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What Is The Best And Most Affordable Pet Insurance

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How We Determined The Best Pet Insurance Companies

PET INSURANCE Review: Cost, Coverage, Best Providers & If YOU Need It…

Our team conducted over 40 hours of research to compare all of our partners based on policy terms, coverage inclusions and exclusions, quotes we received for different pets, and customer reviews to determine the best pet insurance companies.

Here is a brief breakdown of what we looked at and what we valued within these four categories.

  • Policy terms: Some factors we considered included deductibles, reimbursement rates, benefit limits, and discounts. We valued customization and pet insurance plans that clearly outlined what a policyholder could expect if they enrolled.
  • Coverage inclusions and exclusions: This was where we dove into sample policies and company resources to identify what would and wouldnt be covered for your pet. We valued comprehensive coverage.
  • Quotes we received for different pets: We submitted at least five quotes for each pet insurance company to gather a picture of how affordable their premiums would be. We valued companies with fair pricing and premiums that wouldnt break the bank.
  • Customer reviews: We primarily used Trustpilot to see how customers felt about each company, the customer service experience, and the policies they offered. We valued positive customer reviews as happy customers are a good sign for any product.

Now that you can better understand what we looked at when determining which companies were the best, here is a full list of the pet insurance companies considered in our review.

How Does Pet Insurance Work

Pet insurance works similarly to your personal health insurance policy. After your pet visits the veterinarian, youll submit the invoice to your insurance company. If the service or services are covered by your provider, you will need to pay your deductible, which is an out-of-pocket cost.

After your deductible is paid, youll receive the rest of the payment from the insurance company based on your plans reimbursement amount. Keep in mind that your insurance company will only cover the cost of your pets health services up to the policys limit. If the policy limit is $5,000 and your dog needs a $10,000 covered surgery, you will have to pay the remaining $5,000, minus your deductible.

Additional Expenses To Keep In Mind

  • Reimbursements You pay for all vet visits and charges and then file for a reimbursement. The best plans typically reimburse 90 percent of a covered expense.
  • Payout caps Most plans stop reimbursing after youve reached your policys maximum coverage amount. Most policies have an annual expense cap, but some have caps per incident or even for the animals lifetime. Expect to pay higher premiums for higher caps.

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Best For Affordability: Cigna

Cigna offers affordable Medicare Part C insurance that almost anyone can fit into their budget. Most plans include $0 premiums and select add-ons like fitness plans and health coaching are also free of charge. Your plan will likely also include a $0 deductible, which means you can begin using your benefits immediately.

Some individuals have special health conditions or care needs that require more intensive treatments, personalized care treatments or more individual specialist attention.

These services may be limited under some Medicare Advantage plans. Cigna offers personalized plans that offer an increased range of services depending on your individual health needs. Special needs plans include access to a wider range of specialists, regular health assessments outside of annual physicals and care transition assistance.

Cigna is one of the countrys top choices for those living with a special medical condition, with a worldwide network of over 86 million members.

Open Enrollment For 2022 Marketplace Coverage

The 4 Best Cheap Pet Insurance Providers of 2017

If you dont have health insurance through an employer, you can buy it through your states Health Insurance Marketplace. You can only buy health insurance from the Marketplace at certain times. Open Enrollment is one of those times. Here are the dates you need to know.

  • Open Enrollment for states that use the federal Marketplace runs from Monday, November 1, 2021, to Saturday, January 15, 2022.
  • You must enroll by December 15, 2021, for coverage to start on January 1, 2022.
  • If you enroll after December 15, 2021, coverage will likely start on February 1, 2022 or later.
  • States that have their own Marketplaces, like California, may have a different end date for open enrollment, but it must be on or after December 15, 2021.

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How We Came Up With Our Top 10 Dog Insurance List

To create this list, instead of comparing dog insurance costs, we reviewed expert research into the quality of dog insurance policies in the UK.

We used research from independent financial services review firms and awards given to the companies.

These services look at the quality of cover, for example, the level of vet fee cover, and ratings of the service customers receive.

The rest of this article focuses on explaining how to find the best policy for your needs, such as, why the cheapest policy isnt always best when it comes to pet insurance for dogs.

Don’t forget we have a separate review covering the best pet insurance for cats, a review for people with multiple pets that looks at the best multi pet discounts policies available, and comparisons of the pet insurance options for rabbits and exotic pets.

How Do I Get A Pet Insurance Quote

Just click Get quotes at the top of this page and fill in some details about you and your pet.

Youll need to tell us about their breed, age and gender and any previous issues with their health or behaviour.

Youll get help choosing to see policies for short-term illness , or policies that cover longer-term issues .

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Is The Best Dog Insurance Different Than The Best Cat Insurance

All of the pet insurance companies we reviewed offered coverage to both dogs and cats. For that reason, our picks for the best pet insurance companies would remain the same for either a dog or cat.

Its worth noting, however, that some differences showed up in our research. One difference was the benefit limit offered to dogs and cats by Pumpkin. The benefit limit for dogs was $10,000 or $20,000, while the benefit limit for cats was $7,000 or $15,000. Another difference we noticed was specific to preventative care options. Certain plans had benefit limits for vaccinations that, while the same in value, were reserved for different types of vaccinations .

Finally A Pet Insurance Marketplace For Texas

Top 6 Best Pet Insurance

With so many US pet insurance companies, how do you know which one is best for your unique pet in Texas? FromHouston, to San Antonio, to Austin and all over “The Lone Star State” – Pawlicy Advisor helps thousands of pet parents like you compare and buy the best coverage at the best price.

We only work with industry-leading pet insurance companies so you can rest assured that your personalized analysis is already filtered down to proven plans with great Texas customer experiences.

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Please Tell Me About Your Personal Background And What Are You Working On Currently

Jason Chen: My name is Jason Chen, and I was born and raised in China. I came to the United States when I was 13, and Ive been living here ever since. When I was 19 while still in school, my friends and I started our first business and it was a construction company. After doing that for 8 months, I realized it wasnt something that I was passionate about, so I withdrew from the business. However, this particular experience opened my door to entrepreneurship and expanded my horizon into a different world. I later proceeded to start another company where we created a social networking app and launched in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This startup experience offered me the opportunity to work with engineers and product design, which helped me discover my passion for product management. Besides, I worked as an online English teacher and Uber driver to maintain a flexible schedule for my startup and school.

Currently, my co-founder Richard Vinh Lam and I are working on Breezy. Its a website that helps people quickly find the best and most affordable insurance for their pets!

What Is The Best Pet Insurance

Most pet insurance companies offer quality coverage with a few differences from the rest. These differences can be significant when it comes to lifetime costs for your pets care. Our selections of the best pet insurance focused on identifying where each of these companies stood out amongst the rest. This way, pet owners can easily find the pet insurance company that offers the benefits that they most value.

Here is a recap of our selections:

Best for fast claims

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The Cheapest Insurers By State

The price of car insurance can vary greatly between states. One company may be expensive in Utah but inexpensive in New York. Although State Farm did not rank as our cheapest car insurance company overall, it was the cheapest widely available and accessible insurer, meaning it operates in more than 40 states and there are no eligibility requirements.

USAA was often the cheapest option in any given state, but its eligibility requirements make it restrictive. If you are eligible, you should get a quote with USAA as it is available across the country.

In some states, a small, local company or affiliate could even offer you the best price. For example, the cheapest insurers on average in Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina and Virginia are their Farm Bureau affiliates.

Here, we’ve provided a list of the cheapest insurers in each state on average based on our research. Click on your state to see a deeper analysis on the least expensive car insurance in your area.


Rates are for our designated sample driver shopping for a full coverage policy.

On average, our sample insurers charged rates 104% higher if a driver had poor credit instead of excellent credit, so improving your is a great way to garner big savings on your insurance policy.

What Type Of Pet Do You Have

Best Affordable Pet Insurance

The type, breed, and age of your pet will affect the insurance coverage you select. For example, purebred dogs tend to have more chronic health issues than mixed-breed dogs and may need more coverage. In the same vein, cats tend to live longer than dogs and may benefit from a policy that does not increase your deductible based on age. If you have an exotic pet, you may be limited in the companies that will offer you insurance coverage at all.

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Best For Chronic Conditions: 24petwatch

  • Starting price: From $340 per year
  • Deductible: $100 to $1,000

If your pet battles a chronic condition, 24PetWatchs $20,000 maximum annual limit will be more than sufficient to cover treatment. And, most pre-existing conditions are no longer excluded from coverage after 24 months without symptoms.

  • Pre-existing conditions reconsidered after 24 months symptom-free

  • Coverage includes trip cancellation and boarding

  • Visit any licensed veterinarian

  • Veterinary exam or medical records required

  • Age limits for dogs and cats

  • Plans difficult to understand

24PetWatch offers four pet insurance policies for cats and dogs. The only difference between these policies is the annual limit available. Heres how much coverage is offered with each plan:

  • The Extra Plan: $3,000 in annual coverage
  • The Classic Plan: $5,000 in annual coverage
  • The Superior Plan: $10,000 in annual coverage
  • The Champion Plan: $20,000 in annual coverage

Every plan from 24PetWatch covers accidents, illnesses, and related treatments, such as:

  • Exam fees
  • Medications
  • Alternative treatments

Plus, 24PetWatch will pay for additional costs up to $500, without requiring a deductible or coinsurance. These extra coverages include:

  • Boarding kennel fees
  • Additional living expenses
  • Lost pet recovery costs
  • Deductibles: $100 to $1,000
  • Annual limits: $5,000 to $20,000
  • Copays: 20%
  • Waiting period: Two days for accidents, 14 days for illnesses
  • Network size: Unlimited
  • Swallowed objects
  • Sprains
  • Broken bones

Does Your Car Spend More Time At Home

Save up to 20% on your car insurance premium with SmartPark.

The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we work and live. As a result, weve seen a significant shift in the daily routines and driving habits of our clients, and were responding accordingly. With fewer vehicles on the road and therefore less exposure to everyday risks, Santam has developed a distance-based rating solution that drives increased savings on your car insurance premiums.

With SmartPark, your insurance premium is recalculated and discounted using advanced AI and Machine Learning algorithms. Your monthly car insurance payments are adjusted based on the predicted number of kilometres you are likely to travel in the foreseeable future.

This usage-based insurance model means you get the same vehicle insurance cover, peace of mind and security, at a reduced premium. All of this without the hassle of adjusting your existing policy.

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Average Cost Of Pet Insurance

Basic pet insurance can be obtained inexpensively. In Canada, the average monthly insurance premium is $39 for a dog and $29 for a cat. This monthly premium may seem affordable, but the cost can climb quickly depending on the following factors:

  • The age of your pet: Older pets are more likely to have health issues and are therefore more expensive to insure. Thats why its important to purchase pet insurance when your pet is young.
  • The type of pet: Some breeds of cat and dog are more prone to chronic health problems than others, and some rare types of pet may leave you with fewer insurance choices.
  • The level of coverage you choose: More pet insurance companies offer several tiers of options from inexpensive basic coverage to premium coverage that includes wellness visits.

Find Out The Needs Of Your Breed

Is Pet Insurance Worth the Cost

Finding out the needs of your particular breed of pet could really help you find a cheaper premium. Certain breeds are prone to particular injuries and are more expensive to insure.

For example, Labrador retrievers can be prone to cruciate ligament problems and dachshunds to back problems, both of which can set you back thousands of pounds in treatment costs.

Its also worth speaking to your vet about common conditions or hereditary problems. They should be able to estimate how much insurance you should get for your pet.

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Best For Holistic Care: Figo

  • Starting price: From $92 per year
  • Deductible: $100 to $1,500

Figo is the friendliest insurer for pet parents who prefer to seek alternative treatments for their pets, such as acupuncture and chiropractic care.

  • Base plan includes acupuncture and chiropractic care

  • Visit any licensed veterinarian

  • 24/7 virtual vet visits available

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Exam fees not covered in base plan

  • Recommends an enrollment exam

Figo offers three pet insurance plans that cover accidents and injuries. Coverage is available in three tiersEssential, Preferred, and Ultimatethat include varying levels of annual coverage:

  • Essential plan: $5,000
  • Preferred plan: $10,000
  • Ultimate plan: Unlimited

Figos accident and injury pet insurance policy includes coverage for the following treatments and services:

  • Emergency services
  • Chiropractic services
  • Behavioral health

Figo has recently added a wellness plan to their mix. This is obtained by a Wellness Rider for preventative care and can be enhanced with the Extra Care Pack and Exam Fee power-ups.

Before you can use your coverage, youll have to wait one day for an injury visit and 14 days for an illness visit. Plus, some orthopedic conditions can have a one-year waiting period.

  • Deductibles: $100 to $1,500
  • Annual limits: $10,000 to unlimited
  • Copays: 0 to 30%
  • Waiting period: One day for illness, 14 days for accidents
  • Network size: Unlimited

Other Pet Insurance Companies We Considered

When we were narrowing down our list, a few companies stood out but didnt quite meet the requirements wed set for our top ten list.

24PetWatch Review

  • No coverage for specialist services
  • Won’t cover prescription food or medication

To be clear, Pet Assure is not pet insurance but rather a discount plan that offers 25% off on all in-office medical procedures. While the program has participating veterinarians in all states, Puerto Rico and Canada, the number of providers by location is limited. Though we liked their affordable rates and lack of exclusions , Pet Assure didnt make our cut because its not pet insurance. However, it can be a great alternative, provided your vet accepts it.

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Embrace Pet Insurance Plans

Embrace has one standard pet insurance plan for accident and illness coverage, in addition to a wellness add-on that offers annual reward amounts to go toward certain routine vet bills. Heres whats included in each coverage option:

  • Accident and Illness Plan: This plan covers procedures such as lab tests, CT scans, surgery, hospitalizations related to cancer, chronic conditions, congenital conditions, dental trauma, genetic conditions, and emergency accidents or illnesses. These are the coverage options when choosing your premium:
  • 70%, 80%, and 90% reimbursements
  • $5,000, $8,000, $10,000, $15,000, and $30,000 annual coverage limits
  • $200, $300, $500, $750, and $1,000 deductibles
  • Wellness Rewards for Routine Care: This add-on covers $250, $450, or $650 of preventative care per year. Preventative care includes routine veterinarian visits, microchipping, heartworm medications, spay or neuter surgery, acupuncture, vaccinations, prescription diet food, and grooming.

Pros And Cons Of Pet Insurance Comparison Sites For Dogs

Pin on Pets

In general, services like Go Compare, Compare the Market and Moneysupermarket have been great for consumers.

Theyve encouraged competition between pet insurance companies, made customer reviews and recommendations of pet insurance policies more transparent, and brought prices down for dog owners.

However, there have also been some negative consequences to their popularity. Some insurance companies have created cheaper dog insurance policies that have low levels of cover, with the objective of appearing at the top of pet insurance comparison tables.

Price comparisons are a great resource but if you use them be sure to check the policies have enough cover for your pet and that you compare policies with like-for-like cover levels and features.

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