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What Is The Best Pet Insurance For Dogs

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Best For Multiple Pets: Aspca Pet Health Insurance

What Is The Best Pet Insurance For Your Dog? START HERE

The best coverage for multiple pets is offered by ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. For every pet that you cover, it offers a 10% discount for each additional pet. Combine that discount with the ability to adjust your annual limit, deductible, and reimbursement percentage to find coverage that fits your budget. Accident-only plans are also available.

ASPCA offers illness and accident insurance with optional preventative care for regular wellness visits and vaccinations. Plus, you can choose any vet that you like. Unlike some other pet insurance policies, ASPCA covers exam fees, alternative therapies, behavioral issues, and microchipping as part of its Complete Coverage Plan.

Compare Our Top Dog Insurance Providers

  • Medication
  • Supplements or prescription food

As a pet owner youve likely found that the most common costs you have for your dogs, particularly puppies, is their routine exams. While some insurers, such as Pets Best, cover exam costs, others do not. With some insurers, you may have to opt for a more expensive monthly premium to get them included. While such preventative treatment is a common expense, its worthwhile to do the math and see if it actually saves you any money. The money you have to add to your monthly premium may be more than your out-of-pocket cost for 1 or 2 annual checkups.;

As was mentioned above, it is very rare for any pet insurance provider to cover a pre-existing condition. However, some providers, such as ASPCA, will cover conditions that have been cured and have shown no symptoms for at least 180 days.;

If your dog is part of a breed that is at greater risk for a particular medical issue, youll want to make sure that you choose a provider, such as Embrace, that covers breed-specific and genetic conditions. ;If you have a purebred dog, research the breed to see if there are any conditions you should know about.

While these are things that you should insist that your plan cover, there are some other things that youll likely have to live without. In addition to not covering pre-existing conditions, it is common practice for insurers to exclude cosmetic procedures, like ear cropping, as well as breeding costs.

Dont See Your Company

Didnt see the company you were looking for? Wondering what happened to 24PetWatch, Bivvy, Companion Protect, Hartville, ManyPets, Odie, PetFirst, PetPartners, PetPremium, Prudent Pet, Pumpkin, Toto, Wagmo, or policies offered by Allstate, American Family, Farmers Insurance, Geico, MetLife, Progressive, State Farm, USAA, Waffle, or Walmart? Dont worry, we got you covered. We have stats and some full reviews on all of these companies on our pet insurance companies listing page.

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Pet Insurance Policies Uses Versatile Bundles

Pet health care insurance uses adaptable packages that will fit your demands as well as your budget plan. You can select to get a yearly optimum package, deductible, or reimbursement percent for solutions such as vet examinations, surgical treatments, treatments, breed-specific afflictions and also dog treatment.

What Can You Afford To Pay Out Of Pocket

What is the best pet insurance for puppies

Consider how much you can afford to pay out of pocket. If you have a $10,000 emergency fund in a high-interest savings account and you are comfortable spending a good portion of that on your pet, your insurance needs will be different than someone living on a reduced income with no emergency fund. If you make a budget and regularly contribute to a pet fund regularly, you can likely opt for a less expensive policy.

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What Does Pet Insurance For Older Pets Cover

Depending on your pet insurance provider, your pet may be covered for a number of medical treatments under their plan. You will often have to choose between injury-only, illness-only, or a combination of injury and illness coverage. Most often, pet insurance plans cover:

  • Hereditary and congenital conditions: Inherited conditions and health issues your pet may be born with are typically covered by your pet insurance plan.
  • Broken bones and wounds: Broken bones, torn ligaments, bite wounds, and other injuries are often covered under a pet insurance plan.
  • Infections and diseases: Skin and ear infections, as well as diseases caused by ticks or other parasites, are generally covered.

As your pet gets older, they are more susceptible to developing long-term issues that could affect them for the rest of their life. Its important to note that pet insurance does not typically cover pre-existing conditions that arise ahead of their insurance coverage. For coverage related to more serious, ongoing illnesses, such as cancer, you will need to ensure your pet has an insurance plan ahead of the diagnosis, and treatments for the specific issue are covered.

Things To Watch Out For

Pet insurance differs from health insurance in a few key ways. To begin with, most pet insurance operates on a reimbursement model. This means that you pay for the treatment or services upfront and are then reimbursed the cost.

Additionally, pet insurance doesnt rely on a network of providers, meaning no extra out-of-network fees. The notable exception to this model is Banfield Pet Hospital, which offers a membership to hundreds of clinics, many of which are in PetSmart stores. Technically speaking, this is not insurance at all. Its closer to a veterinary discount plan, which is a membership that provides you with discounted prices on veterinary services.

The thing to bear in mind about such plans is that they dont pay for anything. You will end up paying for everything, though at a discounted rate. If–to go with the example of Lupa again–the original vet bill is $52,021 and your discount is an unheard of 50%, youll have to pony up $26,010.50. To put it in perspective, thats roughly the cost of a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona.

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Why You Should Trust Us

Im Wirecutters pets writer, and Ive covered complex topics that require months of research, including for our guides to dog DNA tests and pet subscription boxes. For this guide, I researched more than 20 pet insurance companies and compared their coverage, benefits, and premiums. I also considered their ratings from Canine Journal,, Consumer Affairs, and Pet Insurance Review, among other sites. And I studied everything on pet insurance from the North American Pet Health Insurance Association.

This guide builds on the extensive work of our original pet insurance guide, which was written by senior editor Mark Smirniotis. He dug into every aspect of pet insurance, analyzing the pros and cons in detail. He also spoke with seven executives at various insurers to fill in any research gaps as he compared more than 100 different quotes from nine major pet insurance companies.

What To Consider When Insuring An Older Dog

THE BEST Pet Insurance for Dogs and Cats

As you look at all the different dog insurance plans, youll need to keep the following factors in mind:

  • Age: The older your dog, the more their pet insurance premiums will cost you can pretty much count on this.
  • Preexisting conditions: No pet health insurance plan weve found offers immediate coverage for preexisting conditions, but some will reimburse for future care 180 days after your dog recovers.
  • Plan coverage: All plans differ in what their policies cover, so read the fine print to get the right level of coverage for you and your dog.

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Pets Best Pet Health Insurance

Pets Best Insurance Services was founded in 2005 by Dr. Jack Stephens, who launched the first pet insurance company in North America. Many of the people who work at Pets Best Insurance have a veterinary background and are involved in animal rescue.

Pets Best offers fast claim reimbursement, typically in five days or less, as well as the option to pay your vet directly. The company offers plans for dogs and cats that cover unexpected vet bills and treatment costs for injuries, illnesses, and other health issues.

Best Pet Insurance Companies For 2021

  • Coverage: 25% discount on medical services from participating vets
  • Starting Price: $9.95 per month
  • Deductibles: N/A

Pet Assure may not save you as much as a pet insurance policy, but its low price, lack of waiting times, and unlimited use make it the best overall.

  • No deductible, waiting period, or use limits

  • All animals eligible for coverage

  • Covers pre-existing conditions

  • Not pet insurance

  • Doesnt cover medications or prescription food

  • No coverage for outsourced or specialist services

  • Limited number of providers by location

Pet Assure was founded in 1995 by a pet owner whose pet insurance denied a $3,000 hip surgery for his dog. The company offers a 25% discount on most vet services regardless of breed, age, or condition, making it the best pet coverage overall. Pet Assure receives high ratings from third-party review sites due to its ease of use and excellent customer service.

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Cost Of Pet Insurance

There are a number of factors that impact the cost of pet insurance. Here are some of the biggest factors:

  • Type of pet: The type of animal you have will affect the cost of your insurance. Typically, its slightly cheaper to insure cats than dogs.
  • Pet breeds: Insurance companies will consider your pets breed when calculating your rate, because certain animal breeds are more likely to experience health issues.;
  • Number of pets: Insuring multiple pets will be more expensive, but many insurance companies offer a discount for adding more than one pet to your policy.;
  • Type of coverage: Certain pet insurance policies are more expensive than others. For instance, an accident and illness policy is going to be more expensive than an accident-only policy, simply because it offers more coverage.
  • Amount of coverage: The higher your annual coverage limit is, the more expensive your policy will be. An unlimited coverage policy is usually the most expensive option you can buy.
  • Deductible: Choosing a higher deductible will lower your monthly rate, and vice versa. If you want affordable coverage, opting for a high deductible might be a good option if you can afford the out-of-pocket cost.

Average Cost Of Pet Insurance

Best Pet Insurance for Older Pets

In 2020, the average cost for accident and illness coverage was $594 per year for a dog and $342 per year for a cat, according to the North American Pet Health Insurance Association. The average cost for accident-only coverage was $218 per year for a dog and $134 per year for a cat.

Your costs will depend on several factors, including your type of pet, the age of your pet, the coverage options you select and where you live.

Pet insurance discounts are a good way to save. Here are some common discounts:

  • Multipet discount. Many insurers offer a discount if you insure more than one pet.
  • Spay/neuter discount. Some insurers offer discounts to pet owners who have their pet spayed or neutered.
  • Annual pay discount. You can often reduce costs if you pay your annual premium in one lump sum.
  • Military discount. Some insurers offer discounts if you served in the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines or Navy.
  • Employee discount. Some employers offer pet insurance as a voluntary benefit, which could get you a 5% to 10% discount.

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Additional Expenses To Keep In Mind

  • Reimbursements You pay for all vet visits and charges and then file for a reimbursement. The best plans typically reimburse 90 percent of a covered expense.
  • Payout caps Most plans stop reimbursing after youve reached your policys maximum coverage amount. Most policies have an annual expense cap, but some have caps per incident or even for the animals lifetime. Expect to pay higher premiums for higher caps.

Best Pet Insurance Companies Of 2021

  • Starting price: $99 per year
  • Deductible: $0

While Pet Assure doesnt fall under the standard pet insurance umbrella, its low cost and flexibility make it our top pick for owners of all types of pets.

  • Covers all types of pets

  • No annual limits or deductibles

  • Not subject to waiting periods

  • Pays for pre-existing conditions

  • Limited to in-network veterinarians

  • Covers only 25% of costs

  • Prescriptions not covered

Pet Assure offers plans for a single cat, a single dog, a family plan for up to four animals of any size, and an unlimited plan for all pets in your household. Best of all, theres no waiting period before you can use your coverage. All of Pet Assures plans come with discounted veterinary services, including treatments related to:

  • Accidents
  • Pre-existing conditions

Pet Assure insurance is pretty affordable, plus there is no deductible. You can save some money on your policy if you choose the annual billing option. These are the rates for each insurance plan:

  • Single cat plan: $9.95 per month;
  • Single dog plan: $11.95 per month
  • Family plan: $16.95 per month
  • Unlimited plan: $21.95 per month
  • Deductibles: None

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How Do Pet Insurance Deductibles Work

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Most Commonly Asked Questions About Pet Insurance Plans

Before getting started with a pet insurance plan make sure to familiarize yourself with how pet insurance works and what plan is best for your furry friend. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most commonly ask questions about pet insurance to help make sure your dog or cat is fully covered and protected.

What is Pet Insurance?

Whether a dog, cat, horse, or even a snake, pets may need to see a vet at some point. Vet bills can add up, and sometimes cost thousands of dollars. Rather than paying for a pets medical expenses out of pocket, signing up for pet insurance plan will help cover the costs of future routine and emergency veterinary bills.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

Pet insurance works a lot like human health insurance in that plans include payment features like deductibles, co-pays, maximum coverage, premiums, waiting periods, and no coverage for pre-existing conditions.;

Deductible: Customers pay a small amount before the insurance company covers remaining costs of the vet bills. Per-incident deductibles incur for each new expense. An annual deductible refers to money the customer must pay each year.;

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

Taking Dogs To The Emergency Veterinary Clinic

Pet Insurance – 10 Best Pet Insurance Explained

Even the healthiest dog may get into a situation where they need to see a veterinarian after-hours, whether because they ate a sock, were bitten at the dog park, or have been experiencing diarrhea and it seems to be getting worse over the weekend. In fact, 1 in 3 pets will need emergency treatment in a given year!

Whatever the reason you have to go to the emergency clinic, expenses can quickly add up. While costs vary based on your pets need, typically there is an exam fee, followed by whatever tests, pain medications, etc. need to be done to keep your dog healthy ;all of which can run upwards of $1,000.;

For example, when PPFCs very own office dog Mikey had to visit the emergency veterinarian in 2017 after being hit by a car, his bill racked up to nearly $2,000 which included an exam fee, pain medication, an x-ray, and blood work. Thankfully, Mikey recovered quickly and has yet to need another visit to the emergency room since! However, his owner, Hannah, has always considered how much pet insurance;may have helped in that scenario.;

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What Type Of Pet Do You Have

The type, breed, and age of your pet will affect the insurance coverage you select. For example, purebred dogs tend to have more chronic health issues than mixed-breed dogs and may need more coverage. In the same vein, cats tend to live longer than dogs and may benefit from a policy that does not increase your deductible based on age. If you have an exotic pet, you may be limited in the companies that will offer you insurance coverage at all.

Benefits Of Pet Insurance

The benefits of pet insurance go beyond the health of your pet. Many of the benefits of pet insurance address how your finances are affected by unexpected accidents and illnesses that occur. The purpose of insurance is to convert an unknown expense that can be overwhelming into a more manageable monthly payment.

Here are a few of the benefits that pet insurance can provide you and your pet:

  • Wellness visits and vaccinations covered
  • Protection in case of accident or illness
  • Converts an unknown expense into a fixed monthly cost
  • Allows you to focus on your pet’s health, not what the procedure will cost
  • Increases treatment options for your pet that are normally cost-prohibitive
  • Saves money on expensive treatments and follow-up care
  • Peace of mind knowing that a financial risk is covered
  • Helps you budget for the care of your pet
  • Keeps you from using savings or going into debt in case of emergency

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