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What Is Adjustable Life Insurance

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Fixing Your Adjustable Life Policy

Insurance Information : About Adjustable Life Insurance

Has your adjustable life policy gone off course? It is not too late to begin smooth sailing again!;

All adjustable life insurance policyholders receive an annual statement showing how their policy is performing.

These statements can be confusing and may not have the proper information needed to make an informed decision.

You should pay special attention to your flexible premium adjustable life cash value performance.

Your adjustable life illustration will contain both a current interest rate and the minimum interest rate column.

If it looks like your adjustable life cash value is going down in value, it is time to take action!

Many policyholders make a more educated evaluation by contacting a life insurance specialist to conduct a policy audit.

Here is how a life insurance specialist can help you with your adjustable life policy.

1. Evaluate Current Coverage

First, the specialist will work with your existing life insurance company to evaluate in-force illustrations with your current adjustable life policy under different scenarios.

  • What is your cash surrender value?
  • ;How long will your adjustable life insurance policy last, assuming you keep paying the current premium?
  • How much more would you have to pay to maintain the current benefit until your target age?
  • How much would a smaller death benefit-cost you?
  • If your insurer is crediting your policy with more than the minimum guaranteed return, a guaranteed illustration so that you will have a worst-case scenario.

Guidelines For Life Insurance Policies And Riders

Internal Revenue Code Section 7702 defines the characteristics of and guidelines for life insurance policies. Subsection C of this section provides guidelines for premium payments. The policyholder may not adjust the premiums in a manner that violates these guidelines. Increasing premiums may also increase the face amount to the point that it requires evidence of insurability.

However, many life insurers set parameters to prevent violations.

Much like other life insurance policies, adjustable life insurance policies typically have optional riders.;Familiar ones include the waiver of premium and accidental death and dismemberment riders;

How Adjustable Life Insurance Works

As mentioned before, adjustable life insurance is a type of permanent insurance that offers the added benefit of flexibility. The premiums are paid on a monthly or annual basis, where a portion of the premiums are paid towards the cost of insurance such as administrative fees and death benefit coverage while the other portion goes towards the cash value.

The policyholders are given the option to change the premiums, death benefitAccidental Death BenefitAccidental death benefit is a type of insurance policy that pays in the event of the accidental death of an insured person. It is different from life, and cash value. The premium is the amount that the policyholders pay for the insurance product, the death benefit is the amount the policyholders beneficiaries will receive when the policyholder dies, and the cash value is the tax-deferring savings component in the insurance policy that earns a small amount of variable interest.

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Downsides Of Adjustable Life Insurance

While there are many benefits to getting adjustable life insurance, there are also some downsides that are important to be aware of before you sign up for your policy. Here are some of the most common problems that people encounter with adjustable life insurance.

There really arent many downsides to an adjustable life insurance plan, which is why they are increasing in popularity. They combine so many of the benefits of other types of life insurance plans, so if you are having a difficult time deciding which one you want, an adjustable life insurance plan is a good place to start.

Can I Cash In A Flexible Premium Adjustable Life Insurance Policy

Variable life insurance

You can cancel or surrender a flexible premium adjustable life insurance policy at any time. You’ll receive the accumulated cash value and pay income taxes on this amount.

However, the loved ones you leave behind will no longer receive death benefits to pay for your funeral and burial expenses or other bills.

Instead of cashing in an adjustable life insurance policy, you might consider:

  • Using your policy’s cash value as collateral to take out a loan
  • Withdrawing only a portion of the cash value
  • Using the cash value to pay some of your policy’s premiums

Depending on when you cash in your policy, you may have to pay surrender or cancellation fees.

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Understanding Adjustable Life Insurance

Adjustable life insurance differs from other life insurance products in that there is no requirement to cancel or purchase additional policies as the insureds circumstances change. It is attractive to those who want the protection and cash value benefits of permanent life insurance yet need or want some level of flexibility with policy features.

Using the;ability to modify premium payments and face amounts, policyholders may customize their coverage as their lives change. For example, a policyholder may want to increase the face amount upon getting married and having children. An unemployed person may want to reduce premiums to accommodate a restricted budget.

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How Does Variable Universal Life Insurance Work

A portion of your flexible premium payment goes toward the insurance, which includes any fees and death benefit coverage.

The remaining premium goes into a tax-deferred savings account, with the opportunity to invest that cash value into subaccounts.

You have the potential to earn more than you would with fixed life insurance products; however, you also run the risk of investing in an underperforming market. If you pass away, the policy pays an income-tax free death benefit to your beneficiary.

Is There More Than One Type Of Universal Life Policy

Adjustable Life Insurance in Akron Ohio ~ Will Be Your Best Option

Actually, there are several different kinds of Universal Life Insuranceeach designed to meet a unique set of needs. Heres a quick overview.

Universal Life

If you’re looking for long-term protection with the ability to accumulate some cash value over time, our Universal Life may be for you. Some of our clients prefer this product because it allows them to customize the protection to best meet their needs while also managing their costs.

Custom Guarantee

If you’re like our clients who value a guaranteed death benefit, but dont need to accumulate cash value, then Custom Universal Life Guarantee might work for you. You pay a set premium to maintain the coverage you need for as long as you choose.

Protection Up to Age 90

If you’re a business owner or someone who needs a significant amount of life insurance protection for a specific period of time , Protection Up to Age 90 offers a cost-effective alternative to permanent insurance. It allows people to get the level of protection they need , the way they need it.

What if I want even more flexibility and value?

In most cases, there are a variety of ways to increase your level of protection or customize your policy. Your New York Life financial professional will be happy to share with you all the add-ons, which are also known as riders, that are available with each policy. Best of all, many of the riders are free.

Protecting for health events

Get your money back

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Adjustable Life Vs Variable Life Insurance

Variable life and adjustable life insurance are both forms of permanent insurance, but the primary difference is in how the cash value grows. As mentioned above, adjustable life policies have a minimum interest rate, but your cash value can increase more quickly depending on the insurer’s financial performance. For variable life, your interest rate depends on the investment categories that you have selected from a list offered by your insurer. This can include investment categories tied to stocks, bonds, treasury bills and other investment securities.

Since you are selecting the mode of cash value growth, there is typically no guaranteed minimum interest rate. Therefore, variable life insurance can have an interest rate that is close to zero and significantly less than that of an adjustable life policy. This is how variable life insurance is a more “risky” investment product when compared to more stable policies like whole and adjustable life insurance.

What Is The Best Life Insurance Company

There is no one company that is right for everyone. An effective strategy when shopping for life insurance is to gather quotes from several companies and compare them to find the best option for your own circumstances. Our Best Life Insurance Companies of 2020 is one such place to compare providers.

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Benefits Of Adjustable Life Insurance

Individuals who choose adjustable life insurance do so for the flexibility of the policies. The benefit comes in three parts of the policy that can be changed:

1. Premiums

The policyholder is allowed to change the amount or frequency of payments. However, changes have to be within certain limits set by the issuer.

2. Death Benefit

The policyholder is allowed to increase or decrease the amount that is paid out. The increase of the amount may require additional evidence to reassess the risk of the policyholder, whereas a decrease may lower the premiums that are paid.

3. Cash Value

The policyholder can increase or decrease the cash value of the policy by either increasing premium payments or withdrawing funds as a loan with interest.

What Is Adjustable Life Insurance

Pros and Cons of a Variable Universal Life Insurance

Adjustable life insurance is a hybrid of term life and whole life insurance that allows policyholders the option to adjust policy features, including the period of protection, face amount, premiums, and length of the premium payment period.

Adjustable life policies also incorporate an interest-bearing savings component, known as a cash value account.

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Variable Universal Life Insurance

Variable Universal Life Insurance is probably the most complicated of the 3 types of universal life insurance. Death benefits are guaranteed, but just like the indexed universal life products, the premium is not.

A VUL is unique in how the cash values interest is calculated. Just like other adjustable life policies, part of the premium pays the cost of insurance and fees, while the remaining is invested into the cash value.

The difference is that in a variable life, your cash value account is tied to sub-accounts which are very similar to mutual funds.

There are no caps or floors attached to these policies, which means you are credited with all the interest that is earned that year. But you also endure all the losses if the sub-accounts are in the negative.

A Universal Life Insurance Policy By Any Other Name

When people talk about adjustable life insurance, theyre usually referring to universal life insurance. Premiums are flexible and you can determine your payment schedule, whether its monthly, quarterly, or annually. Your policy is tied to the financial performance of your insurer through various investments that affect the growth of your cash value. Your insurer may or may not offer an additional guaranteed rate of return. Usually, insurance companies guarantee at least a 0% rate of return, meaning you wont lose cash value if investments underperform.;

Here are the key risks associated with adjustable life insurance:

  • Gains are tied to the financial performance of your insurer
  • Depleting your cash value may result in terminating your policy
  • Cash flow is unpredictable
  • Adjustable policies tend to have the highest premiums
  • There may be limits to coverage increases
  • Changes in health could affect future insurability

In years your insurance company performs well, you may see substantial gains in your policys cash value. However, if your insurance company underperforms, your cash value will accumulate very slowly. This uncertainty can be problematic if youre relying on your cash value to pay some or all of your insurance premiums. Further, if your financial goals involve using tax-free policy loans or withdrawals to pay for outside investment opportunities, college education, business capital, real estate, or retirement, it can be difficult to predict cash flow.;

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What Is A 7702 Plan

Need Coverage? Let This Adjustable Life Insurance Policy Secure Your Future

7702 life insurance is a term used to refer to permanent life policies with a cash value component, such as flexible premium adjustable policies. This title implies that they comply with section 7702 of the tax regulations for life insurance.

The tax code limited what could be classified as a life insurance product, preventing other investment vehicles from capitalizing on the tax benefits of life insurance.

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Best Universal Life Companies

Yes, you can still buy life insurance during the coronavirus pandemic.

Life insurance companies are still issuing new life policies during the pandemic with few new twists.

  • No exam Some companies are doing a telephone interview with the details of your health history being completed by phone compared to an in-person medical exam that may not always be possible right now.
  • Older Ages Some insurance companies adjust their offerings and limit coverage options based on peoples age. Many companies have temporarily suspended applications for individuals aged 70 or older.
  • Medical Conditions Other carriers temporarily suspend new applications for people in their sixties with health issues like diabetes and asthma.
  • Travel Planned or recent travel in some countries with large coronavirus outbreaks could mean a denial or a significant delay in obtaining new life insurance coverage.

Should you apply for coverage right now?

If there was ever a time to apply for life insurance, it is right now!

This is because of the faster approval process because many companies have waived medical exams.

So, the length of time it takes to be approved for coverage is shorter right now.

Underwriting requirements are constantly evolving concerning the coronavirus pandemic.;

Universal Or Adjustable Life

This type of policy offers you more flexibility than whole life insurance. You may be able to increase the death benefit, if you pass a medical examination. The savings vehicle generally earns a money market rate of interest. After money has accumulated in your account, you will also have the option of altering your premium payments providing there is enough money in your account to cover the costs. This can be a useful feature if your economic situation has suddenly changed. However, you would need to keep in mind that if you stop or reduce your premiums and the saving accumulation gets used up, the policy might lapse and your life insurance coverage will end. You should check with your agent before deciding not to make premium payments for extended periods because you might not have enough cash value to pay the monthly charges to prevent a policy lapse.

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Pros And Cons Of Adjustable Life Insurance


  • AdjustableYou can change the amount of your premiums, as well as the face value of the death benefit, as your needs and circumstances change.
  • FlexiblePay your premiums monthly, annually, or in one lump sum amount. You can also use the cash value accumulation to pay your premiums.
  • Cash Value GrowthThe policy grows in cash value at a guaranteed minimum rate, but can increase depending on the performance of the company.
  • Cons

    • Some requests for a death benefit increase require additional underwriting, even an additional medical exam.
  • Direct Recognition MethodCompanies typically earn a low yield on policy loans. With this method, they reduce the amount of dividends allocated to policies with loans. This could increase fees and interest rates charged to loans against your cash value.
  • Limited GuaranteeCash value growth depends on the success of the company. If the company is not profitable, the value will not grow more than the guaranteed minimum rate, which is typically very low.
  • Surrender LossIf you surrender the policy within the first 5 or 10 years, you may lose the accumulated cash value.
  • Who Is Adjustable Life Insurance Best For?

    Other Types Of Life Insurance

    Insurance products (Life Insurance)

    If you find that an adjustable life insurance policy is not for you, it may be time to consider whole life or term life insurance.

    A term life policy is cheaper than whole life when you first get it, but it only lasts for between 5 to 20 years, depending on the policy you choose.

    While there are limitations to each of these polices, it is the clear structure that makes them more attractive for the average insurance shopper. What you see is what you get.

    Whole life insurance will come with higher premiums, especially if you are older, but it also gives you a guarantee that your policy and interest rate will not change as long as you keep up with your required premiums.

    A term life policy is cheaper than whole life when you first get it, but it only lasts for between 5 to 20 years, depending on the policy you choose. This is good way to give your family financial protection if you die suddenly, but not a great way to build up a nest-egg over time.

    The reason people prefer whole life and term life is because you do not have to worry about changing terms and conditions on the policy over time.

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