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The Five Year Rule for VA Health Care | Department of Veterans Affairs | theSITREP

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If you receive care at a VA facility, it will be covered by your VA insurance. If you have Medicare and receive Medicare-approved care at a non-VA facility, Medicare will provide coverage.Medicare will not provide coverage at a VA facility, and VA benefits will not provide coverage at a non-VA facility.

In other words, you must visit a VA hospital or medical facility in order to use your VA coverage, and you must visit a civilian hospital or medical facility in order to use your Medicare coverage.

VA benefits and Medicare coverage do not overlap.

What Information Do I Need To Provide

Youll need to provide your gross household income for the previous year. So if youre applying for health care in 2019, youll need to provide your gross household income for 2018.

Your gross household income means the total amount of money youand anyone living with you in your homeearned within one calendar year, before taxes. This includes your income from work as well as any other sources, like money you may have taken from a retirement fund or income from the sale of a house. If you have a spouse, partner, or dependent child who also contributes income to your family, youll need to include this income in your application.

How Do I Apply

To apply for benefits through WDVA, complete the following steps

  • Contact the Washington Department of Veterans Affairs by email at or by phone at 1-800-562-2308 for questions regarding available benefits.
  • WDVA will, in some cases, refer you to the County Veteran Service Officers to establish what benefits you may be entitled to. Find your local CVSO and a full list of resources.
  • The CVSOs will confirm you and/or your family’s VA eligibility and assist you in applying for the benefits you have earned for your service to the nation.
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    Does Va Verify The Information I Provide

    This depends on your situation. If the information you provide shows that your income falls below our limits and qualifies you for free VA health care, medications, or both, were required by law to verify the information. We do this by confirming your information with the Internal Revenue Service and the Social Security Administration .

    Because of tax deadlines, we usually begin this process in July, the year after you report your income. So, for example, if you provide information for the year 2018, well verify it in July of 2019.

    More about confirming your IRS and SSA information

    If the information we receive from the IRS and the SSA shows that you have income above our limits, well send a letter notifying you . Youll have the chance to dispute this information. You can also send documents showing you have additional deductible expenses that we should consider.

    If you dont respond to our letter:

    After 45 days, well send you a reminder letter.

    After 75 days, well assume the information from the IRS and the SSA is correct. Well send you a letter to explain the changes in your eligibility or copay status. Well also explain how you can appeal our decision.

    If you respond by disputing the information in our letter:

    The Veterans Ombudsman Has Made A Number Of Observations And Recommendations To Address Systemic Issues Between Vac And Dnd That Are Creating Extra And Unnecessary Red Tape What Are The Governments Plans To Address And Correct Those Issues And What Is Your Expected Timeline

    The Veterans Ombudsman has made a number of recommendations to improve the lives of Veterans and their families. In a recent report, the Ombudsman noted that out of the 57 recommendations that were developed in collaboration with Veterans advocates and organizations, 37 have been fully or partially implemented, and that six of the items in the Minister of Veterans Affairs Mandate Letter are based on his recommendations.

    In Budget 2017 the Government committed to develop an action plan that will see VAC and DND addressing the overlap and gaps that currently exist for Canadian Armed Forces members released from the military. The plan will also simplify benefits so that the process is easier to navigate, gets Veterans their services quicker and helps them transition to life after service.

    When you were in the service, healthcare for you and members of your family was likely a given. Depending on when you served, your medical care was provided directly by facilities on a military base or possibly contracted to off-base providers.

    Even though you are no longer a member of the armed forces, there are healthcare options available to you, whether you served for a few years or until retirement. Heres what you need to know about the differences between these two scenarios, what healthcare is offered, and how you can take advantage of whats available to you.

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    What Is Tricare Extra

    TRICARE Extra is different than TRICARE Prime because it is a fee for service program that gives you slightly more flexibility in choosing your providers. However, you typically still have to use in-network providers. This program is only available to those living in the United States.

    Active duty members cannot enroll in TRICARE Extra, but their family members can. Retired service members, retired reserve members who are over the age of 60 and receiving army benefits, current reserve members, and their family members are all eligible to enroll in TRICARE Extra.

    There is typically a deductible associated with a TRICARE Extra plan. Once you meet this deductible, your only out-of-pocket expense should be the copay you give to your medical provider. Your doctor should file your insurance claims for you.

    Unlike with TRICARE Prime, you typically do not need a referral to see a specialist. However, you may need prior authorization from your insurance provider before they will pay for some medical services.

    Veterans Affairs Benefits And Medicare

    With Veterans Affairs Benefits there are several options that you may have. Some require all parts of Medicare to continue with the coverage and some dont.

    Were going to discuss what happens once you become Medicare-eligible and the different parts of Medicare coverage. Then whats needed, recommended, and whats optional.

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    What Does Life Insurance For Veterans Typically Include

    Life insurance coverage for veterans through private insurers or membership plans may include a death benefit, cash value accumulation, investment options, and the ability to collect dividends, all depending on the insurance company and policy type you choose.

    Some policies have riders, such as living benefits, that allow you to access part of the death benefits in the event of critical illness or terminal illness. Other policies may allow you to add coverage for your spouse or children. Each life insurance company will provide different options, which is why it is worthwhile to shop around to find the best plan for your needs.

    Almost 2 Million Us Vets Lack Health Insurance

    How to Enroll in VA Health Care | VA Form 1010EZ | theSITREP

    Among the 1.8 million uninsured veterans, 12.7 percent are under 65. In addition, the number of uninsured veterans has increased by 290,000 between 2000 and 2004, according to the report in the Oct. 30 online edition of the American Journal of Public Health.

    “The Bush Administration has been sending Americans overseas asking them to fight for their country, and yet, when people come home, they have no guarantee of health care,” said study co-author Dr. Steffie Woolhandler, an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and a member of the advocacy group Physicians for a National Health Program. “The most basic human right of health care is being denied to our veterans, along with other Americans — and that’s a disgrace.”

    “Over 1 million veterans have no health insurance and no access to veterans’ hospitals,” Woolhandler added. “I think that’s shocking to most people. It was certainly shocking to us.”

    Many of these veterans were members of working families that earned too much to qualify for programs such as Medicaid or Veterans Administration care, Woolhandler said. “Yet, they earned too little to be able to afford private coverage,” she said.

    Woolhandler noted that the Veterans Administration health-care system is not open to all veterans. Many uninsured veterans can’t get any VA care because the Bush Administration stopped enrollment of most middle-income veterans in 2003, she said.

    More information

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    Original Medicare Part D And Va Benefits

    VA drug coverage is considered creditable coverage for Medicare Part D. This means if you decide not to enroll in a Part D plan, you could enroll in one at a later date without penalty, unlike Medicare Part B.

    If you enroll in a prescription drug plan coverage, youll be responsible for your Part D Premium. You could use your Veterans Benefits coverage to pick up your prescriptions from VA facilities, and your Medicare Part D plan for civilian pharmacies.

    There Can Be Advantages To Having Both Types Of Coverage

    There can be some definite advantages in having VA benefits and Medicare insurance.

    • Having both types of coverage can give you more health care options. If you only have VA insurance, you are limited to receiving covered care at only VA facilities. But adding Medicare coverage can open up the range of hospitals, doctors offices, pharmacies and other types of health care locations in which you may receive covered care.
    • Having both types of coverage can benefit you in the event that an emergency occurs when you are not in close proximity to a VA hospital.
    • Most people do not have to pay a premium for Part A of Medicare.

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    Medicare Advantage And Champva

    If your Medicare Advantage plan has a premium you would be responsible for the premium. The Medicare Advantage plan would become the primary coverage for health care services and prescriptions.

    CHAMPVA would pick up your coinsurance, and copayments as long as the provider is in-network for your Medicare Advantage plan.

    Medicare Advantage And Va Benefits

    Medicare Advantage plans are great options for veterans with VA benefits only. This is because there are many plans with a zero-premium that gives plenty of plan extras not available through VA benefits.

    In addition to these plans, there are some that pay a portion of your Medicare Part B, and that are specifically designed for veterans.

    If you choose to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan you must be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B. You would use your VA coverage at VA facilities, and use your Medicare Advantage plan at non-VA facilities and non-VA hospitals

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    Us Department Of Veterans Affairs Health Benefits

    The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs , Veterans Health Administration is responsible for providing healthcare to military Veterans. The VAs comprehensive medical benefits package offers care and services that are designed to promote good health, preserve current health, and restore better health. This includes treating illnesses and injuries, preventing future health problems, improving functional abilities, and enhancing quality of life.

    The VA provides a full spectrum of medically necessary services, based on the judgment of VA primary care providers and in accordance with generally accepted standards of clinical practice. Some of these services include:

    Primary Care

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    Same Rating For 20 Years

    Veterans Affairs cannot reduce your disability rating lower than the lowest rating you received in the last 20 years after having had the same rating for 20 years. Your major depressive disorder has resulted in monthly benefits for 20 years. The majority of your reviews have been at least 50 percent. This means you now have a protected disability rating and cant have it cut below 50 percent in the future.

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    Best Term For Senior Veterans: Prudential


    Prudential is a great choice for senior veterans looking for a quality life insurance policy. Prudential offers plans for seniors, and gives veterans the ability to convert their SGLI or VGLI policy.

    • Ability to convert SGLI or VGLI policy

    • May be able to lock in rates up to age 75

    • Limited plan options

    Prudential was established in 1875 and is rated #1 in the Life and Health category of Fortunes 2020 list of The Worlds Most Admired Companies. Prudential is the third-largest seller of individual life insurance in the U.S. and has an AM Best financial stability rating of A+ . Overall, the companys complaint trends with the NAIC are slightly below average.

    We chose Prudential as the best term for senior veterans because of the ability to convert your SGLI or VGLI to a policy with level premiums for up to 30 years. For example, at age 45, you could lock in a consistent monthly rate up to age 75. This gives veterans an advantage over other term life policies whose premiums increase every few years as you get older.

    Prudential offers universal life and term life insurance plans. The Prudential life insurance plans have optional riders for living benefits, accidental death benefits, and waivers of premium for disability. Prudential also offers a few estate planning riders, including an estate protection rider, and over-loan protection options on the universal life policies.

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    Do I Have To Provide This Information

    Personal & Financial Hardship | VA Health Care | Department of Veterans Affairs | theSITREP

    If you qualify for VA health care enhanced eligibility status, you wont need to provide your income information.

    If you dont qualify for enhanced eligibility status, but you agree to pay copays for your care, you dont have to provide your financial information. But if you dont, we may decline your enrollment. We also wont be able to consider your eligibility for free medications or beneficiary travel pay.

    More about providing financial information for specific groups

    If you served in combat after the Gulf War or in combat against a hostile force after November 11, 1998, you dont have to provide your income to qualify for 5 years of free VA health care for any illness that may be related to your military service.

    You can still provide your income to help us determine if youre eligible for a higher priority group, beneficiary travel pay, or free care for conditions not related to your service.

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    Medicare Advantage And Tricare

    You can choose to have a Medicare Advantage or Supplemental insurance with TRICARE, however, most will not choose to as the coverage can be redundant. Many will look into Medicare Advantage for the plan extras.

    The concern is it could cause coordination of coverage benefit issues between TRICARE and Medicare Advantage. Medicare Supplement insurance does the same thing that TRICARE does for Medicare so it is redundant to have both.

    Medicare Supplement And Va Benefits

    Most VA members use their Medicare plans as backup coverage in case they are not wanting to use VA facilities. However, some prefer civilian doctors to VA providers.

    In this case, they can enroll in a Medigap plan to use with their Medicare. They keep their VA just in case they want to use the VA facilities but have enough coverage to not have to do so if they choose.

    Many VA beneficiaries will choose a high deductible supplement if they want the peace of mind of being able to see a doctor if they cant get to the VA.

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    Applying For Va Health Care Benefits

    Once you have established your eligibility for VA health care benefits, you will need to fill out Form 10-10EZ or Form 10-10EZR to apply for benefits. These forms are also used to update your current information if anything has changed. There are several ways you can fill out or update the 10-10EZ: online, by phone, by mail, or in-person at a VA medical facility. Here is the info you need:

    • Online:Visit this link and fill out the form.
    • Phone: Call 1-877-222-VETS , Mon-Fri, 8:00 am 8:00 pm EST. A VA rep will send you a completed form via mail. You will need to verify and sign the form, then return it to the VA.
    • Mail: Complete Form 10-10EZ or Form 10-10EZR and mail it to Health Eligibility Center, 2957 Clairmont Road, Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30329-1647.
    • In person: Visit any VA Medical Center or clinic. Here is the VA Directory.

    A Reader Asks: After I Was In The Hospital Can I Buy Insurance To Cover My Bills

    Q. I am 63 years old and uninsured. I have not enrolled in Obamacare, mainly because of the website issues and security concerns. I have been waiting for all of this to shake out.

    Meanwhile, a couple of weeks ago I went to the emergency department with an aneurysm of my aorta. I had surgery and spent time in the intensive care unit, and as a result, my hospital bill is nearly $200,000. I am retired and dont have much money coming in each month. I have heard that if your hospital bill is the result of an emergency condition, it is possible to get Obamacare retroactively and have these expenses covered under the plan. I would appreciate any insight that you can provide.

    A. In general, the health law requires people to buy individual plans during an annual open enrollment period, which this year runs through March 31. Without a designated sign-up period, healthy people would have little incentive to buy insurance until they got sick since the law prohibits insurers from turning people down for coverage because of their health or medical conditions. Under normal circumstances, after people enroll in a plan and pay their first months premium, coverage typically takes effect either on the first day of the next month or the one following it. Retroactive claims arent allowed.

    Its unclear whether youve tried to submit an application on the exchange and failed or had not yet made an attempt.

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