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When Does Life Insurance Pay Out

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The Insured Committed Suicide

VERIFY: No, getting COVID vaccine doesn’t affect the payout of a life insurance policy

Most life insurance policies include a suicide clause that allows companies to deny the payout for a suicidal death. If death occurs during the contestability period, and the insurer suspects suicide, it may further investigate the issue. This process may take several months and result in a claim payout delay.

What Are The Different Payout Options Available

Most insurance providers offer two kinds of life insurance payout options. Here are the details about these alternatives.

Lump sum payouts

In this case, the sum assured as death or maturity benefits is paid out to the policyholder or their beneficiary as a single payment. This lump sum life insurance payout may also include loyalty additions and bonuses, if any. Single payments ensure that the insured or their nominee receives a significant sum of money in one transaction, so they can choose to invest it in other instruments or use it to take care of sizable expenses like college fees, repayment of debts, or down payments on housing loans.

Periodic payouts

In some cases, insurers may also offer the option of periodic life insurance payouts. Here, one portion of the benefits is paid out as a lump sum amount, while the rest of the benefits may be converted into annuities or instalments, which are paid by the insurer over the course of a predetermined period. This way, the recipient enjoys a steady stream of income that can be useful for meeting regular periodic expenses like rent, utility bills, or EMI payments involved in repaying a loan.

Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits

Sometimes beneficiaries dont claim the money theyre owed. Insurers try to contact them, but don’t always succeed. For instance, it can be hard to find someone who moves or changes their name. Sometimes, the insurer doesnt even know about the insured persons death.

You may be able to find lost life insurance payouts through a few sources. Review the deceaseds records for any clues. You can also check your states unclaimed property division. Finally, the NAIC Life Insurance Policy Locator may be able to help. But, you might not get an answer if its unclear how youre connected to the policy.

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Consult With A Life Insurance Attorney If Your Payout Was Delayed

Life insurance benefits should be paid in a timely manner. Consult with a lawyer specializing in the field of life insurance law, an attorney who will understand the financial difficulties you are going through after a loved ones death. We are here to help and advise you of the best course of action.

We offer free consultations and work on a contingency fee basis, which means there is no legal fee unless you win and receive your life insurance payout. If you or someone you know have issues with a denied life insurance claim, call us at 510-2212 to speak to one of our lawyers.

Do Life Insurance Companies Check Medical Records After Death

Life Insurance Policy Payouts: How it Works

If you die during the effective period of your term life insurance policy, your policys beneficiaries stand to receive the policys so-called death benefits. Your policys underwriter may actively participate in these investigations. If this is the case, you may be granted access to your official medical records.

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How Does Life Insurance Work

A life insurance policy pays out a death benefit when an insured person dies. To secure coverage for yourself , you purchase a policy and pay premiums to an insurance company. When setting up a policy, the policy owner names one or more beneficiaries who receive the death benefit. That money is often free from federal income taxes.

Life insurance comes in several forms. There are two main types: term insurance and permanent insurance. Term insurance has lower monthly premiums. It offers coverage for a certain number of years, such as 30. Term policies are a good choice for families who are protecting against the untimely death of a parent. Permanent policies are meant to last a lifetime. They include a cash value that may build over time. The policy owner can tap into that value during their lifetime.

In some cases, tapping the cash value of a permanent policy can result in a loss of coverage. It may also mean a smaller payout for beneficiaries.

With any type of policy, if the insured dies while the policy is active, the beneficiaries named are entitled to the death benefit.

Our Life Insurance Attorneys Can Help Expedite Delayed Claim Payouts

Life insurance benefits should be paid promptly. Consult with a lawyer specializing in the field of life insurance law, an attorney who will understand the financial difficulties you are going through after a loved ones death. We are here to help advise you of the best course of action, from submitting a claim correctly to appealing a delayed or denied claim and filing a lawsuit.

We offer free consultations and work on a contingency fee basis. There is no legal fee unless you win and receive your life insurance payout. If you or someone you know has issues with a delayed life insurance claim, call us at 510-2212 for a free consultation.

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What Are The Documents Needed To Obtain Death Benefits

If youre the beneficiary of the deceased policyholder, you may need the following documents to substantiate your claim.

  • A copy of the death certificate of the deceased person
  • A copy of the life insurance policy on which your claim is based
  • The claim form provided by the insurer, duly filled in
  • Proof of identity and address of the claimant
  • Bank details of the applicant
  • A legal heir or succession certificate, if needed
  • Physicians statement, employer certificate, or hospital certificate where needed

When Does Term Life Insurance Expire

Life insurance payout declined

Term life insurance is simple to understand you select a death benefit amount and a term, or length of time the policy will be in force. Terms can be as short as one year or as long as 30. If you pay your premiums on time and die while the policy is in force, your named beneficiary will receive the death benefit you selected.

Term policies expire when the term ends. So, if you selected a 20-year term life policy, the policy expires 20 years after it went into force. If you outlive your policy, your beneficiaries wont receive a death benefit and you wont receive any money in return, unless you have a return-of-premium policy.

If youre interested in hanging on to your term policy after it expires, it might be possible to convert it into a permanent policy. Keep in mind, theres usually a certain time period during the life of the policy that allows you to do so. If you dont want to do that and are healthy, you could consider just buying a new term policy or another type of life insurance.

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Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

  • Guaranteed issue life insurance is available to everyone between the ages of 45-85 years old and coverage ranges from $2k up to $25k. Since there are not any health qualifying questions and everyone is approved, regardless of health, there is a two-year waiting period for death resulting from natural causes. This means if the insured dies from a natural cause in the first two years of the policy, the death claim will not be paid out and the premiums paid are typically returned to the beneficiary. Death resulting from accidents are covered right away.

How Does A Life Insurance Policy Payout Work In India

Life insurance policies generally offer two kinds of payouts to the policyholder or their beneficiaries. If the insured person passes away during the tenure of the policy, life insurance payouts typically include death benefits paid to the specified nominee. On the other hand, if the policyholder survives the tenure of the plan, the insurer pays out maturity benefits and bonuses, if applicable, to the insured.

The amount of funds payable as death benefits or as maturity benefits are generally specified upfront, so the policyholder is aware of the minimum amount theyre eligible to receive at a later date. However, many insured people remain unaware of the process involved in raising a claim and obtaining life insurance payouts when the time comes. To understand this process better, heres a closer look at how a life insurance policy payout works.

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How A Term Life Insurance Policy Works

Its a contract. At its most basic level, a term life policy is an agreement between the person who owns the policy and an insurance company: The owner agree to pay a premium for a specific term in return, the insurance company promises to pay a specific death benefit in cash to someone upon the death of someone else . That benefit is usually tax-free .

Theres an application process. You may have seen or heard ads that say things like, A male non-smoker in his 30s can get a 20-year $500,000 term policy for under $30 a month. Some people can get that much coverage for under $30 but its not automatic. Before they give you a policy, the provider needs to assess how much of a risk you are to insure. This is called the underwriting process. Theyll typically ask for a medical exam to evaluate your health, and want to know more about your occupation, lifestyle, and other things. Certain hobbies like scuba diving are deemed risky to your health, and that may raise rates. Likewise, dangerous occupational environments for example, an oil rig also may raise your rates.

Name your beneficiaries. Who gets the benefit when you die? It doesnt all have to go to one person. For example, you could give 50% to your spouse and divide the rest between your adult children. And while beneficiaries are typically family, they dont have to be. You could choose to leave some or all of your benefits to a trust, a charitable organization, or even a friend.

What Impacts Your Life Insurance Price

Best Life Insurance Companies that Payout

Age and sex are two of the biggest factors that affect the cost of life insurance, but there are several other things insurers consider when determining your rate. For instance, if you have a job or hobby that’s considered risky, you may pay more to offset the risk of insuring you. Other common factors include your overall health, financial history, and whether you use tobacco products. Learn more about the cost of life insurance.

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When Does Life Insurance Pay Out

To put it simply, life insurance pays out if:

  • You die while you’re insured
  • You were honest about your health and lifestyle when you applied

All life insurance applications go through an underwriting process, during which the insurer will ask about you to provide health and lifestyle information. This is so they can assess how much of a risk you are to insure or, in other words, how likely it is that you’ll die during the policy term and claim on the policy. The info you’ll be asked for includes your:

  • Personal health history
  • Job and hobbies
  • International travel

Its really important to be accurate and honest when answering these questions. If youre not, you risk invalidating your policy and it not paying out when you need it to. Your insurer could refuse the claim on the grounds of misrepresentation .

Income Taxes On Interest

If you take an interest-based payout, youll have to pay income taxes on that interest. And its similar if youre on an installment plan. With installments, the money that you havent received yet is earning interestso youll be taxed on that interest.

And thats another reason we recommend taking the lump sumit keeps you in control of your finances and its tax-free!

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Life Insurance Coverage Amounts

Your policys coverage amount translates to how much your insurer pays out as a death benefit. Theres no standard coverage amount for life insurance, but the more common policy face values are $100,000, $250,000 and $500,000. A higher amount means your loved ones receive more financial support, but it also means you pay higher premiums.

The appropriate coverage amount depends on your financial situation. You can use the DIME method to estimate how much coverage you should purchase. It covers the following:

  • Debt: How much debt would you be leaving for other people to pay? Include loans youve taken out.
  • Income: Take your current income and multiply it by the number of years you want to provide income replacement for your loved ones.
  • Mortgage: How much is your current mortgage balance?
  • Education: Consider how much college tuition, room and lodging costs.

How Do Suicide Clauses Work

How Do I Know My Life Insurance Will Payout?

Some life insurance companies hesitate to give life insurance for suicidal death in concern of those with financial incentives to take their own lives. For that reason, many life insurance companies include a suicide clause or provision in their insurance policies.

As previously noted, insurance companies include a suicide clause in their policies, stating that they will not pay a death benefit if the insured person dies by suicide within the first two years of the coverage, known as the exclusion period. But when the exclusion period is over, the policys beneficiaries can obtain a death benefit if the insured person commits suicide after that time.

In some statessuch as Missouri, Colorado, and North Dakotathe exclusion period is shorter. For example, after the suicide and life insurance policy has been in force for one year, the beneficiaries can receive a death benefit if the covered person dies by suicide.

If you make changes to the policysuch as converting the term policy to a whole life insurance policy or adding coveragethe exclusion period will restart upon the time of those changes.

The suicide provisions and the life insurance suicide payout may vary according to the type of coverage you own, as seen below:

Group Life Insurance

Most group life insurance policies or supplemental insurance policies dont have a suicide clause. Therefore, if an insured person commits suicide, their beneficiaries will typically receive the death benefit.

Term Life Insurance

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What Determines Life Insurance Costs

Insurers use a variety of factors to determine the cost of life insurance. It results in premiums that vary because of an individuals unique details, such as age or general health conditions. Learning more information about the different elements affecting your life insurance premium can help you make an educated purchase.

Term Length

Term length refers to the amount of time a life insurance policy stays in effect. The longer the term length, the higher the likelihood your insurer will have to pay out your death benefit, making your premium more expensive.

Coverage Amount

The coverage amount is how much your insurer pays out as a death benefit. The higher your coverage, the more your insurer will have to pay, leading them to charge a higher premium.


How old you are when you purchase your life insurance policy can significantly affect your premium. People are encouraged to buy life insurance when theyre younger because rates tend to be lower.

For example, a 30-year-old female in excellent health who has never smoked can purchase a $500,000 policy with a 15-year term from Progressive for an average of $24.80 per month. In comparison, a 50-year-old woman with the same profile buying life insurance with the same terms and coverage will have to pay $114.41 monthly on average.


Overall Health

Smoking Status

Insurers find smokers more of an insurance risk than non-smokers. They are more likely to develop health issues and have a shorter life expectancy.

What You Can Do Next

A basic familiarity with insurance payouts can go a long way toward giving you and your loved ones peace of mind. Keep the different options and rules in mind as you plan coverage for yourself and others. Consider meeting with a financial professional for help in understanding the choices available.

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How Long Does It Take For A Beneficiary To Receive Money

The time it takes to receive your death benefit depends on how quickly you request the money. Most people can expect to get their payment in about 60 days. Factors in the timing include:

  • The length of time after death to file a claim.
  • Providing documentation required for the claim.
  • The length of time the policy was active.
  • The insureds cause of death
  • State laws regarding life insurance payouts

Some states require life insurance companies to periodically check their list of policyholders against the Social Security Administrations death records. This is so people will not get unclaimed benefits.

If you want your life insurance claim to be processed quickly, you should file the claim yourself. Life insurance companies let you file online or by calling them directly.

False Statements On Applications

Receiving a Life Insurance Payout? How to Handle Money ...

If the insurer determines that the insured lied on their application, claims are typically denied. False information could include:

  • Not disclosing an existing medical condition or exposure to a contagious illness
  • Hiding medical histories of close relatives
  • Claiming not to smoke, drink alcohol or use recreational drugs
  • Not mentioning risky recreational activities or work-related tasks
  • Failure to disclose travel plans

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How Soon Death Benefits Are Paid Out

Life insurance companies pay out the proceeds when the insured dies and the beneficiary of the policy files a life insurance claim. You should be able to collect the life insurance payout within 30 to 60 days after you have submitted the completed claim forms and the supporting documents. However, insurers are notorious for finding reasons to unreasonably delay and even deny a valid life insurance claim.

If you want to learn what you need to do to get your life insurance check fast, read our blog about how long it takes for insurers to pay out.

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