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What Happens When Your Car Is Stolen Without Insurance

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What Are The Percentage Of Stolen Cars Are Covered

AutoProtect – Why take out the AutoProtect Combined GAP and RTI Insurance?

A 3: According to Progressive Insurance’s report, the US average rate for car theft recovery is 46%, but the rate varies greatly among states. For example, the stolen car recovery rate in Washington was 71%, in Utah was 63%, but only 28% in Alabama.

All in all, the chance of finding a stolen car is quite high. So Keep optimistic if your car is stolen.

States With The Most Car Thefts

Automobile thefts are rising nationwide. In 2019, almost 800,000 cars were stolen. In 2020, that number rose to nearly 875,000. Some states, however, have been hit particularly hard by the rise in crime. Auto thefts have increased by more than 25% in 10 states over the last decade.

Change in automobile thefts by state 2010 – 2019


Find Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes In Your Area

Car insurance does cover a stolen car, but only if you have comprehensive coverage.

If you do, you’re covered for the outright theft of your vehicle, as well as damage to your vehicle that occurs during a break-in. You’ll be paid up to the actual cash value of your car, minus your deductible.

Unfortunately, no other type of car insurance covers theft, so if you don’t have comprehensive insurance, you’re on your own to cover the cost of a replacement vehicle.

If your car is stolen, file a police report immediately and contact your insurance provider to find out if you’re protected. The sooner you do this, the sooner you’ll be able to replace your car and the odds of your car being found will be higher, too.

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Contact Your Insurance Company

You will likely need to give your insurer the same information that you gave the police, in addition to a list of personal items that were in the vehicle when it was stolen. Your car will be covered if you have comprehensive insurance, and any personal items are generally covered by homeowners or renters insurance. If you have rental reimbursement insurance, your insurer may cover the cost of a rental car, too.

Insurance Claims After A Theft

What Happens When A Stolen Car Hits Your Car?

If your car is found within 7 to 14 days, and theres little damage your insurer should be able to settle a claim quite easily and quickly.

If it isn’t found in this time, or if its found and damaged beyond economical repair, youll likely be offered the market value of the car at the time it was stolen. But only if you have a comprehensive or third party, fire and theft policy.

Most insurers will wait for 30 days before paying out on a stolen car claim.

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What Happens If My Car Is Recovered

In the U.S., about 46% of stolen cars are recovered. Even if your car is among that group, the vehicle may be damaged or missing parts.

Your insurance company will pay for repairs to the car unless the repair costs are higher than the value of the car making it a total loss.

  • If the insurer decides to repair your vehicle and you have comprehensive coverage, it will reimburse you for the cost of the repairs, less any insurance deductible you may owe.
  • If it decides the car isn’t worth saving, the insurer will pay you the actual cash value, less the same deductible.

If your vehicle is recovered after your insurer has paid out your claim, then your insurance company will likely take ownership. However, if you haven’t bought a replacement vehicle, you might have to return the claim amount. This would be handled on a case-by-case basis with your provider.

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Which Car Insurance Coverage Willprotect A Stolen Car

If you are seeking theft coverage, you must have Comprehensive insurance to be protected. Comprehensive coverage pays for damage resulting from circumstances outside of your control other than a car accident. This could mean anything from flood damage, to hitting a deer, to car theft.

If your car gets stolen, Comprehensive insurance will help cover the cost of repairs if itâs found damaged or provide money towards a replacement if the vehicle is unrecoverable. The replacement payout would be equivalent to theof your stolen vehicle. The market value of your vehicle is what it was worth at the time it was stolen, not what you initially paid for it.

With Comprehensive, you would also need to pay a deductible before your insurance pays out. Letâs say you have a $500 deductible, your car is stolen, and the car insurance company determines that the of your vehicle is $3,000. You would first pay your $500 deductible and then your insurance would cover the remaining $2,500.

If you select a high deductible amount, your insurance bill will be lower. If you opt to pay less, however, your policy will cost more.

If you are leasing your vehicle, the car company may require Comprehensive since they remain liable for the vehicle until the balance owed is paid in full.

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Way 7 Check The City’s Transportation Website For Parking Violation When Your Car Was Stolen

You can track down your stolen car online via checking the parking violation. When your car was stolen, the car thief would park your car somewhere and then abandoned it.

The car was ticketed and put into the parking violation database, which is available online apparently.

You can follow the below steps to do a “stolen car” lookup online.

Step 1. Log into your city’s transportation website.

Step 2. Use your license plate to check whether your vehicle is in the database.

Step 3. Check the area where the violation takes place.

Step 4. Contact the police. They will search for your missing car and then release it to you if they find it.

How Much Does Insurance Cost On A Financed Car

What Happens To Your Motor Insurance Claims When Your Vehicle Is Stolen?

Since operating a financed car often requires full coverage auto insurance, the insurance cost is relatively pricey.

Your financed cars insurance cost depends on a variety of factors including your age, gender, and driving record. According to a 2019 AAA study, the average cost for full coverage insurance on a medium-size sedan was $1,251 per year.

As with all types of car insurance, higher deductibles are associated with lower premium costs.

So, if you would like a lower premium and you are confident that you could afford a roughly $1,000 deductible in case of an accident, you might consider requesting a higher car insurance deductible from your chosen car insurance provider.

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A Few Other Important Things To Do

If the stolen vehicle is financed or leased, report the theft to your finance or leasing company. To expedite your claim’s process, inform your finance or leasing company to discuss the case directly with GEICO.

When you file your claim, you should receive a Vehicle Theft Questionnaire. Complete and return the form to your claims examiner as soon as possible.

GEICO may also be able to provide you with a rental vehicle. Contact your claims examiner for more information.

If My Car Is Stolen Does Matter Where I Live

A 5: Yes, it definitely matters. If your car is stolen or lost in the below areas, you should use the above ways to find and track your stolen vehicle at once.

USChicago, Los Angeles, NYC, Houston, Livingston, Las Vegas, Detroit, Philadelphia, Miami, Omaha, New Orleans, Orlando, Tulsa, Denver
Dodge CaravanChevrolet Impala

If you car is one of the above brands, you should pay extra attention to secure your vehicle from car theft. You can try the effective ways in this post to prevent car theft. These useful ways are summarized by Reolink’s chief editor Yolanda, who always shares useful safety tips with her fans.

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What To Do After Or If Your Car Is Recovered

Law enforcement usually recovers stolen cars within a couple of days, Glawe says. Heres how it works: When law enforcement finds your vehicle, theyll contact you, tell you where to pick up the car, provide a quote for any impound fees, and ask whether you want the car processed for evidence.;

Glawe suggests getting the car processed and then professionally inspected and cleaned. Most vehicles are used in a subsequent crime, or theres some kind of tomfoolery, he says. There will probably be damages that may have to go with your insurance claim.;

What Happens If You Are Caught Driving Without Insurance

Question: What Happens When Your Car Is Stolen And ...

Here is what you need to know about the fines for driving a vehicle without valid car insurance in the province.

Section 3 of the CAIA outlines the penalty :

Every owner or lessee of a motor vehicle who,

  • contravenes subsection of this section or subsection 13 ; or
  • surrenders an insurance card for inspection to a police officer, when requested to do so, purporting to show that the motor vehicle is insured under a contract of automobile coverage when the motor vehicle is not so insured, is guilty of an offense and is liable on a first conviction to a fine of not less than $5,000 and not more than $25,000 and on a subsequent conviction to a fine of not less than $10,000 and not more than $50,000 and, in addition, his or her drivers license may be suspended for a period of not more than one year.
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    What Happens If My Car Is Stolen And It’s Still Being Financed

    Until your car loan is paid in full, you are still obligated to make payments, even if it is not recovered. Your payout can be directly applied to help pay off your car loan. If there is still a balance owing after youve paid the claim amount to your finance company, you will be responsible for paying the difference out of your pocket, unless you have gap insurance.

    What Steps Should You Take If You Suspect Your Car Is Stolen

    1. Avoid touching anything

    Be sure to avoid touching or moving anything the offender may have possibly touched at the scene .

    2. Report it to police

    Contact your local police service to report the missing vehicle. Some states have online reporting tools or you can call Policelink on 131 444.

    When making a report, you will typically be asked to provide answers to the following questions, which will assist police to begin investigations into your stolen car:

    • Your details
    • When it occurred
    • Where it occurred
    • Victim details
    • Details of the vehicle involved
    • Details of any property stolen or damaged

    3. Check for possible CCTV

    If you or your neighbours have CCTV cameras, check them to see if they captured anything police may be able to use. Alternatively, if your car was parked in a public area , you can try contacting your council to request this footage. You can upload videos and images to your police report online.

    4. Contact your insurer

    Report the theft to your insurance company, if your car was insured.

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    Car Is Stolen Bottom Line

    There is one thing you should know that no matter what kind of your car is, and wherever you live , your car is at the risk of being stolen by rampant vehicle thieves.

    Don’t take it for granted that my car is safe in my yard, my car won’t get stolen because it is very cheap. Those car thieves will steal your car as long as he has the opportunity.

    If your car gets stolen , remember to use the above top 5 ways to find your stolen car! Share this post with your family and friends so that more people can read these effective ways to find stolen vehicles. If you have any questions or any ideas, leave them in the comment below!


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    What Happens If My Car Is Stolen While Im Still Paying Finance

    Car Insurance Explained, & What to Do After a Car Accident!

    Your car has been stolen & you’re still paying finance. The first thing to do is not panic. Take a look here for what you should do next.

    What should I do if my car is stolen? First things first, lets have a look at what you need to do if your car is stolen. May seem obvious, call the police and call your insurer, right? Well, yes, but theres a bit more to it than that. And we suspect that if youve never had the pleasure of being the victim of a car thief, youll have no idea! So, if you walk outside to where your car should be, and find an empty space instead, first make sure your wife/husband/child hasnt taken it without you knowing. If they havent, you should call the police and report it stolen. If its not an emergency, which is probably wont be, dont use 999 use 101 instead. When you get through, ask for your local police station. Of course, if you believe it is an emergency, use 999.

    Have the car details to hand, like the registration, make, model and colour. If there are any modifications that would make it stand out, such as spoilers or unusual alloys, tell the police about those too.

    The police will give you a crime reference number. Make a note of this, as youll need it when you call your finance and insurance companies to report your car stolen. The police will inform the DVLA of the theft, and if your car is found again, so you dont have to worry about that.

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    Will Auto Insurance Pay Me If Items Are Stolen From My Car But My Car Is Not Stolen

    Unfortunately, your comprehensive auto insurance policy only covers items;stolen;from a car that are meant to be a permanent part of the car or that cant function without the car.

    This would likely include items like a built-in, factory-installed navigation system or stereo, but not a dashboard-mounted GPS unit or iPod.

    If you have homeowners or renters insurance, these policies should cover any personal items stolen out of your car, regardless of whether your car was parked in your driveway or in a parking lot.

    If the items are valuable, file a police report for the stolen items, and then call your insurance company. If the items cost less to replace than to the deductible on your insurance policy, then you should probably forget the claim and just replace them yourself.

    When you call your insurance company, ask about your personal property coverage and the items that are not covered. Items excluded, or with limited coverage, include money, jewelry, furs, watches, and business property.

    Your home insurance will not help you with any damage to your vehicle, so you will have to call both your homeowners and your auto insurance companies if your car was damaged during the theft of the items inside.

    Will Gap Insurance Cover A Totaled Car With No Insurance

    Nope. You see, gap insurance is only in effect IF you have collision or comprehensive insurance coverage. You might wonder why, but its because there needs to be an insurance payout, otherwise theres no difference for gap insurance to pay out.

    If thats the case for you, it could be a doubly bad situation. Youre stuck with a totaled car;that youre still paying for, PLUS youve been paying gap insurance and unable to use it.

    Initially, it looks like a small price to pay. Gap insurance is about 5 percent of the insurance cost for your vehicle. But add it up, and it can cost significantly more than it will ever pay out to you.

    The good news is that, in most cases, you can apply for a gap insurance refund after total loss. Say you have a 48-month car loan and your car is a total loss after just a year. You can apply for a refund for premiums paid for the remaining 36 months.

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    Dealing With A Total Loss Claim

    If your car is stolen, you have a total loss claim on your hands. You will need to come to an agreement with the insurance adjuster as to the current value of your vehicle minus your deductible. After an agreement is made, you will need to have your lender, if you have a loan, sign off on the title. Finally, you need to sign the title over to the insurance company. This way, you will no longer have any ownership of the vehicle. If the vehicle is found after the claim has been settled, the insurance company will have ownership. It is possible to work out an agreement with the insurance company if the vehicle is found and you want to buy it back.

    Does Auto Insurance Cover A Stolen Car

    9 Bullet

    WalletHub states that liability insurance does not protect you if someone steals your car. According to Savannah Toyota, the purpose of liability insurance is to pay for any accidental damages that you cause to other people or their property. It also doesn’t cover damage a thief may cause if it’s involved in an accident after being stolen.

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