Dental Provider close to my home. I receive a 25% discount if I go to a specialist.’

The biggest complaints are to do with poor customer service via telephone, and call center staff not adequately understanding the different dental plans on offer. Other criticisms are around Humana not keeping its list of in-network dentists up to date, which has led to some customers being caught out.

  • Only two employer-provided plans
  • Often lengthy waiting periods

MetLife is the best dental insurance provider for those seeking cover for their entire family. The PPO and DHMO options are limited to just two plans, but preventative care is covered.

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Unitedhealthcare Dental User Reviews And Ratings

Compare UnitedHealthcare Dental against other providers using You’ll get multiple quotes to compare dental plans that better suit your needs and budget.

  • Scores 7.2 at BetterCompany
  • Scores 4.9 at Consumer Advocate

UnitedHealthcare Dental has mostly positive customer reviews across a variety of consumer review websites. The customer service and clear pricing are frequently held up as positive factors, as is the large network of dentists spread across America.

One BestCompany review stated that, ‘co pays are reasonable and affordable’, while another had ‘nice coverage for dental needed emergency dental work and had it done at a nice price.’

Less favorable reviews concerned waiting times, especially when it came to bill settlement and being able to access bigger treatments such as dental implants. One review on Consumer Advocate complained that the company was taking too long to respond to a claim.

  • Three-month wait for basic procedures
  • 12-month wait for major care

Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance spans a whopping 470,000 locations across America and will cover you for over 350 procedures. This insurer also offers good rates on its PPO plans, starting from as low as $24 per month.

There are no annual or lifetime benefits maximums on your coverage, and there are three dental insurance plans to choose from. With savings ranging from 33-50%, this is a great way to get a broad range of coverage at a low price.

Will Dental Insurance Cover Implants

Military dental insurance coming back to Central Pa ...

According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, Think of dental implants as artificial tooth roots, similar in shape to screws. When dental implants are placed in your jawbone, they bond with your natural bone. They become a sturdy base for supporting one or more artificial teeth, called crowns.

Dental implants are far more preferable compared to dentures, but the cost of implants can be prohibitive for some. The cost of the implant and the procedure itself can often range from $1,500 to $6,000, and the large majority of basic dental plans simply wont cover this. In that instance, you may be better off choosing a dental savings plan to access discounts on dental implants.

There are dental insurance plans that cover implants, including the likes of Delta Dental and Cigna, but check the particulars of the plan to see if there are any caveats. For example, you dont currently have any missing teeth.

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United Concordia Braces Coverage

Like Invisalign, braces are often covered by the orthodontic benefits in some of United Concordias Flex and Preferred PPO plans. Their Plus PPO plans dont typically have the same kind of orthodontic benefits. Remember that just because you see orthodontic in your plans detail doesnt mean your treatment will be covered. Depending on what your employer offers, there might be age limits or lifetime limits on your coverage.

Lingual braces and clear braces fall into the same boat since theyre used to treat the same kinds of conditions. Six Month Smiles, however, usually treats milder, cosmetic cases, so they might not be covered. Youll need to check with United Concordia to find out.

Remember that youll need to get treatment from a dentist or orthodontist in United Concordias network to receive the full amount for your coverage.

Looking For A Dental Plan That Meets Your Needs

We’ve partnered with to make the process as easy as possible. Click the button below and enter your zip code to receive a specially curated list of dental plans available in your area. In case you have questions or need assistance finding the perfect plan , you can call into their support line and receive help from their knowledgeable, friendly staff.

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Is United Concordia Good Dental Plan

United Concordia is an established company with over 4 decades of experience in providing quality dental insurance in the country. They offer flexible plans and provide above average discounts on dental treatments and services. The company also especializes in group dental insurance a big plus for employers.

Is United Concordia Dental Insurance Good

About United Concordia Dental’s Oral Wellness Consultants

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United Concordia Dental Overview. United Concordia Dental was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Oct 22, 2011 and since then this brand received 161 reviews.. United Concordia Dental ranks 119 of 385 in Dentistry category. The overall rating of the company is 1.2 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: “Do your homework, check

United Concordia Dental Overview. United Concordia Dental was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Oct 22, 2011 and since then this brand received 161 reviews.. United Concordia Dental ranks 118 of 382 in Dentistry category. The overall rating of the company is 1.2 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: “Do your homework, check

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Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance

Physicians Mutual provides supplemental dental insurance for both families and individuals.

They have over 500,000 providers in their network and the plans cover 350+ services. There isnt an annual or lifetime maximum.

There have three basic dental plans:

  • Economy Plus

See how to get a free Costco membership.

What Are The Different Types Of Dental Plans

Most dental insurance companies offer a variety of plans across many states. That means you should be able to find plans ranging from affordable to ‘gold level’, premium coverage. Here are the most common dental insurance plans available now:

Dental discount plansThese are not full-coverage plans and should not be considered dental insurance, but they do provide discounts for common procedures. Discount plans usually only cost around $10 per month per person and the benefits can be used immediately, without a waiting list.

Preventive-only plansThese low-premium plans may be suitable for those who dont usually need dental work, and will help you cover the cost of preventive exams and cleanings.

Standard individual plansThe most popular dental plan for individuals since it covers most costs associated with preventive exams. Most cover two exams, cleanings and x-rays per year, and will partially cover additional work. There may or may not be a small exam copay.

Family dental plansThese dental plans are similar to standard individual plans. However, many insurance companies will offer the benefit of a family deductible. While most dental plans require a $50 deductible per person, the majority have a maximum family deductible of $150, which could be beneficial to those who need to insure more than three people.

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Best For Family Plans: Unitedhealthone Dental Insurance

United Healthcare

  • Coverage Limit: $1,000 to $3,000
  • States Available:43

We chose UnitedHealthOne dental insurance for its affordable, accessible family dental plans. UnitedHealthOne offers ten different dental plans, and comes highly rated by AM Best.

  • May have a waiting period for some services

  • Poor coverage for orthodontics

Dental coverage through UnitedHealthOne is available in both individual and employer plans.

Golden Rule Insurance Company, which underwrites many of UnitedHealthOne’s individual insurance products, is rated “A ” from AM Best, and its rating indicates the financial strength and stability of UnitedHealthOne’s products.

Six of United’s most popular dental plans are listed below with the noted benefits:

  • Not all procedures are covered depending on your plan

  • Some plans have a waiting period

Delta Dental is the largest provider of dental benefits in the United States and has a network of over 155,000 practicing dentists nationwide.

Delta Dental has an “A ” rating from A.M. Best, which affirmed the financial strength rating and the issuer credit ratings for the company.

Delta Dental offers individual and group plans as well as plans through the Health Care Exchange . Delta Dental offers plans designed to help families on a budget.

The following is an overview of two Delta Dental insurance plans:

  • Higher premiums on many plans

  • High co-insurance rates

The dental plans listed below are available with the noted benefits:

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Coverage For Dental Implants

varies greatly by the plan. Check with your carrier for specific information.

Please keep in mind that your plan may be completely different from the general guidelines we have provided here. We use a sophisticated computer system, Dentrix with Trojan Insurance Module, to help us get as much information as possible. Very often, we are able to tell you about your plan in great detail once we know who the employer is. Call us at 914 630 2833 for more information.

United Concordia Dental Plans

United Concordia dental plans are organized into four categories:

  • Traditional plans
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Health Care Reform

United Concordias Traditional dental offerings include their Preferred , Flex , and Plus Plans, respectively. All three Traditional programs include an outstanding selection of customized coverage options for individuals and families throughout Connecticut. With flexible dental coverage, helpful enrollment material, broad network services, and 24/7 account information, United Concordia provides every member with attentive customer service. Combined with the care youve come to expect from Dr. Dental, and its easy to see why were a United Concordia dental insurance provider.

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United Concordia Invisalign Coverage

Looking into Invisalign? Some of United Concordias plans will cover it, but you have to look carefully at the fine print. If you have one of their Flex or Preferred PPO plans, you probably have some type of orthodontic benefits, often up to 50% coverage. However, sometimes this coverage is restricted to dependents under age 19. According to their fine print: Adult orthodontics is available as a rider to groups of 51 enrolled or more. So if you have insurance through your employer, they need to have enough beneficiaries enrolled to cover adult treatment. You should speak with your employers Human Resources office to find out the details of your coverage.

If you have one of United Concordias Plus PPO plans, you likely wont have orthodontic benefits included.

As similar in-office treatments, ClearCorrect and Six Month Smiles might also be covered, although youll want to check with United Concordia to be sure.

Use Your Dental Benefits Wisely

College Tuition Benefit United Concordia Dental – Employer

Heres how to make the most of your dental benefits:

  • Choose a provider. Using a participating dentist in the MetLife network will ensure you receive the highest benefits from your plan. To find a provider, go to MetLife and click Find a Dentist. You can also use the Find a Dentist tool and other features through the MetLife Dental mobile app for members.
  • Take advantage of preventive care. Maintaining good oral health is essential to maintaining good overall health, and can help prevent future medical and dental problems. Your dental plan provides coverage for a wide range of supplies and services, and preventive services are fully covered, meaning you pay nothing for keeping your health in check.
  • If your service will exceed $300, submit for a pretreatment estimate. It is recommended that you submit a request for a pretreatment estimate for procedures and services your dentist believes will exceed $300 . For more information, call or visit the MetLife website.
  • Check your claim status and other information at MetLife. You can review Explanation of Benefits statements, check if claims have been paid, and more.


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Can I Get Work Done At Dental Schools For A Discount

Yes, this is a great way to save money for dental work. Dental students need to practice their procedures before they become qualified dentists.

If youre worried about quality, dont worry they have licensed dentists standing by observing the procedures.

I would recommend primarily using dental schools for routine procedures, such as:

  • Checkups
  • Teeth whitening
  • Cavity fillings

Major services like root canals and crowns might not be as easy and extremely time-consuming for new dentists.

Be prepared to spend significantly more time at the dental school versus a professional dental office. The dental students are learning throughout the procedures, after all.

Also, be sure to check with your insurance provider to see if this work at dental schools is covered as not all dental plans allow it.

How Does Dental Insurance Work

For the most part, dental insurance is modeled after health coverage, with a few key differences in terms of the pricing and limits . The cost of dental insurance is usually lower, with premiums often costing less than $50 a month, and annual deductibles costing around $50-100.

Dental insurance provides various tiers of coverage for a range of dental procedures. These include basic, preventive care, through crows and root canals. You pay a monthly insurance premium, and you may even have to pay an annual or lifetime deductible, plus any copayments, when you visit a dentist for treatment.

While the Affordable Care Act prevented any limits on health care coverage from being applied in a given year, even the best dental insurance often comes with annual limits as low as $750 per person. This is known as an annual maximum limit.

The average maximum ranges from $1,000 to $1,500, but few people exceed their in-network maximum each year as they then have to foot any remaining out of pocket costs.

What happens once your maximum limit has been reached? Youll need to cover the cost of any further dental care, also known as out of pocket costs. In addition to annual maximum limits, dental insurance often comes with waiting periods, depending on the dental care you need access to.

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Concordia Access Ppo And Discount Plan Combination

We all love to mix and match deals and this Concordia Access PPO plan offers a great combination of both worlds of PPO and a discount plan that has made so popular. The great thing about this plan is that there are some dental procedures that dental insurance will simply not cover for one reason or another. This is where the discount plan can kick in and give you a major discount on anything you have to pay out of pocket. Some preventative dental services are even free with Concordia Access.

Does Expensive Dental Insurance Mean Its The Best

United Concordia Review

For this guide to the best dental insurance, we consulted with three dentists to get their perspective on dental insurance providers. However, since they often have to negotiate prices with insurance providers, weve kept them anonymous to protect those interactions.

Each dentist said the same thing: be wary of choosing the cheapest provider in your area because they are typically the worst when it comes to approving procedures or reimbursements. And while it didnt affect our evaluations, each dentist named Delta Dental and MetLife as the most reliable and easiest to work with.

The dentists recommended that you start by assessing your current dental health. What work do you expect youll need in the next two to three years? For example, if you havent been to a dentist in a long time, you should consider a comprehensive coverage plan.

Do you have children who may need braces? Do you need implants? Most insurance plans dont cover these procedures until youve been on the plan for at least 12 months, so its worth taking the time to evaluate your oral health, even if it means getting a checkup with a dentist prior to deciding on a plan. Your dentist can help you project what kind of work you may need.

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