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What Is Short Term Health Insurance

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You Need To Fill A Gap Between Employer Coverage And Your Next Job

Best short term health insurance plan

As the saying goes, hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Even if you think youll land a job with benefits right away, it is wise to secure temporary health insurance coverage.

When you are unemployed and in between job-based health insurance plans, its often tempting to wait it out and remain uninsured. After all, the strain of household budgets and health insurance premiums can break the bank. But so can unexpected medical bills.

Short-term health insurance premiums are often a fraction of major medical insurance premiums. Plans usually include benefits related to inpatient and outpatient hospital care, emergency room visits, surgical services, ambulatory services, and intensive care, among other things. Keep in mind, you will still have to pay your medical bills until you reach your deductible and cover out-of-pocket costs for copays on covered services. If you reach the end of your policy and still need coverage, depending on your states laws, you can typically apply for and enroll in a new policy.

How Long Can You Have Short

Prior to 2017, federal regulations limited the duration of short-term plans to less than a year. But the Trump administration has since repealed those limits. Now, consumers can buy short-term plans that last a year and have the option to renew these plans for three years.

Depending on the state you live in however, short-term plans may not be available, or they may be highly regulated. Short-term health plans are currently banned in California, and they dont exist in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island due to stringent regulations.

Check out this resource to find out the laws for your state.

Can You Buy Short

Short-term health insurance typically does not meet the standards for health insurance as outlined in the Affordable Care Act. That is why these plans are not available on the Marketplace. Only ACA-compliant plans are on the Marketplace, both during Open Enrollment and during Special Enrollment Periods. Keep in mind that whether you are shopping through or HealthSherpa, you will never see a short-term health insurance plan. There, youll only see comprehensive health coverage.

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Is Short Term Health Insurance A Good Idea

Short term health insurance may not be ideal for the long term. But there are some situations in which you may need temporary coverage and a short term health plan may provide it:

  • You missed open enrollment for a traditional health plan
  • You lost or left your job
  • You turned 26 and just transitioned off your parents health plan

Is a short term health plan a good idea for you? As a first step, try to anticipate your upcoming health needs. Would costs for care be lower with a short term plan than without? Explore plans available to you. Duration, types of benefits, and even costs can vary widely between insurance companies that offer these plans. Plans may also vary depending on the state you live in due to state regulations.

Best For Customized Coverage: The Ihc Group/national General

How To Safely Buy Short Term Health Insurance ...

The IHC Group

Why We Chose It: The IHC Group offers the most customizable plans of all the companies we researched. You get a wide range of deductibles and term lengths . Some plans offer the ability to add optional coverage for pre-existing conditions, which can be very important if you have one.

  • Highly customizable plans in all price ranges

  • Telemedicine, check-ups included in some plans

  • X-rays and some other diagnostic exams included

  • Can see your own doctor, or out-of-network

  • Lifetime maximums up to $5,000,000

  • Pre-existing conditions covered on some plans up to $25,000

  • Highly customizable plans exclude many coverages

  • No online registration, must call or email

  • Sports-related injuries not covered

  • Some plans have high deductibles before you can access coverage

  • Some states require joining Communicating for America

IHC stands for International Holding Companyactually, three insurance carriers operating in 35 states Standard Security Life, Madison National, and Independence American. IHC was created in 1980, and has an AM Best financial strength rating of A-.

IHC offers a buffet of plan options, so you can choose the exact services you want. Plans, prices, and coverage will depend on what state you live in, and youll need to request a quote online to see the exact offerings in your state and their costs. The plans we researched ranged from 6 months at about $104 dollars per month, to a 36-month policy for $298 per month.

Examples of IHCs offering include:

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Reactions And Forecasts For Short Term Health Insurance

Many critics of short term insurance describe it as junk or cheap insurance.

However, millions of consumers have relied on short term health insurance and the Congressional Budget Office have recently estimated millions of people will enroll in short term insurance plans by 2023 .

Judging by this estimate, Americans could soon begin to see the value of short term health insurance as they become more aware of its existence, and moreover, its value.

However, consumers must take the initiative, and have the responsibility to research short term health insurance and the various plan types available for them before purchasing. This means going to insurance comparison sites that show ACA and short term plans, like, understanding the benefits of the plans available to them, and asking questions.

What this doesnt mean is taking an article or soundbyte that deems short-term cheap, junk or skimpy insurance and letting that inform your decision to purchase this type of coverage or not.

Simply put, you owe it to yourself to research your health insurance options and know what youre buying. Short-term health insurance can help you through transitions, like leaving one job while looking for another, joining the gig economy, or deciding to start your own company. And its affordable.

Health Insurance Companies In Your State


The chart above reflects both major medical and short-term health insurance plans based on the data on our platform. Prices vary by age, geographic area, and other factors, so please continue on our site for a personalized quote of what is available for your specific circumstances. Not all plans within a state are available in all areas of the state or to all residents in that state.

Health insurance premiums are filed with and regulated by your state’s Department of Insurance. Whether you buy from eHealthInsurance, your local agent, or directly from the health insurance company, you’ll pay the same monthly premium for the same plan. This means that you can enjoy the advantages and convenience of shopping and purchasing your health insurance plan through eHealthInsurance and rest assured that you’re getting the best available price.

eHealthInsurance is the nation’s leading online source ofhealth insurance. eHealthInsurance offers thousands ofhealth plansunderwritten by more than 180 of the nation’s health insurance companies, includingAetnaandBlue Cross Blue Shield. Compare plans side by side, gethealth insurance quotes, apply online and findaffordable health insurancetoday.

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You Missed Open Enrollment

Life gets busy. You may have put off making a decision or werent sure you could afford an Obamacare plan then, before you knew it the Open Enrollment Period had ended. If you havent undergone a qualifying life event that makes you eligible for a special enrollment period , you dont have to spend a whole year uninsured.

Enroll in a short-term medical plan to get you to 2021, or until a change in circumstances allows you to secure major medical health insurance. Though short-term health insurance plans are not compliant with Obamacares requirements, this coverage can offer some peace of mind. Should you wind up in the emergency room or need an unplanned surgery, its good to have help paying for covered medical expenses.

Best For Longest Policy Options: Unitedhealthcare

Benefits of Short-Term Health Insurance : Health & Travel Insurance


  • Issue ages 19 to 65

  • Reduced out-of-network coverage that can vary

  • Required to join FACT in some plans

  • Only available in 24 states

UnitedHealthcare underwrites its policies through Golden Rule Insurance Company, a part of UnitedHealthcare since 2003. The company has been selling short-term health insurance for over 30 years, and policies are available in 24 states. UnitedHealthcare has a Moodys insurer financial strength rating of A1.

You can request a quote on United’s website to see what they would charge in your case. In some states, you must join the Federation of American Consumers and Travelers , and there will be an additional charge of $4 per month as a result. The FACT is a consumer organization that provides savings to members on 20 different benefits and coverages. The length of policies varies from one month to 12 months, with options to renew up to 36 months on the TriTerm Medical plan.

There are STM plans that cover 100% of medical costs after you meet the deductible or options with 20%, 30%, or 40% coinsurance until you reach the annual maximums. You can also customize if your plan needs to include prescription medication.

Waiting periods vary depending on the coverage in the plan. There is a six-month waiting period for preventive care benefits. Services related to eligible pre-existing conditions are only covered after 12 months.

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Best Overall: Everest Reinsurance Company

Everest Reinsurance Company

Why We Chose It: We chose Everest as best overall because it offers reasonable prices, has low deductibles, allows you to see doctors who are out of network, and includes wellness visits, emergency care, and mental health care.

  • Can see providers in any network

  • Available in 23 of the 39 states that offer STM

  • Benefits include physical therapy, wellness, home health care, mental health, and substance abuse

  • Options for length of coverage, up to 12 months

  • Only covers prescriptions prescribed during covered hospitalization

  • No pre-existing conditions

  • No vision, dental, hearing, foot care, or maternity

  • Waiting period for some conditions

Everest Reinsurance Company has been underwriting in the insurance market since 1973, and offers a wide range of rates and several benefits that other STM insurance plans do not have. Like all STM plans, Everest’s short-term health insurance plans vary based on your age, health status, and how much you are willing to pay for deductibles and coinsurance. The plans we researched ranged from $77 to $195 per month.

Everest has an A+ financial strength rating from AM Best. Deductibles range from $1,000, to $10,000, and maximum coverage benefits are $250,000 to $1,500,000. Coinsurance options are 50/50, 70/30, 80/20, or 100/0, and all have copays of $50.

Best Low Deductible Short

Insurer details

  • AM Best financial strength rating: A+
  • NAIC complaint index: 3.63
  • Unique value: Pivot Health has one of the lowest deductibles available starting at $1,000 for its short-term medical plans and has no network requirements.

Pivot Health is one of the newest short-term providers included in our analysis â the company began offering plans in 2016. But the company does have some great benefits to consider if you are looking for short-term health insurance.

Firstly, Pivot has no network requirements attached to its plans. This means that you can access almost any doctor and specifically choose where you want to receive your care. However, you will have higher coinsurance and copayments with Pivot due to this feature.

Secondly, Pivot Health has some added bonuses that are not usually available for short-term health insurance. This includes access to a telemedicine program that is open 24/7 and allows you to speak to a medical professional on demand.

Potential policyholders should be wary of their NAIC complaint index. Even though they have only been in business for a short period of time, a complaint ratio of 3.63 is well above average for the industry.

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How Often Will You Receive Payments

This is another area that can vary. Fortunately, your payment questions should be answered clearly within your plan documents.

Be aware that if your employer works with an insurer to offer short-term disability benefits, then payments will usually be administered through the insurance company. That means they might arrive on a schedule different from the payroll timing youre used to .

Meaghan Tiernan, a senior copywriter for a marketing agency in San Francisco, used her short-term disability for maternity leave. She was given a debit card that her short-term disability payments were added to.

I think it was one lump sum every two weeks on an regular basis, she explains. They even include weekends, so it was typically every 14 days that I was paid. Then youd have to transfer the funds from that debit card to your bank account if that was your preference.

Most Health Organizations Dont Recommend Short

Miss the Obamacare Deadline? Short Term Health Insurance ...

In 2018, seven health organizations filed a lawsuit to invalidate the short-term, limited-duration plans final rule. These organizations include The National Partnership for Women & Families, AIDS United, America Psychiatric Association, Mental Health America, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Association for Community Affiliated Plans, and Little Lobbyists, LLC.

The final rule expands access to short-term, limited duration insurance coverage by extending the maximum duration of these plans from three months to up to 12 months. The rule also allows insurers to renew or extend coverage for up to 36 months and requires organizations to update notice requirements.

However, top health organizations believe this new rule puts consumers at risk, as many people could mistakenly believe that short-term limited duration plans could replace comprehensive health coverage.

This rule will harm patients and their families as well as others in the health care system by undermining access to quality, affordable coverage, will significantly disrupt insurance markets in states across the country, and threatens to bring back abusive practices that harm consumers specifically prohibited by the Affordable Care Act , said the National Alliance on Mental Illness in a statement.

Similarly, other organizations have pushed back against the new regulation including the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Medical Association .

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Dont Forget The Extras

If you plan to have a short term health insurance plan for more than a month, you might want to consider other health insurance policies to round out your healthcare package of benefits. Many companies offer dental insurance or hospital indemnity insurance as supplements to short term medical coverage. Plans that cover other areas of the healthcare system could be good to have should an unexpected situation play out.

How Much Does Short Term Health Insurance Cost

If youre considering temporary health insurance, typical upfront costs include:

  • Premium: This is the monthly fee you pay for having coverage. The premium will vary depending on the level of coverage you choose, including deductible and coinsurance, as well as the types of services covered.
  • Deductible: The deductibles on short-term health plans can be significantly higher than other more traditional health plans. You pay out of pocket for services until you meet your deductible. Then your plan starts sharing costs.
  • Coinsurance: This is the percentage of costs you share with your plan after you meet your deductible. Its often shown as a percentage. Most short term plans have a deductible and coinsurance.
  • Copay: This is a fee you may have to pay when you visit a doctor usually payable at the time of the visit. Some short term plans require you to pay a copay for certain doctor visits.
  • Other out-of-pocket costs: If there are health care services not covered by your short term plan, you could end up paying all costs. For example, some short term plans may not cover or may limit your coverage for maternity care, mental health or substance use services, vision care, or dental carethese are costs youd have to pay yourself for any services you receive.

Other costs may apply depending on what type of coverage you buy. Read all plan information carefully before choosing so you are informed on what your plan may actually cost you.

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How Does Temporary Health Insurance Work

Temporary health insurance is a flexible option for people who do not have an ACA or employer-sponsored health insurance plan. It can bridge the gap for people moving from full time employment to self-employment, from college graduate to employee, or other scenarios where finances are tight and the future unpredictable.

Temporary health insurance is also best for people who are in overall good health and dont have chronic conditions or complex medical needs.

ACA plans offer benefits for chronic and complex conditions, including mental health needs, and would be more appropriate for people who have had a significant health event or medical condition.

Short Term Medical Insurance might be the best option if you:

  • Missed the annual Open Enrollment periods for Obamacare/ACA plans.
  • Have a waiting period before you can enroll in another major medical insurance plan.
  • Are between jobs, a part-time or temporary worker, or looking for a less expensive alternative to COBRA.
  • Are a college student, a recent graduate, or have aged out of your parents health plan and you need insurance.
  • Recently retired but are still too young for Medicare.

Short Term Health Insurance Vs The Essential Health Benefits

About Short-Term Medical Insurance Plans : Health & Travel Insurance

Obamacare understands the difference. The ACA doesnt consider Short Term health insurance minimum essential coverage, and you may face a tax penalty for choosing Short Term over ACA coverage.

According to the ACA, to meet the minimum essential coverage standard, medical insurance plans must include at least 10 essential health benefits .

Short Term health insurance is more limited. Doctor visits and outpatient care, Emergency services, Hospitalization, and Laboratory services/tests are often covered in some way in Short Term health plans. But thats where the similarities to ACA health plans end. The other 6 essential health benefits are a different story in most Short Term insurance plans:

Maternity and newborn careGenerally, pregnancy is not covered in Short Term plans, except for complications. Benefits for newborn care are often limited.

Pediatric servicesNot covered unless mandated by your state.

Rehabilitation servicesLimited in most Short Term plans.

Mental health and substance use disorder services, Prescription drug coverage, and Preventive careIn Short Term, you will find no coverage or limited coverage in these categories, depending on the plan you choose.

That Short Term health insurance doesnt include all the essential health benefits outlined by the ACA isnt necessarily a bad thing. Not everyone requires all those benefits, and Temporary health insurance gives those people another option.

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