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What Is Backpacker Travel Insurance

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World Nomads Backpacker Travel Insurance: Simple & Flexible

Backpacker Travel Insurance

With World Nomads, you can buy and claim online, even after youve left your home country. Travel insurance from is available to people from over 130 countries. Its designed for intrepid and adventurous travellers with cover for overseas medical, evacuation, baggage and a range of adventure sports and activities.

Why Do I Need Backpacker Insurance

Backpacker insurance is designed to cover you on longer trips abroad. Its ideal if youre planning to go away for several months at a time. Its also known as extended trip insurance. Unlike other types of travel insurance, its tailored to cover you in multiple destinations and it often covers a range of adventure activities, as standard. Backpacker insurance can help cover the cost of medical expenses while youre travelling, which can prove very costly in some countries.

It could also cover you for lost or stolen baggage, damage to personal items and personal liability. Always check your policy details carefully to see exactly what youre covered for.

Cheap Backpacker Insurance What Should Be Included

Weve gone over the essentials brought, now its time to look at a good backpacker travel insurance in detail. If something any of the 10 points below is missing from your policy, then consider looking for a different provider.

  • Cover most countries in the world.
  • Cover for lost, stolen or damaged luggage, possessions, documents etc.
  • The option to increase cover of high-value items.
  • A 24-hour emergency helpline.
  • At least £1 million personal liability insurance in case you injure a person or cause damage to their property.
  • A minimum of £1 million of medical cover.
  • Repatriation to your home country in the case of serious illness or injury check the small print, occasionally the repatriation will only take you so far.
  • A minimum of £1000 cancellation/curtailment cover so that you can get home fast if there is an emergency such as a death in the family.
  • Cover for any legal expenses you may need.
  • Extendability If you decide to travel for longer than originally planned you want to be able to extend your policy easily.
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    Backpacker Travel Insurance Guide

    There are nearly 100 specialist backpacker travel insurance polices to choose from, read our Backpacker Travel Insurance Guide to help you understand whether this is the right type of insurance for you and your family

    This guide covers:

  • Backpacker Travel Insurance – In Brief
  • Who is Backpacker Travel Insurance for
  • How many trips can you take with Backpacker Travel Insurance
  • Key points about Backpacker Travel Insurance
  • Top Picks for Backpacker Travel Insurance Policies
  • What are Reciprocal Health Agreements
  • Important Considerations about Backpacker Travel Insurance
  • Travel Insurance Is A Worthwhile Investment

    What is Backpacker Travel Insurance and Do You Really Even ...

    Spending the money on a backpacker insurance policy might feel like a sunk cost. It probably isnt going to be the purchase that makes your heart race with excitement, either. Choosing a comprehensive insurance policy is worth the time and effort, though.

    Imagine: youre given the opportunity to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but it comes with some risk. Are you really going to skip it just because something might go wrong? Or are you going to use the peace of mind that comes with an insurance policy to your benefit, and have an amazing story to tell?

    You certainly hope to never have to use your insurance. When the unexpected happens, youll be glad to have it. Dont plan your next trip without a policy that has your back in the worst situations Be sure to give World Nomads a serious look. They are what I personally use and recommend to all my fellow travelers.

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    Trip Cancellation Or Interruption For Any Reason

    Under certain circumstances, you may need to leave early or cancel your trip entirely. However, its important to note backpacker insurance only covers you in certain situations, like illness, injury, or family emergencies.

    You will probably not get reimbursed if you change your mind, or find a better price somewhere else. On the other hand, some backpacker insurance providers offer cancel for any reason coverage. If you add this benefit, youll be able to file claims for reasons outside what was listed by your backpacker insurance provider.

    Backpacking Tips And Advice

    When you tell people youre going backpacking, youre sure to be bogged down with advice, a lot of which youll probably have forgotten by the time youve reached the airport. So, well keep it short and sweet, with five things to take note of when youre off on your adventure.

    Now you’ve heard our advice, you’re all ready for your backpacking adventures… all that’s left is travel insurance! Be sure to get a quote and also check our blog for information like how to be a responsible tourist

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    So Which One Is The Best Backpacker Travel Insurance

    There are hundreds of good insurance companies out there. However, researching which is best for your trip may take you weeks. And lets face it, shopping for backpacker insurance isnt exactly fun. I thought Id outline the best backpacker insurance companies for your so that you can make an informed decision.

    Valuables & Electronics Insurance

    Travel Insurance for Backpackers Advice

    Almost all cheap backpacker insurance policies will have very high excesses and fixed limits on the amount you can claim on personal belongings. Ideally, you should pay a bit more to properly insure your valuables. Whether you choose to ensure your gear is up to you certainly, your overall policy will cost more if you do. You may be better off just keeping a bloody good eye on your valuables and not paying the extra money to insure them.

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    The Best Travel Insurance For Backpackers On A Budget

    Most travel insurance plans require you to submit precise travel dates and trip costs. What if youre playing it by ear, as many backpackers do, and you dont have a lot of prepaid costs? The OneTrip Emergency Medical Plan is a different kind of plan: simple, flexible and affordable travel insurance that includes only post-departure benefits.

    What does that mean? The OneTrip Emergency Medical Plan keeps costs low because it doesnt include trip cancellation/interruption benefits. If you have to cancel your trip, this plan wont reimburse your nonrefundable, prepaid trip costs.

    The OneTrip Emergency Medical Plandoes include important benefits to protect you when youre traveling, such as:

    • Emergency medical benefits up to $50,000 for accidents and $50,000 for illness
    • Emergency medical transportation benefits up to $250,000
    • Baggage loss/damage up to $2,000
    • Baggage delay up to $750
    • Trip delay benefits up to $1,000
    • 24-hour hotline assistance

    These arent the only benefits included read your policy documents to understand all the benefits and exclusions. Another reason the OneTrip Emergency Medical Plan may be a good fit for backpackers: If you decide to extend your trip, you may be able to extend your coverage dates as well.

    Do You Have Any Advice For Backpackers

    Here are seven things for backpackers to bear in mind before they begin their adventures.

    • Visas find out if you need a visa and make the necessary arrangements to get one if you do.
    • Vaccinations check with your GP whether you need any vaccinations. If you do, make sure you get an appointment in plenty of time before you travel.
    • Cash ensure you have enough money to fund your trip.
    • Safe places see whether the Foreign Office cautions against travel to any of the regions youre planning to visit. If you do visit a country or an area with restrictions or warnings in place, you could invalidate your insurance.
    • Behave yourself insurance providers take a dim view of incidents that occur because you were affected by drink and drugs and are highly unlikely to pay out for any claims made. The authorities in some countries can also be very severe if you commit a drug-related offence.
    • Respect understand the local customs and follow them.
    • Learn If English isnt widely spoken where youre going, think about brushing up on a few key phrases in the local language, before you travel.

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    Can I Take Out This Insurance If I Am Already Travelling

    If cover is purchased after an Insured Person has departed their home to commence their journey, there is a fixed period of 48 hours prior to cover commencing. For cover to apply the Already Travelling extension must be shown on your Booking Invoice or Validation Certificate . Any illness arising during this initial 48 hour period will be an excluded Pre-existing Medical Condition. In the event of serious injury in connection with an accident, you will be covered from the date you take out cover subject to the accident being independently witnessed and also verified by a Medical Practitioner.

    There is no 14 Day Cooling off Period and no premium refund will be made if the insured Person has already travelled.

    Coverage For Extreme Activities And Sports

    Backpacker Travel Insurance Ireland  Compare Quotes

    Lets face it backpackers love their extreme activities. Thats why you should look for backpacker insurance that provides protection for whatever adventure you may encounter on your trip.

    From scuba diving in Indonesia to sky diving in Hawaii, youll want coverage for all those fun and exhilarating moments.

    However, many traditional travel insurance companies dont offer protection for these events. So if you plan on doing any extreme sports, make sure your backpacker insurance provides activity coverage.

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    What Are Reciprocal Health Agreements

    In short, Reciprocal Health Agreements are agreements agreed between the UK and certain countries that they will provide some treatment at reduced cost or free of charge. What is covered under these agreements varies from country to country. In the EU this is covered by the EHIC Card and in Australia / New Zealand by Medicare. Most Insurance Policy Wordings will not cover you for any claim for costs that would have been recoverable under these agreements, so it’s important to read the requirements of that policy and make sure that you follow the terms. These may include holding an EHIC card where travelling to Europe and Registering for Medicare on arrival.

    Many Insurers will state on their Policy Wording that they will not deduct any excess from claims paid out where the costs have been reduced by Reciprocal Agreements, so it’s definitely a benefit to make sure you comply with this policy condition and are able to take advantage of these agreements

    Medical Checkup In Laos

    Contributed by Marya from The Beaut Traveller

    When I arrived to Vientiane from Pakse at Champasak in Laos, I couldnt be more thankful that I purchased travel insurance for my Indochina trip at the time.

    On my first day in Vientiane, I thought it was just flu, so I tried to have enough rest and only order the food from the hotels room service.

    It was only on the second day when I realized that I needed to go to the hospital when I went to a supermarket close to the hotel, and I couldnt go back to the hotel as I felt too weak to walk. The distance from the hotel to the supermarket was only around 200 meters, and I had to order a taxi to go back to the hotel.

    Later that night, I decided to go to Alliance International Medical Center after asking for hospital suggestions in some travel groups on Facebook.

    Due to the rising situation with Covid-19, I had to take a swab test at the hospital to see if I was reactive to the virus. Thankfully, the result was negative, but the doctor strongly suggested me to spend a 2-week quarantine in Vientiane to prevent the worst probability, given the situation.

    I spent around 2.800.000 LAK, or around $300 USD, for the medical check-up, including the swab test at the time. While the travel insurance didnt allow me to pay for it cashless, at least I could claim it and get 50% reimbursement by the time I returned to my home country Indonesia.

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    What Is Backpackers Travel Insurance

    Our backpackers travel insurance, or extended stay travel insurance as it’s more commonly known as, is designed for those with a tight bank budget in mind and for those looking to spend between 3 to 12 months abroad. We know you canât plan for a lost passport or unforeseen medical expenses, so thatâs why we provide Irelandâs best backpacker travel insurance with benefits that think ahead. These important benefits include cancelling or cutting your trip short, medical expenses and personal effects & baggage cover. This cover is only offered those aged between 18 – 35. Please also see policy wording or relevant insurance product information document for full details.

    What You Should Do After Buying Your Insurance

    Travel Insurance Tips |Ep. 6| Backpacking For Beginners

    Once you finally buy a good travel insurance, there are a few things you should do before you set off for the trip of a lifetime. Here is a quick overview:

    • Make a note of your policy number, your insurance emergency contact number and its e-mail.
    • Set up a reminder a couple of weeks before your insurance is meant to expire the good news is that most year long policies have auto-renewals, so you dont have to worry about it expiring.
    • Take photos of any expensive gear make sure to also include the serial number and store it in your cloud or Google Drive. Just in case you need to make a claim.

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    Travel Insurance Faqs For Backpackers

    • Can I Apply to extend my travel insurance policy?
    • Yes. You must extend your policy before it expires . To extend your policy, you simply need to call the call centre on 0800 000 333, email us at or speak to a call centre representative via online chat. One of our trained travel insurance specialists will assist you in the policy extension. You’ll be issued with a quote for the policy extension period. And you’ll need to process a payment for this extended period. Please note there may be instances where a policy extension is not available.

    • What do i do if i lose my policy documentation?
    • If you lose your policy documentation, please check your email inbox to see if the originals are there. If you are still unable to find the documents and relevant information, please contact us as soon as possible to retrieve them.

    • What Happens if i go home early?
    • Your policy covers the full duration of your trip as stated on your Certificate of Insurance. There are no refunds should you go home earlier than planned.

    • Will I be Covered if i travel to a country with an official travel warning?
    • All countries have travel advice levels and you always check these prior to travelling. If a government or other official body have issued a specific “Do Not Travel” or “Reconsider your need to travel” warning and you go, you will not be covered. For more information, please see

    Final Thoughts On Getting A Backpacker Travel Insurance

    I suppose you get the idea of how important I think having a good backpacker insurance is. Ive had to use my travel insurance a bunch of times, and it really helped me. What you need to understand is that life is unpredictable, and even when we want to be optimistic and keep a positive attitude, we cant foresee the future.

    I always hope that I wont have to make use of my travel insurance, and I sincerely hope you dont have to use it either. But in case it is necessary, its good to have it. It helps me face unexpected emergencies, and it is a responsible thing to get as an adult.

    Legal Disclaimer: This post was written in cooperation with SafetyWing. The views provided remain my own.

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    When To Buy Backpacker Insurance

    Its a good idea to buy travel insurance as soon as youve booked your trip, however many people leave it late to organise: 15% of MoneySuperMarket customers took cover out on the day they left in 2018.

    Booking travel insurance as early as possible often allows you to claim back the cost of your holiday if you have to cancel unexpectedly due to illness, injury, redundancy or bereavement.

    However not all insurance policies include coverage for cancellations, so its important to check your policy documents for terms and conditions.

    Incidents Outside Your Coverage Dates

    Backpacker Travel Insurance

    This should go without saying, but your backpacker insurance only covers you for a specific amount of time.

    For the full policy to take effect, some companies require that you purchase your plan before your trip starts. That means you are only able to claim incidents or accidents that occur after you have full coverage.

    In a similar fashion, you need to renew your backpacker insurance if you extend your trip past the initial coverage dates. If you do not extend your insurance, then you will not be able to file a claim after your policy has ended.

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    What’s Not Covered By Backpacker Insurance

    There are some common exclusions that apply to all types of travel insurance. Backpackers insurance might not pay out if you:

    • break the law or behave maliciously.
    • are under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time.
    • ignore official advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or the World Health Organisation.
    • leave your bags or possessions unattended and theyre stolen. Check your policy carefully as your insurance provider may insist you take certain safety precautions while youre away. Also, you might not be covered for theft from hostels.
    • mislead or fail to inform your insurance provider about any pre-existing health conditions or other key details.
    • try to claim for any medical care in Europe thats currently covered under the EHIC/GHIC agreement.
    • change your plans and decide to come home early, unless this is due to Government or FCDO advice.

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