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What Do Life Insurance Blood Tests Test For

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What Exactly Does The Life Insurance Drug Test Look For

Life Insurance Blood Test Insights

    The life insurance drug test varies somewhat between companies. For the most part they all test for the same things. Although there are a couple variations on methods. We broke down the different substances into categories. Each category has what it is, what it does, what happens if they find it, and how to pass the life insurance drug test.

    Dont lie on your application! If you get caught, you have serious problems to deal with.

    Important! Dont lie on your insurance application. Dont lie to your medical examiner. Thats insurance fraud. If you die and the insurance company can prove that you committed fraud, your beneficiaries wont get paid. At all. If you dont die and get caught, no other insurance company will touch you. Ever.

    We recommend that you stop using any of the following for at least a year before applying for life insurance. With the exception of caffeine, marijuana, and nicotine. Then just make healthy, responsible life choices.

    A year is the magic number in most forms of insurance. If you maintain a habit for a year, the insurance companies tend not to worry about it. Sometimes the application will ask about any use in the past 3 years. So consider yourself forewarned.

    Preparing For Your Life Insurance Drug Test And Medical Exam

    When you know that you want to purchase life insurance, try to use the opportunity to improve your health. Making positive lifestyle changes could lower your premium and improve your overall health.

    Some people try to trick insurers by abstaining from drugs for a short period. Some people also try to flush their systems before taking drug tests.

    Abstaining for a short time might give you a lower premium. Consider that it can take up to 10 days for nicotine and other drugs from tobacco to leave your system. Drug tests can detect THC in your blood for up to 30 days since your last use. The amount of time that THC stays in your system depends on how often you use cannabis, though. A frequent user will test positive for a much longer period than someone who only uses once or twice a year.

    Abstaining to pay a lower premium may sound like a good idea, but it could lead to future problems. Lets say you die in an accident thats connected to substance use. The insurance company could use the presence of drugs in your system to deny your family benefits. It makes more sense to either give the insurer an accurate portrayal of your health or commit to a long-term lifestyle change that doesnt include using drugs.

    You dont want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on life insurance that doesnt benefit your loved ones. Thats nothing but a waste of money.

    What Does A Medical Test For Term Insurance Consist Of

    Following from the fact that the medical tests required for each individual will vary on a case-by-case basis, it is important to understand the role of your declaration here. Your and your familys medical history will be taken into account to find out what all medical parameters have to be covered. As a general rule, the most common ones would be basic height and weight measurement, blood test, and urine test. Urine tests ensure the cotinine levels found in the samples are within an acceptable range, thus supporting your smoker or non-smoker status in the application form. So when you apply for a term insurance policy, be prepared for these. The basic measurements of the physical body helps the insurance company to understand Body Mass Index and if the potential policyholder is prone to risks.

    Another common request is for a blood test. These are very versatile in the varied aspects they can help measure. The blood tests usually consist of the following test profiles.

    • Complete Blood Count
    • Fasting Plasma Glucose
    • Haemoglobin

    Once you have the medical tests reports, you can avail affordable premiums for the Future Generali Flexi Online Term Plan . In accordance with your health status and indicated preferences, the premium will slide, but the knowledge from the medical test for term insurance can definitely help ensure a justified premium and coverage.

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    What Happens After Your Blood Test

    Once blood test results are processed, the insurance company will use them in conjunction with medical exams and other information to determine the applicant’s risk category. Sometimes referred to as the “preferred plus” category, the healthiest candidates are offered the best premiums. Candidates who are not as healthy or who have notable risk factors, such as smoking, may be offered policies at higher premiums or denied coverage altogether.

    If there is a problem with your blood results, you may consider requesting a second exam. Even common laboratory tests for health conditions can sometimes return false-positive results. For those generally in good health, this may be an option to correct for a bad day or fluke result.

    Is There Any Reason I Might Not Have To Take A Life Insurance Medical Exam

    Best Tips on Blood Test for Life Insurance

    Haven Life offers the InstantTerm, no medical exam process to individuals, up to age 45 and applying for up to $1 million in life insurance coverage, that qualify to skip the life insurance medical exam based on information in their application. This sophisticated technology analyzes various data, including the health information thats provided in the application and other external data you authorized us to collect, to make an eligibility decision in real time. Keep in mind: Issuance of the life insurance policy or payment of life insurance benefits may depend upon the answers given in the application and their truthfulness.

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    What Do Life Insurance Blood Tests Test For

    A medical life insurance exam is used to decide where you fall as a potential policyholder when it comes to levels of risk. If you are young and in perfect health, you are likely to get exceptional rates on life insurance coverage because you are less likely to die at a young age.

    Medical exams are also a way life insurance companies can make sure that your answers to any health questions are valid. With both life and health insurance exams, if the company discovers that you falsified information on your application, you will automatically be denied coverage.

    Most life insurance tests will include the following:

    • A drivers license or social security check
    • A blood sample
    • A measurement of your height, weight, pulse, and blood pressure
    • A series of health questions
    • A medical history verified by previous physicians

    The blood test part of a life insurance physical is used to screen for a lot of different health indicators, diseases, and conditions. Because these things could impact your lifespan, life insurance companies want to know as much as possible about your physical and medical condition.

    Among other things, a life insurance blood test tests for:

    • HIV and AIDS
    • Abnormal creatine levels
    • Abnormal protein levels

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    How Should I Prepare For The Paramed Exam

    The life insurance paramed exam is pretty straight forward but there are a few things you can do to ensure favorable results. Here are some tips to pass your life insurance blood test with flying colors.

    -Fast. This may be the most important tip. Abstain from all foods and drink for at least 12 hours prior to the exam. Taking the exam first thing in the morning is ideal.

    -Abstain from fatty or meat products before your exam. Avoid cheeseburgers, steaks or any foods that could elevate your cholesterol. A salad or fish dinner is a good option.

    -Avoid alcohol before the exam. Alcohol can elevate your liver enzyme levels.

    -Avoid supplements before your exam. Protein powders, vitamins and other supplements could also affect your liver function test results.

    -Abstain from exercise before your exam. Working out before the exam could elevate your blood pressure, protein levels or cause other faulty readings.

    -Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your exam.

    -Get a good nights rest and take the exam first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and you should be ready to pass the life insurance medical exam!

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    Your Life Insurance Policy And Drug Test

    Life insurance companies will ask you to complete a survey before they give you a premium quote. Most surveys ask about past and current drug use.

    Using drugs in the past doesnt necessarily affect your policy or premium. It’s important to answer the question accurately.

    Current drug use is more likely to influence your policys premium. You might as well tell the truth, though. No matter how you respond, the company will likely ask you to provide a blood sample. Once they have your blood, they can test it for illicit substances.

    Why should you answer the survey and put yourself at risk? Because lying also puts you at risk. If you say that you dont use drugs, but your blood test comes back positive for a substance, then the company will almost certainly deny you coverage.

    You should also provide truthful information so the insurer can get an accurate view of your health. If you use a drug that increases your blood pressure, then the insurance company needs to know about that situation. Otherwise, the company will assume that you have high blood pressure. By admitting that you have used a drug, you at least provide an explanation for your condition. You may even find that you can lower your blood pressure by abstaining. In that case, the company may reduce your premium after a future medical exam.

    Is It Possible To Get Insurance Without Having To Do A Medical Exam

    Life Insurance Blood Testing

    A medical exam is not required for all types of life insurance policies. There are usually no exams with guaranteed issue, final expense, or simplified issue term life. You might be asked to answer a few medical questions, depending on the type of coverage. The cost of a policy with a limited medical evaluation is generally higher. This is because the life insurance company issued your coverage without going through the whole underwriting process.

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    Detecting Liver Function In A Blood Test

    As part of the life insurance medical assessment liver function screening is conducted through a blood test. There are a number of tests that are performed to identify liver issues. The following tests are conducted:

    • Alkaline Phosphatase a high level of this protein could indicate liver disease.
    • Alanine Aminotransferase and Aspartate Aminotransferase these liver enzymes are released when there is liver damage. The higher the number, the more damage there is to the liver.
    • Gamma-Glutamyl Transferase high levels of this enzyme is also an indicator of liver damage. Certain medications, illicit drug use, heavy alcohol intake and bile tract obstruction can lead to high levels. of GGT.
    • Bilirubin high levels of bilirubin, a product of hemoglobin, can cause jaundice, indicating liver problems.

    Why Insurance Companies Require Blood & Urine Samples

    All insurance companies have at least some type of underwriting process that applicants must go through before they are approved for coverage. One of the primary reasons for this is so that the insurer can get a better idea of just how much risk it may be taking on.

    Life insurance blood testing will give the insurance company a full picture of the risk that they are underwriting by accessing the blood test results.

    For example, an individual who is in poor health is considered more of a risk to a life insurance company than a healthy person. Thats because the healthier individual, statistically, has a higher probability of living a longer life and in turn, not requiring the insurance company to pay out a death benefit on a life insurance policy.

    But life insurance blood testing really isnt all that bad, and going with a fully underwritten policy can also yield some nice benefits such as a lower premium cost, possibly.

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    Why Do Life Insurance Providers Require Medical Exams

    Life insurance providers use the information gathered at the routine medical exam to determine your overall health, which factors into the premium theyll charge for your life insurance policy. Better health usually means a lower premium.

    Paired with age, your health is one of the most important issues in determining the cost of your life insurance. In 2016, a healthy 30-year-old woman may have been able to get 20-year term life insurance for less than $40 per month with $1 million in coverage. Factors such as smoking or drinking an excessive amount of alcohol can cause that amount to increase.

    How To Prepare For The Life Insurance Blood Test

    Best Tips on Blood Test for Life Insurance

    Since the medical exam will influence your life insurance rates for the entirety of your policy, it makes sense you want to get the best results possible. While you cant change your medical history, there are a few things you can do to prepare.

    • Fast beforehand. You may be asked to fast up to 12 hours before testing so that your blood sugar and cholesterol levels are as accurate as possible.

    • Eat healthy foods. In the days leading up to your test, avoid high-sodium and sugary foods, which can raise your blood pressure or cholesterol.

    • Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated will help flush excess sodium from your system and make your veins easier to find for a blood draw.

    • Wear short sleeves. Short sleeves make it easier to conduct a blood test and help keep your exam brief.

    Making major lifestyle changes right before your exam, like quitting smoking, wont earn you more favorable premiums. Underwriters need you to maintain those changes for a year or more before offering better rates. But taking steps to get precise results will help you get the most affordable premiums for your health profile.

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    How Are The Results Used

    The information gathered on the application and from the other requirements is used to classify the risk a person presents. Based on the level of risk, the proposed insured is approved, declined or assigned a rating level, if that is how the Plan applied for is structured. Every company has its own rating and based on this, the premium structure is determined for each of its Group Plans.

    How Can I Prepare For A Life Insurance Medical Exam

    When it comes to medical exams for life insurance, the results are not “pass” or “fail.” The information collected during your medical exam is used to place you in a risk class and will impact the rate you are offered. It’s a good idea to ensure the exam represents your actual health condition and that you don’t inadvertently misrepresent your health with practices that could negatively impact the results of your bloodwork or vitals. If you don’t consider yourself to be at the peak of fitness, think about taking some time to put a healthier lifestyle in place prior to your insurance medical exam.

    In order to ensure that your results are not delayed, it’s a good idea to spend some time collecting your personal and family medical history as well as a list of medications you take. By preparing prior to the exam, it’s possible to avoid delays and frustration.

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    What If I Disagree With The Decision

    If you disagree with the decision, you may put your concerns in writing and send them to New York Life. It may mean furnishing additional information from your physician. Also, a rating or declination is not always permanent. Quitting smoking, losing weight, lowering your cholesterol, among other things , can all help change your risk classification.

    Confirmation Of Application Responses

    Life Insurance Blood Testing and Urine Testing

    Your blood and urine samples will be tested for prescription drug use, tobacco use and whether you have any diseases. In addition, you may be weighed and asked questions about your lifestyle. While the insurer already collected this information during the application process, it will be checking that your test results and answers are consistent.

    The insurer will also be checking that your responses match data from the Medical Information Bureau, prescription database and DMV records.

    This is why its important to answer all questions from the insurer and testing company honestly, even if they make you uncomfortable. Otherwise, you can be denied coverage. So, for example, if you take antidepressants or other medications, its better to disclose this early to the insurer, as it will find out. Insurers also have a two-year window from the time you purchase coverage during which, if they find youve provided false or misleading information, they can cancel your policy.

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    What Are Insurance Companies Looking For

    There are specific health factors that insurance companies keep an eye out for when screening potential customers. Theyll use the blood test to screen for a huge range of chronic diseases that could shorten your lifespan. These include diabetes, HIV and AIDS, heart disease, and kidney disease. Theyll also look at your cholesterol levels high cholesterol makes you more likely to develop a number of different conditions later in life.

    Insurance companies will also use your blood test to look for drug use. Theyll test for tobacco use, alcohol levels, prescription drug abuse, and more. Abusing drugs and alcohol can dramatically shorten your lifespan, and if you are a habitual smoker or drug user, your life insurance premiums will be significantly higher. If you do smoke or drink, its very important to be honest about it when applying for life insurance. If your insurance company finds out that you smoke through your blood test, they will consider your original application a form of insurance fraud. This means you could be charged higher premiums later on or even denied coverage. In the days leading up to the blood test, youll want to avoid cold remedies or sleeping pills, which can occasionally cause false positives for illegal drugs. Although these false positives are rare, you wont want to take the risk on such an important blood test. Your insurance company may instruct you to avoid certain foods or substances in the days leading up to the test for this reason.

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