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What Does Travel Insurance Typically Cover

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Watch Out For The Excess

Travel insurance: What it covers, what it doesn’t

When youre comparing policies, its important to check the excess, as this can take a deal from being cheap to very expensive.

The excess is the amount you agree to pay should you need to make a claim on your insurance.

For travel insurance claims, excesses are applied on a per section basis. For example, if youre mugged on holiday you might have to claim under the medical expenses section, personal belongings section and money section of your policy. In this case three excesses could be deducted from your payout.

How To Get The Most From Your Travel Insurance Plan

Dont wait too long to buy travel insurance! The best time to buy travel insurance is immediately after youve completed your travel arrangements. The earlier you buy insurance, the bigger your coverage window. Also, you must buy your plan within 14 days of making your initial trip deposit in order to be eligible for the pre-existing medical condition benefit .

Read your plan documents before you leave. If you’re not completely satisfied with your plan, you have 15 days to request a refund, provided you haven’t started your trip or initiated a claim. Premiums are non-refundable after this period.

If you have questions about how travel insurance works, or how to file a claim, or which benefits you need, please contact us! Our representatives are available 24/7. If youre already traveling, and youre facing a travel crisis or just need some advice, call our emergency assistance hotline.

What Is A Reasonably Foreseeable Event

You don’t need a crystal ball to predict a foreseeable event. A foreseeable event is an outcome that a reasonable person in similar circumstances would expect to occur. For instance, if your business partner has been indicted for fraud and you schedule a vacation during his trial, it’s foreseeable that you’ll be subpoenaed and have to cancel your trip.

Or, suppose your mother has been in and out of the hospital for months when you purchase travel insurance for an upcoming business trip. Because of her prognosis, it’s foreseeable that you may have to cancel your trip because her illness worsens. In short, if you’re buying travel insurance with a specific scenario in mind “I’ll probably have to cancel this trip because of X” then it’s likely to be a foreseeable event. You’re better off rescheduling the trip.

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Taking A Trip Information About Travel Insurance You Should Know Before You Hit The Road

Whether it’s a mini-break or an international tour, taking a trip requires planning and can cost a lot of money. Unexpected circumstances like injury, illness, flight delays or natural disasters could cut a trip short, leaving you with unforeseen costs. There are insurance options to help keep you financially protected

Getting To A Better Location

Should you buy travel insurance? What does travel ...

You also want to consider emergency medical evacuation insurance. This pays for you to get to the nearest adequate medical facility, or even back home, depending on your condition. For example, if youre vacationing in a remote part of the world, this would be essential coverage to have. Medical evacuation back to the U.S. can cost more than $50,000, according to the U.S. Department of State.

Be aware of your travel insurance policys rules for evacuation. For example, some policies might pay to transport you back to the U.S. only after youve been hospitalized for seven days following a medical emergency.

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Unforeseen Pregnancy Complications: What Does Travel Insurance Cover

Travel insurance from Allianz Global Assistance covers losses resulting from unforeseen pregnancy complications, such as pre-eclampsia or pre-term labor. This means if you must cancel or interrupt a trip because of a covered pregnancy complication, your travel insurance may reimburse you for nonrefundable trip costs. Your plan may also reimburse you for the emergency medical care you received for those unforeseen complications while traveling.

However, travel insurance does not cover trip cancellations due to normal pregnancy, unless your plan names normal pregnancy as a covered reason and the pregnancy occurred after the effective date of coverage . Nor does travel insurance cover the costs of normal childbirth while traveling. To learn more, read this quick guide to pregnancy and travel insurance.

The Benefits Of Travel Medical Insurance

Investing in a travel medical insurance policy offers a number of benefits. Here are a few:

  • Peace of mind Medical emergencies can happen without warning. It may provide some peace of mind knowing that your vacation budget wont be decimated by the cost of unexpected injuries and illnesses.
  • No need to delay care With travel medical insurance, you can focus on getting the care or treatment you need right away, rather than delaying treatment until youve returned home.
  • Foreign language help Unless youre fluent in the countrys official language, communicating with medical personnel about your condition can be challenging. Your travel medical insurance provider can help facilitate emergency services so you can effectively have these conversations.

Without travel medical insurance, youll be handling these unexpected expenses on your own. At best, that could put a dent in your vacation budget, and, at worst, it could put you heavily into debt or put your health at risk.

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Examples Of Travelers That Might Buy It

Travelers like these should purchase travel medical insurance:

  • US Citizens going abroad. A typical health insurance plan doesnt extend outside the U.S. borders, so if youre traveling abroad, youll want travel medical coverage for accidental illnesses and injuries that occur outside your health insurance coverage zone.
  • Visitors to the US. When family members visit from abroad and stay a few days or even a year, they should have coverage for their stay.
  • Business travelers working overseas. If your health insurance plan doesnt extend outside the U.S. , youll need some medical and evacuation coverage if youre working overseas.
  • Expats and long-term travelers. Not only does your own health insurance fail to cover you outside the U.S., if you are visiting multiple countries, youll want to ensure you have the same coverage no matter where you travel.
  • Missionaries and foreign aid workers. Just because you are traveling to make a difference in someone elses life doesnt mean something bad cant happen to you. Be sure you are protected in case you have a medical emergency or need to be evacuated to safety.

Baggage And Personal Effects Coverage

What Travel Insurance Does and Does Not Cover | MojoTravels

Baggage and personal effects coverage protects lost, stolen, or damaged belongings during a trip. It may include coverage during travel to and from a destination. Most carriers, such as airlines, reimburse travelers if baggage is lost or destroyed because of their error. However, there may be limitations on the amount of reimbursement. Therefore, baggage and personal effects coverage provides an additional layer of protection.

The possibility of baggage and personal belongings being lost, stolen, or damaged is a frequent travel problem. Many travel insurance policies pay for belongings only after you exhaust all other available claims. Your homeowners or renters insurance may extend coverage outside of your domicile, and airlines and cruise lines are responsible for loss and damage to your baggage during transport. Also, may provide automatic protection for things like delays and baggage or rental car accidents if used for deposits or other trip-related expenses.

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Is Trip Insurance Worth It

You may not need it for every trip, but if youâre traveling for extended periods of time or long distances like cross-country or internationally, travel insurance may be worth it to safeguard your plans and investment.

Ask yourself the following questions after booking your trip:

  • Are you willing to forfeit your pre-paid and non-refundable plans? Let’s say you booked a costly international trip several months in advance, and some aspects of your travel costs are non-refundable. If you need to cancel your trip due to an unexpected illness, damage to your home, or a death in the family, travel insurance may provide relief and reimbursement for those pre-paid funds that are lost.
  • Did you book your travel during storm season? Bad weather can be a concern, causing flight cancellations and delays. If you can’t get to your travel destination because of recent storm damage or you’re evacuated because of weather, you could be covered under travel insurance. Keep in mind, coverage must be purchased prior to a storm being named.
  • Do you have pre-existing medical conditions? Travel insurance can cover the gaps in your health insurance coverage for medical emergencies and medical transportation when traveling out of the country. Talk with your health insurance provider to determine what is covered under your health plan.

If I Get Sick With Covid

It may. Some travel insurance plans do offer emergency medical benefits in the event a traveler gets ill during a trip and must visit a doctor or hospital.

InsureMyTrips new recommendation tool simplifies the search for travel insurance plans that may offer coverage for COVID-19 related issues. This new tool guides travelers towards plans best suited to guard against COVID-19-related travel concerns as part of the quote process.

Medical plans and coverage to consider include:

Travelers with specific questions about coverage should contact our Customer Care team at 800-487-4722 for assistance in finding the right coverage for their unique travel plans.

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Travel Insurance Can Cover Onboard Medical Emergencies

What happens if you suffer a sudden illness or serious injury on board a cruise ship? The good news is that most cruise ships have experienced medical staff on call 24-7 who are equipped to provide emergency care and stabilize sick patients.ii

The bad news: Serious medical emergencies will require an emergency evacuation to the nearest hospital, and you may have to pay out of pocket for your care. Your domestic health insurance may not cover emergency care you receive overseas.iii Medicare doesnt cover health care services when the ship is more than 6 hours away from a U.S. port.iv

So, what can travel insurance cover when there is a covered illness or injury while at sea? A plan with emergency medical and dental benefits and emergency transportation benefits can cover:

  • The cost of emergency medical care received for a covered illness or injury
  • A medical evacuation to the nearest hospital, if medically necessary
  • The cost of bringing a friend or family member to your bedside, if youll be hospitalized on your trip for more than 72 hours
  • The cost of returning your children or other dependents to your home, if theyre traveling with you
  • Medical repatriation to the U.S., with a medical escort if necessary

How Is Domestic Travel Affected By The Covid

What Is Travel Insurance

As of April 2, 2021, people who are fully vaccinated with an FDA-authorized vaccine can travel safely within the United States. Refer to the CDC Guidelines on Domestic Travel for more information.

For unvaccinated domestic travelers, the CDC recommends taking the following steps to protect yourself and others from COVID-19:

  • Get tested 1-3 days before your trip, and do not travel if you are positive for COVID-19
  • Wear a mask, avoid crowds, and wash your hands often while traveling
  • Get tested 3-5 days after travel and quarantine a full 7 days after traveling, even if the test is negative.

For all travelers, states have different guidelines and restrictions. Be sure to refer to InsureMyTrips guide to Pandemic Travel Restrictions By State.

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What Do I Look For In Covid

When youre shopping for a travel insurance plan that covers COVID-19, you need to do your research and read the fine print of your plan.

Look for a travel insurance product that will protect your non-refundable, prepaid expenses if you have to cancel your trip due to illness caused by COVID-19. Your policy should also cover emergency medical treatment and emergency medical transportation. With regard to COVID-19 coverage, be sure your policy covers medical care, medicine, hospitalization and quarantine expenses.

The type of coverage you should look for depends on you, your needs, travel dates, and the type of trip youre taking, says Sasha Gainullin, CEO of battleface, a travel insurance carrier. He says some travel insurance companies have now excluded COVID-19 coverage because it has been labeled a known/foreseeable event, while others may exclude pandemics altogether.

Its important to search for plans that include medical and quarantine expenses as wellthis will be critical in the event you become ill and need to receive treatment while traveling, continues Gainullin.

One additional tip is to confirm there are no exclusions based on the destinations youre traveling tothis can happen with countries under government-issued travel warnings, Gainullin says.

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Should You Buy Travel Insurance Or Rely On Credit Cards

If youre shopping for travel insurance, dont forget that you may be able to get some of the coverage you need through credit cards. Even some no-annual-fee credit cards carry some combination of travel benefits. The annual fees of premium credit cards offering coverage might be offset if you can reduce a travel insurance purchase.

Still, travel insurance options frequently offer higher coverage limits than what youll find from a credit card. Travel insurance can also provide coverage for medical expenses, a crucial protection for any international traveler.

Will Travel Insurance Cover Me If I Have An Accident When Ive Been Drinking

What does insurance typically cover after flash flooding?

Most travel insurance policies will include an alcohol exclusion, which could mean they wont pay out if you have an accident while youve been drinking excessively or even if you have property lost or stolen while under the influence. This doesnt usually mean you cant drink at all while youre away but check the small print in your policy carefully.

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Travel Insurance Can Cover Last

Having to cancel a planned cruise isnt just disappointing it can also hit your wallet hard. Thats because most cruise lines give no refund at all if you cancel less than 14 days before sailing.i Even if you cancel months in advance, you might only be reimbursed for a percentage of what you paid, or you might be given credits toward a future cruise.

Travel insurance with trip cancellation benefits can reimburse up to 100 percent of your prepaid, non-refundable trip costs if you must cancel your cruise due to a covered reason. That means you can get your money back not only for your cruise costs, but also your airfare, onboard dining or drinks plans, excursions, etc.

The European Health Insurance Card

If you’re a UK resident and have a European Health Insurance Card , you can still use it to get healthcare in EU countries until it expires.

If you don’t have an EHIC or it has expired, you can apply for a UK Global Health Insurance Card on the NHS website. You can use a GHIC to get healthcare in EU countries at a reduced cost or sometimes for free. You should still get travel insurance before your trip – even if you have an EHIC or GHIC.

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Types Of Travel Trailer Insurance

The first thing to keep in mind is that most states do not require a travel trailer to be insured separately from the towing vehicle. Because travel trailers are not drivable themselves, they require being pulled by another vehicle. The liability insurance that covers the lead car, truck, or SUV should extend to the towed trailer.

However, liability coverage provided by your automobile insurance only covers the costs involved with damages you cause to someone else. In the event that your property is also damaged, or the person who damages your trailer is under- or uninsured, liability insurance coverage doesnt protect you.

If this scares you, you arent alone. After shelling out some serious funds to get your travel trailer road-ready, the thought of having that money wasted by damages you cant afford to repair is devastating.

Thankfully, you can protect your assets by getting additional insurance meant specifically for your travel trailer and its unique needs. Deciding what kind of coverage you need is easier when you understand the different types of insurance available and what they are meant to protect.

  • Collision Coverage: This type of insurance covers damages incurred through an accident . Collision coverage protects your travel trailer regardless of who is at fault.

What Types Of Travel Insurance Are There

What does travel insurance cover?

While policies can differ a lot in terms of cover, they will generally fall into one of the following categories:

  • Single trip covers you for a one-off trip for a set period of time.
  • Annual/multi-trip covers you for as many trips as you take within a whole year. Typically more cost-effective than the single trip option if youre taking more than two holidays within that period.
  • Backpacker/gap year provides cover for multiple destinations over an extended period. You might need to add cover for the kinds of activities you plan on doing, such as adventure sports, work or volunteering.
  • Winter sports specialist cover if youre going skiing, snowboarding or other winter sports. These are considered by insurers to be high-risk activities and so are excluded from most standard policies.
  • Worldwide there are usually two types of worldwide policy those that cover the US and those that dont.
  • European not always clear cut, as some policies cover areas that arent technically in Europe.
  • Family covers two adults plus up to four children travelling together. Suitable if your children are 18 or younger and live full-time with you.

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