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What Does Business Travel Accident Insurance Cover

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Differences Between The Two

Travel Tips : Is Travel Accident Insurance Worth It?

The main difference is BTA insurance provides an Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefit, similar to life insurance for business travel, and some ancillary travel benefits. It also extends the coverage for personal excursions either at the end or beginning of the business trip. There is also some coverage for delayed or damaged baggage. The latter benefits are important for employees based in Europe and Asia. In the US, homeowners insurance policies cover personal property worldwide.

Now that you can see the differences between the two coverages, it does make sense to get both for many businesses. A number of our clients with international exposures usually end up purchasing both of these policies. The bonus here is that premiums for both FVWC and BTA are fairly economical.

International Travel Accident Insurance

International travel accident insurance provides coverage for accidental death or dismemberment or other life-changing incidents and injuries that may be excluded by other plans. Travel accident insurance benefits vary and are paid depending on the severity of the incident, to alleviate some of the financial stress that may result from serious illnesses, injuries, or death.

International accident insurance provides accident coverage for accidents resulting in, dismemberment, permanent disabilities, and certain life-changing incidents, depending on the plan specifics. Standard life and disability insurance plans and travel medical insurance plans may not cover accidents that result from certain incidents travel accident insurance plans are designed to fill those coverage gaps and provide high limit coverage or coverage for specific risks that many disability policies do not cover.

Likewise, business travel accident insurance provides coverage in the event that life-changing incidents happen while you’re on a business trip.

Coverage limits for high accident insurance for travelers may be as much as $100 million and, depending on the plan, may include benefits such as accidental death, loss of one or more limbs, emergency medical evacuation, coma and paralysis coverage, and felonious assault coverage. Travel Accident insurance provides coverage for individuals injured or killed in traffic accidents, fires, extreme sports, plane crashes, and many other incidents.

Canadas Provincial Health Plans

Ever wonder just how universal the Canadian healthcare services are? In case you didnt know, the covered healthcare services that you receive are determined from province to province. What is free where you live may not be so in another province.

Its important to remember that all costs when travelling to another province are usually reimbursed at your home provinces fee guide rates.

We have listed what most provincial plans cover to give you an idea of what Canada has to offer from coast to coast. Benefits from all provinces are changed regularly therefore, please click on the provincial page links for the most up-to-date information about coverage.

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How Flight Insurance Zero

Flight insurance is a low cost travel insurance that is primarily purchased to provide monetary benefits to your family in case of your accidental death or dismemberment during the flight.

Also, is flight insurance worth getting? Though you may pay 5 to 10 percent of your trip cost for travel insurance, travel insurance is often worth the investment for its potential to help reimburse you for hundreds of thousands of dollars of covered travel-related expenses like emergency evacuation, medical bills, and costs related to trip cancellation and

People ask , how does trip cancellation insurance work? Trip Cancellation Coverage reimburses you for pre-paid, non-refundable expenses if you need to cancel your trip before you depart. Covered reasons to cancel your trip: Sickness, injury, or death of you, a family member, or a traveling companion. Hurricane damages your destination or cancels your flight.

, what is flight protection plan?

, is trip cancellation insurance worth buying? Is trip cancellation insurance worth it? If you know what youre buying and youre under no illusion that everything is covered no matter what the circumstance, it can be a sound investment. As a rule, travel insurance purchased after your government has issued such a warning may invalidate your coverage.


If You Purchased Travel Insurance Before Covid

Business Travel Accident Insurance

If you had already purchased travel insurance prior to the pandemic declaration, you may have coverage for the following:

Trip Cancellation

Travel insurance typically covers nonrefundable costs such as airfare and hotel bookings if your trip is canceled or delayed due to covered reasons including illness, natural disaster, or job loss. This may include trip-cancellation benefits if you get sick with COVID-19 before your trip or if you get quarantined during your travels. Travel insurance does not cover all situations, such as work emergencies, pre-existing medical conditions, or if you simply change your mind about a trip.

Trip Interruption

Trip interruption coverage provides reimbursement for prepaid and nonrefundable travel costs if your trip needs to be cut short for a variety of covered reasons. Covered reasons can range from unforeseen illness or death of a family member to natural disasters. If you purchased travel insurance before the COVID-19 pandemic, your plan may include coverage if you become ill from the coronavirus during your trip.

Emergency Medical Insurance

Even if you purchase travel insurance after the date the pandemic became a known event, some pandemic-friendly plans will offer trip cancellation, trip interruption or emergency medical coverage if you contract COVID-19 after youve purchased your travel insurance policy.

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When A Travel Protection Plan Makes Sense

So which should you buy? It depends. Mayuri Kashyap, a travel blogger on ToSomePlaceNew who covers Europe, recently bought the trip protection plan for a cruise tour in Europe. The package cost $5,000 with an optional trip protection plan for $350. Kashyap could cancel at any time before their trip and receive a $5,000 credit.

The reason we took the protection plan was that we required a Schengen visa to travel to Europe, and it was our first time applying for a visa of such kind, she explains. Having a prepaid trip planan itinerary and accommodationwas part of the Schengen visa process. And if we were denied the visa, we were happy to know that we can use $5,000 credit for a trip anywhere else in the world.

Kashyap says travel insurance with trip cancellation would have been overkill. She already purchases separate medical insurance, and experienced travelers like her also rely on their credit cards for coverage of trip interruptions or lost baggage.

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What Travel Insurance Might Not Cover

Its important to know that while there are many reasons to buy travel insurance, certain things may not be covered under travel insurance. If you have a preexisting condition, look for a plan that provides a preexisting condition waiver. If youre visiting an area with political unrest, check into what coverage a policy provides if you wish to cancel due to problems in the area. Travel insurance policies cover some incidences of tour operator defaults due to financial issues. Look into how thats handled before booking your trip.

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What Type Of Traveler Buys Travel Accident Insurance

Travel accident insurance is specialized insurance to cover a specific need, i.e., the loss of life or limb. Its ideal term life and AD& D coverage for business firms who want to offset the loss of a key employee, for example.

Other travelers who buy travel accident insurance include:

  • War correspondents

  • Frequent business travelers

  • Missionary and aid workers

Should the insured traveler die on their trip or be seriously injured, their beneficiaries or the traveler would receive the benefit of this plan.

Qcc Travel Insurance Coverage Update

Business Travel Accident Insurance | Insurance in 60 seconds

Please see FAQs at the bottom of this page for questions asked by customers currently travelling outside Canada, and also those with upcoming trips planned.

NOTE: Coverage updates apply to travel policies underwritten by SSQ for QCC members.

QCC members with policies underwritten by SSQ are asked to contact AXA Assistance directly at or via email at for accurate information about their travel Insurance, and for details about how to make a claim.

On March 14, Global Affairs Canada urged Canadians to return to Canada while commercial options were still available. The Government of Canada stated travel plans may be severely disrupted and Canadians may be forced to remain outside of Canada longer than expected.

Following the Government of Canadas formal advisory on March 13, 2020 advising all Canadians to return home, wed like to remind you that Travel Insurance coverage for most customers ended on March 27, 2020 or ends after a period that is reasonably necessary for you to safely return home.

Customers with travel planned

How to make a Claim

  • Please call AXA Assistance at to initiate your claim. You can also contact AXA via email at . AXA assistance is making every effort to respond within 24 hours of receipt.
  • Due to higher levels of claims processing will take approximately 8-12 weeks. To help AXA manage claims more efficiently, please hold off sending your trip cancellation claim until 30 days from your planned trip departure date.
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    Who Needs Bta Insurance

    Any business that requires employees to travel for work should consider BTA insurance to protect its employees and financial wellbeing. Without it, a slip, fall, accident or emergency evacuation of an employee could cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. BTA insurance plans reinforce the concept of Duty of Care and help to ensure companies are keeping their workers safe while traveling.

    Trip Cancellation Or Interruption Coverage

    Trip cancellation insurance, sometimes known as trip interruption insurance or trip delay insurance, reimburses a traveler for prepaid, nonrefundable travel expenses. Providers vary on acceptable cancellation and interruption causes and the amount of reimbursement available. The most common acceptable reasons include illness, a death in the immediate family, sudden business conflicts, and weather-related issues.

    Trip cancellation is beneficial when paying more upfront than what youre comfortable losing. For example, if you pay $2,000 for a package tour and the tours cancellation policy stipulates that all but $100 is refundable upon cancellation, travel insurance will cover only the nonrefundable $100. Also, there is no need to protect a refundable airline ticket.

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    Aig Travel Assistance Website And Mobile App

    Wherever traveling employees may be, in the event of a medical emergency or unexpected travel problem, they are never more than a phone call away from our global state-of-the-art service centers. In addition to 24/7 phone assistance, employees also have access to our secure travel assistance website and mobile app* for fast and convenient access to in-depth travel, security and health information:

    • One Touch âHelpâ Button connects travelers directly to emergency assistance
    • Assistance ID Card can be accessed via the app in the event the physical card is forgotten or lost
    • Country Reports and City Guides provide key information on political conditions, security issues, travel logistics, cultural factors, contact details and health advisories with the ability to favorite reports for easier access
    • Security Travel Alerts are email subscriptions that can be managed via the app to obtain security level developments that may affect travelers destination
    • Provider Directory contains contact information for healthcare providers in various locations around the world with a map view and ability to turn on GPS and locate providers nearby
    • Medical Translations Tool translates medical terms into multiple languages with the ability to listen to the translation
    • Drug Brand Equivalency Tool generates over-the-counter drug brand names and their equivalent names for multiple countries

    Preparation For The Unforeseen

    Personal Accident Insurance Starts @177*/Year

    Mia and Martin share all their life experiences. When Mia had a traumatic experience, she was grateful to have planned ahead for the unexpected.

    Finding the Right Coverage for a Proactive Lifestyle

    Living a debt- and worry-free life starts with proactive planning. Accident insurance coverage may help you to avoid financial worry.

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    Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation

    Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation insurance provides 24-hour coverage worldwide for work-related injuries. It also includes repatriation expense coverage, which are expenses to repatriate an injured or sick employee to their home country, along with travel assistance.

    Here are the most common situations where FVWC may apply:

    • Short-term business travel for covered employees.
    • Long-term assignment outside the United States for covered employees.
    • Travel outside the country of origin for covered employees.

    Baggage And Personal Effects Coverage

    Baggage and personal effects coverage protects lost, stolen, or damaged belongings during a trip. It may include coverage during travel to and from a destination. Most carriers, such as airlines, reimburse travelers if baggage is lost or destroyed because of their error. However, there may be limitations on the amount of reimbursement. Therefore, baggage and personal effects coverage provides an additional layer of protection.

    The possibility of baggage and personal belongings being lost, stolen, or damaged is a frequent travel problem. Many travel insurance policies pay for belongings only after you exhaust all other available claims. Your homeowners or renters insurance may extend coverage outside of your domicile, and airlines and cruise lines are responsible for loss and damage to your baggage during transport. Also, may provide automatic protection for things like delays and baggage or rental car accidents if used for deposits or other trip-related expenses.

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    Different Types Of Trailers Require Different Coverage

    The type of insurance coverage you need depends on the type of trailer you own. If you are towing a utility trailer for short trips to haul a car, an ATV, or a boat, you may want extended trailer coverage. On the other hand, you will need separate insurance for a travel trailer.

    If you need to tow motor vehicles behind your insurance vehicle then you would need to purchase tow vehicle insurance also referred to as towing insurance or tow truck insurance. This type of policy would cover the towing of motor vehicles.

    If your trailer is covered under your personal auto insurance, you need to find out if you need an endorsement in order for the contents of your trailer to be covered under your policy.

    Now, if you are using your trailer in your business then youll likely need commercial insurance which would not only cover your trailer but its contents as well.

    What Health Care Services Are Insured By The Provinces And Territories

    What does accident insurance cover? And do I need it?

    Provincial and territorial health insurance plans are required to provide insured persons with coverage of insured health services, which are: hospital services provided to in-patients or out-patients, if the services are medically necessary for the purpose of maintaining health, preventing disease or diagnosing or treating an injury, illness, or disability and medically required physician services rendered by medical practitioners.

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    Travel Accident Insurance Exclusions

    Some travel accident insurance plans limit the death benefits to flight accidents only, and some travel accident plans place limits on where the traveler can travel, i.e., specific countries and territories. Nearly all plans require the traveler to be at least 100 miles from home before the coverage is in effect.

    How Much Does Business Travel Accident Insurance Cost

    BTA insurance is relatively inexpensive on a per-employee basis. Companies that want to have this coverage can buy it for as little as $4 per year per covered employee. However, providers typically will require a minimum amount of premium per year, meaning you would need to cover a minimum number of employees to qualify. For example, if the carrier charges $5 a year per employee, but has a minimum of $750 in annual premium, the company would need to cover at least 150 employees to qualify for coverage.

    Premium amounts are based on the following criteria:

    • Total employees covered
    • Benefits requested
    • Coverage locations

    BTA insurance can help protect the financial well-being of a business. The companyâs BTA carrier assumes the risk that comes with its executives and employees traveling across the country and to other countries. This includes covering large medical bills and the cost of potential lawsuits filed by employees or their families who are injured or killed while traveling on business.

    BTA insurance is also a great way to give employees the assurance that if something bad does happen on a business trip, theyâll be covered. This helps employees focus more on the purpose of business travel rather than the possible risks.

    Jack Wolstenholm is the head of content at Breeze.

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    Insuranceopedia Explains Travel Accident Insurance

    During travel, unexpected expenses that result from travel-related accidents can be very costly. Travel accident insurance serves to reduce that risk and often covers medical costs emergency evacuation repatriation of remains, funeral expenses, an accidental death, injury or disablement benefits and acts of terrorism or war. It is often more practical for frequent travelers and those traveling to risker regions in the world.

    What Is Business Travel Insurance

    What Does Business Interruption Insurance Cover?

    If youre planning a business trip, you should make sure youre protected in case something doesnt go to plan. With our business travel insurance policies, you can choose the perfect cover for you. Whether you’re travelling once or taking multiple trips, heading to Europe or visiting further afield, our business travel insurance is appropriate for most travellers.

    As with our usual policies, you can feel safe in the knowledge that our global team of experts are on hand to provide support and assistance if something goes wrong. With over 13,000 people working across five continents and speaking 58 languages, well be by your side wherever your work takes you.

    Below is some more information about our insurance products, for which Terms and Conditions apply. Please visit the policy information hub for full details.

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