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What Pet Insurance Covers Pre Existing Conditions

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How Do Insurance Companies Determine Pre

Is there a pet insurance that covers pre existing conditions?

A pre-existing condition is determined by your pets medical record. So any signs or diagnoses of an illness that show up before your policy waiting periods are up would be considered a pre-existing condition.

Certain breeds are prone to certain illnesses. If you know your cat is more likely to develop a hereditary condition like asthma because shes a Siamese, should you assume it will be considered a pre-existing condition? Not exactly.

Your pet may not show signs of these medical conditions at birth, or in the first few years of their life. But if you wait until they develop symptoms to get insured, the condition probably wont be covered in your policy, which is a pretty big game-changer for pet owners struggling with vet bills related to a chronic condition.

Top 4 Best Pet Insurance For Pre

Pets are susceptible to accidents and illnesses from the moment they are born. Whether it is a hereditary or congenital condition that is immediately present, or an injury sustained as a newborn, there is always a chance that your puppy or kitten will have a problem that plagues them for the rest of their life.

Unfortunately, all pet insurance companies state they specifically exclude conditions that were pre-existing prior to enrollment however there is still some hope. In fact, despite our best efforts we were only able to find four companies that offered some relief for pet owners with pre-existing conditions. But even with these companies they state they don’t cover pre-existing conditions however some will take a closer look on a case by case basis if the condition is considered curable, and if the pet hasn’t showed signs for some stated period of time. Even then these companies do not guarantee reimbursement or coverage, so make sure you always do your due diligence if your pet has any pre-existing conditions.


What Does Pet Insurance Cover

Kevin Mercadante | October 29, 2021

Pet insurance is one of the fastest-growing types of insurance in America. Both the policy types and the companies that offer them have been expanding in recent years, enabling more pet owners to get comprehensive, cost-effective coverage.

Not only does pet insurance help you cover the cost of increasingly expensive medical treatment for your pet, but it can also help you avoid the difficult choice of forgoing life saving treatment for your pet due to high cost. Whats more, flexible policy options make it easier to get the coverage you need at a premium you can afford.

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Pet Insurance For Pets With Pre

Just because your pet has a pre-existing condition, does not mean that pet insurance is a waste of your time. Your pet may still qualify for pet insurance regardless of its pre-existing condition. Getting your pet covered ensures that any other condition or disease your pet may develop in the future will be covered, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Pet insurance also covers congenital conditions, provided that the animal was enrolled before symptoms became apparent. If you ever have a need for behavioral therapy for your pet, your pet insurance will cover it, provided the treatment is deemed necessary by your veterinarian.

Your pets pre-existing condition may also be covered in the future depending on your plan. With the exception of knee and ligament injuries, some insurers require that your pet be cured and treatment-free for a period of at least 180 days for a pre-existing condition to qualify as new. These conditions will then be covered if they ever re-occur.

This means that if your pet has a bladder infection and the treatment is successful your pet will be eligible for coverage for any future relapse, if he can stay cured without any treatment for at least a 180 days, depending on the company you are insured with. This is true for any condition that can be cured for the specified amount of time given by your pet insurance company before relapsing.

How Do Insurers Know About Pre

Is There Pet Insurance That Covers Pre

Were unique in this case because we ask you to tell us what conditions your pet already has. This allows us to tell you upfront whether those conditions can be covered or not.

When this isnt the case you might find that youll be on a plan which has a limit on pre-existing conditions payouts, so whilst the vet fee cover could be £7,000, you may find lower claim limits on pre-existing conditions, sometimes as low as £500.

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Options For Owners With High

Fortunately for most owners, there are alternative options for pre-existing conditions not covered by your pet insurance. In some countries, there is an alternative in the form of a discount plan offered by veterinarians. These plans offer discounts on any veterinary treatments, whether pre-existing or chronic.

Discount plans have no restrictions on age, existing health conditions, number of pets per household or breed. No past medical records are required in most cases. Getting your beloved pet treated becomes a lot less pricy, so I urge you to do some research to see if veterinarians in your country or state offer pet discount plans.

Some pet insurance companies also offer extra plans specifically designed for pets with pre-existing conditions. Unfortunately, these plans are quite rare since most companies just dont want that risk. These plans function much the same as the discount plan offered by some veterinarians.

Why Arent They Covered

When you think about the purpose of most insurance, it makes sense that pre-existing conditions typically arent covered by pet insurance. Insurance is generally intended to protect you for things that might happen in the future, not the past. For instance, if you purchased home insurance today, you would not be able to get reimbursed for repairs due to a flood that happened a few months ago.

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Can You Take Out Pet Insurance After Diagnosis

  • Yes, you can take out pet insurance after the diagnosis of an illness, but you won’t be able to claim for any treatments related to that condition rather, it’ll be listed as a pre-existing condition by your insurer and excluded from cover. When you make a claim, insurers will ask for the medical history of your pet. You can get this information from your vet.

Cat And Dog Insurance That Covers Pre

How to get pre-existing pet insurance with Bought By Many

We’re the only pet insurer that covers pre-existing conditions your pet has recently suffered from.

We have a unique policy called Pre-Existing that covers medical conditions your dog or cat has experienced in the past as long as they have not received treatment, medication or advice for them in the three months before your policy starts.

Youll also receive up to £7,000 of lifetime vet fee cover for new conditions.

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Which Pet Insurance Covers Pre

This is a very relevant question as most pet insurance policies do not cover any pre-existing conditions. A pre-existing condition is any state of health that is known at the time the application is submitted.

However, there are a very small number of companies that cover pre-existing conditions. Again, these have very specific definitions for the types of pre-existing conditions that are included.

For example, pumpkin covers conditions that have been classified as curable , and your pet has been symptom-free for at least 180 days. If they occur after this period, the company will provide coverage.

What does the nationwide pet insurance cover?

Nationwide pet insurance is a good example as it is one of the few major insurance companies that offers pet insurance. They offer plans for dogs and cats.

The insurance cover includes:

How much does pet insurance cost and what does it cover?

According to the North American Pet Health Insurance Association , State of the Industry 2021, the average premiums for dogs and cats for comprehensive coverage are as follows:

  • Dogs: $ 585.40 per year or $ 48.78 per month
  • Cats: $ 349.93 per year or $ 29.16 per month

It is important to understand that these are national averages only. The insurance premium for your own pet depends on the following factors:

Because of all of the above, the best strategy is to get quotes from three or four different vendors before deciding on the one that works best for you.

What Is A Curable Medical Condition

A curable medical condition is any pre-existing condition or injury that can be completely cured or fixed. Unlike incurable pre-existing conditions, curable medical conditions may be eligible for future pet insurance coverage.

There is a three hundred sixty-five day exclusionary period for any curable medical condition that is observed, recorded, or identified up to three hundred sixty-five days prior to the original inception date of the policy or during the waiting period.

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Investing In Your Pet’s Future

Even if your pet has a pre-existing condition, Pet Assure provides a practical way that you can still reduce the costs of any veterinary care that he may need. There’s no hassle, there are no exclusions, and the process is far easier than dealing with pet insurance companies. You’ll receive discounts from participating vets right at the time of service, so you’ll instantly save money.

No matter what pre-existing conditions your pet may have, Pet Assure makes veterinary care more affordable so you can ensure your pet always gets the care he needs and deserves.

Petplans Approach To Pre

Pet Health Insurance That Covers Pre

With every new application, we ask you about any pre-existing conditions your dog or cat has had and then decide if we can provide cover for these. Our intention is always to make clear to customers at the start of their policy what we will and wont cover so there are no surprises in the event of a claim. Not all insurers do this. With some insurance policies you only find out what isnt covered when you claim.

With new conditions your pet develops you would be covered in line with the usual policy Terms and Conditions so insuring your pet with Petplan can still help you cover the cost of other veterinary bills that arise.

When you tell us about any pre-existing conditions your pet has, there are three possible outcomes.

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Can I Change Insurer If My Pet Has A Pre

Yes, youll still be able to change insurer, but they may refuse to cover your pets pre-existing condition.

This is fine if youre happy to pay for treatment for that condition yourself. But if youre looking to cover your pet fully, you may have to look a little harder to find the right policy for you.

Get a quote to see what each insurer can offer you. Or read our guide on how to change your pet insurance for more information.

Should I Get Pet Insurance If My Pet Has Pre

Oftentimes, pet insurance can still be worth it even if your pet has a pre-existing condition. This is a smart financial decision for many pet owners because your animal could develop other covered problems that are costly to treat.

For example, if you have a dog with a heart murmur, cardiac conditions wont be covered but if your dog develops a joint injury or pancreatitis, care for those particular ailments could be.

Youll want to make sure youre getting the most comprehensive coverage you can, especially if you have a pet with a pre-existing condition that causes you to run through your budget for vet bills. You should compare policy terms and quotes carefully to find the coverage you want at a price that meets your needs.

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Insurance If Your Pet Has A Pre

hefty vets bill is often the trigger to think about taking out pet insurance. Wait until that moment, however, and you could find that cover for your beloved Fido or Felix isnt quite as comprehensive as youd like.

Whether were talking about asthma or skin problems, the risk of a recurring problem means that most pet insurers will automatically slap an exclusion on treatments for ailments or conditions from which your pet has already suffered.

This means youll have to foot the bill yourself for further treatment for that condition and, in some cases, any other health issues that may result from it. This blanket approach can leave big gaps in your pets cover. A handful of insurers, however, take a more considered approach and provide cover where they can.

Are Hereditary Conditions Considered Pre

Pooches at Play | What does a pre-existing condition mean for my pets insurance?

If your dogs hereditary condition presents itself before the policys effective date or during the waiting period, it will be considered pre-existing. However, if symptoms, treatment, or diagnosis dont present until after the policys effective date, its most likely eligible for coverage. Most pet insurance companies cover hereditary conditions in their accident and illness policies as long as theyre not pre-existing.

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Is There Hope When It Comes To Pre

Yes, there is hope, do not give up just yet.

Hoping that the insurance company you are looking to get a pet insurance cover from operates like most other insurance companies, there are situations that can qualify your pet for coverage regardless of whether it had a pre-existing condition or not. Here are the common exceptions to the pre-existing conditions rule:

  • If the disease or condition that your pet is or was suffering from, is curable. Most insurance companies will cover your pets condition if it was sick but is now well, and has not shown signs or symptoms of the disease or condition for at least six months to a year. It is important to note that the rule applies to conditions that are actually curable, not those that can remain dormant for a while but remain in the system.
  • If the disease or condition that your pet is or was suffering from, is a hereditary disorder. A hereditary disorder is one that is passed down to your pet from its parents, regardless of whether the disorder is visible or not. Although the specific types of disorders attract different attention from the insurance companies, it is important to understand the company policy concerning these disorders properly.
  • The Difference Between Curable And Non

    For starters, a pre-existing condition is an illness, irregularity or injury that your pet has before the end of your waiting period, as defined by Embrace Pet Insurance. Basically, its any health problem that existed before you signed up for the pet insurance plan, even if the pet hadnt seen a vet. However, if the pet develops new problems after the insurance plan takes effect, those are typically covered. This is why you should find pet insurance while your pet is still young and healthy.

    The good news for finding the best pet insurance that covers pre-existing conditions is that some pet insurance companies will cover conditions that are deemed curable. These are issues that can be completely cleared up. If your pet goes a specific amount of time without showing symptoms, they may be eligible for coverage, according to PetFirst Pet Insurance. However, if the pet has health problems that require ongoing treatment, those wont be covered.

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    PetFirst outlines examples of curable and incurable conditions. For instance, an ear infection is curable because it requires limited treatment and can be healed completely. However, problems like allergies, cancer, arthritis or diabetes, as a few examples, require ongoing care. Therefore, they are considered incurable and wont receive coverage.

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    Does Pet Insurance Cover Pre

    Due to the cost of treating pre-existing conditions, and the relatively short lifetime of a pet , pet insurance generally excludes pre-existing conditions from coverage. Its a numbers problem: Pet insurers dont have the luxury of charging many years of premiums in order to offset claims payments for pre-existing conditions.

    Pet insurance companies usually consider a pre-existing condition to be an illness or injury that started prior to coverage beginning, including any waiting period.

    Its important to point out that even if the pet wasnt diagnosed with an injury or illness, an insurer may still deny coverage if they were showing any signs or symptoms of one prior to coverage starting, says Alex Stone, founder, a pet insurance comparison provider.

    For example, if your dog was limping before your waiting period and coverage started, treatment for the leg wouldnt be covered by the plan.

    Does The Animal Health Insurance Cover Regular Veterinary Visits

    Pet Health Insurance That Covers Pre

    Unfortunately not at least not in most cases. Pet health insurance is primarily intended to treat accidents and illnesses, although most will also cover chronic conditions that develop after the policy comes into effect.

    The advantage of the lack of wellness protection, however, is lower premiums. If pet insurance were to pay for routine visits, the premiums would be much higher than they are.

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    Finding The Right Insurance For A Pet With Pre

    Even if your pet has a pre-existing condition, you can still obtain pet insurance and it will cover conditions not related to the pre-existing condition. Here are things to keep in mind.

    Be a proactive pet owner. Youll want to take care of the injury or illness as soon as possible, so the matter doesnt worsen, resulting in astronomical vet bills. Taking the proper precautions can help prevent other accidents or illnesses from appearing due to the condition, says Stone.

    Keep up to date with your pets vaccinations. The last thing you want is your pet to get sick because you didnt keep them up-to-date with their shots. Many insurers will deny a claim if your pet becomes ill because they werent vaccinated according to your veterinarians guidance.

    Compare pet insurance policies Even though pet insurance wont cover incurable pre-existing conditions, you can find suitable coverage to handle other medical expenses. Compare the obvious things like monthly price and deductible, but also look at other factors such as waiting periods and whether coverage is reduced when your pet gets older.

    Buy pet insurance early on. Pet owners who have pets with pre-existing conditions should know the financial burden vets bills have. Thus, purchasing a pet insurance policy early on can help minimize the cost associated with the same issue occurring in the future, says Melissa Gutierrez, a spokesperson for Pets Best.

    See Forbes Advisors ratings of the best pet insurance.

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