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What Is A 6 Month Waiting Period Dental Insurance

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Best For Seniors: Physicians Mutual Preferred Plus

What dental insurance has no waiting period?

Physicians Mutual

  • Coverage: 3 policies that cover dental implants
  • Maximums: No annual maximums
  • Availability: All 50 states

Physicians Mutual Preferred Plus is seniors best dental insurance for implants because it covers 350 procedures, including dental implants, with no annual maximums and no deductibles.

  • Covers over 350 procedures, including implants

  • 12-month waiting period for major coverage

  • No senior discount

Headquartered in Omaha, NE, Physicians Mutual has been around since 1902. It offers dental insurance to individuals and families, as well as life and health insurance. They also received rave reviews in financial strength from AM Best. It is available in all 50 states and has 500,000 providers in its network.

Physicians Mutual Preferred Plus is an excellent seniors dental insurance plan for implants because it covers dental implants and 350 other dental procedures at a generous amount. Also, the program has no annual maximums or deductibles associated with the benefits. However, there are two other plans, the Standard Plus and the Economy Plus plans, that also cover implants. The difference between the implant benefit for each tier of coverage is around $70.

The extensive nationwide network makes it easy for senior subscribers to maximize their benefits with a dentist nearby. The premium rates are affordable for seniors, ranging in California from about $30 for the lowest tier at Economy Plus up to roughly $47 for the Preferred Plus.

How Can I Find Out If My Current Dentist Is Part Of The Delta Dental Network

The easiest and most up-to-date listing can be found through our online Find a Dentist tool. You can search for dentists by their name, practice name, location and more. Results can be sorted by name, practice name or driving distance, and your list can be printed, emailed or viewed as a PDF.

You can also locate a dentist through Delta Dentals mobile app. Delta Dentals mobile app is available for smartphones and tablets using iOS or Android. To download and install the app, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play and search for Delta Dental.

What Is A Dental Insurance Waiting Period

People are often surprised to learn they cant necessarily take advantage of all their dental insurance benefits from day one of coverage.Many dental insurance plans have waiting periods, lasting between a few months and a full calendar year from the time you first sign up for coverage. Your dental insurance carrier wont pay for certain procedures during this waiting period. While this might sound unfair, dental insurance waiting periods help keep insurance costs low in the long run. Think of it like insurance for your insurance company. Dental insurance waiting periods encourage customers to seek regular treatment rather than purchasing last-minute insurance coverage for a major procedure and then dropping the plan when the procedure is complete. If a good majority of people carry dental insurance even when their teeth are healthy, this keeps the cost of premiums and coverage low for everyone.

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Why An Insurance Company Might Waive Your Waiting Period

If you already have dental coverage and are simply looking for a new plan, there may be good news. Some plans will waive waiting periods in certain situations. For example, Humana will waive the waiting period for its Complete Dental plan if you can provide proof of your having dental insurance for the previous 12 months.

You already know that preventive dental care is the best and most cost-effective way to keep your teeth healthy, but its also a fact that nearly everyone will need either basic or major dental work at some point. If youre looking for a dental plan and already know you need work done, it makes the most financial sense to opt for a plan with no waiting period.

Who Is Eligible To Purchase A Delta Dental Individual And Family Dental Plan

No Waiting Period Dental Insurance Plans

You are eligible to enroll in a Delta Dental Individual and Family plan if you are a Kansas resident and are at least 18 years of age. You may not be covered by another Delta Dental of Kansas plan. Dependents are covered to age 26, if they are unmarried. Acceptance is guaranteed regardless of dental history or pre-existing conditions.

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Waiting Periods: What Are They

If you are currently shopping around for dental insurance, you have likely already heard about waiting periods. A waiting period is a specific length of time set forth by the insurance carrier. This time frame must pass before you are covered for more than just the basic dental procedures. During this time, you will find that the insurance company will not pay their portion of any procedures or treatments simply because the time has not yet passed. To get around this, people must pay the full price of the procedure or treatment out of pocket. Not only that, you do not get that money back after the waiting period is over. Anything you need during that time is paid for completely by you.

How To Find The Best Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period

Many insurance companies offer at least one dental plan with no waiting period. But you still must choose carefully, as some plans focus on preventive and basic care and dont include any coverage at all for major services. Technically, that means you dont have to wait to get major work if you need it, but the flip side is that since that care isnt covered, youre solely responsible for paying for it.

Humana dental insurance with no waiting period

As one of the largest insurers in the United States, Humanas dental plans dont disappoint, especially if youre wanting dental care ASAP. Humana currently offers seven dental plans: one HMO, five PPOs and one discount plan . Out of those plans, four have no waiting period:

Plan name

Plan covers at least 30%

Plan covers at least 30%

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Best Budget: Renaissance Plan Ii


  • Coverage: 2 policies that cover implants
  • Maximum: $1,000 per year
  • Availability: Nationwide

Although dental savings plans have even lower premiums, Renaissance’s Plan II dental insurance for implants is an affordable option for dental insurance. Their less expensive policy came in at half the best overall rate and provided good coverage for subscribers.

  • Pays 50% of implant services up to annual maximum of $1,000

  • Lower monthly premiums than many plans that include implants

  • Can choose any dentist

  • Major coverage requires a 12-month waiting period

  • Not all plans available in all states

Founded in 1957, Renaissance is part of the Renaissance Health Service Corporation and has top marks for financial strength from AM Best. Renaissance has a PPO network that gives subscribers 300,000 dental access points. Per the website, Renaissance Dental is available in 14 states and manages the claims of over 13 million people within its family of companies. Their dental plans are available through an employer or individually.

Renaissance’s Plan II and Plan III offer 50% coverage of implants up to the $1,000 annual maximum per subscriber. We chose Plan II as the most affordable because the premiums were lower per month than Plan III. The tradeoff is that preventative care is covered at 100% in-network for the Plan III subscribers and isn’t for Plan II. We also liked that their subscribers could choose any dentist.

What Ontario Blue Cross Covers

Why Is Dental Insurance So Expensive?

Our dental insurance can help offset the expenses of common dental treatments and oral surgery that OHIP does not cover. Have peace of mind in knowing that if an unforeseen dental issue arises, you can go to the dentist to get proper treatment without an expensive dental bill. We offer a variety of affordable and flexible health insurance plans for you and your family. Our plans have no deductible, making our coverage ideal for anyone who does not have group insurance.

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Best Affordable Coverage: Delta Dental

Delta Dental

  • Coverage Limit: $1,000 to $1,500
  • States Available: 50

DeltaCare USA is an affordable plan making its provider Delta Dental our choice for the best affordable coverage. Copays are just $20 for up to two cleanings per year, and theres no charge for exams and X-rays.

  • HMO option with no deductibles or annual maximums

  • Copays by procedure

  • Relatively low premiums

  • Only one plan with no waiting period on everything

  • Premiums must be paid for the year upfront

  • Doesnt cover some procedures like implants

Delta Dental is one of the largest dental providers in the country, serving more than 80 million people and maintaining a network of more than 152,000 dentists. By focusing exclusively on dental insurance, Delta Dental can offer lower prices than many competitors. A variety of plans is available for both individuals and companies.

Delta Dental offers only one policy with no waiting periods, but with a low monthly premium, it is incredibly affordable. This HMO plan, named DeltaCare USA, works with a copay structure instead of the coinsurance rates associated with PPO plans. Copays are listed by procedure and are fairly reasonable youll pay only $20 out of pocket for cleanings, with exams and X-rays free of charge, while fillings cost $25 to $120, and root canals are $240 to $400. There are no deductibles or annual maximums.

Do Dental Insurance Plans With No Waiting Period Cover Everything

It depends on the policy. The ones we have identified in our list have at least one policy that often does cover everything with no waiting period. However, even with these policies, you will see in the details that the coverage increases the longer you subscribe, often over three years.

When you are shopping for dental insurance policies with no waiting period, you’ll find that most plans do not have waiting periods on cleanings and exams, but they do for fillings, crowns, or braces. That’s because dental insurance divides care into three service categories: Preventive, Basic, and Major. Heres a rundown on those different categories:

  • Preventive: This category is your routine dental care, usually including cleanings, X-rays, exams, fluoride treatments, and sealants. Dental insurance policies typically have no waiting period for preventive care.
  • Basic: These are dental treatments that dentists handle in-house, like fillings, simple extractions, some periodontal care, like scaling and root planing, etc. Many policies add a waiting period of three to six months, and sometimes longer, on this category of care.
  • Major: These treatments are more complex, like bridges, crowns, dentures, implants, orthodontics, and root canals, among others.

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Best Overall: Spirit Dental & Vision

Spirit Dental

  • Maximums range from roughly $1,200 to $5,000
  • Available in 48 states

We chose Spirit Dental & Vision as the best overall because it has coverage for all dental care from day 1 and offers many plan options. Also, it has generous annual maximums, up to around $5,000, depending on the plan you choose.

  • No waiting periods for any category of care

  • Lifetime deductible of $100 for each member

  • Preventative covered at 100% from day 1

  • Teeth already missing arent covered

  • Coinsurance is low for year 1 on some policies

  • All plans are not available in every state

Offered by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp, Spirit Dental & Vision is a nationwide provider that has been around since the 1880s and has high ratings from both AM Best and Standard & Poors. You can buy a dental insurance plan with no waiting periods directly or through an employer, and it includes policies for individuals, families, kids, and seniors.

Spirit Dental is the best overall for a variety of reasons. With Spirit Dental, your coverage begins on day one of your effective date, and you have many plans and levels of coverage to choose from. You choose your dentist.

One thing to note is that Spirit does not cover prosthetics for missing teeth unless the prosthetic also covers a tooth lost while the subscriber is insured with them. In comparison, the premium rates vary based on where you live and other variables. An online search found that for a woman under 50 in CA, the range was roughly $44 to $108.

Are Some Benefits More Likely To Have Waiting Periods


Yes. While waiting periods are not standardized in the dental insurance industry, expensive dental procedures such as crowns, root canals, dentures, implants, or orthodontic work are more likely to have a waiting period than a less expensive procedure such as a filling or preventive care such as cleaning or x-ray. Preventive care, however, may have an annual limit of two cleanings that must be spaced at least 6-months apart.

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Lower Dental Insurance Costs

A dental benefits waiting period can also be used as a way to curb dental insurance costs. The longer the dental insurance waiting period, the lower the dental insurance premium may be. This strategy is particularly useful if you have been regularly maintaining your teeth to avoid those major dental procedures and visits. Entering a dental insurance plan if you have not been covered before can be difficult and seem expensive, but the long-term advantages of getting basic dental insurance coverages can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Obtain Quick Coverage: Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period

Your search for affordable Health, Medicare and Life insurance starts here.

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Individuals purchasing dental insurance often assume that benefits will start very soon after enrolling in the plan. However, dental plans often apply a waiting period before certain services are covered. Waiting periods range from 6 to 12 months. Fortunately, it is possible to find dental insurance with no waiting period*.

Services that often require a 6 month waiting are:

  • Space maintainers for young children
  • Intraoral films, extraoral films, and panoramic films
  • Fillings
  • Occlusion adjustment

Services that frequently impose a 12 month waiting period are:

  • Inlays and onlays
  • Crowns, cast posts, and core buildups
  • Adjustment and repair of dentures
  • Root canals
  • Oral surgery

If you are in need of one of the above services before its applicable waiting period has passed, you will be responsible for 100% of the bill.

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How Long Do Waiting Periods Last

Other dental insurance plans might stagger their coverage levels. For instance, you might receive 70% coverage for a particular service during the first year, 80% during year two, 90% during year three, and 100% coverage for the same service beginning in the fourth year. This is a way to encourage prevention through regular visits.

Healthmarkets Can Help You Navigate Dental Insurance Plans

Dental Insurance for Seniors – 6 Great Coverage Options

For help with distinguishing between various dental plans, call HealthMarkets Insurance Agency to speak to one of our 3,000+ agents. They are trained in matching an individual or family to a plan suited for their dental health needs and for their budget. Find a local insurance agent, or speak to one of our representatives anytime at .

Exact services may differ depending on the policy. Products with no waiting period may not be offered in every state or zip code.


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What Are My Payment Options

Delta Dental of Kansas has two payment options.

  • If you enroll online, you may choose to pay with a credit/debit card or through automatic withdrawal from a checking or savings account. Monthly premiums will be charged within the first five business days of the month.
  • If you prefer to pay using a check, you may purchase a years worth of premiums and send your check to DDKS with the paper application. You will find a paper application by clicking here.
  • How We Chose The Best Dental Insurance For With No Waiting Period

    We looked at many variables when comparing the dental insurance policies with no waiting period. We started by choosing plans that had no waiting period in their policy description. Then we reviewed the number of programs available without a waiting period, the network size of the company, the number of states where it’s available, the annual maximums, and deductibles. We also compared coverage and the rates quoted to determine the best one. Lastly, we looked at the company’s ratings from unbiased sources. Also note: It is essential to investigate the policy stipulations for where you live.

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    So What Exactly Is A Dental Insurance Waiting Period

    All dental benefit plans include exclusions and limitations. One of those limitations can be a waiting period. While dental plan limitations and exclusions do not affect how you document and report procedures rendered, you should be aware of common limitations such as waiting periods.

    In dentistry, an insurance waiting period is a stipulated time frame per insurance policy and patient that will not allow benefits for certain procedures until a set amount of time has passed. A typical waiting period for a policy would be 6 months for basic procedures and 1 year for major services .

    For example, say a patient’s insurance plan starts January 1, 2021, and has a waiting period attached for major services of one year. So no benefits would be payable by the insurance for any major service until January 2, 2022. Annoying right?

    A waiting period and the allotted time is defined by the employer plan, or the insurance company when the plan is purchased directly from the insurance payer.

    Why is this a limitation, you might ask?

    Well, to be frank, waiting periods have been around awhile, but companies also have to consider risk management. They dont want to be taken advantage of by employees. Employers are reducing benefits offered and one of those is the dental benefits. Patients without a dental benefit plan offered by their employer are electing to purchase individual or family plans directly from the insurance payer or through their state insurance marketplace.

    Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period In Utah

    Waiting period for public dental treatment in the Northern ...

    Great dental insurance can be hard to come by. Many insurance companies offer dental insurance that only covers some procedures or very basic ones. Others will make you wait before you can even use the insurance. What is the point of that? We think that the moment you purchase dental insurance, you should be able to use it. Not only that, we think you should be able to get good coverage too. That is exactly what you find when you use VP Dental Insurance for your provider.

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