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Should Art Therapy Be Covered By Health Insurance

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Why Art Therapy Should Be Covered By Health Insurance.

We are direct providers for the Florida Gardiner Scholarship through Step Up for Students. We have been able to provide free and low cost services through our community partners at Daniel Kids, the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville, the HEAL Foundation, and The Episcopal School. Please reach out to us to inquire about current scholarship opportunities or to be put on a wait list for future scholarships. ;

How Much Does Therapy Cost

The cost of therapy depends on a number of variables, including the training and experience level of the therapist and the location of the therapythe average fee in some regions is considerably higher than in others. In the U.S., the fee for a single session frequently falls between $100 and $200, but many providers will offer lower fees, while some charge more. The ultimate cost to a client also depends on whether health insurance is involved.

Should Art And Music Therapy Be Covered By Health Insurance

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Therapy and other rehabilitative services provide mental support to people in need and most cases insurance does not cover this. Music and art therapy are some of the advanced methods that are opted by people for gaining the necessary assistance that they need. When someone inquires about the insurance coverage they often ask about the inclusion of these methods in the coverage provided.

When one encounters a mental or physical difficulty in life, the first thing that they resort to is seeking medical help and most often they are reluctant to ask for the necessary help due to the financial burden that would bring upon them. Art and music have a deep connection to the soul and sometimes people resort to these methods on their own.

Engagement with creative activities has the potential to contribute toward reducing stress and depression and can serve as a vehicle for alleviating the burden of chronic disease. The idea that creative expression can make a powerful contribution to the healing process has been embraced in many different cultures.

Throughout recorded history, people have used pictures, stories, dances, and chants as healing rituals. Music is the most searched and used method of healing used in modern times and researchers have gathered enough proof to point out that the therapies that involve art and musical inclinations have proven to be more beneficial to the patients in the path of their recovery.

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The Role Of Art And Music Therapies In Mental Health And Beyond

Psychreg on Music Psychology

Prescribing art therapy, yoga, and music lessons is truly a breakthrough for mental health treatment. I want to be completely clear here, this is a breakthrough, but not a breakthrough therapy per se. It is a huge step forward, on the level of readjusting our mental health system, it is really a systems course correction at the root of it. Art therapy, music, etc., all are tested modalities for improving mental health conditions; almost all of them. For chronic, highly disordered and severely dysfunctional patients, this is not a miracle cure. These are, at best, supplementary, tandem, and co-functioning treatment methods to mitigate the severity and intensity of symptoms.

I am not knocking or trying to minimise the importance of this breakthrough. These are not only important modalities in and of themselves, but also support the creativity, independence, and freedom of patients to not only choose their own method of care but also nourish their capacity to carry on treatment more autonomously without being under direct supervision.;

Even more importantly, the system is broken, in total if not complete disarray, and needs to be revised urgently if we are to advance treatment at the speed it requires to meet the mental health crisis where its at. These new prescribed modalities will not only serve to add person-centredness to the paradigm but also new flexibility within the limits of the system.

Goals Of Art Therapy Dance/movement Therapy And Music Therapy

Health Insurance

For hospitalized children and adolescents:

  • Encourage the self-expression of thoughts and feelings related with illness/hospitalization
  • Help children process and work through traumatic experiences associated with hospitalization
  • Facilitate positive self-esteem and positive body image
  • Promote a sense of independence and feelings of control
  • Provide peer interaction and a sense of community within the hospital environment
  • Encourage the development of healthy strategies for coping with hospitalization
  • Promote self-efficacy and self-care behaviors

For children and adolescents living with chronic pain or chronic illness:

  • Encourage the self-expression of thoughts and feelings related with chronic pain/illness
  • Facilitate children/adolescents’ understanding of how chronic pain/illness affects their lives
  • Understand how situations may increase pain perception and/or stress
  • Learn effective techniques to promote self-management of chronic pain
  • Learn effective techniques to self-manage stress and anxiety related to chronic illness
  • Facilitate the process of acceptance for children struggling with a chronic condition

For children with newly acquired physical limitations:

  • Facilitate adaptation to physical limitations
  • Promote problem-solving skills
  • Facilitate hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills
  • Encourage non-verbal communication skills

For children recovering from brain injury:

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Cost And Insurance Coverage

How much therapy costsand how it will be paid forare important concerns for many people who consider seeing a therapist. If the price of therapy presents an obstacle, there are a number of ways to find treatment that is both effective and affordable. They include speaking with prospective therapists about ways to manage costs, consulting with therapists who use a sliding-scale fee structure, and determining whether a therapists fees can be covered by insurance.

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What Are Some Common Types Of Medication

If necessary, a treating physician will prescribe the most suitable treatment medication for your condition. If your doctor prescribes medication, it is important to take it regularly and as recommended. Be patient. Restoring balance in the brain can take time. To avoid a relapse, it is very important to continue the treatment as prescribed, even if you are feeling better. Treating the first episode of a mood disorder can take anywhere from several months to one or two years, depending on its severity and response to treatment. Here is some general information about different types of medication. You will need to consult your physician about specific medications, how they work, their purpose and method of prescription.


  • Act by restoring the balance between the neurotransmitters in the brain that regulate emotions, cognitive function , and somatic functions .
  • Often used to treat depression and anxiety disorders.
  • Not all antidepressants have official indications for the treatment of all anxiety disorders and sometimes it is a matter of trying different medications to determine the most effective kind and dose. Treatment usually starts at a much lower dose than for treating depression.

Anxiolytic medications

Mood stabilizers

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Different Types Of Therapists

To practice therapy, you have to be licensed by the state you live in, and you also have to have a degree in a mental health related area. Here are some different kinds of degrees a therapist might hold. Psychologists have PsyDs or Ph.D.s, and they have doctoral-level education. Social workers have an educational background and training in social work. LMFTs or Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists have a Masters degree and can practice marriage and family therapy. Psychiatrists are MDs who can prescribe medication and can also conduct therapy sessions. There are many other professional designations that can practice therapy. If youre not sure what those letters at the end of their name mean, search to find out. ;

Why Go To Therapy

Health Insurance Basics: How Do I Choose the Right Plan?

There are so many reasons to go to therapy, but the number one reason is to help yourself. It can be helpful to decide in advance what it is that you want to work on, how you want to evolve and grow. You may be dealing with the recent loss of a loved one, or you may be going through a painful divorce, and you need to cope with that. You could be dealing with chronic anxiety problems, and finding the right therapist could change your life. Maybe, you have anger issues, and you need help understanding why you get angry and how to change it. Perhaps, you are struggling to process trauma, and need a safe place to go with a trained professional who can help you do it. Its hard to figure out how to cope with all of these different struggles, and sometimes, you might not even realize all that you had going on until youre sitting in therapy talking about how you feel and what youre going through.

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Did The Passage Of An Infertility Insurance Mandate Create Changes In Art Practices Over Time

  • In a different study, we compared the rates of multiple births in two states before and after they enacted an infertility insurance mandate. The study showed that the mandates increased ART treatment use. However, while the number of embryos transferred or the rate of multiples did decrease in mandate states, these improvements were not different from improvements in non-mandate states. This suggests overall improvements in ART practices are not attributable to the mandate.
  • State insurance mandates in the states evaluated in this study exempted certain employers. This includes religious employers or those that are self-insured and had limitations of coverage . These exemptions could explain the modest impact of the infertility insurance mandates in these states.

Art Therapy Is Not For Everyone

Art therapy isnt for everyone. While high levels of creativity or artistic ability aren’t necessary for art therapy to be successful, many adults who believe they are not creative or artistic might be resistant or skeptical of the process.

In addition, art therapy has not been found effective for all types of mental health conditions. For example, one meta-analysis found that art therapy is not effective in reducing positive or negative symptoms of schizophrenia.

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What Should You Know Before Claiming Natural Therapy On Your Health Insurance

Many health insurers offer health insurance sign-up deals.;While some health insurers may offer a benefit for naturopathy, its a good idea to read the fine print in a product disclosure statement as part of comparing different health insurance policies. Check to see if a specific treatment you may be interested in is covered by a policy thats on offer, and if any terms and conditions apply . Plus, if you are need flexibility with which provider you see, you may like to check if a provider is approved by a health fund you are considering.

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Therapy Is Where You Make Changes

Health Insurance vs. Vision Insurance

Therapy is a place where youre committed to changing aspects of your life that you find to be problematic. A therapeutic environment is one where you feel safe enough to confront your emotional issues and make changes. Some things work, and some things dont, and sometimes, its a matter of trial and error to establish what works for you. Its a place where you can go to talk about what it means to you to grow as a human being. Therapy is a collaboration between you and the professional that youre working with to better your mental health. You dont have to do anything that you arent comfortable with in therapy, and its important to remember that you have the agency to move at your own pace in treatment.

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How Did Music Affect You

After reviewing 25 trials, the researchers concluded that music is a valid therapy to potentially reduce depression and anxiety, as well as to improve mood, self-esteem, and quality of life. They also noted that no negative side effects were reported in any of the trials, making music a low-risk treatment.

How To Get Started

If you think you or someone you love would benefit from art therapy, consider the following steps:

  • Seek out a trained professional. Qualified art therapists will hold at least a masters degree in psychotherapy with an additional art therapy credential. To find a qualified art therapist, consider searching the Art Therapy Credentials Board website.
  • . While art therapy may not be covered by your health insurance, there may be certain medical waivers to help fund part of the sessions. Your insurance may also be more likely to cover the sessions if your therapist is a certified psychologist or psychiatrist who offers creative therapies.
  • Ask about their specialty. Not all art therapists specialize in all mental health conditions. Many specialize in working with people who have experienced trauma or individuals with substance use disorders, for example.
  • Know what to expect. During the first few sessions, your art therapist will likely ask you about your health background as well as your current concerns and goals. They may also suggest a few themes to begin exploring via drawing, painting, sculpting, or another medium.
  • Be prepared to answer questions about your art-making process. As the sessions progress, you’ll likely be expected to answer questions about your art and how it makes you feel. For example: What were you thinking while doing the art? Did you notice a change of mood from when you started to when you finished? Did the artwork stir any memories?

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What To Expect In A Therapy Session

Every therapy session is different, but in general, you can expect that itll take about 45 minutes to an hour and that youll sit down with a licensed mental health professional to talk about your problems. Solutions dont come right away, but its a journey that your therapist is on with you. If you put in the hard work, you and your life will change, and youll grow as a person for the better.

What Are Some Common Therapeutic Approaches

Health Insurance Explained: 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Covered California in 2021 (Obamacare)


Emphasizes learning to recognize and change negative thought patterns and behaviours, improving how feelings and worries are handled, and breaking the cycle of dysfunctional habitual behaviours. It aims to help people see the connection between how they think, what they tell themselves, and the feelings and actions that follow.

Interpersonal Therapy

Emphasizes identifying and understanding self-defeating patterns in relationships, figuring out why a particular situation is happening in a particular context, changing patterns that dont work and developing healthier ones. In this approach, relationships and the here-and-now are the focus.

Systemic approaches

Look at problems in the context of other people and social relationships, and focus on understanding and shifting the current dynamics of relationships, families, and even work settings.

Mindfulness-based interventions

May also be integrated into therapy and are becoming increasingly common. Mindfulness refers to developing the ability to connect to the present moment rather than dwelling on regrets about the past or worries about the future. Connecting to the present allows us to create new and healthier ways to respond to lifes challenges.

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Common Misconceptions About Therapy

Some people believe that they dont need a therapist and that they can solve their problems. As smart and intuitive as you are, its always helpful to have an objective person to help figure out whats happening. Youre not objective about your own life, so therapy is beneficial for everyone in that regard. Another misconception that some people believe is that therapy is only for crazy people. Its not. Therapy is for anyone who wants to better themselves and gain emotional insight into who they are. You can learn the tools to become more self-aware and balanced. Some people believe that therapy is for people who are self-absorbed and want to talk about themselves all the time and that its a place to complain. The reality is that treatment requires substantial emotional labor and its certainly not about complaining – therapy is about finding solutions to persistent problems in your life. A therapist isnt there to listen to people whine. Theyre there to help you be productive and learn how to help yourself.

What Is A Sliding Scale Fee

Some therapy practices offer a sliding-scale fee, or a fee that can be higher or lower based on a clients income. Finding a therapist who uses a sliding scale is one way for individuals who are concerned about the cost of therapy to access affordable treatment. Information on whether a therapist uses a sliding scale is included in the Finances section of listings in the Therapy Directory.

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Are You Trained To Work With Perinatal Mental Health

Yes, Adele Stuckey, LPC, ATR-BC has completed training with Postpartum Support International to support birthing and parenting people experiencing perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

Navigating the perinatal period as a queer couple presents additional stress factors. Adele works with individuals in the LGBTQIA+ community who are experiencing stress related to the birthing and parenting process.

Student And Volunteer Opportunities

Library of health policy clip stock png files Clipart Art 2019

To learn about the internship opportunities offered by Child Life, Education and Creative Arts Therapy, please visit our Professional Education Opportunities page. If you are interested in assisting patients and families at CHOP, but are not interested in or able to meet the requirements of the internship program, you may want to consider volunteering.

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Art Therapy Can Take Place In A Variety Of Settings

Inpatient offices, private mental health offices, schools, and community organizations are all possible settings for art therapy services. Additionally, art therapy may be available in other settings such as:

  • Art studios

If specialized media or equipment is required, however, finding a suitable setting may become challenging.

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