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What Do Snowbirds Do About Health Insurance

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How To Get Health Insurance In Canada

Travel health insurance for snowbirds with Andrew Go and Rob Carrick

Until an expat becomes eligible for the public healthcare system, it is strongly recommended that they get travel medical insurance or an annual international medical plan before coming to Canada. A non-resident in Canada can pay upwards to 5,000 CAD per day if they require a hospital stay. This amount can double for intensive care. It is best that expats ensure they have some sort of coverage in case of an emergency.

Once an expat is qualified for the public healthcare system and is looking to top up their coverage with additional private insurance, getting in contact with the insurance company of your choice is simple . They will help you with the process, breakdown costs for you, and answer any questions or doubts you may have before signing up.

If you are getting health insurance via your employer, your companyâs Human Resources Department should be able to help you with this process, and typically take care of the enrollment process for you. They should also be able to help in answering any questions with regards to your private health insurance benefits and coverage.

Some Coverage Options For Snowbirds

  • $5,000,000 for emergency medical care per trip
  • Hospitalization fees
  • Professional fees for nurses, physicians and other health professionals for emergency medical treatment and care
  • Up to $2,000 for emergency dental treatment as a result of an accident
  • Emergency repatriation, when necessary and based on the medical condition of the insured, subject to approval by the travel assistance medical team and the attending physician at the destination
  • Transportation and out-of-pocket expenses for a relative coming to your bedside if you are hospitalized for more than 7 days
  • Up to $5,000 for the return of your vehicle to your Canadian residence with a professional driver service
  • Up to $3,000 for accommodation and meals if your return is delayed due to a medical emergency
  • Medical follow-up in Canada after repatriation

How Do I Get Snowbird Insurance With Billyard Insurance Group

Contact a broker at Billyard Insurance Group to get started with your quote. You may be required to complete a medical questionnaire to assist the insurance provider determine your premiums and eligibility. Our BIG Brokers are here to help and will walk you through the process. Dont hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.

If youre ready to start your snowbird travel insurance quote, contact us by giving us a call or filling out our online quote form.

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What Is Travel Insurance

At its most essential, travel insurance is a form of health insurance. If you have unexpected medical expenses while travelling, your travel insurance provider will pay medical bills covered under the policy.

This can extend beyond medical insurance to cover other travel-related expenses, like trip interruption, lost luggage, and document replacement. Coverage of medical costs is typically the number one reason snowbirds purchase a policy.

Why is travel insurance important?

The primary reason for buying travel insurance is simple: your provincial health insurance may not cover your medical bills while you are outside Canada.

Many people have some coverage through their credit card or employee benefits , but those options may leave you underinsured. Before leaving the country, you should ensure that your travel insurance includes health, life, and disability coverage to help you avoid the cost of hefty hospital and medical bills. Even just a few stitches could cost you thousands of dollars if youre uninsured.

Now that you know what travel insurance is and why it is an essential part of your pre-travel planning, here are some things to keep in mind when you are securing a policy:

Be Honest When Applying for Travel Insurance

Get The Right Coverage for You

If you have a spouse or children travelling with you, see if they are covered under the same policy or require a different plan.

Read the Fine Print

Fun in the Sun




What Does My Snowbird Insurance Cover

How do Travel Medical Questionnaires for Snowbirds Work?

When it comes to choosing the type of snowbird travel insurance you need, there are several options. If youre looking for a single trip you will want to ensure that you have emergency medical coverage. If youre planning on making multiple trips, you can purchase a multi-trip emergency medical insurance policy to cover you.

Trip duration can also be accomodated. So whether youre looking to escape the cold for a month or several, we can help you find the snowbird travel insurance coverage that youll need.

In addition, the type of coverage you get can be variable. You can get a fairly basic plan or a fully comprehensive plan. For example, all inclusive policies may include emergency medical insurance as well as trip cancellation, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, lost baggage. These types of policies give you peace of mind knowing that you are completely protected no matter what happens.

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Medical Care Away From Home: What Snowbirds Need To Know

Snowbirds have a lot to think about when they make their annual trek to Florida, and medical care and insurance coverage should be at the top of the list. How you handle routine and emergency medical treatment while you are in Florida will largely depend on the type of health insurance you have and the length of time you spend in the Sunshine State each year.

Your Newfound Freedom And Your Medicare Coverage

For most Americans, turning 65 means gaining access to Medicare. And if youre retiring, it might also mean a newfound freedom to travel more perhaps even establishing homes in more than one area and trying out the snowbird lifestyle. But if you do that, how will it affect your health coverage?

The good news is that you may find that Medicares nationwide coverage makes it easier to be location independent than it would have been with your pre-Medicare coverage, depending on that plans network and coverage area. But theres still plenty to keep in mind when youre figuring out how your Medicare coverage will work in another part of the country.

First of all, do you have Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan? Original Medicare provides nationwide coverage, whereas Medicare Advantage plans have provider networks that can be limited to a local area. But there are Medicare Advantage plans that work well for snowbirds, and Original Medicare beneficiaries need to understand how their supplemental coverage will work when theyre away from home.

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Knowing Floridas Auto Insurance Laws

But there are a few things that snowbirds should keep in mind while visiting Florida for an extended period of time. For example, did you know that there are certain auto insurance laws in place that you will need to know and understand should you find yourself involved in an auto accident while in Florida? Lets take a closer look at the rules.

Our personal injury lawyers want all snowbirds to know that if they intend to stay and operate their automobiles for more than 90 days in Florida, they must register their car in the state. You should note that when that registration takes place, you will then become subject to all of Floridas insurance laws, which are typically very different from those covering states up north.

Insurance For One Trip

Snowbirds pay tribute to health-care workers through Operation Inspiration

If you are heading south for the entire winter, without coming home for Christmas or other short periods of time than a single trip policy is probably the one you want. With this type of policy, you’ll be covered for up to 212 days if you live in Ontario or NFLD and 183 days for residents of other provinces and territories. These are consecutive days not accumulative.

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Canadian Insurers Are Refusing To Provide Travel Health Insurance To Snowbirds Hoping To Travel South This Winter However Some Us Insurers Are Willing To Step In

Elaine Smithtimerupdate

Each fall, Marion Bartlett, a retiree from Singhampton, Ont., eagerly anticipates her annual winter escape to St. Lucia.

Bartlett and her husband have been going to St. Lucia for a dozen years now, living in a neighbourhood where they are the token Canadians, welcomed warmly by their neighbours. Bartlett, an artist, is a volunteer teacher at the local school and gets involved with numerous local projects.

I really enjoy it, said Bartlett. Some of my best friends are there now. I cant think of not going but, this winter, we may be stuck here.

Bartlett and her husband arent the only Canadians whose travel plans have been thrown into disarray by COVID-19. Many Canadian snowbirds retirees who spend their winters in warmer climates are concerned about travelling south, especially to the United States.

A May 17 Ipsos poll indicated that only 20 per cent of Canadians anticipate travelling outside Canada in 2020 50 per cent would not be at all likely to do so.

Undoubtedly, they are influenced by Global Affairs Canadas ongoing COVID-19 travel advisory, recommending that Canadians avoid all non-essential travel outside Canada and to avoid all cruise ship travel until further notice. The ban has meant that Canadian insurers are not issuing travel health insurancefor people who ignore the advisory, putting snowbirds at risk for health expenses related to COVID-19 and other ailments.

Before you travel this winter:

How To Find A Family Doctor

Family doctors in Canada are also known as general practitioners . Be warned that there is actually a shortage of doctors in some parts of Canada, so finding a doctor might take some time. The earlier you can get started on your search, the better.

Here are some ways you can find a GP:

  • Get a recommendation from friends, colleagues, and other expats.
  • Do your search in July. Many family physicians graduate at this time so a whole new crop will be accepting new patients.

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Snowbird Travel Insurance For Canadian Visiting Usa

For Canadian planning to visit the US, it is prudent to purchase adequate Visitor Medical Insurance coverage for their own safety. Our Insurance policies are specifically created for Canadian seeking wide medical coverage away from home. We offer trustworthy and affordable Snowbird Travel Insurance for Canadian Visiting USA.

The USA is a center of attraction when it comes to exploring or even studying. People from all over the world including Canadian take a trip to the USA without fail. But, everyone forgets to get health insurance for Canadian visitors to the USA.

Why do we recommend getting one? When you are traveling, there are chances that your existing health insurance plan will not cover costs in another country. Hence, opt for expatriate medical insurance.

A good Visitor Medical Insurance plan or Snowbird travel insurance will not just pay for your unexpected medical expenses in the US, it may also cover a number of associated costs, depending on the type of plan you choose.

What Is A Snowbird

What Is Third

Snowbirds represent a demographic of nearly half a million Canadians that prefer to flock south for the winter. Many people travel to the warmer regions of the United States and Mexico, while others migrate even further. The Snowbird lifestyle offers a welcoming break from everyday routines, the chance to pursue outdoor activities, and an opportunity to shake off the winter blues.

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How Much Is Health Insurance

The average Canadian family spends 4,000 CAD on private health insurance premiums, but prices for plans vary depending on the level of coverage and quality.

Here is the average cost of health insurance in Canada per month:

Type of Person CoveredPrice CAD Family157 Single parent â father78 Single parent â mother110 Individual male47 Individual female80

One Size Does Not Fit All

Just like every snowbird has unique needs, every snowbird travel insurance policy has unique terms. While many policies are similar, some will meet your specific requirements much better than others and the best policy for you may not be the best policy for someone else.

To further complicate things, most travel medical insurance policies are designed primarily for travellers who are younger, take shorter trips and have fewer pre-existing medical conditions than snowbirds and seniors.

Questions you need to consider when a choosing a snowbird insurance policy thats best for you include:

  • How old are you?
  • How long are you travelling for?
  • Do you plan on making one or more return visits to Canada during your trip?
  • Do you have any pre-existing medical conditions? If so, which conditions do you have?
  • Are you taking any medication? If so, which ones are you taking?
  • Are your pre-existing medical conditions and medications stable? If so, how long have they been stable for?

TIP: Make sure your snowbird insurance policy offers the right coverage for your unique needs and circumstances.

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Buying A Winter Home Or Rental Property In Florida

A warning for snowbirds buying a rental property in Florida: You’ll likely have taxes, including income tax, to pay.

General rule: There will be a withholding tax of about 30% of the gross rental amount. This even applies if you rent your Florida condo to family members, even your favourite sibling.

How Much Does Visitor Health Insurance Cost

What does Health Insurance Cover?

Visitor health insurance costs will depend on various factors. The cost will depend on whether you choose a Limited Benefit or a Comprehensive plan. The other factors that drive the premium are your age, your trip length, the policy maximum, and the deductible you choose. You can get a Quote by answering a few questions

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Travel Insurance Tips For Snowbirds

Travel Insurance Tips for Snowbirds

Planning to head to Mexico to escape from winter weather this year? Then you should be sure to have your trip well-organized, so that you can relax and enjoy your vacation with few to no hiccups. If youve never traveled abroad before, you may find these tips to be useful for you. Its all about being prepared and knowing what to expect.

Dont Leave Home without Passport, ID and Auto Insurance

You drive up to the American-Mexican border and youre asked for your passport and identification. The last thing you want to do is have to explain that you forgot it or worse, dont have one. Times have changed from the pre-passport days. Today, you are required to have a passport to cross the Mexican border. Before, you were only required to have a drivers license, ID and/or birth certificate. Not anymore! Make sure to apply for your passport card or passport book months before your trip down to Mexico. If you need it quickly, you can apply for the expedited service, which will cost considerably more.

If youll be driving to Mexico, youll need to have proof of auto insurance that will cover you in Mexico. Likely, your American auto insurance wont do any justice, so you will need to purchase Mexican auto insurance., can help you secure coverage!

Search for Traveler Insurance Coverage the Meet Your Needs

Travelers Insurance for Pre-Existing Health Conditions

Know the Claims Procedure

How To Handle Healthcare And Insurance

As a snowbird, you should always liaise with thehealth insurance companies before you travel from one state to another. We haveoutlined the tips that snowbirds should consider when handling their healthinsurance coverage. We will now look into the key takeaways regarding healthinsurance for snowbirds. The key takeaways include:

  • Check where your health insurance company is operating: The health insurance company may be operating within the state where you will be residing during the vacation period.
  • Check if they are available: The health insurance covers are affordable however, they may be unavailable in different states.
  • Check for a snowbird package: Some insurance companies usually offer packages that are well suited to the snowbirds.
  • Medicate, is the hospital and doctor participating: Original Medicare plans cover their clients throughout the nation however, as a snowbird, make sure that the hospitals and doctors are participating providers.
  • Medigap plans usually cover you in each state the only condition, in this case, is ensuring that the hospitals and doctors accept health insurance.

When most Americans retire, they usually have accessto Medicare. The majority of Americans retire at the age of 65 years. Afterretiring, you may want to travel from one state to another. You may also end upestablishing homes in different states in a bid to endorse the snowbirdlifestyle. If you decide to adopt the snowbird lifestyle, will your healthcoverage be affected?

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Cost Of Having A Baby In Canada

While giving birth in Canada for citizenship is a major plus, there is also a downside of having a baby in Canada as a foreigner: cost. If you are giving birth in Canada as a permanent resident or are a citizen, you are completely covered through Canadaâs universal healthcare system. Your delivery will be free unless you opt for a private room, which could be a couple of hundred dollars unless it is covered by some sort of supplemental insurance you may have. The average stay for a new mom after delivery is two to three days. If she had a C-section, the stay increases to four days.

If you are giving birth in Canada without health insurance and without permanent resident status, be prepared to pay out of pocket. A regular delivery can be anywhere between 5,000 CAD to 8,000 CAD . If you require a C-section, it can cost between 10,000 and 12,000 CAD .

The following is a breakdown of some other baby-related costs if you plan on giving birth in Canada as a non-resident with no international insurance:

ServicePrice CAD Prenatal doctor visit100-150 Prenatal ultrasound300-500 Home birth and delivery with a midwife2,500

Do You Need Healthcare In Canada

Snowbirds return to 15 Wing still grieving, but with wide community ...

Since there is free, universal healthcare for all in the Great White North, do you need health insurance in Canada? Yes, and most Canadians do have it. In fact, 25 million Canadians are insured by supplementary medical insurance. This is because the public healthcare system does not cover everything . In 2017 alone, 11.3 billion CAD was spent on prescription drugs through private health insurance benefits.

While the drug plan in Canada is affordable, many Canadians have private health insurance that covers a high percentage of medicine . Other examples of health insurance coverage include things like disability income, critical illness coverage, mental health counseling, travel insurance, the cost to have your body returned home if you die, prosthetic devices, home care and long-term care, optical care, speech therapy, registered massage therapy, physiotherapy, hearing aids, chiropractic, semi-private or private hospital rooms, and dental care.

If not via their employer, Canadians can also buy private health insurance through private insurance companies. There are more than 80 health insurers in Canada and various types of health insurance plans, so the options for residents are plentiful. You will need to research different companies and find which one meets your desired level of coverage, budget, and benefits.

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