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Should I Buy Title Insurance

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Is Title Insurance Really Worth It

Is Title Insurance Worth It When Buying A House?

As you can see from the examples above, its very risky to go without title insurance when youre buying a home. Its important to make sure that youre protected and you dont get stuck paying someone elses debt in order to salvage the property that you spent your own hard-earned money on.

What you pay for title insurance will vary based on where you live and the policy itself. For example, a lenders policy may cost around $2.50 for every $1,000 of coverage.

The average owners title insurance policy costs about $1,000. But depending on how much your home costs, title insurance could run anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Title insurance may be a small price to pay for peace of mind, and in most cases will be required by the lender anyway.

Who Pays For The Policy

Now, this might shock you, but sometimes the buyer doesnt have to pay for the owners or lenders policy for that matter. In a lot of cases, its the unwritten rules of the local real estate that determine which party pays for the insurance. So, if youre lucky enough to be living in a place where the insurance costs are handled by the seller good for you.

Additionally, in most instances, if you decide to buy an owners policy, you could save a few bucks if you decide to pay both owners and lenders at the same time.

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How Much Is Title Insurance

Depending on the insurance provider and the state in which you live, title insurance premiums can vary. A policy can cost $500 $3,500. If the seller is purchasing the owners policy, the cost could be factored into the sale of the property.

The insurance process is usually initiated by a third party, such as a closing agent, once the property purchase agreement has been completed. Its not uncommon for both a lenders and an owners policy to be required by this process to ensure all parties involved are protected. Both policies can be purchased for the one-time fee mentioned.

Unlawful Rebates And Commissions

Why Should I Buy Title Insurance?

An unlawful rebate occurs when a lender or real estate broker or home builder receives free or discounted services, property, or money in exchange for steering business to a title company. Such rebates act to inflate title insurance premium rates for all consumers. It is also unlawful if a title insurer, underwritten title company, or a controlled escrow company offers you a fee or charge that is less than the currently effective schedule for fees and charges filed with the California Department of Insurance . The filed schedule is used as a basis for comparison between companies. If a title insurer offers a rebate from the scheduled fees and charges, it results in a discriminatory practice, which is unfair to all consumers.

Like rebating, it is unlawful to pay a commission indirectly or directly to any person as a means of generating a referral or actual placement of title insurance. If either of these activities involves a real estate broker, you can report this activity to the Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Real Estate, and any other appropriate government agencies.

If you suspect that a title insurance company, escrow company or title insurer is offering unlawful rebates or commissions, you can report this suspected activity to the California Department of Insurance.

If you have a question, problem, or dispute with a title insurance company, contact the CDI for assistance.

  • Real Estate Owned
  • Outside signing service

Escrow Loan Fee

Escrow Sale Fee


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What Is Enhanced Title Insurance

Title insurance companies offer a standard owners title insurance policy, which provides basic coverage, and they now offer an enhanced policy with expanded coverage.

Standard title policies protect against title issues that existed prior to the issue date of the policy and cover the cost of legal defense of the title. The actual policy lists the numerous title issues covered, including many of those listed above, along with a list of exclusions from coverage.

Expanded or enhanced title insurance offers superior protection. In addition to the standard coverages, enhanced title insurance policies cover a wide range of issues that are hard to detect, such as restrictive covenant violations, building permit violations, zoning law violations, supplemental taxes, undisclosed encroachments and easements. Moreover, enhanced policies tend to provide for automatic increases in coverage limits. For more information on the benefits of enhanced policies that may vary for different issuers, please contact Weissman or a title insurance company. Because of this expanded coverage, most real estate professionals, Weissman included, will recommend an enhanced owners title insurance policy over a standard policy.

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Lenders Title Insurance Policy

A lender will always require the borrower to purchase a lenders title insurance policy before obtaining a home loan, and the policy is usually issued by the title company to mark the conclusion of their title search.

The basic functionality is the same as that of an owners policy: to protect the lender against potential losses in the event that the seller is not legally able to transfer title rights. The lender is covered up to the loan amount. Only the lender is protected by such a policy, however.

If you end up saddled with back taxes and arent personally insured, a lenders policy wont protect you, but an owners title insurance policy will.

What Is Lenders Title Insurance

Title Insurance explained visually

A lenders title policy is designed to protect the financial institution providing your mortgage from title claims that would put their stake in your home at risk. Lenders almost always require borrowers to purchase title insurance on the lenders behalf as part of the loan-approval process. Its considered a closing cost.

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How Does Title Insurance Differ From Homeowners Insurance

Title insurance protects against losses due to defects in title. Before issuing a title insurance policy, title companies search and examine title plants or public records to identify liens, claims or encumbrances on the property, and alert you to possible title defects. The premium cost is a one-time fee payable at the time of escrow closing.In contrast, homeowners insurance insures your house and contents and may provide coverage for losses due to fire or lightning, theft, vandalism, and personal liability claims brought against you, the policyholder. Homeowners premiums are often billed monthly, quarterly or annually and installment payment options are often available. Title insurers in California are not permitted to provide homeowners insurance to you.

Sellers Who Are Estates

In cases where the seller of a property is an estate, there is often the possibility that heirs and fiduciaries of said estate commit illegal acts that impact the validity of the sale of the property to you, in addition to several other types of problems that may lead you to sustain significant financial losses. Heirs can contest matters pertaining to finances in a relatives estate even if the executor is not a family member.

Keep in mind that if you dont have owners title insurance, the process of resolving a title claim can be strenuous and expensive. In these cases, you must typically pay off the claim prior to appearing before a court and defending this claim, no matter how long the lawsuit takes to resolve. Youre also responsible for paying legal fees. If you lose your case, youll be required to pay the full claim. You could also risk foreclosure and losing any equity you have in your home.

As always, be sure to evaluate your unique risks and needs to decide whether you wish to purchase a basic or extended owners title insurance policy. Many title companies offer both types of policies, the latter of which covers things such as structural damages, living trusts, forgeries, and encroachments, as well as previous ownership covenant violations.

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Am I Required To Have Title Insurance

There is no law requiring you to purchase any title insurance on your home, but you may want to consider this coverage to protect your investment in your home. When you purchase a home and receive the paper title the deed – to the property, you become the official owner of the property. In addition to purchasing what you can see, you may inadvertently be purchasing any unaddressed claims on the property that are attached to the title of the property. Prior to completing the purchase, you and your lender will want to make sure that no one has asserted rights to your property, usually referred to as claims, liens or encumbrances. Title insurance is usually bought as part of the closing process arranged to transfer ownership of the property to protect you and the lender from any problems or defects with the title to the property.

Owners and lenders are the two primary types of title policies.

Who Pays For Owners Title Insurance

Should I Buy Title Insurance : Resources

The question of who pays for this insurance varies by state and sometimes from county to county. In about 20 states, its the sellers responsibility, and in another 20 or so states the responsibility falls to the buyer.

Then there are a handful of states where the question of who pays for owners title insurance is either negotiable or the cost is divided equally between both parties.

A local title insurance company will be able to give you the final word on how its handled in your area. Pick up the phone and ask them theyre sure to have the right info for you! Real estate agents are another knowledgeable resource on this topic.

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How The Preliminary Title Report Helps Ensure Clear Title

No one wants the past to come back and bite the homebuyer this way, which is why the title insurance company will perform a “title search” as its first task before issuing the policy.

The search involves combing through public records concerning the houseincluding past deeds, wills, trusts, divorce decrees, bankruptcy filings, court judgments, and tax records.

The resulting preliminary title report gives everyone a chance to eliminate trouble spots before proceeding with the saleor to call the sale off, if anything too serious is uncovered. It also lets everyone know the conditions under which you’ll be offered insurance. For example, the policy won’t cover some things that can’t be known or cleared up .

Fortunately, you shouldn’t be the one who has to act on any title defects. Since you’re being promised clear title, any clouds that emerge are the seller’s problem, not yours. The closing agent will normally call the seller’s real estate agent or attorney if the report shows a defect. Most sellers agree to pay off any liens through a deduction from the purchase money at closing.

For more information on purchasing title insurance and other legal and practical tasks involved in buying a house, see Nolo’s Essential Guide to Buying Your First Home, by Ilona Bray, Ann O’Connell, and Marcia Stewart . If you ever end up in a situation where you might have to make a title insurance claim, consider consulting with a local real estate attorney to go over your options.

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What Does Owner’s Title Insurance Pay For

Your owner’s title insurance policy is a one-time cost for protection against financial loss related to a problem with the title. If youre sued by someone claiming your deed is fraudulent and the property belongs to them, the policy covers your legal fees and court costs. If the state comes after you for past unpaid property taxes, the policy covers those. These are typically issues that youd have no way of knowing about and were not responsible for causing, yet could cost you a lot of money to fix.

There are several cases where homeowners benefited from having owner’s title insurance. Here are a few examples:

Most commonly, there is an undiscovered lien on the property that could range from a couple hundred to several thousand dollars. Title insurance pays for that if it wasnt uncovered in a title search.

Why Do I Need Title Insurance

Should I get title insurance when buying commercial property?

Title searches aren’t perfect. It’s not common for these thorough searches to miss something, but it does happen. And you need to be protected from others claiming ownership of your property months down the road.

Consider this scenario. You enter into a contract to buy a home, the title search comes back clear, and then you close on the property. A few months later, someone shows up claiming to be the prior owner’s older sibling. They state that the property was left to them in a will and should never have been sold.

While situations like this aren’t too common, it’s extremely important to have title insurance in case they happen. Your title insurer will typically cover things like ownership disputes, document forgery, and restrictive covenants that were previously unknown. They can also protect you from unknown liens and judgments against the property, just to name a few title defect examples.

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What Do Title Insurance Agents/companies Do

Title insurance agents/companies search public records to develop and document the chain of ownership of a property. If any liens or encumbrances are found, the title company might require a home buyer to eliminate them before issuing a title policy. Title insurance agents might also hold money in escrow and perform closing services for an additional fee.

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What Should I Do If Anyone Makes A Claim Against My Real Property

Most insurance policies generally require you give immediate notice of the possible claim to your insurance company. You may also want to consider consulting with an attorney.

Keep a hard copy of your title policy and closing protection letter in a safe place. You will need the policy documents to submit a claim.

How To Get Title Insurance

Should I Use a Title Company When Buying or Selling Real Estate?

When you take out a mortgage to buy a home, the closing agent will often choose your title insurer for you. Or, you have the option of shopping around to find the best deal. To shop around:

  • Ask friends and family for recommendations for closing service providers.
  • Get a price quote and references from any closing service provider you decide to consider.
  • Contact references to learn about their experiences.
  • Choose your closing service provider.
  • Contact your lender to let them know who your closing service provider is.

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Do You Need Title Insurance

By FindLaw Staff | Reviewed by Robert Rafii, Esq. | Last updated November 19, 2021

All your hard work has paid off. You just found your dream house. Maybe you even got a deal on it, or maybe you had to offer 20% over list price. Still, it’s your dream home and you’ll figure out a way to come up with the 20%.

Maybe you could start by cutting out the expense of that thing called “title insurance.” After all, the house is in the city and it’s had the same owner for the last 40 years. How could there be any problems with the title?

This article explains what home buyers need to know about title insurance â and whether you need it:

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