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What Is The Best Life Insurance For Seniors

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Life Insurance Quotes Over 50

What Is The Best Life Insurance For Seniors Over 60?

You definitely shouldn’t wait until reach age 50 before you start considering life insurance.

However, if you are in your 50’s and still don’t have coverage you will likely get the best rates between the ages of 50 and 65.

The longer you wait, your chances of encountering health problems increase and it makes it harder to get covered.Still, no matter your age, your premium will vary depending on your insurance company and the type of policy you have.

For example, whole life insurance often costs more than term life, and GUL may cost more than both or even be less than both.At 50, the average healthy person will pay about $91 a month for life insurance, though the rate can go as high as $441 a month.

This depends on factors like whether you smoke or have health problems like diabetes or a heart condition.How much coverage you sign up for can determine the amount you pay as well.

A $100,000 policy might cost you around $213 per month. However, a $250,000 policy can bump that number up to $380 to $645 per month.

A $500,000 policy may cost anywhere from $624 to $1,098 per month and a $1 million policy can range from $1,155 to $2,090 per month.


Whole Life Insurance For Seniors

It isnât cost-effective to buy a whole life insurance policy as a senior. Whole life is 5 to 15 times more expensive than term life, and the cash value feature takes years to build significant value.

But that doesnât apply if you have an existing policy. âSeniors with good permanent policies with affordable premiums should, in many cases, maintain them,â says James M. Wallace, a certified financial planner and senior partner at Millenium Planning Group. Unless the premiums donât fit your budget anymore, a cash value account that has had time to earn interest can be useful in retirement.

Life Insurance For Seniors Over 80

Elderly seniors over 80 typically wont qualify for term life insurance policies over 10 years in length, however, you can still qualify for permanent coverage. A permanent policy is also likely a better choice, as it can be incredibly difficult to purchase coverage after age 90 if you still have financial obligations. Depending on your health, the most affordable option for permanent life insurance would be:


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Can You Be Too Old For Life Insurance

In many cases, it can be difficult to get a new policy issued for you when you reach age 75. However, some companies, like State Farm, are willing to renew your policy until you reach age 95. As a result, as a senior, its important to consider life insurance before you reach age 75 and purchase a policy before then. Youll save money and be more likely to find a policy that works for you.

Lifescape Simplified Whole Life Insurance

What Is The Best Life Insurance For Seniors?
  • LifeScape Simplified Whole life is a Final Expense policy
  • If youre between the ages of 0-80, you can apply for level death benefit
  • For ages 40-80, you can apply for Assuritys graded or modified death benefit
  • Death benefits range from $5,000 to $50,000
  • No exam policy for up to age 80, but you need to answer health questions.
  • If you answer no to all the application health questions, you can qualify for their level death benefit coverage
  • The qualification of Assuritys Graded and modified death benefit is determined by application health questioned answered yes
  • Guaranteed cash values are guaranteed

For more, see our Assurity Life insurance company review

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How Much Does A Senior Life Insurance Policy Cost

There are several factors that contribute to the cost of a life insurance policy. The main factors are age, health history, gender and lifestyle. Typically, younger people pay less for life insurance than older people. Additionally, healthy individuals will pay less for life insurance than people who have pre-existing health conditions or people who smoke.

When looking at a senior life insurance company, it is important to keep in mind that term life insurance is typically less expensive than a permanent policy, but those costs will increase the older you are regardless of policy type. Because the cost of life insurance is so personalized, everyone will pay a different premium based on their own specific rating factors, but rates for the same life insurance policy will not vary between companies like other insurance types. Before purchasing life insurance, you may still want to shop around and get quotes from multiple life insurance companies to find the best option for you, such as varying requirements to qualify. And if you are considering buying life insurance, doing it as soon as possible will help ensure your premiums are within your budgetthe younger you are, the lower life insurance premiums tend to be.

Options In Term Life Insurance For Seniors

If you hope to have coverage for several years, youll probably be happiest with level premiums and a term that lasts as long as you need it. To get lower premiums, you can even buy annual renewable term. You may see this type of policy called guaranteed renewable. You could have the option to renew your term policy every year or every few years.

The takeaway here is that you should look for level premiums if you want to be sure you pay the same premiums for the life of your policy. Guaranteed renewable only means that the insurer has to allow you to renew your policy, but they may increase premiums. Guaranteed renewable policies may appear a lot cheaper when you first buy them, but premiums could increase rapidly. Buying level premium life insurance will keep your premiums predictable.

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Whole Life Vs Term Life Insurance For Seniors

When thinking about whether you should buy term vs whole life insurance, you need to keep two things in mind: your age and your budget. Keep in mind that as you age, renewing a term life insurance policy will become more difficult which is why whole life insurance may be a smarter choice for seniors.

Age Year And Benefit Limits

Best Life Insurance For Seniors 65 And Older [Rates & Carriers Revealed]

Since age limits vary greatly in the life insurance industry, we wanted to ensure that our top picks could benefit as many ages as possible. Therefore, companies with wider age and year restrictions scored higher than us. For example, while typical term life insurance plans cap at 30 years, Banners caps at 40, helping you keep your term life policy for longer.

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What Are The Lowest Cost Life Insurance Policies For Those Over 75

The least expensive option would be for someone who is looking to exclusively cover funeral expenses. Life insurance rates are often incredibly high for retirees. Instead, you can secure a pre-need funeral insurance policy this would be the most affordable life insurance since any other traditional type of life insurance plan at this age can become prohibitively expensive.

If you would like your life insurance to cover your taxes should you pass away, thats when you would consider a traditional Whole Life or Term 100 policy. You should also have funeral arrangements in place so that the cost of the funeral is covered with minimal expense to your family. These funds are usually directed to the funeral home and if any funds are not required, the balance is remitted directly to the beneficiary of the policy. As mentioned earlier, if you would like your life insurance to cover your taxes should you pass away, you may prefer a Whole Life or T100 policy, however, that will be more expensive than Funeral Planning insurance alone.

You may also wish to consider a Simplified Issue Life policy, which our associates have access to through several of Experiors partner insurance companies.

Anything Through The Mail

Anyone aged 50 and up will forever receive offers via mail to buy life insurance where your acceptance is guaranteed.

While this sure sounds nice, it comes at a high cost.

If you buy a life policy for someone over 80 via mail, it will always have a 2-3 year waiting period. Also, it will almost certainly cost much more compared to buying a policy through a licensed agent.

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How To Compare Life Insurance Quotes Over 60

In addition to the benefits, features and price of the policy being applied for, there are some key questions to ask yourself when comparing quotes on life insurance policies.

  • Benefit amount. Whats the maximum amount of coverage you can get? And how much do you need?
  • Cost. Are there expensive extras that you dont need? Are the premiums level or rising?
  • Maximum entry age. Whats the cut-off age for applying?
  • Free look period. How long do you have to cancel and get a refund?
  • Claims process. What is the insurers claims process?
  • Policy renewal. Whats the maximum age you can renew coverage?

How Much Does Life Insurance For Seniors Cost

Cheapest Life Insurance For Over 50

Life insurance premiums are more expensive as you get older. But that doesnt always mean that coverage is out of reach for people nearing retirement or newly retired.

Depending on your health, there are some very, very fair premiums on life insurance, said Buller. If youre still in your 50s, you can still get a term policy which is very inexpensive.

Average Monthly Life Insurance Premiums for Seniors in the U.S.

Policy Type

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Best Life Insurance For Seniors Over 70

If youre a senior over 70, youll be happy to know that there are very few limitations on what types of life insurance policies are available to you. The only difference is that you probably wont find a life insurance policy that lasts over 20 years. Therefore, you should base your decision on your financial abilities and the cost of the coverage.

You can opt for coverage over a fixed amount of time , which is known as term insurance. This is the least expensive life insurance option and allows you to purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars in coverage.

If you want coverage for a mortgage or to replace your income until you retire, then term life insurance is the best choice as these financial responsibilities will reduce or become eliminated entirely over time. Youll want to make sure your term policy covers the entire length of time for each financial obligation. This is because youll have a harder time finding coverage or you may have to pay larger rates if you still need life insurance when you are 80 or 90.

You may also consider a permanent form of life insurance that lasts your entire lifetime. Here are some reasons why you may want permanent life insurance:

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What Is The Cheapest Life Insurance For Seniors

The best way for seniors to get cheap life insurance is to only get the coverage they absolutely need. Whole life insurance policies with high coverage amounts are much more expensive than final expense policies and more practical. On the other hand, term life insurance policies may save money for those who need higher coverage levels but may not need it forever. Seniors in good health may also be able to get cheaper life insurance by passing a medical exam.

Types Of Life Insurance Options For Seniors

Best Life Insurance For Seniors Over the Age of 60

Life insurance comes in many forms, and seniors have many options.

Not all plans are equal, so make sure you understand your situation and what will benefit your family most in the long run.

While one plan may look good on paper, it may not be the best one for you.

The most common types of life insurance for seniors include:

  • Term life insurance
  • Universal life insurance
  • Final expense insurance

Each one has different types of coverage within its category, and the benefits vary based on your policy. Consider each one and how it can work for you before committing to one.


Life insurance by state.

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What To Look For In A Senior Life Insurance Policy

Your need for life insurance will usually decrease as you grow older and accumulate other assets. The primary need for life insurance is based upon providing income to someone who is financially dependent upon you. If the assets you are leaving to heirs will be sufficient after you pass away, then your need for life insurance may disappear.

Here are reasons seniors may need life insurance:

  • Final expenses. Provide funeral and related expenses to close up an estate.
  • Inheritance. Fund an inheritance outside of your estates assets.
  • Liquidity. Provide liquidity for an estate that has mainly illiquid assets, such as real estate.
  • Income replacement. Continue income for a spouse or other dependent when your income is primarily from a pension or annuity that has minimal to no survivor benefits.
  • Debts. Provide funds for survivors to pay large debts.
  • Estate taxes. Provide funds to cover potential estate tax liability for heirs.
  • Special needs child. Fund a special needs trust for a dependent who needs lifetime financial support.
  • Charitable bequest. Make a lump sum donation to replace your on-going financial support for a non-profit.

Like anyone else, buyers of senior life insurance should look for a policy that fits their needs. Your purpose for buying life insurance will guide your decision on the types of life insurance to consider.

But if you need life insurance at an older age, here are some considerations for senior life insurance.

Avoid Graded Death Benefit Policies

Senior Life Insurance Payment Options

Most life insurance companies will give you the option to pay monthly, quarterly, or annually. Typically, insurance agents and companies will advise you to set up an automatic bank draft to keep you from accidentally forgetting to pay your premium and allowing your policy to lapse as you age.

If your policy does lapse, you will almost certainly have to pay higher premiums to reinstate your policy. If youve developed a medical condition since you first bought your life insurance coverage, you may have trouble even getting accepted for adequate insurance. Some life insurance companies may offer you a discount if you set up automatic payments too.

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What Seniors Should Know Before Buying Life Insurance

The first thing seniors should know before buying life insurance is that many people shop for life insurance in the autumn of their lives and for a variety of reasons. For example, a person may have custody of their grandchildren and want to ensure they can get through college after the grandparent’s death. Someone might wish to buy final expense insurance so their family won’t be responsible for the cost of their burial. Or, a couple may decide they want enough coverage to leave money to heirs or a charitable organization after they’re gone. Whatever the reason for buying life insurance, here are some key facts seniors should know:

Get A Senior Whole Life Insurance Quote

Best Life Insurance For Seniors Over 50

If youre ready to take the next step in helping to protect your familys financial future, or if you just have questions, contact your American Family Insurance agent today.

Ready for a quote? Use our life insurance calculator to get started. Follow the prompts including providing your birthdate and ZIP code to get an estimated quote. When using the calculator, be sure to change the default coverage amount to $15,000 to see a DreamSecure Senior Whole Life quote. And if you like, well connect you with an agent who can give you more information about the policy.

This is a brief description of coverage and is subject to policy and/or rider terms and conditions which may vary by state. Fixed and guaranteed premiums are statements about the policy as determined at issue, and any changes made to a policy may affect the premium and are subject to our underwriting rules. The words lifetime,lifelong and permanent are subject to policy terms and conditions. This policy matures at age 121. Please check with an American Family agent for details on coverages and restrictions.

* The issuance of this policy may depend on the answers to the questions asked in the application.

Policy Form ICC17-228 WL, Policy Form L-228 WL, Policy Form L-228 WL

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Permanent Insurance For Seniors

If you are only looking for a small universal or whole policy to pay final expenses, there are cheaper alternatives to AARP life insurance for seniors.

So, what is a cheaper alternative compared to AARP whole life insurance?

The answer is guaranteed universal life insurance!

Universal life insurance offers cash values, guaranteed premiums, and death benefits that will last your entire lifetime.

As long as you continue to pay the no-lapse guarantee premium, your coverage will remain in force.

Universal life insurance is an excellent option for seniors wanting lifetime benefits at a much cheaper cost than their whole life.

Most individual universal life insurance policies start at $25,000 of death benefit and can be customized to your needs and budget.

The best life insurance companies for healthy seniors are Pacific Life and Protective Life.

Do you have a few health issues and need coverage right away?

Then, a simple issue whole life policy could be an easy way to obtain the coverage you need in just a few days!

If you want a burial insurance policy with no waiting period and no medical exam required, you only need to be in average health to qualify for coverage.

Plus, these simple issue policies are inexpensive compared to AARPs whole life, with death benefits starting at only $5,000.

You can quickly compare AARP life insurance quotes to our quality independent life companies in minutes!

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