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What Is The Best Travel Insurance For Backpackers

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Are Extreme Sports Covered By Backpacker Insurance

Backpacker Travel Insurance

Backpacker insurance may cover many adventurous activities as standard, but check your policy carefully to see exactly whats included. ;You may have to buy additional or specialist cover for high-risk activities or extreme sports. Its worth remembering too that, for insurance purposes, even activities like horse riding or swimming with dolphins could be considered extreme.;

What Is Not Covered By Travel Insurance

There are common things not covered by travel insurance. Make sure you read a policyâs exclusions so youâre not caught by surprise later. For example, a travel insurance policy could have medical coverage but exclude pre-existing conditions. So if an existing condition flares up during your trip, the travel insurance policy wonât cover it unless you purchased a pre-existing conditions exclusion waiver.

High-risk activities may not be covered, such as scuba diving. Nor are problems that happen because you were drunk or using drugs.

Medical tourism is also a common exclusion, so if youâre going abroad for a face lift, travel insurance wonât cover the hospital bills or aftercare.

Cheapest Travel Insurance For Backpackers Iati Insurance

I have used IATI in the past and, in my opinion, its the ideal insurance for any type of traveler, from budget backpackers to couples who are going on their honeymoon.

First of all, because it is one of the very few insurance companies that covers travel in any country, including many conflict destinations mentioned in this blog ; and secondly of all, because it has a plan for any type of trip, from adventurous destinations to sightseeing trips.

Also, if you are traveling with a tight budget, their basic plan is the cheapest available in the market, plus readers of this blog get an exclusive 5% discount.

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Fight Cancellations Baggage Delay And Loss

This is also very likely to happen.

One day, they canceled my flight from Berlin to Tehran and, on another occasion, when I flew from Barcelona to Tbilisi, my baggage remained lost for almost 4 weeks.

Of course, you will get the airline compensation benefit but, if you have good travel insurance, you may get paid twice.;

Valuables & Electronics Insurance

What is the Best Travel Insurance for Backpackers? Guide ...

Almost all cheap backpacker insurance policies will have very high excesses and fixed limits on the amount you can claim on personal belongings. Ideally, you should pay a bit more to properly insure your valuables. Whether you choose to ensure your gear is up to you; certainly, your overall policy will cost more if you do. You may be better off just keeping a bloody good eye on your valuables and not paying the extra money to insure them.

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What Do I Need To Get A Quote

To start comparing travel insurance quotes, just tell us:;

  • where youre going. Youll need different cover for different continents and countries.;
  • how long for. Backpacker insurance can cover you for trips lasting from 60 days to 18 months.;
  • what youll be doing. Do you have any extreme activities in mind? Will you be doing any volunteering? ;
  • what youre taking. It may be that you want to insure expensive gadgets or equipment.;

Well also need to know a bit about you, including your age and details of any existing medical conditions you may have. ;

It Offers High Medical Coverage

If you are planning to do some adventurous activities , or you are traveling to a country where the health care system is very expensive , you should know that hospitalizations costs could rise to several and several thousand USD.;

There are many cheap backpacker insurances that will offer you a cheap quote but, if you read the small print, you will see that they will just give you 10,000 or 20,000USD of medical coverage, which can be very little depending on your type of trip.;

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Safetywing Best For Long

  • Nationalities covered: Available to anyone from any home country except Iran, North Korea and Cuba.
  • Maximum stay: 364 days.

Get a quote with True Traveller.

Benefits of True Traveller Travel Insurance

  • One of the best things about this insurance company is the wide range of options that they have, so you can really tailor your insurance package to the type of trip that you plan to take, e.g. trekking or diving holiday.
  • They offer single-trip or multi-trip packages that are great value for money.
  • 92 activities are covered in their policies as standard and probably include most of the things that backpackers are likely to get up to.
  • Additional activity packages can be purchased for the most adventurous travellers, which which keeps the price low for those beach bums amongst you!
  • Scuba diving of up to 18 metres is included as standard but more expensive policies will cover you up to 50 metres.
  • The basic True Traveller activity pack will cover you for riding motorcycles on the road up to .
  • Like the others on this list, you can take out this travel insurance whilst you are already abroad.
  • You do not need a return ticket and you can extend whilst you are travelling.

True Traveller are excellent! Ive claimed 4x and they have always been great!

Comparison Table of Travel Insurances

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*Additional activity package upgrades are available with all insurers.Travel Insurance with Online Banks


Final Thoughts On The Best Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Reviews – How To Chose The Best Travel Insurance Companies? – Travel Player

Shopping reviews for the best travel insurance is nobodys idea of a good time. That said, it does pay to research prices and policies and find the right company that will cover all of your needs whilst not breaking the bank.

Travel insurance is just one of those things that we would never travel without. Whichever company you end up traveling with, get to know the policy intimately. Read it yourself very carefully. We cant emphasize that enough! The more you know your insurance policy, the more you will know about how and when to use it.

Also, you will have a detailed understanding and a realistic idea of what to expect from any given policy.

As we have said before, our favorite go-to travel insurance is;World Nomads. They are affordable and may be able to insure backpackers for over 140 countries. For many travelers, World Nomads is a great company to go with.

Having amazing life experiences, discovering new cultures, meeting new people, learning more about the world around you, and having a hell of a lot of fun along the way is why we travel. For when one of lifes unexpected curve balls comes your way, do yourself a favor and be prepared with some good travel insurance!

We sincerely hope that you stay safe whilst having amazing adventures over the course of your traveling career! Happy travels see you down the road. If youre insured.

Find out how YOU;can support the site.

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It Covers Adventure Activities

If you are planning to do some trekking or any other related activity, you need to make sure that your policy covers that.;

For example, if you are traveling to Nepal, you need to make sure that your policy covers for trekking up to 4,000-5,000 meters at least and you should know that not all insurance providers will cover it.

Most backpacking insurance will have a specific plan for this type of adventure activities.

Is Travel Insurance Worth The Money

Yes. In fact, Id go as far as saying;if you cant afford travel insurance, then you cant afford to travel.

Of course, trips usually go smoothly, without things getting stolen, catching an exotic disease or being involved in an accident. However, these things can and do happen. The horror of losing your £1000 camera or being presented with a £20,000 medical bill is a blow that can quite easily be avoided.

Travel insurance is something you;definitely need,;especially if youre a budget backpacker. If youre travelling the world on the cheap, its likely youll end up taking some risks, such as staying in cheap dorm rooms with poor security or getting about on a motorbike. You need to be covered for if something goes wrong.

Finding cheap yet decent travel insurance for backpackers can be confusing. Its also a rather unexciting thing to have to spend your hard-earned money on.

But its much better to spend a relatively small amount of money than risk losing your life savings should something happen when youre abroad, dont you think?

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Do You Really Need Travel Insurance For Every Trip

Im going to be honest: I dont buy travel insurance for every trip. I tend to buy it only for international backpacking trips, and I typically roll the dice on domestic travel.;

But its important to note that Im still not going totally uninsured: my health insurance covers me throughout my home country, and my travel credit cards cover most run-of-the-mill travel-related emergencies, like trip cancellation or interruption.

So my irresponsible choice is actually still fairly safe Im still not taking a very big risk.

That said: if the anxiety-inducing scenario above doesnt generate a deep-seated fear in you, and you want to roll the dice on an international trip which I highly discourage doing there are ways to help yourself if you do get sick while traveling.

You can contact the countrys U.S. Embassy for a list of local doctors and medical facilities, or search a list of English-speaking foreign doctors in the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers for the price of a voluntary donation .

However, youll be stuck footing the bill for taking your chances.

In Fact Your Flight May Get Cancelled

The best long term travel insurance for Backpackers and ...

and airlines duck out when it happens. Airlines dont refund tickets when flights are cancelled due to things such as natural disasters, strikes or terrorism attacks.;Thankfully a good travel insurance helps sort things out.

GOOD TO KNOW: You can claim compensation for flight delay or cancellation. Various companies help travelers get their money back in case of a cancellation, and even in case of a delay, and its much much easier to go through them than dealing directly with the airline, having to spend hours on the phone or emailing back and forth to just obtain what is quite simply within your rights as a traveler.

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Do You Have Any Advice For Backpackers

Here are seven things for backpackers to bear in mind before they begin their adventures.;

  • Visas find out if you need a visa and make the necessary arrangements to get one if you do.
  • Vaccinations check with your GP whether you need any vaccinations. If you do, make sure you get an appointment in plenty of time before you travel.
  • Cash ensure you have enough money to fund your trip.
  • Safe places see whether the Foreign Office cautions against travel to any of the regions youre planning to visit. If you do visit a country or an area with restrictions or warnings in place, you could invalidate your insurance.
  • Behave yourself insurance providers take a dim view of incidents that occur because you were affected by drink and drugs and are highly unlikely to pay out for any claims made. The authorities in some countries can also be very severe if you commit a drug-related offence.
  • Respect understand the local customs and follow them.
  • Learn If English isnt widely spoken where youre going, think about brushing up on a few key phrases in the local language, before you travel.

Is There Travel Insurance For Multiple Trips

While standard travel insurance plans are meant to cover one-time trips, frequent travelers should consider an annual travel insurance plan. These plans cover the same issues as a single-trip plan, such as trip cancellation and emergency medical situations. But they also offer the convenience of a one-time purchase for multiple trips.

Iâm the Insurance Analyst for Forbes Advisor. Iâve been writing about insurance for consumers for more than 20 years. Insurance intersects with many parts of our lives, yet itâs tough to untangle, and wrong choices can make a financial mess. Iâm here to help you make sense of it. Iâm especially interested in how data is affecting the price you pay for all insurance types.

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The Best Travel Insurance For Backpackers On A Budget

Most travel insurance plans require you to submit precise travel dates and trip costs. What if youre playing it by ear, as many backpackers do, and you dont have a lot of prepaid costs? The OneTrip Emergency Medical Plan is a different kind of plan: simple, flexible and affordable travel insurance that includes only post-departure benefits.

What does that mean? The OneTrip Emergency Medical Plan keeps costs low because it doesnt include trip cancellation/interruption benefits. If you have to cancel your trip, this plan wont reimburse your nonrefundable, prepaid trip costs.

The OneTrip Emergency Medical Plandoes include important benefits to protect you when youre traveling, such as:

  • Emergency medical benefits up to $50,000 for accidents and $50,000 for illness
  • Emergency medical transportation benefits up to $250,000
  • Baggage loss/damage up to $2,000
  • Baggage delay up to $750
  • Trip delay benefits up to $1,000
  • 24-hour hotline assistance

These arent the only benefits included; read your policy documents to understand all the benefits and exclusions. Another reason the OneTrip Emergency Medical Plan may be a good fit for backpackers: If you decide to extend your trip, you may be able to extend your coverage dates as well.

Do I Need To Declare High Cholesterol On Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Tips |Ep. 6| Backpacking For Beginners

The short answer is, yes! Although high cholesterol is often seen as a minor condition, its important to declare it on your travel insurance policy in case of any linked conditions. That way, if something happens to you whilst youre away, you can rest assured with peace of mind that it is covered.

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Do I Need A Fit Note From My Doctor To Travel

You will not need any special sign-off from a doctor before you travel if you have pre-existing conditions but your insurer may have to refer back to your doctor for more information when you apply for cover. However, if you are under doctor’s orders not to travel but decide to venture overseas anyway, your travel insurance will be invalid.

Alpha Travel Insurance Best Travel Insurance For Long

Another travel insurance company for backpackers and long-term travelers is Alpha Travel Insurance.

Alphas insurance policies provide cover for trips up to 24 months, so you can travel for longer knowing that you are protected. Most providers only cover up to 12 months, so this means you can have double the time to explore the world in all its glory!

With Alpha, you can choose from these insurance policies: Single Trip, Multi-Trip, Long-Stay, or Winter Sports. Alpha provides excellent value for backpackers wanting to travel long-term, with policies starting at just ¢50 a day.

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for, so if you take the bare-bones policy, expect the associated coverage. Alpha Insurance can be a very cheap travel insurance, but youll only get the bare minimum.

What may an Alpha Insurance Policy Cover?

Since Alpha has a plethora of policies , you have plenty of options.

  • Single Trip Policy the obvious choice if you plan on taking just one trip this year.
  • Multi-Trip Policy the way to go if you take multiple trips throughout the year .
  • Long-Stay Policy the best option for long-term travelers, digital nomads living abroad, and working holiday visa folks.
  • Winter Sports Policy obviously, this is for you if you plan to ski or snowboard .
  • Also, all policies may be able to offer £10 million in emergency medical coverage!

    Alphas Multi-Trip Policy

    • £175 ;
    • £50
    • £0

    Cons of Alpha Travel Insurance?

    How Much Does Alpha Travel Insurance Cost?

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    When Should I Buy Backpacker Travel Insurance

    The best time for you to take out Backpacker insurance is as soon as youve booked your trip.

    Sadly, accidents do happen and there might be a reason why you can no longer travel. But, if youve taken out Backpacker travel insurance, youll have cover for cancellation. Your cover starts as soon as you buy your policy, and well pay up to the amount shown in your policy documents for unused accommodation, transport, excursions and other travel expenses you have paid or will have to pay, and that you cannot recover from anywhere else.

    Terms and Conditions apply.

    How Much Does Backpacker Insurance Cost

    What is Backpacker Travel Insurance and Do You Really Even ...

    The price of backpacker insurance can vary a lot depending on where youre going, what youll be doing, and how long youll be away for. ;Whether youre interrailing around Europe for the summer, taking a gap year in Australia, or planning the ultimate American road trip, we can help. Well compare great deals to help you find the right travel insurance for your adventure.;;

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    World Nomads Best All

    • Nationalities covered: 140 countries, including USA, UK, most of Europe, Australia.
    • Maximum stay: 365 days.
    • Motorcycle usage: Yes, see details.
    • Diving included: Yes, up to 30 metres.
    • Available if youre already abroad: Yes.
    • Round ticket needed?;No.

    Get a quote with World Nomads here.

    Benefits of World Nomads Travel Insurance

    • World Nomads are a brand aimed at backpackers which means they are used to dealing with the kind of problems that backpackers get up to.
    • They include a huge number of activities as standard ,;which is a lot higher than other insurers.
    • You can get the cover when you are not in your home country.
    • You dont need a round ticket to purchase travel insurance.
    • You can extend your policy while you are travelling.
    • Plenty of people have made successful claims with them so we know that they do pay out.
    • You are covered for riding a motorbike if you have an international driving licence and valid licence at home for the class of motorised vehicle you are buying or renting. You will need to be wearing a helmet.
    • You are covered for diving up to 30 metres, which is deeper than most insurers will go!
    • They allow you to add-on for expensive belongings that you take with you at a reasonable cost.
    • Its easy to make a claim online 24 hours a day.

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