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What Is The Best Mobile Home Insurance

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Mobile Home Insurance Coverages

Mobile Home Insurance – Where to Get the Best Rates

The following protections are included on most mobile/modular home policies:


If your home is damaged by a covered peril, dwelling coverage helps to repair or replace the physical structure.

Example: Your homes roof is damaged in a hailstorm. Dwelling insurance coverage can pay to repair your roof or replace it, if necessary.


Your personal property, such as furniture, appliances, clothing and electronics, is covered up to a specified limit if lost or damaged in a covered incident. Keep in mind, if youre in possession of jewelry, expensive artwork, or any other valuables, you may have to schedule the item on your policy .

Example: There is an outbreak of burglaries in your neighborhood, and your laptop is stolen. Youre covered for the actual cash value of the laptop, minus any deductible and up to the coverage limits on your policy.


If a household member is responsible for someone elses injury or damaged property, personal liability coverage can cover you up to your policys limits.

Example: Your children are playing soccer in the front yard, and accidentally kick the ball through your neighbors stained-glass window. Liability coverage will pay to replace the window, up to the limits of your policy.

Loss of use

Also known as additional living expenses, loss of use coverage can pay for meals and hotel costs if cant live in your home because of a covered loss.

Other Manufactured Home Insurance Endorsements

There are other optional endorsements you can add to increase your home’s protection level. Some of the most common are:

  • Other structures: If you have a non-attached garage or tool shed on your property, you can add protection for the structures.
  • Additional living expenses: If your manufactured home is uninhabitable, the coverage pays for your living expenses at a hotel or rental while your home is replaced or repaired.
  • Earthquake, volcano or flood insurance coverage: If you live in high-risk zones, you can add an endorsement to cover damages from perils not typically included in a standard policy.
  • Water backup: Covers water damage caused by a broken sump pump or backed-up drain.
  • Scheduled personal property: Provides additional coverage for expensive items such as appraised jewelry, collectibles or antiques.

The Top 12 Home Insurance Companies In Canada

Home insurance is a necessity for every Canadian homeowner. Not only is it required for homes with a mortgage but also for financial security in case the home is damaged by unforeseen events.

If you are looking for the top home insurance companies in Canada, you are most likely looking for good home insurance.

There are many home insurance companies in Canada but some outrank the rest based on factors such as:

  • Non-claim interaction
  • Policy features
  • Claims

We can help you find the right home insurance for you from home insurers in the country. Use our free form on this page to get your home insurance quote. A professional will compare prices and coverage for your protection. This quote will be revealed to you by one of our partners .

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Best Phone Insurance In : Akko Plan

Weve reviewed all the most popular options for Phone Insurance, but the choice becomes pretty clear when you compare them against an AKKO Plan. You can also view our comparison chart here. As well as read about why GadgetReview ranked AKKO #1 for Phone Insurance here and Android Central ranked AKKO Best Alternative Phone Insurance, the only 3rd party protection provider that made their list alongside SquareTrade.


~ Way better value. ~While other phone insurance plans cost an average of $12-18 per month for a higher-end phone, an AKKO Plan costs $15 per month and protects not only your phone, but nearly ALL your personal electronics and personal items . So if youre comparing based on the cost of insurance, you wont get a better value elsewhere, because all the other phone insurance options only cover 1 item: your phone! But an AKKO Plan covers nearly ALL your personal belongings.

UPDATE: You can also now purchase AKKOs Phone Protection plans starting from only $5 per month! .


~ Super flexible, repairs close to you. ~What makes an AKKO Plan an even clearer top choice for phone insurance is the repair process. With an AKKO Plan, you can get your Phone and other Devices fixed just about anywhere you want. Most times you get to choose the closest and most convenient repair shop, and if you have an Apple device, you can get it fixed at an Apple Store! .

WAY MORE than just Phone Insurance :

You can choose to protect

Mobile Insurance Is The Cheapest

Best Mobile Home Insurance

Mobiles average car insurance cost is higher than Alabamas average rate. Alabama drivers pay $1,623 on average for full coverage insurance. Minimum coverage insurance costs $469. Alabamas average car insurance rate is equal to that of the United States, which is $1674 for full coverage, and $565 for minimal coverage.

Mobile drivers might pay more than the average city rate depending on their credit score, claims history, and which provider they choose. Below is a table that shows the lowest mobile car insurance rates based on market share.

Insurance company

When searching for the cheapest automobile insurance in Alabama, drivers often consider more than just price. They also look at coverage options. Geico and USAA only offer limited endorsements. Allstate or Travelers are better choices for drivers who wish to customize their policy with add ons.

Discounts are also available. All of the carriers on this list offer multi-policy discounts, but Allstates policy bundle discount is the most important, with as high as 35%. You may not be eligible for every discount offered by each company.

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What Is A Park Home

A park home is a mobile home that can be lived in throughout the year and is built to BS 3632 specifications. Park homes must be moveable, and they cant be more than 20 meters long, 6.8 metres wide and 3.05 meters from floor to ceiling. A park home can be classed as a persons main UK residence when its on a park or location that holds a residential licence. These are issued by a local council. The advantage of a park home situated in a place that holds a registered residential park licence is that it offers security of tenure under the Mobile Homes Act.

Why We Chose American Family

We were particularly impressed with American Familys customer service availability. Policyholders have access to customer service representatives 24/7 for any insurance questions and can connect with local agents in their area. Additionally, those who prefer self-service can use the customer portal or the MyAmFam mobile app for policy management, bill paying, or claims support.

Heres a list of the endorsements you can add onto your mobile home policy from American Family:

  • Hidden water damage
Has a helpful mobile app for policy management Its policies have separate deductibles for claims related to different perils
Offers a replacement cost option Uses underwritten policies from Assurant
Provides multiple payment plans to customers Discounts and add-ons can vary by state

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Tips For Buying Mobile Home Insurance

  • Review your mobile home insurance policy regularly That way you can be sure your coverage limits still match your needs and keep pace with rising building material costs and inflation. IThe amount you insure your mobile home for today might not be the amount you need in a few years.
  • Make a list of your mobile homes contents and update it each year. Having a home inventory helps expedite claims. It will also help ensure that you have enough coverage for whats inside your home as you add to your possessions.
  • Equip your mobile home with smoke detectors and find out if you can get an insurance discount for them.
  • Make sure additions to such as sheds and extra rooms are reflected in your insurance policy.

State Farm The Best For Customer Satisfaction

Texas Mobile Home Insurance – Where to Get the Cheapest Rates

Of all the companies we reviewed, State Farm had the highest customer satisfaction, with an NAIC complaint index of 0.2 in 2018. That means that relative to its size, State Farm had five times fewer complaints than the national average.

State Farm is also the largest home insurance company in the U.S., writing 18.37% of all policies. It operates in all 50 states, and that means you should be able to find an agent close to where you live. State Farm’s size and accessibility therefore gives it an edge over competitors.

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Should I Buy Phone Insurance

A range of reports have found that nearly half of people damage their phones. Most people break their phone within the first year of owning it. The majority of damages result from accidental drops, leading to cracked screens, electronic or camera malfunctions, or water and liquid damage Also, just because your phone is advertised as waterproof, it may not be if it has sustained any prior damage resulting in even the smallest of cracks that can let liquid seep in.

Repairing phones today typically will cost hundreds of dollars. Screen replacements alone for something like a common crack range from $200 at the lower end and go up to $300 for new high-end phones like the iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung Note and Galaxy devices.

But for any damages beyond screen cracks, typically the entire device will require replacement! And a full replacement will cost nearly the entire price you paid for your phone when it was brand new, unless you want to downgrade to a cheaper model.

If you have one of the newest high-end flagship phones from Apple or Samsung, you may be needing to shell out up to $1,000 . A refurbished version or an older version from the same manufacturer would still run you $700 or more.

So as often as people drop and damage their phones is a risk of a $700 $1,000 one youre willing to take?

But chances are if youre reading this, youve already decided you may not want to run the risk of having to spend so much in case you break your phone or it gets stolen

Free Insurance Providers Comparison

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How Do You Get Mobile Home Insurance

When shopping around for mobile home insurance, get quotes for different types of coverage, including any additional riders. That way you can see what youre covered for and compare the best pricing options.

When comparing policies, make sure to look at the basis of any claims settlement, such as named or open perils and whether its actual cash value or replacement cost. In other words, some companies will only cover on an actual cash value basis for partial losses or only on a replacement cost basis for major damages or total losses. Some insurers also offer the choice to upgrade to replacement cost for your entire policy for an additional cost.

Just because you find a quote thats the lowest price doesnt mean that you should go with that policy. Its important to determine what specifics you needthink deductibles, flood coverage, or any additional ridersthen compare to see what will offer you the best protection.

Coverage C: Personal Property

Best Mobile Home Insurance Companies of 2020

Your televisions, clothing, furniture and other personal belongings are covered by Coverage C. Maximum coverage limits for mobile home policies tend to be much lower than the coverage available for families in stick-built homes, so ask about coverage limits to be sure the policy provides enough protection.

Also, be aware of the difference between replacement cost coverage and actual cash value coverage. Replacement cost coverage will provide you with enough money to replace belongings damaged due to a covered loss. Actual cash value coverage will only pay a depreciated amount for your belongings, often much less than youll need to replace the damaged items.

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Cost Of Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile home insurance can typically run anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars per year. But because so many different factors go into mobile home insurance rates, its difficult to say precisely how much youll end up spending on your insurance policy. Your location, the age and value of your mobile home, deductible, and coverage limits will all have a significant impact on your rates.

If you choose to bundle your home insurance policy with another product from the same company, like an auto insurance policy or life insurance policy, you may cut your costs significantly. With some insurers, this is also known as a multi-policy discount. Cheap home insurance is never too far off, you just need to look in the right places.

For example, if your mobile home was built before June 15, 1976, expect to pay quite a bit more for mobile home coverage. Thats because manufactured homes built before that date were not held to any building standard, so insurers consider them riskier. Whatever the amount of insurance you choose, mobile home insurance covers standard basics like dwelling coverage, medical expenses, and personal property protections

Compare Home Insurance Quotes in Two Minutes

How To Choose A Home Insurance Company

Choosing a home insurance company is not just about its size but more importantly about its coverage options and service.

For many consumers, price is a big factor in choosing a home insurance company. But because your home is your most important investment, you need to go with a company you can trust to cover your losses when tragedy strikes.

There are many home insurance companies in Canada that you can choose from, depending on your location. Check how to choose a good home insurance company to help you find the best home insurer.

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What Mobile Home Insurance Companies Are In Texas

In order to determine who has the best Texas mobile home insurance rates, you have to compare quotes from the leading insurance companies, which include companies like Allstate, Liberty Mutual, and State Farm.

Texas also has a large population of military personnel and their families throughout the state. Military families may wonder, does USAA have mobile home insurance? Yes, the military-only insurance company does provide homeowners and mobile home insurance options.

Take a look at the top 10 homeowners insurance companies by market share in the table below, as reported by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners 2017 Insurance Department Resources Report.

Top 10 Texas Mobile Home Insurance Companies by Market Share


While the companies listed above control most of the homeowners insurance market, remember that a companys customer service and financial stability ratings are just as important as cheap annual rates.

Do You Need Mobile Home Insurance In Florida

Guide to Mobile Home Insurance | Franco Mobile Homes

Florida doesnât legally require homeowners to have home insurance, but your lender might. If your home is in a mobile home community or park, your landlord may require you to have mobile home insurance, too.

Even if you outright own your home and place it on private property, the extreme weather in Florida makes coverage a smart investment regardless. You never know when disaster will strike, and your coverage offers you the support to rebuild and recover.

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How Much Mobile Home Insurance Do I Need

Having the right amount of coverage is critical. If your home is lost in a fire, being underinsured could make it difficult to afford the replacement of your home. To decide on how much insurance your need, take the following into account:

  • The replacement cost of your manufactured home if you had to buy a new one
  • The cost of the improvements you’ve made, such as granite countertops, upgraded kitchen cabinets, or stainless-steel kitchen appliances
  • The value of your home’s furniture and electronics, such as televisions and computers

Keep in mind that standard manufactured home policies will pay you the depreciated cost of the items. This means that if your four-year-old Macbook was damaged, for example, you won’t get $1,300 . The insurer will give you an amount adjusted for the laptop’s age and value to buy a comparable four-year-old Macbook model.

If you’d like to avoid the hassle of having to find second-hand versions of everything you’ve lost, consider upgrading to a replacement-cost endorsement on your mobile home insurance policy that will reimburse you for the price of new and similar items.

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