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What Is Single Article Limit On Travel Insurance

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What About Valuables Worth More Than My Single Item Limit

What is the limit of carrying foreign currency? : #TravelWorryFree

If you have belongings worth more than the single item limit, youll need to inform your insurance provider so the items can be listed individually on your policy and insured to their full value. You can do this when you complete a quotation for contents insurance.

If you dont declare these high-value items, you run the risk of being underinsured should something happen. Its also worth knowing that most insurance providers will expect to see a recent valuation certificate or receipt as proof of value if you make a claim for an item listed individually on your contents insurance.

Other Ways To Cover Your Gadgets

Your gadgets might already be covered:

  • Some bank accounts come with insurance as part of the package
  • Some product warranties are designed to cover minor mishaps

If you only want to cover your smartphone, consider dedicated mobile phone insurance. A smartphone policy tends to offer more comprehensive cover than gadget insurance. For example, some policies include digital download cover for paid music, films and books downloaded to your phone.

It might be worthwhile taking out a separate mobile phone policy if your handset is particularly expensive or youve signed up for a long-term phone contract. It might also give you peace of mind if you have a bad habit of losing your phone.

Travel Insurance Limits On Laptop Cover

Laptops are often classed as valuable items by travel insurance companies. That means the amount you can claim for a lost or stolen computer will be affected by the valuable item limit.

So whether your laptop is covered will depend on the value of the device and the cover limit.

If youre taking a cheap laptop worth about £300 you may be fine with some policies.

However, if youre taking a MacBook Pro or anything worth over £1,000 youll probably need to look into a gadget travel insurance add-on or separate gadget insurance, which we look at below.

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How Do I Claim For A High Value Item

To claim for a high value item, contact your insurer and tell them of what has happened, filling in a claim form as instructed. For avoidance of any doubt, make a point of reminding them that the high value item youre claiming for is listed on the policy. Its also worth knowing that most insurance providers will expect to see a recent valuation certificate or receipt as proof of value, and may want to see proof of ownership as well.

How Much Does Cedar Tree Travel Insurance Cost

Amex Gold Card Travel Insurance

The cost of travel insurance varies widely depending on the age and medical conditions of the person travelling, the duration of the trip and the destination. However, to give you an indication of costs, weve obtained the following example quotes from Cedar Trees website in July 2017:

  • A woman in her 30s, travelling to Europe for a week: Platinum – £29.25 single trip / £65 annual cover Gold – £19 single trip / £45 annual cover Silver – £14.25 single trip / £35 annual cover
  • A couple in their 50s on a worldwide annual policy : Platinum – £178.75 / Gold – £116.75 / Silver – £90.75

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Cover Your Contents With So

If you want to make sure your possessions are covered against damage or theft, learn more about our contents insurance policies here. All you have to do is download our app and scan your belongings to find out how much contents insurance would cost you.

Get a fast quote for your mobile insurance today.

Why Get Single Trip Insurance

Whilst the last twelve months has seen an increase in the sale of single trip travel insurance, it is estimated that anywhere between 1 million to 3 million travellers didn’t bother to take out a policy before they left for their trip abroad. Those customers who didn’t take out cover cited the cost, poor past experience, or ignorance as the main reasons for not insuring themselves.

Travel Insurance has never been more competitive. A single trip policy covering a few days away can be purchased for just a few pounds. There is no good reason for you to travel abroad without Insurance. It doesn’t make any financial sense NOT to take out travel insurance.

If you are planning a trip, even if it is only to Europe for a few days, you shouldn’t just rely on the European Health Insurance Card. A serious injury may still leave you with a large medical and repatriation bill, having your luggage stolen or having to cancel the trip altogether, can leave you thousands of pounds out of pocket. For the cost of a round of drinks, you can travel knowing you are fully protected, should the unthinkable happen.

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What Other Options Are There To Cover Valuable Items

Beyond Travel Insurance, you have two further options: home Insurance or gadget insurance.

Most home insurance policies can be extended to cover personal possessions when outside your home. You will need to discuss this with your home insurer as there can be limits on whether the items are covered abroad and what kind of damage / loss is covered .

There might also be a limit on the number of days you are allowed abroad per year. If you choose this cover it will often increase your premium to reflect it, but it can be good value.

Not all home insurers will offer this cover but it is available from companies like Hiscox and Together Mutual.

If you do make a claim for an item damaged on holiday it will affect your home insurance claims record, which could impact any no claims bonuses.

A second option is gadget insurance. Many gadget insurance policies include cover for travelling abroad.

Our gadget insurance group has a 22% discount with the insurer iDigital, whose policy allows you to take your insured gadgets overseas for up to 90 days in any one policy year.

Their policy covers accidental damage and loss, as well as theft, for laptops, mobile phones, and other gadgets.

We hope this has helped you to understand the intricacies of covering a valuable item abroad. Please do check out our groups and related articles below.

Most importantly – safe travels and enjoy the trip!

Travel Insurance And High Value Items

Is Insurance Available For Jewellery and Watches? | Coverage Claims More | Square One

Insuring your treasured possessions on holiday is always the smart approach, but it’s important to note that not all policies are created equal when it comes to covering your high-value belongings.

What most people fail to realise is that that sub-limits exists for each item. When comparing luggage cover levels, $10,000 limit might sound like plenty, however, you may only be able to claim a maximum of $750* per item. Now thats not very much when youre looking to replace a $6,000 engagement ring is it? So what are your options? Keep reading to find out.*average per item sub-limit

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What Countries Do You Define As Europe

The following countries are included under our definition of “Europe”:

Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Austria, Azores, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland , Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Madeira, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia , San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine.

Protect Your Smart Phone Tablet And Other Gadgets On Holiday

Choosing Gadget Cover will extend the Personal Property section of your travel insurance to cover loss, theft or damage to your gadgets, including tablet computers and mobile phones whilst you are away.

Gadget cover can be added to our single trip and annual travel insurance policies when you get a travel insurance quote.

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Will Expensive Items Increase My Premiums

Yes, the cost of your contents insurance is likely to increase if you add items to your policy that exceed the single article limit.

It can sometimes be better to insure your valuables with separate, specialist cover, such as a jewellery insurance policy. This way you can keep the cost of your contents insurance down and have the right protection in place for your valuables.

Items you take out of the house with you, like watches or tablets, could be covered under a personal possessions policy and insurance for gadgets may be an option for your electronic devices.

Its always best to read the policy documents carefully to make sure youre getting the right cover.

Home insurance policies provide for a wide range of items but its always best to declare specific items of interest, and particularly those you consider to be the most valuable, to your insurer. Anything worth more than the single article limit specified by an insurer, which is usually around £1,000, is unlikely to be covered as standard by your home insurance.So, if you do happen to own a particularly valuable piece of jewellery or a collectible item of any kind, its a good idea to discuss this with your provider so you can put additional valuables insurance in place to make sure those items are accounted for too.

What Is Your Age Limit For Travel Insurance

Single trip travel insurance by Free Spirit with no age limit

We can provide single trip travel insurance for new customers under 80 years of age and annual travel insurance for new customers under 75 years of age

If you want single trip travel insurance and you are ages 80 or over or want annual travel insurance and are ages 75 or over, you should contact our business partner – All Clear Travel Insurance Services – on 01708 339028 for a quote.

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Travel Insurance Limits On Camera Cover

New digital SLR cameras can cost thousands of pounds and they often need expensive lenses and accessories.

As with laptops, whether your camera is covered by your travel insurance will depend on how much it is worth and the valuable item limit.

More expensive equipment is likely to need a gadget add-on or a separate gadget insurance policy that covers cameras and accessories.

Are Your Valuables Covered

The first and most important thing to do is check with your home insurance provider what the single item limit on your policy is. Once you have found out what your limit is, you should make a list of any items that are individually worth more than the limit. For example, if you have a jewellery collection worth more than the limit, then you may not need to worry as the insurers will pay out per item so each individual piece of jewellery would be valued separately however, if any of the jewellery is individually worth more than the limit then you need to inform your insurer.

Another important thing to check is whether your insurer has set a maximum claim limit for all valuables. This would mean that no matter what the value of any stolen or damaged goods, if it was more than the claim limit the insurer would only pay you their maximum per claim.

Its therefore very important to have an accurate inventory of every valuable item in your home and to know exactly how much its worth. With particularly expensive valuables, its often a good idea to provide proof of ownership, as well as evidence of the items value. You must then make sure you share this information with your insurer so that you will have the right policy to cover the contents of your home.

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What Cover Do I Have If I Have To Cancel My Holiday

If you added optional business cover it will cover you if you are working in an office while youre away:

  • Serious illness or death of anyone covered by the policy or a close relative
  • Jury service
  • Serious damage to your home
  • Burglary

Cover limits and exclusions apply so for further information please see our policy booklet.

If you have an existing policy and have not started your trip but would like to add business cover please call us on .

How We Collect And Use Your Personal Data

Liability Insurance Explained | Coverage, Negligence, and More

Tesco Personal Finance PLC acts as an intermediary for this policy. The policy is arranged and administered by ROCK Insurance Services Limited and underwritten by Inter Partner Assistance SA UK Branch whose ultimate parent company is AXA Partners Holding SA. You can find out more about how ROCK will process and share your data in their Privacy Notice.

ROCK will share some of your information with Tesco Bank as set out in their privacy notice and you can find out more about how Tesco Bank will then process that data in our Privacy Policy.

ROCK will also share data with IPA UK so that they can underwrite your policy and if you make a claim. You can find out more about how IPA UK will process your data in the Data Protection Notice and Fraud section of the Policy Wording document and by visiting the AXA Assistance website.

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Camera Insurance Within A Home Contents Policy

The best digital cameras can be very expensive. Its not unusual for them to go over the single-article limit, which is usually around £1,500. If youre a serious photographer, your entire set of equipment, including lenses and flashes, could add up to several thousands of pounds. In that case, make sure you specify the camera and equipment individually on your policy.

However, if youre a keen amateur with a cheaper camera and a couple of lenses, adding personal possessions insurance should give you the cover you need. All policies are different though, so its worth checking the policy documents if youre concerned.

Insurance Single Article Limit

I’m looking for an insurance policy that will cover a digital slr, but most of the ones I have looked at have a single article limit of £200-£300. Does anyone know any insurers that don’t cost an arm and a leg but have a higher/no single article limit?!


You still have to check every policy, but at least they’re all together.

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Trip Interruption And Single

One of the worst phone calls to receive on vacation is about a family emergency back home. For example, if your teenage son has a car accident while hes staying with your parents and youre in Mexico with college friends, youll need to cut your trip short and return home.

Trip interruption benefits provide reimbursement of non-refundable expenses if you have to return home early. For example, if you miss a private boat tour that you pre-paid, or if you need a last-minute flight home, your policy will cover these costs.

Godlin at Aon Affinity Travel Practice warns that not all trip interruptions are covered. Examples of scenarios that may not fall under trip interruption coverage can include not having fun and going home, ending the trip early after a fight with a traveling companion, returning late from an excursion and missing the sail time and deciding not to catch up with that trip after experiencing a flight delay, she says.

Single Trip Travel Insurance Faqs

Saga Travel Insurance Review: Nice Features and No Upper ...

If you buy Post Office Single Trip Travel Insurance from 6 September 2020 onwards it include all of this coronavirus cover, so long as your destination is officially safe to visit when the time comes to go:

  • Cancellation within 14 days of your trip if you test positive for coronavirus
  • Curtailment if you test positive for COVID-19 at your outward departure point and are not allowed to go on your trip
  • Curtailment if you test positive or are medically quarantined for 24 hours or more
  • Missing a departure or other delays to your trip if youre waiting for test results and theyre late
  • Expenses for emergency medical treatment or extra expenses like repatriation while youre abroad
  • Curtailment if you test positive on arrival at your destination airport
  • Curtailment if a close relative passes away while youre there

Please make sure youre clear whats covered and whats not. Check the answers to common questions about coronavirus cover and the full policy wording for more details.

Remember, your cover wont be valid if you travel to somewhere against any Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office or local government advice. So check the latest FCDO advice here and the Governments UK travel guidelines here.

There are some adventure sports and activities that are covered as standard on your Single Trip Travel Insurance and others that arent. Its important to fully understand your policy document so you dont become involved in something that youre not covered for.

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How Do I Cover Valuables

Additional cover for valuables can be arranged easily at Step 3 on the Extras pageAdd Additional Cover for Valuables Option: you just need to specify the make, model, product age, serial No and value of each valuable. Note: In the event of a claim, the insurers will pay the current value of the item. Cover is not replacement as new.

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