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What Is Repatriation Travel Insurance

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Which Repatriation Insurance To Choose

Travel Insurance: What is Repatriation of Remains and Do I Need it?

Several types of repatriation insurance contracts exist. Some cover the costs of relief and hospitalization, others reimburse some of the care and medication, others propose, in addition, repatriation in case of death. Clauses and rates vary from insurance to insurance. It is therefore recommended tocarefully examine coverage guarantees and do not hesitate to seek advice by telephone in order to properly assess the scope of the guarantees.

Medical Evacuations From Cruises

Large cruise ships generally have an infirmary, at least one doctor on call 24/7, nurses, and a pharmacy.

However, this medical care is not hospital-grade depending on the severity of your condition, you may need a higher level of care.

If youre critically ill, the ships medical team may be able to stabilise you until the ship arrives at a port.

From there, its likely youll be transferred to a hospital .

If the ships medical team cannot stabilise you, its likely youll be airlifted to hospital.

What Is Repatriation Cover

Repatriation cover can offer protection against the high cost of bringing you home after illness, injury or death suffered while abroad. It may be necessary to transport you home because you cant get the appropriate treatment where you are, or because it will work out cheaper to bring you home and complete your treatment in the UK.

Travel insurance policies typically provide up to £10 million of cover for repatriation. This reflects the high costs of bringing you home on a private plane, for example, and for the extra costs of any specialist equipment and medical treatment.

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What Other Benefits Might Be Offered

Depending on your policy, you might be entitled to other benefits to protect you against potential risks:

  • In the event of illness or injury:
  • search and rescue expenses,
  • presence of a relative in the event of hospitalisation,
  • sourcing and delivering medicines not available locally,
  • repatriation of other beneficiaries if the insured is repatriated.
  • In the event of the death of the insured or a relative:
  • early return home if a relative dies,
  • cover of coffin expenses and repatriation of the body,
  • repatriation of other beneficiaries living with the insured.
  • In the event of the loss or theft of ID documents, baggage or travel tickets:
  • cash advance or a new ticket,
  • transmission of urgent messages.
  • In the event of an unintentional violation of the laws of a country:
  • legal fees,
  • advance of bail.
  • How Much Coverage Do I Need

    What is Repatriation Coverage in a Travel Insurance Policy ...

    Travel insurance with coverage for medical evacuation can help keep travelers from getting stuck with huge costs if seriously injured or sickened on a trip. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , medical evacuation by air ambulance can cost $50,000-$100,000 and if you are traveling internationally or in a remote area the cost can be even greater. The CDC specifically highlights the high cost of medical evacuation from a cruise ship.

    Generali travel insurance plans include Emergency Assistance and Transportation coverage limits from $250,000 to $1 million, depending on the plan you choose.

    Compare travel insurance plans and features

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    What Is Repatriation And Emergency Evacuations Used For

    Repatriation is used for emergency medical situations or death.

    When we travel, the last thing we are looking out for is the worst-case scenario. Whilst life-threatening events are uncommon, the unexpected does happen such as critical medical conditions, car accidents, skiing accidents, terrorism, random acts of violence and natural disasters that can result in serious sickness, injury or death.

    Repatriation is to bring your remains back to Australia in the event of your death.

    What Is Repatriation Coverage

    Repatriation coverage is a type of travel insurance that covers the costs of medical treatment that you may need in your home country if you are injured while traveling abroad.

    This type of policy can be a lifesaver because it could potentially save your life! The best thing about this type of policy is that its not too expensive, so make sure to get yourself covered with this type of plan before you head out on your next vacation. Taking the time to learn more about your options will pay off in the end, so make sure to read on.

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    When Would I Need An Emergency Evacuation

    If you become injured in a remote area such as a small rural town or on a snowy mountain, there might not be a medical facility nearby. Or if there is, what about potential foreign language barriers and finding immediate transportation? For these reasons, emergency evacuation benefits should be an essential part of your travel insurance.

    If you have a medical emergency, Travelex and its assistance provider take care of all your arrangements. Help is just a phone call away. 24/7 travel assistance is provided by a team of board-certified doctors with access to an extensive network of certified medical providers worldwide.

    With emergency evacuation benefits, you can receive up to $500,000 in coverage on the plan, up to $100,000 on the plan, and up to $200,000 on the plan should something critical happen to you while traveling. Additional benefits apply if youre hospitalized for an extended period of time. These include helping pay for your children to return back home with an escort, bringing a person to be at your bedside, and covering expenses for your bedside companion.

    Who Needs Repatriation Coverage In Travel Insurance

    Travel Medical Insurance – Repatriation of Mortal Remains

    If youre planning on traveling outside of your home country, then its a good idea to have repatriation coverage in your travel insurance policy.

    This is especially important if your health insurance policy does not cover you for treatment outside of your area of coverage.

    Its also a good idea to have repatriation coverage if youre traveling to a foreign country where the medical system is very different than what you are used to.

    For example, if youre traveling to India and need surgery, the cost of the surgery may be much lower than what you would pay in the United States, but the post-operative care could be very expensive. In this case, repatriation coverage would help cover the cost of returning to the United States for follow-up treatment.

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    How Can I Find The Best Repatriation Travel Insurance

    You dont need to find special repatriation travel insurance because its included in all travel policies. But be aware that the level of cover varies a lot between policies.

    The focus shouldnt be on finding a cheap policy, but on finding the right policy at the best price. Its usually worth spending a little extra to get the cover youd need if the worst happened while you were away.

    Compare travel insurance policies quickly and easily by sharing a few details about yourself and your plans. Youll receive quotes which detail both the price and how much medical cover youre getting. Then you can feel safe knowing youd have enough insurance if the need for repatriation arose.

    Why Purchase A Plan With Repatriation Coverage

    The typical cost of repatriation insurance will be a small fraction of the cost compared to the family of the deceased being burdened with the overseas costs of transporting the body to an embalmer, transporting the body to the airport where the flight home will take place and flying the remains back to their home or to a funeral home or a crematorium. Also, coordinating a repatriation of remains is a logistical nightmare for a grieving family. This type of travel protection is a means of protecting ones loved ones in the event of ones untimely demise overseas.

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    Travel Insurance At Georgia Tech

    Faculty and staff should review their health insurance coverage prior to traveling more than 100 miles from home. Their current coverage may be sufficient for their travel needs. However, some trips warrant additional coverage. For example, France requires visitors to have medical evacuation and repatriation coverage in order to receive a work visa, and security evacuation coverage may be very important in some parts of the world.

    The current USG medical plans do not include all of these provisions. Travel insurance with basic ERS might be needed. In addition, some medical plans may have high deductibles or cumbersome reimbursement requirements when using out-of-plan providers. Therefore, a traveler may choose to supplement their existing regular medical insurance plan with more robust medical travel insurance.

    Consult this guideto determine which travel insurance is appropriate for you.

    Need Assistance?

    Travel Insurance With Repatriation Faqs

    ITIJ Assistance and Repatriation Review April 2019 by ITIJ ...

    It can cover the cost of an emergency journey back to the UK if you are seriously ill or injured while on holiday.

    Yes, but not all insurers will cover you and those that do may charge you more. Here is how to find cover with pre-existing conditions.

    You can try these 8 ways to cut your travel insurance costs.

    No, because it is designed to get you back to the UK from overseas. It can still be worth getting travel insurance for a UK holiday, find out more here.

    No, but without it medical treatment abroad can cost you tens of thousands of pounds or more.

    Last updated: 13 October, 2021

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    What Will We Cover You For

    If you are ill or injured and need help getting medical assistance the first step is always to contact our Emergency Assistance team and let us know what is going on.

    Depending on what’s happened to you, we can:

    • Transport you via ambulance or other means to adequate medical facilities nearby.
    • Evacuate you to medical facilities in another country.
    • Transport you back home to your country of residence to receive medical support.

    How Much Repatriation Cover Do I Need

    Your travel insurance medical cover which usually includes repatriation should provide £1 million of cover at the very least, although a good policy could go up to £10 million or more. This might seem like a lot, but medical care in foreign countries can often be very expensive, and the cost of specialist transport can be surprisingly high.

    This level of medical cover ensures you wont have to face the costs of expensive drugs and treatments, or even a rescue helicopter or air ambulance to bring you back to the UK.

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    What Is The Cost Of Transporting A Body

    According to travel experts, the cost of repatriation from the U.S. to Kenya, for example, can range anywhere from US $6,000 to US $10,000.

    Paperwork requirements, medical costs, mortuary charges, and embalming fees vary widely from country to country. The cost of repatriating a body depends on two main factors: the distance to be traveled and fees levied by the surrendering and receiving governmental offices.

    Emergency Medical Evacuation And Repatriation Insurance

    Travel Insurance with Repatriation & Medical Evacuation Coverage

    Repatriation coverage and emergency medical evacuation coverage are often included in travel insurance policies. Such coverage provides benefits to the insured if he or she suffers a medical emergency and requires transportation to a hospital or other medical facility, or back to his or her primary residence.

    The evacuation method is based on the individuals location and condition. For instance, if the traveler has sustained an injury such as a broken leg, he or she may be transported by air to a standard airline service and then flown home to his or her local hospital. In other instances, transporting the patient may be a complex affair, particularly if he or she has suffered a catastrophic event such as a stroke or heart attack, and therefore requires special equipment or oxygen while being transported to a medical facility.

    Repatriation coverage means that the insurer will arrange and handle the necessary transportation in the event a person passes away from an illness or injury when away from home. This benefit typically covers the arrangement and payment for necessary and reasonable expenses, which include embalming and the appropriate transportation of the deceaseds body to the proper location via the most direct route.

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    How Do I Get Repatriated In An Emergency

    The first thing you need to do in an emergency is contact the relevant services and authorities. This means an ambulance or hospital for a medical emergency and the police in the event of a crime, for example. Once youve sought immediate emergency help, you then need to contact your provider.

    Most travel insurance providers have an emergency worldwide assistance hotline for their customers to call when theyre in dire need. Your provider may operate this hotline through their own internal emergency assistance team or by a global assistance company that your provider is partnered with for situations like these.

    Whoever you talk to when you call the emergency number, theyll ask for the details of your situation and talk you through the process. They will then assist with organising your care, including:

    • rescue by helicopter, car, ambulance, boat or plane whatever is best for your situation
    • transport to a medical centre or hospital for emergency care and
    • medical repatriation to take you to the nearest or most appropriate hospital if there are no such facilities nearby or in the country youve travelled to.

    Other Important Facts About Return Of Mortal Remains:

    • The death must occur outside of the travelers home country.
    • The focus of repatriation coverage is isolated to the proper care and treatment of the body and its safe return to the travelers home country.
    • The repatriation must be coordinated and managed by the insurance company any costs not approved or arranged by the insurance company will not be reimbursed.
    • Costs for a domestic burial are not included with repatriation coverage in a visitors insurance plan, but many plans do cover the costs of a burial abroad.

    Remember that repatriation can be very expensive, so it is important to consider the possibility of such incidents and select a policy maximum that would provide sufficient coverage.

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    Where Can I Get The Best Deal On Repatriation

    Repatriation cover comes as standard in every travel insurance policy but not all travel insurance gives you the same level of protection. A few extra pounds on your premiums could be well worth the cost if the worst happens and you need to be repatriated.

    The best way to find a travel insurance policy with the right amount of cover is to use a price comparison site like MoneySuperMarket. Our price comparison tool is quick and easy to use simply give us a few details about yourself and your trip, and well do the rest. Youll be able to compare hundreds of policies from dozens of insurers and quickly see how much medical cover youre getting.

    How To Get Medical Assistance

    Repatriation insurance costs

    Its essential that you get in contact with our emergency assistance teams as soon as possible, so that our teams can support you from the time your fall sick of get injured until the time you get home.

    So that our Emergency Assistance teams can assist you quickly, please be ready with the following:

    • Your policy number
    • A contact number for where you are now
    • The nature of your problem
    • Your location


    Disclaimer:*This is the maximum limit available for all events combined under the Coronavirus Travel Costs section. All the information we provide about travel insurance is a summary only. It does not include all terms, conditions, limitations, exclusions, and termination provisions of the travel insurance plans described. Make sure you read your Policy Wording carefully for a full description of coverage.

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    Repatriation And Evacuation Costs

    The costs of repatriation depend on the severity of the injury or illness. For example, if the insured traveler breaks a bone, their evacuation may include air transport and a commercial air flight when they have been cleared by the doctor. In a more severe case, the costs could include special equipment such as an oxygen tank, a medical escort, coordination of ground transport between facilities and extra support with travel arrangements and immigration clearance.

    Additional Benefits Of Trip Insurance

    Certain trip protection insurance plans also offer reimbursement for the ill or injured traveler to bring a family member or friend to his or her bedside bedside if hospitalization is required for seven days or longer. In some cases, extended coverage of this type may also provide transportation home for minor children who were traveling with the person who sustained injuries or became ill.

    Virtually all travel insurance companies offer several plans from which to choose, each of which features various levels of coverage. The one the traveler selects depends on numerous factors, such as his or her age and health and the cost of each policy.

    Ultimately, the appropriate trip protection insurance helps travelers experience less stress when on vacation or when traveling for business. Those who invest in such insurance are guaranteed to enjoy greater peace of mind whenever they are away from home.

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    How Should I Shop Around For Travel Insurance With Repatriation Cover Insurance

    Its one thing to appreciate the value of comprehensive travel insurance its another to find a policy that suits the needs of your trip and comes at a reasonable cost.

    But remember, if you cannot afford adequate travel insurance for your trip, you should reconsider whether you can afford to travel at all.

    Were here to help you find a happy medium between great coverage and competitive pricing. Use our free comparison service today to shop around for travel insurance, and well be able to show you different options for your trip.

    We make it easy to compare quotes based on price, whats covered, excess amounts and additional features, all within minutes.

    What Is Medical Repatriation

    Travel Insurance Explained: What is Return of Mortal Remains Coverage?

    Medical repatriation is the return to their home country of a traveller who gets severely sick or injured overseas.

    If we decide youd be better off physically and financially being treated in Australia, we can bring you home under medical supervision.

    Options include:

    • upgrading your commercial flight so you can, for example, elevate your legs or lie flat
    • giving you a medical escort
    • putting you on a private jet charter with intensive-care equipment and personnel.

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