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What Is The Best Pet Insurance For Older Dogs

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Embrace Sample Monthly Rates

THE BEST Pet Insurance for Dogs and Cats
Covers your dogs exam fees, which are often excluded by competitors Requires dogs to have annual check-ups to keep coverage
Covers ACL or other ligament issues after six months Doesnt offer wellness or routine care coverage add-ons
Offers an unlimited coverage option, which excludes any payout limits

Death By Accident Or Illness

If your pet dies you can get back the cost of what you paid for it or what it could sell for.

Most pet insurance policies have an age limit – typically of eight to eleven years for a cat and five to nine years for a dog – after which insurers will not pay out, or you’ll have to make a contribution to costs.

How Do You Know Which Vets Accept Pet Insurance

Pet insurance doesnt pay your veterinarian directly. Instead, your provider will reimburse YOU for your veterinary costs after you pay your vet and submit a claim to the insurance company. This way, you dont have to worry about whether your vet takes a certain policy or not you can use any veterinarian you like!

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Cover Vet Bills With The Best Uk Pet Insurance Providers And Policies To Protect Your Cats And Dogs And Even Your Horses

There’s no national health service for animals. So the best pet insurance doesn’t just cover your vet bills when your beloved dog or cat has been in an accident, it also covers illness, even if your furry friend has pre-existing and hereditary conditions. You can also opt to include costs such as dental treatment, kennel costs and even annual jabs, all of which add up to eye-watering annual expenses.

The key to choosing the best pet insurance product for you, as with any insurance, is finding a policy that’s affordable enough to save you money in the long run, but comprehensive enough to provide the protection and payment you need, quickly and with minimal hassle.

Read on for our pick of the best pet insurance providers, and details of what they currently offer. First, though, heres our guide to choosing the ideal pet insurance provider to protect your puss, pooch or parrot.

If You’re On Benefits You May Be Able To Get Free Vet Treatment For Your Pet

Best Pet Insurance For Older Dogs Uk

Pet insurance, or self-insuring by putting money aside in a savings account, could prove expensive if you’re short on cash. However, charities such as the PDSA, Blue Cross and the RSPCA may be able to help.

These charities offer free or subsidised vet care for pets whose owners are on certain means-tested benefits, among other criteria. As charities, though, they rely on donations to continue their work and some, such as Blue Cross, actively ask for a contribution towards costs.

To see if you could benefit from charity help, check eligibility criteria from the PDSA, Blue Cross and the RSPCA. For more on this, see our Vet care ‘fur’ free blog.

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Can The Cheapest Dog Insurance Be The Best

Although low cost dog insurance wont often provide the same coverages as those with higher premiums, they can still provide what you need for your dog. Dont count them out just because theyre cheap. However, its important to read through the coverages they provide to ensure the policy will meet your dogs needs.

Additionally, even some insurance coverage is better than no coverage. Some insurance companies offer basic plans that cover either illness, injury, or routine care. This can save dog owners a substantial amount of money, just by paying a low monthly premium.

This adorable video by the VetBros explains why health insurance for your dog is so important:

Here are a few things to consider if youre looking for the cheapest dog insurance:

    • Will your low monthly premiums increase over time?
    • What coverages will you get for your money?
    • Are you able to purchase additional coverage at a later date if needed?
    • How much of your costs will be reimbursed?
    • Will you have a higher deductible in exchange for a lower premium? Can you afford it?

Its important not to focus only on the monthly premium cost. There are several things to consider when searching for the best dog health insurance plans. Ensure that the plan meets your budget needs as well as your dogs coverage needs, or it wont do you much good.

What Does Insurance Not Cover

Generally pet insurance does not cover existing medical conditions so policies taken out after the onset of illness wont be valid. However, with our Champ cover we may be able to cover your dogs pre-existing medical conditions.

Therefore, you might want to get insurance for your dog as soon as possible when they are young and healthy, especially if you have a breed that is more likely to suffer problems and diseases.

Many policies also wont cover routine or preventative treatments, such as vaccinations, flea and worm prevention, neutering/spaying, grooming, and anything relating to pregnancy.

Always check

Cover will vary by insurer so always make sure you check thoroughly and understand what you are buying to ensure that the cover is right for you and your pet.

See how we can help cover your pets from injuries and illnesses.

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Pet Insurance: How To Get The Best

The lowdown on premiums, the types of cover available and what affects the price

One of the first decisions a new dog owner will have to take is whether to buy pet insurance.

The good news is that it is possible to pick up a policy offering a decent amount of cover for a puppy from as little as £10 a month although there are many people paying much more than that. And cover can become a lot more pricey as dogs get older.

Who Should Get Pet Insurance

What is the Best Pet Insurance For Dogs

If your pet is relatively healthy and you can afford the premiums, and you wouldnt be able to afford tens of thousands of dollars in veterinary bills, you should get pet insurance. Good coverage saves you from having to pay huge out-of-pocket expensesand it also means you wont have to make the heartbreaking choice of saying goodbye to your pet because you cant afford their care.

Relatively healthy is important. You can and should get insurance even if your pet has had a few minor vet visits or has a chronic but manageable condition. If your pet is older and has already had serious health problemscancer, surgeries, loss of mobility, and the likeyou may not get much value from starting a new insurance plan since preexisting conditions arent covered youll be covered only for issues that appear after your pet is enrolled in a particular plan. And if you decide to swap from one insurance brand to another, anything predating the move will again be preexisting, even if it was covered by your first insurer. But an insurance plan is still worth considering, depending on your pets condition and the likelihood of future diagnoses. Ask your vet to help you figure out the risks of certain diseases based on your pets age, breed, and medical history.

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Do You Offer A Comparison Of Exotic Pet Insurance

Its nice to get quotes for dogs and cats, but we have a pet boa constrictor we would like to insure. Can you help us out?

Sure! We dont want any pet to feel left out. Currently, there is only one company that offers pet insurance for exotic pets in the U.S. Find out who it is and whats covered in our exotic pet insurance comparison.

How Does A Pet Insurance Deductible Work

The deductible is the portion of the bill youre responsible for before you can start being reimbursed for veterinary costs. Most plans come with an annual deductible. For example, if your annual deductible is $1,000, youll need to pay for $1,000 in veterinary costs each year before you can start getting reimbursed for veterinary costs.

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What Is The Best Pet Insurance For Older Dogs Or Cats

The best pet insurance for older dogs or cats is generally the one that can provide the most comprehensive protection. If your pet is older than 9 years old, this will be tricky to get. However, if you’re still able to get comprehensive pet insurance for senior dogs, keep an eye out for the following inclusions:

  • Accidental Injury
  • Cruciate ligament conditions
  • Hereditary and congenital conditions

There are a few other important terms to look out for when searching for the best pet insurance policy for seniors. These are:

Types Of Pet Insurance Plans

The 9 Best Pet Insurance Plans of 2020

When youre looking to insure your pet, the first thing to do is take a good look at your finances and how much youre able and willing to spend in case of an emergency. Each type of pet insurance policy will have different types of coverage and come at a different price point. Knowing what each type has to offer is crucial for understanding how to buy pet insurance.

  • Accident-only policies An accident-only plan may suit you best if your main concern is your cat or dogs propensity for mishaps. Theyre usually more affordable than plans with more coverage.
  • Accident & Illness policies These are the all-inclusive pet insurance plans, covering both accident and illness coverage. They can be expanded to be truly comprehensive by adding wellness coverage, which is usually an add-on rather than an integrated part of the plan.
  • Comprehensive policies Some insurers offer comprehensive policies covering everything, from accidents to illnesses to wellness to routine care. For example, they may cover the cost of dental care, chiropractic care, spaying, vaccinations, behavioral therapy, and more. Naturally, these plans have the heftiest price tag but are worth it for the peace of mind.

If you want to evaluate whether an insurer is right for you, it might be a good idea to download one of their online sample policies.

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Whats The Best Pet Insurance Policy For An Older Dog

With dog insurance youll usually find 4 types of pet insurance starting at the cheapest accident-only cover up to lifetime plans. As dogs age the more likely they are to suffer from illnesses and due to their age they will generally be more serious conditions. As a result you might find that the most suitable plan is lifetime dog insurance which can cover vet fee treatment for the remainder of the dogs life . Lifetime pet insurance is typically the most expensive cover you can buy but in the case of older dogs it tends to be better value as with cheaper levels of cover you may find that youll need to cover some treatment cost or you may hit cover limits for treatment which result in you no longer being eligible to claim for the condition.

Best Pet Insurance In Canada: Trupanion Canada

For determining the best pet insurance company in Canada, we looked for an insurance company that would offer the best coverage for the average Canadian pet owner. We avoided companies with excessive coverage options that are usually unnecessary, as well as companies with confusing maximum coverage and enrollment rules. We also wanted comprehensive coverage with no lifetime limit and clear deductibles. For this reason, Trupanion Canada stands out as a winner.

Trupanion Canada is one of the largest providers of pet insurance in Canada, and our top pick for the best pet insurance in Canada. We like Trupanion because it offers a single and very good pet insurance plan that will cover the needs of most Canadian per owners.

This company has an excellent reimbursement rate of 90% and can even bill your veterinarian directly. Trupanion does not penalize you for making claims on your policy, and they have an excellent customer service track record.

What We Liked:

  • Offers direct payment to your veterinarian
  • Reimbursement is 90% of your actual bill
  • There is no lifetime cap on accidents and illness coverage

What We Didnt Like:

  • One plan means no customization options or wellness add-ons
  • Maximum enrollment age is 14 years
  • Preventative treatments are not covered, and there is no option to add it

Learn more about Trupanion Canada.

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Tips To Save Money On Dog Insurance

  • Buy puppy insurance while your dog is young and healthy. Once they’ve developed health conditions it’s tricky to get cover for those conditions.

  • If you have more than one dog, look into multi-pet policies. Multi-dog insurance can be a good way to save money.

  • Don’t just accept your automatic renewal quote. Shop around and do a pet insurance comparison to make sure you’re still getting the best deal.

  • Pay for your policy annually. If you can afford to pay for a whole year at a time, you’ll save money. Paying monthly works like a loan and means you’ll pay interest.

  • Understand your dog’s breed. This could help you to make sure you get the right level of cover. You can ask your vet for advice on how much insurance you’ll need.

Types Of Dog Insurance

Pet Insurance

Before you compare dog insurance and purchase a policy, you will need to work out what level of cover your pet needs.

If you are looking for cheap dog insurance, you will likely need to opt for a lower level of cover. Taking out a dog insurance policy that doesn’t provide the right level of cover is almost pointless, so make sure your policy covers you for what your pet needs.

Here is a look at the different levels of dog insurance available:

For pedigree dogs, you should consider purchasing a higher level of cover. Lifetime insurance is often the best option for pure breeds because these dogs often suffer from hereditary diseases, which can become particularly severe as they get older.

UK vet bills over the life of a pedigree breed of dog can add up to thousands of pounds, sometimes more. Therefore, lifetime or maximum benefit insurance might save you a significant sum of money in the long run.

It is also important to have the right cover for if your pedigree pet is stolen or gets lost. For dog insurance, UK providers will usually offer a range of add-ons and extras that can cover your pooch.

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Look Out For Exclusions

Pre-existing medical conditions

Most policies wont cover them. If you want to cover an existing condition, youll need specialist insurance.

Age limits

Some insurers will start a new policy for an animal of any age but check for limits when youre comparing.

Once youve got a policy, so long as you continue to pay your premiums, your cover will continue even when your pet passes the maximum age.

If youre not sure just call the insurer and ask.

Caring For Your Pet In The Social Distancing Era

Aside from the aforementioned veterinary care, there are other measures you can take as a pet owner to keep your furry family member healthy and happy:

  • Buy medicine Make sure to have enough prescriptions, such as heartworm, parasite, flea, and tick medicine, as well as any maintenance drugs.
  • Stock up on food Consider using online services that deliver the food directly to your door to avoid unnecessary visits to the pet store or the supermarket.
  • Work on your mental and physical health Pets pick up on their owners feelings, which means your anxiety can also affect them. Take care of yourself and other household members, so your pets feel more at ease with such an unusual amount of human contact.
  • Exercise your pet Stay-at-home ordinances and self-isolation protocols limit the time you spend with your pet outside. Going for a walk following safety precautions, playing fetch or basic training techniques are some of the many ways to keep them active.
  • Make the most of telemedicine services You keep your pet healthy while limiting visits to the vet and lessen the workload for veterinary staff in clinics and hospitals.


More vets than ever are incorporating telemedicine alternatives to their practice as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. An example of telemedicine is the vet using a video chat service to observe a patient and provide medical advice without having direct physical contact.

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Best Dog Insurance Reimbursement

We voted for Trupanion for the best reimbursement for dog insurance. With their Vet Direct Pay, they are trying to move pet insurance to a new era by working directly with vets and flipping the pet insurance on its head by operating more like human insurance. Even if your vet doesnt participate in the Vet Direct Pay program, Trupanion offers a 90 percent reimbursement for all plans, and we think that is awesome.

They do have a per-incident deductible, which some people find as a sticking point, but since they do Vet Direct Pay, we find that most people shell out less out of pocket for this plan. We find that many pet insurance companies are starting to offer Vet Direct Pay as an option, but Trupanion was first to offer this and they are further along down the road.

In a close second, we chose Figo Pet Insurance for Best Dog Insurance Reimbursement, because they are one of the few companies to offer 100% reimbursement. Your premium will be higher, but you will have the ability to have your entire bill covered for qualifying expenses.

Lifetime Cover Pet Insurance

What is the Best Pet Insurance for Older Dogs ...

Lifetime policies are the most popular and the most comprehensive type of pet insurance. As the name suggests, they’ll pay out indefinitely for treatment over your pet’s lifetime – subject to annual limits.

Lifetime policies can work in different ways. Annual policies pay up to a specified amount on vet fees each year – say £5,000.

So in any given year, the insurer would pay up to £5,000.

Another type of lifetime policy is per condition per year cover. With this, you’d get an annual limit for each condition – for example £2,000 per year for claims related to your cat’s diabetes. With some of these policies, an overall annual limit will also apply.

With both types of policy, the higher the limit, the more expensive the premium. However, whatever this limit is, with a lifetime policy, you can rely on the insurer making an ongoing contribution towards the costs of your pet’s conditions.

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