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What Is Third Party Pet Insurance

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What Is Public Liability Insurance For Pet Dogs

All About Pet Insurance – Dr. Justine Lee

Public liability insurance for pet dogs covers you for legal liability to third parties, including related legal costs if a third party is injured or their property is damaged.

Pet insurance policies that include liability cover wont cover you if you want to take your dog to work, into a school, care home or similar commercial premises, as part of a planned activity.

This is because the liability risk to the public is greater in these situations.

What Are The Benefits Of Third Party Insurance

While third party car insurance provides only the minimum level of cover, it can be a worthwhile option for some drivers. If you have an older car that isnt worth very much, it might end up costing more to repair it after an accident than the actual value of the car.

If you feel you can afford to make repairs yourself without needing to claim, it could be a more cost-effective option as you wont have to pay an excess. However, its important to note that third party insurance isnt automatically the cheapest type of insurance. There are many factors that go into calculating the cost of your insurance premiums, from the type of car to where you live, and higher levels of cover can sometimes cost less. Plus, there are some optional extras which come as standard for some policies which can be worth the extra cost for insuring older cars, like roadside assistance if your car unexpectedly breaks down.

Always check different levels of cover carefully to decide which is best for your needs as well as your budget.

What Is Third Party Pet Insurance And Do I Need It

Third party pet insurance, also known as third party public liability insurance, can cover you in case your dog injures another pet or person, or if it damages property. After all, even an obedient dog can get into the odd scrape. Before you consider buying a stand-alone policy, its worth checking whats included in your insurance as many policies include third party cover as standard.

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Peace Of Mind For Dog Owners

Overexcited dogs can sometimes cause accidents. If they injure someone, or cause damage to someones property, our third party liability cover can help. Well pay towards legal fees and compensation costs. Our cover will also help pay for the damage.

If you pick a Sainsburys Bank Pet Insurance policy for your dog, youll get third party liability cover as standard, subject to eligibility.

How To Make A Claim

Can I get pet insurance immediately?

Give us a call on 0344 543 1032 as soon as you know about any accidental damage or injury your dog might have caused.

Our claims team will give you advice on how to handle the situation and send you a claim form.

Youll need to return the claim form along with:

  • A full description of exactly what happened
  • Any letters and legal documents youve received

If you receive any legal letters or documents after returning your claim form, send them on to us along with your policy number. If youve got a claim number, include that as well.

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How Much Is Third Party Dog Insurance

What you pay for pet insurance will vary considerably based on your dogs breed, age and location. Thats because of the varying risk and price of pet insurance claims.

For instance, an older dog is more likely to incur vet fees than a younger dog, especially if it is a breed that is more likely to develop medical conditions. Those vet fees are likely to be higher in urban areas and so this is also reflected in what you pay for the insurance.

According to CompareTheMarket, the average cost of lifetime dog insurance was about £185 per year in 2020. Given that the average pet insurance claim was nearly £800 in 2018, while legal action for dog bites could be significantly more, you can see how pet insurance with dog liability included represents good value.

What Is A Third

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Homeowners insurance is an excellent resource to have when filing first-party losses for things like roof damage, personal property damage and flooding. Less common yet equally as important are the coverage options available for third-party losses. These instances occur when a file is claimed that involves the homeowner, the insurance company and a third party, such as a friend, family member or neighbor who does not live in the household.

Its important for homeowners to understand the significance of having such coverages and what it can mean for them if they fail to have insurance that covers third-party losses.

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Pet Liability Insurance For Dogs

But there is another important reason to consider pet insurance if you have a dog – liability cover.

As a dog owner, you are legally responsible for anything that your dog does. So if your dog bites someone, harms livestock, damages property, or runs out into the road and causes a traffic accident, you are liable for all the costs and will need to find a way of paying for them.

Pet insurance helps with this by providing a type of insurance called public liability insurance , which can pay out if these sorts of incidents occur. In the most extreme cases, these costs could run to millions of pounds when you take into account damages and costly legal fees.

This isnt a factor for cats, as the law sees them as free spirits and doesnt hold owners responsible for as much of their behaviour.

Public liability is included in all Bought By Many policies, including our Complete Lifetime policy which offers up to £15,000 of vet fee cover including dental cover for illnesses and accidents.

Dog owners may be able to find public liability only policies from other companies and organisations such as the Dogs Trust offer public liability insurance if you become a member.

If An Incident Occurs In The Course Of Your Work

What is Pet Insurance – Benefits of Pet Insurance in Tamil | IndianMoney Tamil | Sana Ram

Dogs that work for a living, such as in security roles, as assistance dogs or on farms are not covered by standard third party liability pet policies, requiring a different form of cover to reflect their working roles. However, even if your dog doesnt work with you, if you take them to work with you and something happens, this may be deemed to have occurred in the course of your work, and so not covered by the insurance.

This may even be the case if, say, you are using a company vehicle, and take your dog in the vehicle with you.

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What Does Third Party Insurance Cover

Third party car insurance is the minimum level of cover you can take out – it is a legal requirement.

The term third party refers to a person involved with a car insurance claim who is not you . So this is usually the other driver involved in an accident.

A third party car insurance policy ensures that if you cause an accident, any damage to the other persons vehicle or property will be paid for by your insurer.

However, damage to your vehicle will not be covered, and you will need to pay the bill yourself to get things fixed. You are also unable to make a claim if your car is damaged by fire or stolen. Plus if you’re injured, you might have to pay for your own medical costs, such as physiotherapy.

Third party only insurance also covers any passengers in your car with you, if they are injured in an accident.

What Is Third Party Pet Insurance

As mentioned above, it is a type of liability insurance. It protects you when your dog attacks a third party, hence the name of the plan.

It covers you when your dog:

  • Injures a person
  • Injures another dog
  • Causes damage to someone elses property

Even if we do our best to keep our pets under control, they could suddenly bite another pet while out on a walk. They could escape from the backyard and dig up someones whole yard. Or they could attack a child that had wandered into their yard.

When these issues happen, some serious vet bills, legal fees or damage costs can occur, so you might want to consider a third party pet insurance plan that could cover all those expenses.

Third party pet insurance usually comes in two types:

  • Lifetime: These have a maximum limit that resets after the renewal period
  • Maximum benefit: These have coverage limits up to a certain amount over the whole policy length, like around a couple of million dollars

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When Is A Third Party Policy A Good Option

If your car is worth very little, then third party car insurance may be a suitable option, as the cost to fix the car after an accident may be the same as buying a new vehicle altogether. Younger or newer drivers may opt for this car insurance, in an attempt to reduce the cost and avoid any add-ons, however they may do better to get a quote for Black Box Insurance.

If you own a newer model vehicle then paying for repairs can be particularly costly, and this is when a fully comprehensive policy may work out to be a better choice. It can also be particularly frustrating if an accident is not your fault and you are left unable to make a claim and with a rather hefty repair bill.

If You Need To Make A Claim

What is pet insurance and How does it work? (Complete Guide)

If someone accuses your dog of causing damage or injury then it is important that you let that person know that you have insurance for dogs that includes third party cover, and then contact EmeraldPet straight away. Do not admit any wrongdoing by you or your dog until you have spoken to us and received further guidance.

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What Is Covered Under Third Party Insurance

This type of car insurance policy usually covers:

  • Damage to another persons vehicle if youre involved in an accident.
  • Damage to another persons property, such as hitting a wall with your car and damaging it.
  • Injury to a driver of another car or their passengers.
  • Injury to passengers in your car in the event of an accident.

Consider Your Pets Breed

Your pets breed is also another vital factor to consider since there may be common medical conditions associated with your pets breed. For example, Golden Retrievers are more prone to cancer, while Poodles commonly experience dislocated kneecaps. Knowing your pets species and breed will help you prepare for their future medical needs. In addition, the species and breed of your pet can make a huge difference in insurance costs.

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Ok So How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost

Basic pet insurance can be as little as £3 a month, but the costs vary enormously based on the type and breed of your pet, where you live, how old your pet is, and how much financial protection you want.

For more on average prices, read our article on the cost of pet insurance.

Pet liability insurance is usually included in the cost of policies aimed at covering vet fees.

What Exactly Is Third Party Car Insurance

Dr. Justine Lee explains if pet insurance is worth the money

So, what does it mean when someone talks about having third party car insurance? Firstly, know that there are different types of third party car insurance commonly found in Australia:

  • compulsory third party insurance
  • third party property damage
  • third party fire and theft

Find out how the compulsory third party insurance scheme works according to your State or Territory:

Once youve got third party car insurance in place, what does it cover?

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What Dangerous Dog Insurance Does Not Cover

Pet liability insurance does not cover damages your dog causes on your property or injuries to you or members of your household. It will not provide coverage for commercial animals, such as breeding, farm or show dogs. If law enforcement orders the impoundment of your animal, your policy wont cover the related expenses such as boarding and the updating of vaccinations.

Third Party Dog Insurance

As much as we love our dogs, they are still animals primed to attack when threatened. Third party dog insurance is a type of liability insurance for dogs there to help if your dog injures someone or something, whether deliberate or accidental damage by covering bills for damage and even legal action. Dog owners are liable for the actions of their dogs under UK law, and a dog owner needs to be aware of this. With the correct insurance dog owners can sleep a little easier.

In short, if your dog injures someone then you are legally liable and you could find that the victim decides to sue you and make a claim.

And thats not as rare as you might think. In England there are nearly 7000 hospital admissionsfrom dogs attacking people each year.

While you may choose to forgo pet insurance on the basis that you will pay for any medical bills your pet needs, could you afford legal action against you for a serious injury? Insurance for your dog is more than just about their injuries!

With EmeraldPet you can get up to £1,000,000 in dog liability cover per claimable event. That includes your legal costs and compensation payments up to that amount.

Besides third party liability cover, other add-ons with EmeraldPet include missing pet advertising and reward, emergency boarding and holiday cancellation.

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What About Animal Liability Coverage Under Your Homeowners Policy

Many dog owners believe that their homeowners insurance policy will provide adequate coverage for injuries or damages their pet causes. In many situations, the liability limits for pet claims are much less than the general policy limits. For instance, if you have a $300,000 liability ceiling, the threshold for animal damage may only be $25,000. Some policies provide no animal liability coverage at all something that policyholders arent aware of until its too late.

In addition, homeowners insurance typically excludes coverage for dogs with a previous bite history, as well as for dangerous breeds with a reputation for aggressiveness or the ability to produce large bites. Examples include:

  • Pit Bulls

What We Wont Cover

Pet Insurance

Our third party liability insurance only applies if youre not covered by another household or liability insurance policy, or if that cover has been used up. Dogs that have a history of vicious or aggressive behaviour towards humans or other animals will not be covered.

Check the policy to find out which breeds are covered.

To check what policy should be used, well ask for details of your other insurance policies. If you need to go ahead and make a claim, well speak to the other insurers and agree who is going to settle it.

Whatever liability insurance you have, there are some things our third party liability wont cover. We wont pay compensation or legal costs if the injured person or the owner of the damaged property is:

  • A family member or someone who lives in your house
  • One of your employees
  • Someone you asked to look after your dog

We wont pay claims for accidents and injuries that happen:

  • At your place of work, or where any of your family members work
  • If an incident occurs when seeing clients if youre working from home
  • As a result of your job, or any other family members job or if your dog is kept on licensed premises
  • Outside the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man

Your policy documents will explain the cover in full.

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How Petcover Can Help Your Pet

Petcover specialises in offering quality, straightforward pet insurance with a range of policy options that suit your needs. Whether your pet is big or small, furry or scaly our range of cover options are packed with added benefits. Accidents can happen at any time and the reality of veterinary costs can come a quite a shock. With our range of cover levels for dogs, cats, horses and exotic animals, why not get a quote today.

Third Party Liability Insurance For Dogs

If you own a dog, having them insured to help to cover the cost of any unexpected or emergency veterinary bills is very wise, and something that all dog owners should consider. However, as well as coverage for your dogs own veterinary treatment that may be required due to unforeseen circumstances, most dog insurance policies also include third party liability cover, which is as important as, if not even more important than veterinary cover, when it comes to protecting you and your pet.

That said, the third party liability insurance portion of most dog insurance policies comes with some caveats or situations in which the policy will not provide cover and support-and these caveats often come as a surprise to dog owners, as they are not necessarily particularly intuitive.

In this article, we will look at some of the common situations and caveats within third party liability insurance coverage for dogs in terms of what they do not generally provide coverage for, and what this means for dog owners. Read on to learn more.

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How Does Third Party Liability Work

Let us know as soon as something happens that might lead to an accidental damage or injury claim even if youre unsure. We can then give you all the help you need to make sure things are handled properly.

You must not admit your dog is to blame or offer to pay for anything before weve investigated. Well advise you on the right way forward when you contact us.

If someone accuses your dog of causing any damage or injury, tell us straight away and well advise you accordingly.

Our third party cover is there when you need it. But were also here to give you all the support you need to deal with these stressful situations.

There are some breeds that we won’t cover under our £10,000 limit which you can find details of in our FAQ section. Please note that we won’t cover any pre-existing conditions and that terms, conditions, excesses and exclusions and limitations apply. You can find out more about the terms of our cover in our policy documents.

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