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What Is The Best Dental Insurance In Alabama

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How Much Is Dental Insurance

Meet The Best Pediatric Dentist & Team in Birmingham, Alabama

The cost of dental insurance depends on these factors:

  • Plan type
  • Provider
  • State of residence

Policyholders pay monthly premiums for their coverage, but thats not the only factor to consider when evaluating the cost of dental care. Look at deductibles, copays, coinsurance and annual limits to determine just how much you will pay for your dental care.


Dental plans premiums range from $17 to $96. Plans with the lowest premiums focus on 80% to 100% preventive coverage, with minimal or no coverage for basic and major procedures. Plans with high premiums tend to have low deductible rates and comprehensive coverage for preventive, basic and major work.


A deductible is the amount of money a policyholder is responsible for paying before their insurance coverage kicks in. In dental insurance, annual deductible rates are usually set at $50 per person and $150 per family.

Other policies charge a one-time deductible. These tend to have higher rates and a higher deductible , but the policyholder only needs to meet it once instead of annually.


After you meet your deductible and your insurance coverage kicks in, youre still responsible for a portion of your dental care. This is called coinsurance. Consider a policy with 80% major work coverage: this means that insurance pays 80% of the procedure and the policyholder is responsible for paying the remaining 20%.


Annual maximum limits

Cost of common dental procedures

North American Advantage Insurance

Category: Insurance 1. North American Advantage Insurance, Irving 75063 Call 777-2420 and ask for North American Advantage Insurance or visit us at 1707 Market Pl,Irving,TX,75063. We will be happy to work with you to make sure Get a quote in Irving, TX. Call North American Advantage Insurance at

Whether Youre In Need Of Routine Cleanings Braces Or A Filling A Solid Dental Plan Makes It Easier For You To Help Protect Your Smile And Your Budget1

  • Routine visits to the dentist help prevent costly dental bills later on, as well as problems linked to medical conditions like diabetes or heart disease.2
  • If you have a choice of plans, consider your oral health needs and ability to pay for unexpected major services, like a crown.
  • If you have children, consider more comprehensive coverage for less out-of-pocket costs, as well as an option for braces.

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Choosing Dental Insurance For Implants

When choosing dental insurance for implants, you will want to consider a few important factors, including how to get a quote and sign up for a policy, as well as how you can manage your account once you sign up. If you want to do everything online, then choose a provider that offers a high-tech, easy-to-navigate website with online quotes and online account management. Look into other features such as mobile apps, customer service availability, and any extra features or discounts.

Alabama Dental Health Statistics

Emergency Dental Care Near Me No Insurance  Walls Open

A 2015 study by the American Dental Association√Ęs Health Policy Institute found among Alabamans that:

  • Half of residents with low incomes said life in general was less satisfying because of the condition of their teeth and mouth
  • One-in-three low income residents said the appearance of their teeth and mouth affects their ability to interview for a job
  • 34 percent reported difficulty biting or chewing in the last 12 months
  • 29 percent reported mouth/tooth pain occasionally or very often during the past 12 months

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Find Dental Plans For Medicare Near You

To find a dental plan near you, you should visit the websites of the companies offering Medicare Advantage plans to view the details of each plan. Many company websites also allow you to see if your dentist accepts the plan. If youre not sure where to start, consider talking to a broker or consultant. Good resources include the State Health Insurance Assistance Programs at 877-839-2675 or call Medicare at 800-MEDICARE to get answers to questions not answered in your research.

What Does Dental Insurance Not Cover

Dental insurance doesnt cover certain elective or cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening or sealants. Theres usually a maximum cap on what the dental insurance will pay for certain procedures and treatments. Once you meet the cap, you are responsible for the rest. You may have time limits on certain services as well, including fillings or bridges on the same tooth, dental X-rays or fluoride treatments for children. Dental insurance also does not typically cover any preexisting conditions.

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What If I Have An Hmo Plan And I Need To See A Specialist

If your selected participating dentist determines that you need specialty care, you have access to a network of specialty care providers. Most plans are direct referral plans, which means your selected participating dentist will provide you with the name of a network specialist. No preauthorization is required. You can call the specialist directly to schedule your visit.

Any copayment amount for specialty services is listed in your Schedule of Benefits.

Best Overall: Spirit Dental & Vision

Free dental clinic in South Huntsville offers services to underserved communities

Spirit Dental

  • Maximums range from roughly $1,200 to $5,000
  • Available in 48 states

We chose Spirit Dental & Vision as the best overall because it has coverage for all dental care from day 1 and offers many plan options. Also, it has generous annual maximums, up to around $5,000, depending on the plan you choose.

  • No waiting periods for any category of care

  • Lifetime deductible of $100 for each member

  • Preventative covered at 100% from day 1

  • Teeth already missing arent covered

  • Coinsurance is low for year 1 on some policies

  • All plans are not available in every state

Offered by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp, Spirit Dental & Vision is a nationwide provider that has been around since the 1880s and has high ratings from both AM Best and Standard & Poors. You can buy a dental insurance plan with no waiting periods directly or through an employer, and it includes policies for individuals, families, kids, and seniors.

Spirit Dental is the best overall for a variety of reasons. With Spirit Dental, your coverage begins on day one of your effective date, and you have many plans and levels of coverage to choose from. You choose your dentist.

One thing to note is that Spirit does not cover prosthetics for missing teeth unless the prosthetic also covers a tooth lost while the subscriber is insured with them. In comparison, the premium rates vary based on where you live and other variables. An online search found that for a woman under 50 in CA, the range was roughly $44 to $108.

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What Is The Cost Of Dental Insurance

The cost of dental insurance varies depending on the state you live in, how old you are, and the specific dental plan youre thinking of selecting. The less expensive dental insurance plans, so those with low annual benefit limits, usually start at less than $20 a month per person. Again, this is largely dependent on where you live.

More premium plans can reach up to $60 plus a month per person . If you have one of those, you will enjoy a higher annual maximum benefit limit , plus extra coverage and dental services.

What If My Favorite Dentist Is Out Of Network

Dentists can choose to join insurance providers preferred networks so that patients get the most out of their insurance benefits. If your dentist isnt part of your new dental insurance providers network, you’ll end up paying more for dental care.

As with other types of insurance, dental insurance companies prefer you use an in-network dentist and will cover a larger share of the cost than if you visit an out-of-network dentist. As part of their agreement with the insurance company, in-network dentists dont charge patients more than the costs covered by the insurance plan.

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What Is The Average Cost Of Health Insurance In Alabama

The average cost of health insurance in the state is $553 for a person who is 40 years old in 2020. From 2019, this is a $7 increase. The average cost of health insurance by family size in Alabama, assuming the family includes two 40-year-old adults with two children, would be $1,595 each month to insure.

The monthly rate for kids below the age of 15 wont increase until they turn 15, which means the premiums will rise.

The average health insurance quotes in Alabama by metal tier in 2020 are as follows:

  • Average Low-Cost Bronze Plan Premium $384
  • Average Low-Cost Silver Plan Premium $521
  • Average Low-Cost Gold Plan Premium $641

For the best health insurance, Alabama residents can choose from the two best insurance companies, the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama and the Bright Health Insurance Company.

What Is Dental Insurance For Implants

Tennessee dental health among nation

While many dental insurance providers won’t offer coverage for dental implants, some can reduce your out-of-pocket costs. It depends on the specifics of your procedure, provider, coverage details, and plan limits. You can start the process by learning more about your procedure.

There are two types of dental implants:

  • Endosteal: placed in your jawbone, as an artificial root
  • Subperiosteal: placed under the gum, but over the jawbone

If your insurance company wont cover these, ask for the allowance you may have used for a bridge or dentures. You may also qualify for financing or a payment plan.

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Delta Dental Insurance User Reviews And Ratings

Compare Delta Dental against other providers using You’ll get multiple quotes to compare dental plans that better suit your needs and budget.

  • Rated A+ at Better Business Bureau
  • Scores 5.7 at BestCompany

According to Best Company, Delta Dental customers are Typically satisfied with the coverage and service they receive from Delta Dental. Reviewers are also happy with its large network of dental providers.

That said, some reviewers experienced difficulties when getting dental procedures approved, leading to frustrating delays. Others encountered issues when moving states and trying to transfer policies.

Delta Dental offers a range of plans, and the level of customer experience varies across them.

Alabama Full Coverage Dental Insurance

Do you need a comprehensive dental plan? Full coverage dental insurance is available for individuals, families and even seniors. With a vast array of dental insurance plans from companies such as Delta Dental and Renaissance Dental, there is a plan for everyone. We even have options that include the Delta Dental Premier network. Almost all plans cover the basic needs such as routine x-rays and preventative exams. Other basic benefits include fillings, cleanings and sealants for molars. Major work is also covered, including such benefits for root canals and crowns. Some plans, such as Renaissance, even cover dental implants.

EasyDentalQuotes offers two types of full coverage plans, PPO and Immediate Coverage plans. PPO dental plans provide benefits for both in and out of network dentists, with In-Network providers covered at a higher level. But for those wanting to keep their dentist who is not on a PPO plan, many plans provide strong out of network benefits. Immediate Coverage plans have no waiting periods, so you and your family can get immediate oral care from the first day of your coverage. Simply search or site or call us today to find a plan for your immediate needs.

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Best For Braces: Anthem

  • Range of annual coverage limit is from around $1,000 to $2,500
  • Available in 14 states

Anthem is the best dental insurance without waiting periods for braces because the Anthem Essential Choice Incentive plan has no waiting periods for braces. The Incentive plan pays 50% coinsurance for up to roughly $500 a year in orthodontic maximum for kids’ braces from the first day of coverage.

  • Incentive plan provides 50% coinsurance on kids braces day 1

  • $1,000 to $2,500 in annual maximum between 6 plans

  • Will wave the waiting period with proof of previous coverage

  • Rates vary based on geography and demographics

  • Most affordable policy doesnt cover braces or other major services

Since, the 1940s, Indianapolis-based Anthem is one of the largest health benefits companies in the U.S. It offers numerous health plans and specialty plans to over 41 million subscribers.

AM Best gives it a stellar rating for financial strength and for long-term issuer credit rating. The Indianapolis-based company has also won numerous awards, including a place on Fortunes the Worlds Most Admired Companies for 2020. Anthem is available direct and through employers.

While it doesn’t cover braces, Anthem Dental Net 3000 also had no waiting periods for 500 covered procedures with no deductible or annual maximums. The range of rates for a woman in California under 50 is about $16 to $60 a month, and the Incentive plan is roughly $58.

How To Choose The Best Dental Insurance For No Waiting Period

Affordable Dental Implants in Birmingham Alabama

There are several other critical considerations that you should use to comparison shop dental insurance with no waiting period. Here are a few of the most essential ones:

  • Coinsurance Amounts: This amount is what you pay after the deductible toward the treatment invoice.
  • Coverage Annual Maximum: This amount is the most the policy will pay per subscriber in a given year.
  • Deductible: This amount is what you pay before your dental insurance policy’s benefits and coverage apply. Sometimes the deductibles are satisfied annually some are lifetime deductibles.
  • Exclusions: These are what the policy does not cover, an essential data point for policyholders.
  • In-network vs. out-of-network: You save the most when you work with an in-network provider benefits often decrease out of network.
  • Waiting Period Waiver: Some dental insurance companies will waive the waiting periods for the Basic and Major care categories if the insured can show dental insurance coverage for 12 months before enrolling in the new policy. You will often see this clause in the fine print below the summary of benefits.

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What Is The Metlife Preferred Dentist Program

MetLifes Preferred Provider Organization plans feature the MetLife Preferred Dentist Program, which is designed to save you money on dental services.1 You can choose from thousands of participating general dentists and specialists nationwide. Plus, you will enjoy lower out-of-pocket costs for in-network services, freedom to use any dentist, and less paperwork.

Will Dental Insurance Cover Implants

According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, Think of dental implants as artificial tooth roots, similar in shape to screws. When dental implants are placed in your jawbone, they bond with your natural bone. They become a sturdy base for supporting one or more artificial teeth, called crowns.

Dental implants are far more preferable compared to dentures, but the cost of implants can be prohibitive for some. The cost of the implant and the procedure itself can often range from $1,500 to $6,000, and the large majority of basic dental plans simply wont cover this. In that instance, you may be better off choosing a dental savings plan to access discounts on dental implants.

There are dental insurance plans that cover implants, including the likes of Delta Dental and Cigna, but check the particulars of the plan to see if there are any caveats. For example, you dont currently have any missing teeth.

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Best For Family Plans: Unitedhealthone Dental Insurance

United Healthcare

  • Coverage Limit: $1,000 to $3,000
  • States Available:43

We chose UnitedHealthOne dental insurance for its affordable, accessible family dental plans. UnitedHealthOne offers 10 different dental plans and comes highly rated by AM Best.

  • May have a waiting period for some services

  • Poor coverage for orthodontics

Dental coverage through UnitedHealthOne is available in both individual and employer plans.

Golden Rule Insurance Company, which underwrites many of UnitedHealthOne’s individual insurance products, is rated “A ” from AM Best, and its rating indicates the financial strength and stability of UnitedHealthOne’s products.

Six of United’s most popular dental plans are listed below with the noted benefits:

  • Not all procedures are covered depending on your plan

  • Some plans have a waiting period

Delta Dental is the largest provider of dental benefits in the United States and has a network of more than 155,000 practicing dentists nationwide.

Delta Dental has an “A ” rating from AM Best, which affirmed the financial strength rating and the issuer credit ratings for the company.

Delta Dental offers individual and group plans as well as plans through the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance marketplace. Delta Dental offers plans designed to help families on a budget.

The following is an overview of two Delta Dental insurance plans:

  • Higher premiums on many plans

  • High co-insurance rates

The dental plans listed below are available with the noted benefits:

How Much Does Dental Insurance Cover In Alabama

At Biodentist Alabama we believe that comprehensive ...

Alabama dental insurance plans typically cover preventative exams, routine teeth cleaning, fillings, and x-rays. Some plans cover periodontics, endodontics, dentures, bridges, root canals, and other surgical procedures.

When choosing an Alabama dental insurance plan, be sure to compare the level of coverage so that you can anticipate the potential out-of-pocket costs.

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Is It More Expensive To Use Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period

It depends on the category of care you seek. For example, it is not more costly to get preventive care, as dental insurance policies with no waiting period usually provide these and pay 100%. However, if you have Basic or Major care needs, you might pay more in the first year or two than you would by year three. That’s because many policies will increase coverage the longer you subscribe. For example, many United Healthcare plans pay a smaller percentage on day one of coverage than they do a year later.

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