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Is Voluntary Long Term Disability Insurance Worth It

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Voluntary Short Term Disability Insurance from Illinois Mutual

One word of caution: Stay away from gimmick policies like cancer insurance, accidental death or anything that packages your coverage with investments like whole life or universal life. These types of insurance policies are just a way for the seller to make extra money off you. You need an agent whos on your sidenot the side of the insurance company.

Thats why choosingthe right independent insurance agent is so important. An industry expert, like one of Daves Insurance Endorsed Local Providers , will work with you to make sure you have the policies that fit your life now and help you anticipate the coverage youll need for the future. Plus, if you ever have to file a claim, youll have a trusted;advocate on your side who will guide you through the process.

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Why Don’t More People Opt For Ltd

LTD insurance mitigates the cost associated with the risk of becoming ill or disabled, so why aren’t more people investing in this kind of insurance policy? One of the main reasons why people take LTD insurance for granted is because they don’t believe they are at risk of falling ill or becoming injured, yet accidents and illnesses are more common than we imagine. In fact, the odds of a person becoming disabled due to a disease at some point in their lives is greater than the odds of their house burning down. Furthermore, according to the Council for Disability Awareness, 90% of disabilities are caused by illnesses rather than accidents, and the majority of LTD insurance claims are due to musculoskeletal conditions, connective tissue disease, and cancer. Another reason why people overlook long-term disability insurance is that their employers already provide some other type of accident insurance like workers compensation. However, workers compensation only covers work-related injuries and would just pay out around 5% of the policyholder’s salary. Although there is always the option of applying for Social Security Disability Insurance, people should keep in mind these benefits are often hard to qualify for this benefit and payments are limited to a fixed monthly amount, typically between $700 and $1,700, that doesn’t take into account the individual’s previous income.

Short Term Disability Vs Workers’ Compensation

It’s important to remember that short term disability insurance is different from workers’ compensation insurance, which provides coverage for injuries that occur on the job. Nearly 90 percent of disabilities are not work-related. Therefore, they are not covered by workersâ compensation.

If an injury or illness that limits your ability to work was caused by something unrelated to your job, workers’ compensation will not cover your lost income. Likewise, if you are injured or get sick from performing your job, short term disability insurance likely will not provide benefits during your absence from work.

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Women Pay More Than Men

Even with all other factors being equal, women can pay up to 40 percent more in premiums than men for disability insurance. Thatâs because women suffer disabilities that impact their careers, such as breast cancer, autoimmune disorders, and depression, more than men. Disability claims for women also typically last longer than those for men.

For example:

  • A 40-year-old male applying a $3,300 monthly benefit will pay $61 a month.
  • A 40-year-old woman getting the same coverage will pay $80 a month.

For what it’s worth, the gender price gap for disability insurance is the opposite of life insurance. Women consistently live longer than men, which means they get the same preferential treatment you see men getting here.

What Qualifies For Short

Long Term Disability Insurance Worth It

To qualify for short-term disability benefits, an employee must be unable to do their job, as deemed by a medical professional. Medical conditions that prevent an employee from working for several weeks to months, such as pregnancy, surgery rehabilitation, or severe illness, can qualify to receive benefits. Since employers in most states must legally provide;workers’ compensation insurance;to all employees, any injuries incurred on the job are typically covered under a workers’ comp policy and are therefore not eligible for short-term disability.

While most non-work-related temporary medical conditions are covered by a short-term disability policy, there can be exclusions for preexisting conditions or intentional and foreseeable injuries . While employees can qualify for time off under the Family and Medical Leave Act to care for a sick relative, most short-term disability policies would not provide benefits if the covered employee is not the one with the illness.

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How Much Does Long

You can receive up to 60% of your gross monthly income while you’re disabled. The benefit period, or how long you receive payments, can last for two, five, or 10 years, or until retirement. Like other policy features, the higher your benefit payments and the longer your benefit period, the higher your premiums will be.Â;

What Qualifies For Long

The qualifications for long-term disability are usually more stringent than those for short-term disability. With short-term disability, benefits can be awarded if the employee is unable to do their job. With long-term disability, benefits will typically only be awarded if the employee is unable to do;any;job. What constitutes a qualifying event will be specified in the policy, so it is important to understand when benefits may apply before accepting a long-term disability policy.

Qualifying events may include chronic pain, cancer treatments, or debilitating illness or injury lasting more than 26 weeks. If an employee could qualify for another form of income replacement, such as Social Security Disability Insurance, the long-term disability policy will no longer provide benefits.

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What Is Supplemental Ltd Insurance

You can build on your basic coverage by enrolling in supplemental LTD. Depending on the coverage you choose and when you apply, you may need to provide evidence of insurability.

Supplemental LTD provides:

Benefits start after the benefit-waiting period, which is the longer of:

  • 90 days
  • The period of sick leave for which you are eligible under your employers sick leave, paid time off , or other salaried continuation plan , and/or
  • The period of Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave for which you are receiving benefits.

Benefits continue during disability up to the maximum benefit period. The maximum benefit period is determined by your age when disability begins.

How Disability Coverage Can Work In Real Life

Long-Term Disability Insurance 101

An individual LTD policy is a highly specialized financial protection tool, personalized to each policyholders specific needs. The scenario below illustrates how a IT professional tailored a Guardian Provider Choice plan to meet her budget and how that coverage worked to meet her needs when she was disabled.

Sarahs scenario

  • Not eligible for Group Long Term Disability coverage through work
  • Feels confident about her financial future as long as her job is secure

How she earns her income

  • Computer software technical professional
  • 1099 subcontractor earning $150,000 annual income

Planning considerations

  • Affordable protection with premium features
  • Protection for serious illnesses such as cancer or stroke
  • Cost of living adjustments for inflation
  • Ability to increase benefits as income grows
  • Strong carrier with a history of paying claims

As a professional Sarah was attracted to the plans tailored coverage options

Knowing that she was price-conscious, Sarah and her financial professional initially explored a more basic Essential package. But because Sarah was interested in potentially increasing benefits over time, they reviewed the added benefits available with Guardians Select package, including standard Benefit Purchase and Unemployment Waiver of Premium riders. Adding protection for student loan debt with the Student Loan Protection Rider also made sense for Sarahs situation.

How Sarahs Provider Choice policy worked for her

Sarahs disability & impact****

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What To Keep In Mind

There are a few other details to keep in mind about long-term disability insurance. Although this policy can be an excellent investment, especially for those whose job is their sole source of income, the terms of the policy will be the deciding factor in whether this type of plan will yield any returns in the event of an injury or illness. Typically, long-term disability insurance will cover all non-pre-existing disabilities and cost anywhere 1% to 4% of a worker’s annual income, a reasonable price for a plan that provides income protection and peace of mind. Now, the length of time the coverage will pay out benefits will depend on the plan details, which can make or break the deal. According to statistical data, most disabilities last for more than 2.5 years, yet LTD coverages pay out benefits for two years, after which there is a change in definition that redefines the concept of disability. In general, the policy covers the individual for the first two years if he or she cannot perform the job they were hired for, but after the change in definition, the worker only qualifies to continue benefits if they are unable to hold any occupation they may be reasonably suited to do. Again, this last detail is also contingent upon the terms of the selected LTD insurance plan.

Who Needs Disability Insurance

Everyone! You should have long-term disability insurance regardless of what job you havewhether youre a high-rise window washer or a car salesperson. The reality is, youre more likely to become disabled while working with heavy equipment or machinery than you are sitting at a computer all day, but dont let this prevent you from protecting your income for the long haul.

Fortunately, disability insurance is a common perk offered by employers if you have a high-risk job. Just remember: disability insurance isnt there to make you rich! Its there to pay the bills and put food on the table if something happens to you.

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How To Apply For Long Term Disability

All long term disability insurance plans are backed by an insurance company in some way or another. However, there are various ways you can go about doing so.

For example, one common way is to sign up for group coverage. This is most commonly done through an employer. You may also find group coverage through:

  • Unions
  • Industry associations
  • Membership organizations

Many employers offer group disability insurance coverage to their employees as a workplace benefit. In fact, employers often pay some or even all of the premium cost.

Another option is to buy your own personal policy. You can do this through an insurance agent or directly from a reputable insurance company that offers individual long term coverage.

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Voluntary Benefits

The definition of disability will vary depending on your employer’s plan. Some policies consider you disabled when you’re unable to perform your job duties, while others pay only if you’re unable to perform in any job suitable for you based on your training, education and experience. Other policies require that you not be gainfully employed while you’re collecting benefits or that you are unable to earn a certain percentage of your pre-disability income because of injury or sickness.

There are some policies that will pay you a portion of your total disability monthly benefit amount if you have lost a part of your income due to a disability. Other policies and plans may include a rehabilitation provision that requires you to take part in a vocational rehabilitation program in order to continue to receive benefits.

Keep in mind that many policies and plans have exclusions and limitations and may not fully cover certain disabilities and pre-existing conditions. Benefits differ from company to company, so speak with your benefits administrator for your workplaces complete plan details.;

Benefits may begin after you have met an elimination period a plan-defined period of time, starting with the date you are disabled from work and the number of days you must continue to be disabled until benefits may begin. Most group long term disability plans have an elimination period of 90 days or 180 days. Under most group plans, generally the employer selects the elimination period.

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What Disability Insurance Does And Why You Need It

Disability insurance replaces a portion of your income when youre too sick or injured to perform all of your job duties. Thats why some call it disability income insurance. The benefits you get can be used in any way to support and maintain your lifestyle, from groceries to mortgage payments to childcare and even more enjoyable pursuits like travel.

You need it because disability is more common than you probably think: One person in four becomes disabled during their working years1; and 13% experience a long-term disability that lasts more than five years2. Some people believe they dont need disability if they work in an office or professional setting they think its for workers at factories or construction sites where accidents are more likely. But only about 10% of long-term disability claims result from accidents the other 90% are caused by illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, even arthritis, which can strike anyone in any occupation3.;

What Is Disability Insurance And Do You Need It

7 Minute Read | August 26, 2021

Have you ever had friends or colleagues get hit with health issues that left them unable to work for months at a time? Its hard watching others struggle to make ends meet when life throws a curveball. And its even harder to imagine if it were you and your family.;

What would an income loss mean for you? It would probably be stressful, frustrating, and even a little scary. The good news is, you can patch up this hole in your financial safety net with long-term disability insurance.;

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Why Offer Voluntary Long

The risk of disability during working years is significant. Its estimated that some 25% of todays US workers 20 to 50 years old will become disabled before the age of 67. A serious injury or illness can be a challenge for both employees and business owners. Employees need to focus on getting well. Along with physical and emotional issues, financial concerns can make recovery more difficult.;

Voluntary plans have no out-of-pocket cost for the employer. The value provided to the employee is easy and inexpensive access to coverage.

;Voluntary long-term group disability plans are a tool to retain employees. When offered, it ‘s worth investing time to educate employees on the risk of disability. The insurance company will usually provide materials to help employees understand how important disability insurance is to their financial health.

Probability Of Disability During Your Career

7 Common Long-Term Disability Claim Mistakes

There are some oft quoted statistics about disability.;Look around the internet and you will see that you are seven times more likely to be disabled than to die. Ok. I also see 10-20% get disabled at some time between 25-65.

Lets see if we can narrow that down a little more.

The SSA published probability statistics for disability if you were born in 1997. ;So, for a 20-year-old born in 1997, 26% of males and 24.7% of females suffer from disability before they are 65.

As an aside, its also interesting to note that the expected death rate is 7.4% for males and 3.7% for females. No surprise there!

Also, of note, the average disability claim lasts 2.5 years. One in eight last more than 5 years. We can use that data.

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How To Choose A Long

There are a few key factors to consider when youâre comparing different companies and policies:

  • Price: Every insurer has its own way of measuring risk, so you may get more competitive rates from one company than others.

  • Occupation-friendliness: Some providers offer more affordable pricing to people in certain fields, like lawyers and dentists.

  • Riders offered: Not every company sells every disability rider. Make sure your top choice also offers all of the features you want.

  • Service and ratings: Consider a companyâs customer service ratings and other details like whether you can manage your policy online.Â;

Everyone should consider including long-term disability in their insurance plans. Itâs particularly important if your family counts on your income or youâve put a lot of time and money into a career and don’t want to risk losing that investment.

Getting a policy is simple: work with an independent agent to compare quotes, fill out an application, and go through a simple medical exam to secure a policy and protect your earnings.

Disability Later In Your Career

Lets look at the probability of disability by age.

Figure 1 ;

Above, find age-based probability of being disabled for at least 90 days before you turn 65. The data in figure 1 is from 1985 for professional and managerial occupations with office duty. Take it with a grain of salt, it is old data, but at least it is a good starting point.

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What Spending Changes Will You Make If Disabled

A lot of financial professionals believe that 60%-70% is the sweet spot for income replacement because most people simply dont spend as much when they dont work. Why?

  • You dont have commuting costs
  • You dont spend as much on lunch and coffee breaks
  • You spend less on your wardrobe
  • You will likely pay less taxes

In addition, you may be able to lower your housing costs substantially. Many professionals choose to live in affluent urban areas because that is where their jobs are. When they dont need to be close to a given workplace, they can choose to move to a less-costly area more suited to their new life.

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