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What Is The Travelers Insurance Dog

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Treat An Urgent Issue

Travelers Insurance dog commercial (very funny)

If your dogs illness is life-threatening or progressing rapidly, ask yourself if the country youre in has the resources to help him. If they have adequate veterinary medicine, keep your dog as calm and comfortable as possible, mainly if you are at the airport, and find a vet immediately.

However, if you cant find any assistance or youre in a country without good veterinary care, it would be best to go home for treatment

What Happens If I Have A Pit Bull Or Another Restricted Breed

The consequences if your insurer learns you have a restricted dog breed depend on several variables, including exactly which breed you have, your particular insurer’s policies and where you live. The most common result is that insurers will increase your insurance premiums.

A nationwide ValuePenguin analysis found that rates went up 1% if a policyholder had a breed of dog some insurers consider aggressive.

However, if your dog is one of the most notorious breeds, like a pit bull or a wolf hybrid, you’re more likely to have to agree to an exclusion. If this happens, your liability insurance would not cover you in the event of a dog bite. Or, your insurer might not agree to sell you homeowners liability coverage at all, especially if your dog has previously exhibited signs of aggression.

Renters Insurance Pet Liability Coverage Limits

Your renters insurance company will only cover your liability claims for qualifying events up to a certain limit. You can typically choose the liability coverage limit, though standard renters insurance liability coverage extends up to $100,000 of costs associated with legal costs or damages. Beyond the limit, you will be responsible for paying liability costs yourself.

When deciding on your renters liability coverage limit, we recommend you carefully consider the likelihood that damages will happen, the severity of those potential damages and your personal risk tolerance. For example, if your pet is a fish, the associated liability risks are almost certainly much lower than if you have an exotic animal or a large dog with a history of aggressiveness. Coverage of up to $100,000 may sound excessiveâit would easily cover cat scratches or a broken screen doorâbut in extreme scenarios, it might not be enough.

Remember, even seemingly harmless animals can still cause high liability costs. For instance, you could be held liable if an elderly guest breaks a hip tripping over your docile pet cat and has to get expensive medical treatment.

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How To Find The Cheapest Pet Insurance

The key to finding the cheapest pet insurance is to shop around and to be very clear on what you need.

Some ways to keep the cost down include:

The key to finding the cheapest pet insurance is to shop around and to be very clear on what you need.

Some ways to keep the cost down include:

  • Paying a higher excess. Stating that you will pay more of the initial outlay when a vet bill comes in can bring down premiums while keeping the peace of mind that you will be able to pay big bills if necessary.
  • Spaying or neutering your pet. This can reduce the cost of insurance as it reduces some health risks to your pet.
  • Keeping your pet healthy. Ensuring your pet is of a healthy weight and regularly vaccinated will help reduce premiums.
  • Shopping around. Checking you have the best price for your insurance can involve looking at different providers and checking for multi-pet discounts.
  • Check if you are entitled to free or discounted treatment. If you are on a low income, charities such as the PDSA or Blue Cross can provide cheap or free vet treatment, so check if you qualify.
  • More About Travelers Auto Insurance

    How to Tell If Your Dog Is Sick

    Website: Travelers login portal lets you access all of your insurance information, pay bills, track claims and more. Elsewhere on the website, you can find an agent, get a quote and read advice on topics such as driving in icy conditions and preventing house fires.

    App: You can pay bills, file a claim, call for roadside assistance and view policy documents with Travelers mobile app, available on iOS and Android.

    Voice assistant: If you have a device that uses Amazons Alexa virtual assistant, you can manage your Travelers account with Alexa.

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    Understand Reimbursements And Deductibles

    Most pet insurance plans reimburse you for a percentage of your vet bill. You can generally choose a reimbursement level, such as 70%, 80% or 90%, when you buy the plan.

    Other plans pay what the insurance company deems a standard fee for a given treatment, which might be less than what your vet charges. Youd be responsible for the remainder.

    Most plans also have a deductible the dollar amount you pay out of pocket before the policy pays. You can usually choose from a range of deductibles, such as $100, $250 or more. Some plans apply deductibles to each injury or illness thats treated. Others have you pay the deductible every year.

    Generally, the lower your out-of-pocket costs are, the more youll pay for coverage. A lower deductible and higher reimbursement rate can lead to a higher premium, while a higher deductible and lower reimbursement rate can mean a lower premium.

    Why Do Insurance Companies Ask If You Have A Dog

    Many homeowners insurance policies cover dog bites and other incidents. Your policys liability insurance is intended to protect you financially by covering medical expenses if someone is injured on your property. The breed of dog is a key factor when it comes to determining your homeowners insurance premium.

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    Does Travelers Insurance Have Pet Insurance

    The sooner you buy travel insurance, the sooner youll be protected and the more benefits you may be eligible to receive. When you purchase travelers auto, home and additional policies you may receive a savings of up to 13 percent on your auto policy.

    Request A Quote For Car Insurance Buy Health Insurance Dental Insurance Plans Pet Insurance Reviews

    Bottom Line On Travelers Insurance

    Travelers Insurance – Puppy Love (Dog Commercial) (Low).webm

    Our team rates Travelers 8.0 out of 10.0. The car insurance provider offers a wide range of discounts and coverage options, which translates into affordable coverage for most drivers. Travelers insurance reviews, though, are mixed. We recommend getting a quote while researching other top insurers too.

    Travelers Insurance Pros

    USAA: USAA offers cheap car insurance for most drivers and great customer service for its members. The company provides coverage exclusively for military members, veterans and their families. It has an A++ financial strength rating from AM Best and offers a number of driver discounts, as well as specialty coverage such as roadside assistance, rideshare coverage and accident forgiveness.

    Geico: If youre not a member of the military or an immediate family member, Geico is another top pick. This company provides great rates to many drivers, has an A++ AM Best financial strength rating and offers 16 policy discounts you may be eligible for. One thing we especially like about Geico is that it offers mechanical breakdown insurance, which is similar to an extended car warranty. This means you can protect your car from accidents and breakdowns at the same time.

    To learn more about the provider, read our in-depth Geico insurance review.

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    Loss Of Income For Mobile Businesses

    Say, for example, that your mobile grooming van gets sideswiped by another vehicle and put out of service. An add-on to your Travelers BOP, such as the Business Income Mobile Operations Vehicle Endorsement can cover the loss of income from canceled baths and trims while your vehicle is being repaired.

    Wiley V Travelers Insurance Company



    Appeal from the District Court, Oklahoma County, Homer Smith, J.

    Certiorari to Court of Appeals, Division 2.

    ¶0 On appeal from a judgment of District Court, Oklahoma County Homer Smith, Judge, the Court of Appeals held homeowner’s breeding, raising, and selling puppies was not a “business pursuit under an exclusion in a homeowner’s policy action was brought in garnishment under a homeowner’s policy against insurer to collect judgment rendered against homeowners for personal injury suffered in a dog attack. Trial court was affirmed. Defendant seeks certiorari.

    Certiorari granted decision of the Court of Appeals reversed judgment of the Trial Court reversed.

    Randle L. Graham, Oklahoma City, for appellees.

    John T. Edwards, Monnet, Hayes, Bullis, Thompson & Edwards, Oklahoma City, for appellant.

    LAVENDER, Justice:

    ¶1 The appellees, Wayne and Rose Wiley , obtained judgment against Geibe for $7,724.85 in a personal injury action. Rose Wiley had been attacked and injured by one of homeowner’s dogs at the Geibe residence while there in response to a classified ad and in anticipation of purchasing a St. Bernard puppy.

    ¶4 The policy contains an exclusion as to personal liability insurance and personal medical payments

    “`Business’ is a comprehensive term. It has been defined as that which `occupies the time, attention and labor of men for the purpose of a livelihood or profit.'”

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    Why Do Dogs Curl Up When They Sleep

    The curled-up position is one of the most common sleeping positions for dogs. It is mostly adopted by the dogs living in the wild habitat. When dogs curl up in a ball it conserves warmth and protects their vital organs from possible predators. This position leaves the dogs limbs to move around during sleep.

    Pet Liability Exclusions And Sublimits For Coverage

    Travelers Dog TV Commercials

    If you are a pet owner, you should check whether your pet’s species or breed is excluded under your liability policy. Here are some examples of exclusions on a policy.

    • Exotic pets: Animals such as reptiles, monkeys and wolves will almost certainly be excluded under traditional renters insurance liability coverage.
    • Specific breeds of dogs: Exclusions can also extend to certain dog breeds. Many insurers have a list of aggressive dog breeds, such as pit bulls, that they will refuse to cover.
    • Dogs with a history of bites: Individual dogs with a history of bite incidents could also be excluded by insurance companies.

    You should also check whether there are sublimits to your coverage for particular animals.

    However, your insurer may offer optional additional coverage, called a rider, that can increase your protection for specific events, like a dog bite.

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    Breeds Which Are Always On The Insurance Aggressive Dogs List

    There is an aggressive dogs list used by insurance companies.


    Its true.

    Insurance companies are in the business of risk assessment, so its only natural that they would have a list of dogs deemed so dangerous that the insurance company either wont cover the homeowner or they will cover them at a drastically increased premium.

    Insurance companies base their lists on documented bite cases , case studies, and sometimes news stories.

    Any breed that has any appearance of costing extra money will make their list.

    Ive listed the most common breeds appearing on insurance companies aggressive dogs list, so you can see if youre in danger of not being covered.

    Why Do I Need A Homeowners Policy

    A homeowners policy is recommended for anyone who owns a home or condo and may even be required by your mortgage lender. You will need separate coverage to help protect your home and personal belongings against damage due to floods or earthquakes.

    If the unexpected happens, home insurance can help you restore your life back to normal.

    View Video Transcript

    > > Home insurance, why do you need it? Your home is most likely your biggest investment. Your homeowners insurance can provide financial protection in a number of ways such as – if your home or personal property are damaged, if you or a family member are held legally responsible for injuries to others or damage to their property. Most home policies include the following coverages: Dwelling coverage, to repair your home if it’s damaged by a covered cause of loss such as a fire. Personal property coverage, to reimburse you for damaged or destroyed contents in your home like clothing, furniture and electronics. Other structures coverage for damages to detached structures like garages and fences. Loss of use coverage to pay for housing and living expenses if you have to move out of your home while it’s being repaired as a result of a covered loss. And liability coverage in case you are responsible for causing injuries to other people or causing damage to their property. For more answers go to

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    Even If You Try To Save Up Money In Advance You Could Come Up Short

    Does travelers sell pet insurance. Through its partnership with embrace pet insurance, usaa offers its members pet insurance and routine care coverage at 15% off embraces normal premiums. Boat insurance is underwritten by the travelers home and marine insurance company. Pet insurance is a type of health insurance for your pets.

    The average annual cost for a pet insurance policy covering accidents and illness was about $594 for dogs and $342 for cats in 2020, according to the north american pet health insurance association. Buying pet insurance is both an economic and an emotional decision that needs to be based on your personal financial situation and what youre willing to pay for peace of mind. Pet insurance products are underwritten by the united states fire insurance company, produced and administered by c& f insurance agency, inc.

    Cover for advertising or reward if your pet goes missing. Yacht insurance is underwritten by the standard fire insurance company, the automobile insurance company of hartford, connecticut, and the travelers indemnity company of america. You cant predict when or how your pets will get sick, or how much it will cost.

    A routine vet visit can easily exceed $200. The geico insurance agency can help you get comprehensive pet. We are an insurance company that cares.

    Dental treatment included in the £15,000 of vet fee cover. This can include burial or cremation expenses and even bereavement counseling. Net financial benefit from insurance.

    Travelers Vs State Farm

    Travellers Insurance Commercial Dog with Bone

    When we compared Travelers to State Farm, we found that both companies offer a robust web experience for their customers. Although Travelers has a user-friendly website and an intuitive app, State Farm excels at educational resources for their customers and having a positive web experience.

    In terms of customer service, Travelers got a J.D. Power score of 803/1,000, which is lower than State Farms 829/1,000. Both companies have low NAIC complaint index scores for their homeowners insurance products. Another thing that made Travelers stand out against State Farm is that it has more coverage options and discounts for properties.

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    Car Insurance Made For Canadians

    However, you get around, you’ve got a lot riding on your wheels. Choosing the right insurance for your vehicle helps protect you and your loved ones wherever the journey takes you. With 24/7 auto claim service, Travelers Canada is here when you need us.

    *Personal insurance policies are underwritten by The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company, part of Travelers Canada. We do not currently offer personal insurance in Québec, Manitoba or Saskatchewan.

    Additional Protection For Your Pet Care Business

    Finally, there are other types of protection your pet care business might need. You may want to consider:

    Commercial Auto Coverage

    Protect yourself from claims of wrongful employment practices with Travelers Employment Practices Liability+SM .

    An Umbrella PolicyA commercial umbrella policy can offer additional protection above and beyond that provided by your other policies. For example, Travelers offers a policy with up to $10 million in additional liability coverage.

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    Does Travelers Do Pet Insurance

    Some pet insurance companies offer coverage for routine wellness. Nationwide will offer you homeowners insurance as long as your dog doesnt have a bite history

    Travelers Insurance Company Car Home Business Insurance Travelers Insurance Dog With An Umbrell Travel Insurance Business Insurance Insurance Industry

    Pricing Based On Tracked Driving Habits

    Travelers Insurance Banned Dog Breeds

    IntelliDrive uses an app to track your driving speed, the time of day, and braking and acceleration habits for 90 days. Its available in 39 states and Washington, D.C. At renewal, you can get a discount of up to 30% for good driving or your rates could go up if you have risky driving habits .

    See what you could save on car insurance

    Easily compare personalized rates to see how much switching car insurance could save you.

    Get started on

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    Which Top Insurers Don’t Discriminate By Dog Breed

    If you’re having trouble getting homeowners insurance because of your dog’s breed, the good news is that not all insurance companies discriminate based on breed. In fact, insurers in Michigan, Nevada, New York and Pennsylvania are not permitted to deny coverage to homeowners based on the breed of their dog, nor can they exclude your dog from liability coverage.

    Do You Need Insurance To Board Dogs Or Other Pets

    Four-legged clients can be unpredictable. If you board pets for a fee, you should consider insurance to protect yourself in the event something goes wrong and possibly even escalates to a lawsuit.

    Frequent types of incidents pet boarders encounter include:

    • On-site injuries to your employees or customers.
    • Injury or illness to boarded animals.
    • Lost or stolen animals.
    • Veterinary bills or other damages claimed by pet owners.

    Dog boarding insurance, known as Boarding Kennel liability, is offered as part of Travelers insurance for Pet Care Services and can help keep you protected so you can focus on the pets in your care without worry.

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