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Virtual Doctor Visit No Insurance

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Can You Book A Doctor Visit Without Insurance

Virtual doctor visits now covered by insurance in Ohio

Many Americans faced job losses this year. That means that a lot of families lost their health insurance. That leaves many wondering, can you make a doctor’s appointment without insurance?

Doctors and healthcare facilities allow individuals to book appointments without insurance. When scheduling an appointment, patients are asked about who will pay for the services. Without health insurance, it is possible to pay out-of-pocket. If paying for treatment without insurance coverage, it is important to consider factors like necessity and cost.

Here’s what you need to know when booking a doctor’s appointment without insurance.

The Care You Need With The Convenience You Want

Virtual visits are available for routine appointments, medication renewal requests or if youre unwell. See a local Village Medical physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner when and where it is most convenient for you.

  • See a Village Medical doctor from the safety and comfort of your own home
  • No special software, apps or passwords needed
  • Same-day appointments available

If you have an existing provider at your local Village Medical location, youll be paired with that provider whenever possible.

The Difference Between Telemedicine And Telehealth

Telemedicine refers to online clinical services such as virtual doctor visits. Telemedicine falls under the larger umbrella of telehealth, which refers to a system that provides healthcare monitoring, virtual clinical visits, and healthcare education services using technology and electronic communications.

Healthcare providers can use tools like FaceTime and Skype to conduct telemedicine appointments and work with patients via video chat. Doctors can prescribe you medications using telehealth, as well as refer you for lab work or other tests if needed. Telehealth is ideal for minor health issues, follow-up appointments, or general consultations. If your health problem is urgent such as a heart issue, broken bone, or another emergency its best to see your doctor in person or visit your local hospital.

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How Much Is A Doctor’s Appointment Without Insurance In 2021

An average doctor’s appointment costs between $68 and $234, according to The charge may change depending on how difficult the condition is and how much time the doctor spends with the patient.

One cost-saving alternative to an in-office appointment is telemedicine. Online doctors offer significant savings to patients, including the expense of time and travel. And some online doctors offer reduced visit fees as well.

Even those with insurance can benefit from saving money on gas and cutting the wait time by booking a virtual physician appointment. All of the top private health insurers offer some telehealth coverage.

Ready To Start Your 24/7 Virtual Visit

Get a Virtual Doctors Appointment through TeleMedOne!  Get it Free

Set up a® account if you don’t already have one or sign in to get started.

  • Data rates may apply.
  • Certain prescriptions may not be available, and other restrictions may apply.
  • The Designated Virtual Visit Providers reduced rate for a 24/7 Virtual Visit is subject to change at any time. Average allowed amounts charged by UnitedHealthcare Network Providers are not tied to a specific condition or treatment. Actual payments may vary depending upon benefit coverage. Estimated Urgent Care savings are based on $131 difference between average Urgent Care visit cost of $180 and Virtual Visit cost of $49 $2,000.00 difference between the average Emergency Room visit and the average urgent care visit. The information and estimates provided are for general informational and illustrative purposes only and is not intended to be nor should be construed as medical advice or a substitute for your doctors care. You should consult with an appropriate health care professional to determine what may be right for you. In an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.
  • The UnitedHealthcare® app is available for download for iPhone® or Android®. iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. Android is a registered trademark of Google LLC.

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    Why Should I Use Telemedicine

    Telemedicine can be helpful for a variety of reasons. For example, telemedicine helps lower healthcare costs, as these visits tend to be cheaper than in-person visits. Additionally, telemedicine makes healthcare more accessible, as patients can access medical professionals from the comfort of their homes. Other benefits of telemedicine include:

    • No transportation time or cost
    • Less time in a waiting room
    • On-demand options
    • Access to specialists

    Will My Insurance Cover The Visit

    We accept most major insurance plans including Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, and most Medicaid plans. Learn more about insurance here.

    PCR, rapid, and antibody testing fees are covered at this time. Separate third-party lab cost dependent on your insurance plan: PCR results in 37 days, rapid results same day, and antibody results in 25 days.

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    Five Star Service From The Comfort Of My Home

    I was debating whether going to an Emergency room or having a dispatch physician come to my home for an eye infection. I have a toddler and with everything going on with Covid I couldnât take the chances of going to the ER. Dispatch health doesnât have any appointments until typically the following day. After doing some research I came across PlushCare and opted for a very well rated physician. They had appointments that same morning! The call was great. The doctor was extremely knowledgeable. He explained the care plan thoroughly and had a very pleasant personality. He sent my prescription to the pharmacy even before we finished our call. My toddler was in the background quietly playing. How great that I was able to do this doctor visit from the comfort of my own home.

    T.R., Jan 2022

    Timely Accessible Preventive And Ongoing Care

    Get a telehealth appointment without insurance – virtual visit with an online doctor review

    The convenience and accessibility of online care makes it easy to take advantage of preventive care and address symptoms and concerns before they become larger health issues. Simply meet with your doctor online whenever and wherever it is convenient for you to access preventive care benefits, often free of cost with health insurance, saving you a trip to the doctorâs office.You can choose the best PlushCare physician for your medical needs and continue to see them, making it easy to manage ongoing conditions on your schedule. Conveniently keep track of your health, progress, and medical information since you can access your records online at any time.

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    Best For Flexible Care Options: Sesame


    • Price: Varies depending on your location and provider
    • Accepts Insurance: No for appointments yes for medication
    • Platform: Computer and app

    With thousands of appointments available every day, Sesame is perfect for those seeking flexible, affordable care. It offers a wide variety of services, including dental care, skin consultations, therapy, sexual health, and more.

    • Easily view available physicians, wait times, and costs

    • Works with doctors across more than 80 specialties

    • Optional cost-saving monthly membership available

    • Affordable prices without insurance

    • Accepts HSA and FSA funds

    • In-person clinics only available in some states

    • Insurance coverage only for medication

    • Must pay for appointment at the time of booking

    Sesame was founded in 2018, and it offers affordable care to those with or without insurance across the country. As a superstore for health care, the telehealth service provides flexible care both virtually and in-person with experts specializing in more than 80 conditions. You can find providers for urgent care, prescription refills, mental health support, dermatology appointments, dental care, and more.

    Sesame doesn’t accept insurance, but users are able to view pricing for each board-certified physician before booking an appointment with them. If you’re looking for high-quality, flexible care, Sesame is a great choice.

    The Benefits Of Virtual Care

    • No waiting rooms. You get connected quickly.
    • 24/7, live and on-demand for a variety of minor health care questions and concerns.1
    • Access to care from just about anywhere.
    • It’s convenient, not costly. For example, talking to a board-certified doctor for a minor medical issue costs less than an ER or urgent care center, and may even be less than an in-office Primary Care Provider visit.


    Watch this short video to learn more about virtual care with MDLive® for Cigna.®

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    Top Telemedicine Services Without Insurance In 2021

    As technology advances, telemedicine has been gaining popularity. However, the price of telehealth can climb, especially for those without health insurance. If you do not have health insurance, the best services for acquiring telemedicine include GoodRx Care, MDLive, Teladoc, Amwell, Doctor on Demand, and Mira.

    Mira offers virtual care options for just $45 per month with low co-pays. Additionally, with Mira, you can receive access to urgent care visits, lab testings, and up to 80% off prescriptions for just $45 per month. .

    Can Online Doctors Prescribe Medication

    Online Doctor Visit: Telemedicine service by Primary Care Physicians

    Yes, online doctors can prescribe some medications, which usually include antibiotics, antidepressants, anti-anxiety meds, acne treatments, and more. However, usually, your online doctor cannot prescribe controlled substances, which are drugs like Adderall, narcotics, and certain psychiatric medications.

    Many telemedicine medical professionals offer refunds if they feel they cannot help you with the care you need during an online visit. You are then free to see a doctor in person who can prescribe the most suitable medication.

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    Are Telemedicine Doctors Qualified

    Yes. Legally to practice medicine in the United States, doctors must have attended medical school and be licensed by the state licensing board where theyre practicing. Doctors must be licensed in the same state where the patient is physically located at the time of the visit. Licensing means youre assured of high levels of patient care from well-trained and qualified doctors.

    Online Doctor Visits And Treatments Costs

    Get treated by an online doctor for $49 with no insurance required. Our telehealth professionals bring down health costs and eliminate the waiting room completely by seeing your doctor online. Our costs are about half when compared with similar online doctor services and far less than a visit to urgent care. We treat a wide range of common conditions which are can be easily treated without the need to see a physician physically. Medical conditions such as Allergies, Bladder Infections, Ear Infections, Sinuses, UTI, Pink Eye, Upper Respiratory, STI, Colds, and the Flu are just some of the hundreds of conditions our doctors treat every day. Here is the list of the treatments we provide.

    Virtual Care Medical Treatments

    WebDoctors provides medical access to a board-certified doctor online, 24/7, anytime and anywhere. From your smartphone, tablet, or computer, our telehealth services, allows patients to get treatment virtually. Millions of Americans now benefit from high-quality doctor care from their home or office, forgoing the dreaded waiting room. With roughly 50 treatable conditions, seeing a online doctor for treatment in minutes has never been easier or more convenient. Imagine physician visits on your time, not ours.

    Web Doctors Virtual Visits – 100% Money Back Guarantee
    Online Doctor Treatments Eliminate Barriers to Care
    Online Treatments for Specific Conditions
    See a Doctor Online in Minutes
    Web Doctors Online Simplifies Healthcare

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    Can You Book A Doctor’s Appointment Without Insurance

    Healthcare providers, like doctors, treat patients’ health concerns. When it is time to see a physician, the first step is to contact them for an appointment.

    To make an appointment to see the doctor, patients will need these things:

    • Patient information, usually name, address, and date of birth
    • The reason for the visit
    • Insurance information, if you have it

    Those who are not covered by a health insurance plan can still schedule an appointment. The doctor’s office will charge the patient directly instead of billing an insurance company.

    Making a doctor’s appointment without insurance is just like making an appointment with coverage. In most situations, patients can receive the same treatment.

    Sometimes a test or medication is very expensive without insurance. However, doctors will often discuss what treatments or procedures are necessary and how costly they may be. That is why it is good to talk with a doctor even if you don’t have insurance.

    A recent poll found that about 44% of Americans would not go to the doctor if sick or injured because of the cost.

    Many providers offer discounts for cash-paying customers. Others may be able to arrange payment plans. There is nothing more valuable than your health. Skipping the doctor because you don’t have insurance is a bad idea.

    Best For Comprehensive Care: Doctor On Demand

    Lexington physician offering “virtual doctor visits”

    Doctor on Demand

    • Price: Medical care $75 per visit, Mental health $129 to $299
    • Accepts Insurance: Yes
    • Platform: Computer, phone, and app

    Doctor on Demand provides care for a broad assortment of issues. Patients can use the service for mental health care, preventive care, urgent care, chronic issues, and more. As well, coverage is available for both adults and children.

    • 24/7 access to medical and mental health care

    • Offers medication management

    • Services offered to adults and children

    • No subscription plans or discounts

    • Therapy availability varies by state

    • Can be expensive without insurance coverage

    Serving patients since 2013, Doctor on Demand has been providing excellent service to patients around the country for almost a decade. The company offers a comprehensive lineup of services including urgent care, mental health, preventive health, and chronic care. From weight management to acute illness and stress, you’ll find everything you need under one platform.

    Doctor on Demand makes scheduling simple through its app and web portal, and it has appointments available within minutes. In the web portal, you can schedule with providers or select the next available appointment. The app is user-friendly and walks you through the entire process from initial account creation to insurance and scheduling. Plus, you’re able to check your coverage before scheduling a visit.

    Doctor on Demands pricing varies based on the type of appointment and your benefits.

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    Best Online Doctors Of 2022

    • Price: Urgent care $0 to $82, behavioral health $0 to $284, dermatology $0 to $95
    • Accepts Insurance: Yes
    • Platform: Phone, computer, and app

    MDLIVE is our best overall virtual doctor service because of its easy-to-use platform that allows you to schedule appointments within minutes. The service provides care for more than 80 different conditions across urgent care, mental health, and dermatology.

    • Provides care for more than 80 conditions

    • Licensed physicians available 24/7 on-demand

    • Responsive hotline for questions or concerns

    • Offers medication management services

    • Can be expensive without insurance

    • Doesnt provide care for certain issues

    MDLIVE offers on-demand specialists for urgent care, a transparent fee structure, and live support for illnesses, injuries, mental health concerns, and hair, skin, and nail conditions. You can speak with healthcare providers via phone, computer, or app-based appointments. Its important to note that the service provides urgent care for both children and adults, but for behavioral health, it sees patients only if they’re older than 13.

    MDLIVEs pricing varies based on the type of care you need and your insurance if you have any.

    Insurance plans MDLIVE accepts:

    Book An Appointment With My Virtual Physician

    My Virtual Physician offers the best in telemedicine services. They regularly add new insurance plans, but those without insurance can see a doctor today for only $49.99. Each patient at My Virtual Physician receives patient-focused, quality care with or without health coverage.

    If you’ve experienced a job change or lost health insurance coverage, check with My Virtual Physician for a doctor near you. Book now with the secure patient portal. And get the care you need.

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    Best For The Lgbtq+ Community: Folx Health

    Folx Health

    • Platform: Computer

    As the first transgender-specific telehealth platform, Folx Health offers care to LGBTQ+ individuals in a compassionate and supportive manner. The service offers care for sexual well-being, family planning, and hormone replacement therapy.

    • Subscriptions for hormone replacement therapy

    • Includes a virtual library of supportive resources

    • Expert clinicians who specialize in LGBTQ+ care

    • Provides one-on-one consultations

    • Currently available in only 33 states

    • Does not accept insurance

    • Can only treat people over 18

    Launched in December 2020, this up-and-coming service, Folx Health, provides a safe and supportive platform exclusively for the LGBTQ+ community. The companys model focuses on giving you control of your health and wellnessand the freedom to access expert care, no matter where you are. Folx Health helps patients with fertility, gender consultation, nutrition, sex, and more, plus it supplies medication for pre-exposure prophylaxis , erectile dysfunction , estrogen, and testosterone.

    To get started, you can either customize a subscription plan based on your needs or schedule a one-time visit with an experienced provider. Although Folx is available in only 33 states, the list of services and locations continues to expand. Folx doesnt accept insurance, as it wants the costs to be as transparent as possible however, you can choose to pay with an FSA/HSA card.

    Shop Around To Save Money

    Virtual Doctor No Insurance

    Not all telemedicine visits are created the same, so it pays to do your research before you book an appointment. Online doctor visits can come in handy if you dont have transportation or are too ill to make a trip to the doctors office. Virtual visits are also ideal if you have minor health issues, need a prescription drug refill, or general healthcare advice.

    Most telemedicine visits cost about the same as in-person visits but check with your health insurance plan provider and doctors office first to find out what copays and fees apply. You can save money by shopping around and comparing costs. If youre not booking your telemedicine appointment through your insurance, remember to check the GoodRx Telehealth Marketplace to find an affordable option for your health needs.

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