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Which Life Insurance Is Best

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Can I Sell My Term Life Insurance Policy In Canada

Best Term Life Insurance Company

No, but you can cancel to avoid paying any more premiums. Selling a life insurance policy in Canada is complicated, only allowed in certain provinces, and is generally reserved for a permanent life insurance policy. For more information on the topic, read our post, Can you sell a life insurance policy?

How Much Does Life Insurance Cost In Canada

Life insurance rates vary, with monthly premiums ranging from $13 to $100. The reason for such a wide gap? Life insurance policies are created around individuals, and they can be as unique as you would like them to be. In addition to the considerations above, your risk of death, your debt level and what insurance packages can pay for after you die can also affect the cost of coverage.

Before you get a quote online or connect with a broker, its a good idea to have a sense of your liabilities and assets, which indicates what youll leave behind for your family. It is also eye-opening how much money you may need to leave your family. Then there are the types of life insurance to consider, as well as your health, lifestyle, age and more.

Should You Offer A Group Life Insurance Program

According to LIMRA , group life insurance covers more than 45% of the U.S. population. If it werent for group life policies, most Americans would have no life insurance coverage at all. A group life program along with other available benefits are widely sought after by many employees. Group benefits help employers to attract and retain the highest caliber of candidates for employment.

Group health insurance and a retirement program are the top 2 requested benefits requested by many employees. Life insurance is also one of the most requested benefits. For a business owner to keep their benefits package competitive, its important to include life insurance.

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Types Of Term Life Insurance

Despite being a relatively easy to understand product, it’s important to know the differences and options you have for a term life policy.

  • Level term insurance
  • Yearly renewable term insurance

Level term, otherwise known as a level premium policy, is a standard term insurance policy where both the premium and death benefit remains fixed for the life of the term. The premiums for a level term policy are slightly higher than a yearly renewable term life insurance policy because the insurers must account for the increased likelihood of death as you approach the end of your policy.

Yearly renewable term can be renewed each year without the need for new medical tests or exams to determine your insurability. As you age, the premiums increase ever so slightly. It’s like buying a 1-year term life insurance policy every year â the price may change by a few dollars each year, but after 20 years, it could become cost-prohibitive.

Before you get too excited, know that the premiums for decreasing term insurance policies remain the same for the duration of your term, but your death benefit decreases.

When pricing out these policies, the actuaries are aware of this and will take the decreasing benefit into account. These policies are great for debt payments, such as a mortgage or student line of credit where the coverage matches the declining principal of the loan.

Life Insurance Claim Process

The Best Life Insurance Companies

Death Claim

In the event of your unfortunate death during the policy term , your beneficiary/beneficiaries can claim for your life insurance policy. This claim can either be a death claim or a life insurance claim. During a death claim, your beneficiary or a family member should intimate the claim by calling can be an early death or death due to aging. It is completely based on the time since the policy was bought. An early death is when you die within three years from the policy commencement date. Your beneficiary/beneficiaries will have to approach or the insurance company and fill the claim intimation form.The below documents would be required:

  • Completely filled claim form

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How Much Does Life Insurance Cost

Life insurance costs vary widely based on factors like age, health, gender, and lifestyle. The good news is that if youre in your twenties , age wont be a factor in driving up premium costs.

Other factors, like whether or not you smoke, have a pre-existing health condition or partake in any extreme sports, can have an influence on the cost of life insurance.

What Happens If I Outlive My Term Life Insurance Policy

For most term policies, there are a few options available for those that outlive their term life insurance policies:

  • Renew the policy: If you still need term life insurance coverage, you may be able to renew the policy or pay for coverage on a year-to-year basis. Some life insurance providers allow individuals to extend term policy, but prices usually increase, and another medical exam may be necessary.
  • Convert to a permanent policy: Many term policies allow the insured to convert the term policy into a permanent life insurance policy. This usually needs to be done while the term policy is in force, but there may be a period for conversion after expiration.
  • Allow the coverage to end: When a term policy expires, the coverage is no longer in force. Individuals who do nothing will no longer be covered and will no longer need to make premium payments for the policy. This is a good option if you feel that you no longer need the life insurance policy.
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    What Is Group Life Insurance

    Group life insurance is one of the main types of life insurance that insurance company employers offer to their workers as part of their employee benefit plan. Like any other insurance product, group life insurance has certain advantages and disadvantages.

    Three key benefits of group life insurance are convenience, acceptance, and price.

    Sometimes enrollment to group life insurance is automatic other times, it just requires filling up a form. Also, group life insurance doesnât require a medical exam, which is particularly beneficial for workers who are older or have a severe health condition.

    Additionally, it is much cheaper than other whole life insurance products. Often the employer provides a certain amount of coverage â usually one to two times your salary â for free. If you take extra coverage, youâll have to pay from your pocket.

    Beneficial as group life insurance is, relying solely on it may not be a good idea â because you canât take it with you.

    If you switch jobs, you will lose coverage. Some insurers give policyholders the option to convert their group life insurance into individual life insurance if they leave, but the cost of insurance could shoot up dramatically. Also, a group life insurance product is a one-size-fits-all solution. You canât customize it as per your needs.

    How Much Life Insurance Cover Do I Need

    Best Ways to Sell Life Insurance : Life Insurance & More
    • Early Adulthood: 20 â 30 years: At this stage in your life, you can pick a life insurance policy with a sum assured that is at least 10 times1 your annual salary plus your outstanding loans. Such a sum will help your family in your absence and also beat inflation
    • Middle Adulthood: 30 â 45 years: At this stage in your life, you would likely be married and have children. Hence, you must consider your childrenâs and spouseâs needs when picking out a life insurance plan. Take into account the future education costs and inflation and try to opt for a life cover that is at least 15 times your annual salary plus your outstanding loans
    • Mature Adulthood: 35 â 45 years: Your children will most likely be starting college in a few years at this age. Hence, you must account for their graduation, post-graduation, and marriage expenses. Try to opt for a life cover that is 15 â 20 times your annual salary plus your outstanding loans
    • Late Adulthood: 45 to 55: Since your financial responsibilities towards your children are likely to be less in retirement, you can opt for a life cover at least 10 times your annual salary plus your outstanding loans

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    Is Life Insurance Gst Exempt

    Life insurance is not exempted from GST . The introduction of GST will have an impact on the life insurance industry. The insurance premiums will most likely increase from 15% to 18% in the insurance sector. If you are paying premiums for health, car, and life insurance, you will be affected heavily.

    There Are Many Different Types Of Whole Life Insurance Including The Following:

    Limited Pay Whole Life Insurance

    With a limited pay whole life insurance, you must pay premiums for a specific duration or until you reach a certain age. Once you reach the target age or years, your premium payments stop. However, the policy benefits last your entire life, and cash value keeps growing.

    Term-to-100 Life Insurance

    This insurance product offers you the best of traditional permanent life insurance and term insurance â life long coverage and affordable premium rates.

    Term-to-100 life insurance covers you for your entire life, but its premiums are less expensive than standard whole life insurance. Thatâs because, unlike the latter, it doesnât have any cash surrender value. Both the premiums and death benefits are level and unchanging, but your premium payments stop when you reach the age of 100 years.

    Participating vs. Non-Participating

    A participating type of life insurance policy allows you to share in the profits of the insurer through dividends and participate in the insurance company and its ownership. In contrast, a non-participating policy provides just coverage â nothing else, no dividends, or ownership rights.

    Since you receive a portion of the insurance companyâs profits as dividends in participating whole life insurance, it typically costs more than non-participating life insurance.

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    Guidelines On Linking Of Aadhaar & Pan With Insurance Policies:

    The on-going debate surrounding the linking of Aadhaar to insurance policies, and a string of other important services had previously created some confusion among policyholders and citizens availing these services. As per an earlier Supreme Court ruling, it was mandatory to link your Aadhaar details to not only insurance policies, but also your mobile number and several other facilities. The deadline given for the same was 31 March 2018. However, in a second ruling which was passed on 13 March 2018, the Supreme Court said that the deadline for linking Aadhaar has been extended indefinitely, till a judgement is announced for the same.

    The implications of this decision for insurance policyholders are varied, depending on whether you are an existing policyholder, or are looking to purchase a new insurance policy. Existing policyholders will not be required to link their Aadhaar to their policy, until a decision on the matter is announced by the Court.

    What Type Of Life Insurance Should I Get

    How To Find The Best Life Insurance

    In a word : term life! Its the only way to go if you want to be smart, save money, and truly provide yourself and those you love with long-term peace of mind.

    Heres why we love term life insurance. As we said at the top,

    • Its usually the lowest-cost type of life insurance you can buy.
    • It does the one thing life insurance is supposed to do: replace your income when youre gone.
    • Its a proactive way to take care of those you love today, so they dont have a financial burden after you pass.

    But how much life insurance should you carry?

    We recommend carrying a term life insurance policy that covers 10 to 12 times your annual, pretax income. If you make $40,000, you should carry at least $400,000 in coverage. Why this much?

    If your surviving spouse invests that $400,000 in a good mutual fund with an average 1012% return, they could peel off $40,000 a year from that investment to replace your income without ever cutting into the original investment amount.

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    Is Life Insurance Taxable

    You set your loved ones up as beneficiaries to make lives easier, so it makes sense to want to know if the money they will receive from your policy will be a hassle tax-wise. The good news is that most of the money received from a life insurance policy is not taxable. But you may be hanging off that word some. There are fees that accrue tax that will come out of the money left for them, and they include probate fees, estate planning fees and more. To read the full list and learn how to make receiving life insurance payouts more efficient for your beneficiaries, read the article: Is life insurance taxable in Canada?

    Am Best Places Credit Ratings Of Gulf Guaranty Life Insurance Company Under Review With Negative Implications

    OLDWICK, N.J., April 22, 2022—-AM Best has placed under review with negative implications the Financial Strength Rating of B++ and the Long-Term Issuer Credit Rating of “bbb+” of Gulf Guaranty Life Insurance Company .

    This Credit Rating action reflects a significant deterioration of Gulf Guaranty Lifes capital and surplus and risk-adjusted capitalization at year-end 2021, driven by an operating loss. The decline in the companys financial performance resulted from higher claim expenses in the fourth quarter of 2021 and a material increase to reserves primarily for claims in Gulf Guaranty Lifes core limited benefit medical business. The ratings will remain under review pending reserve development toward mid-2022 and potential measures management is implementing to curb premium growth. Given the small size of the companys absolute capital and surplus, even modest fluctuations in capital and surplus and premium may materially impact risk-adjusted capitalization.

    AM Best is a global credit rating agency, news publisher and data analytics provider specializing in the insurance industry. Headquartered in the United States, the company does business in over 100 countries with regional offices in London, Amsterdam, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Mexico City. For more information, visit

    View source version on


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    Metlife Now Brighthouse Financial

    MetLife is a leader in the group benefits field. They are one of oldest and largest life insurance companies in the world and holds a 21.3% total market share of all group life insurance policies in force. They specialize in the large group marketplace for companies with more than 100 employees. The company also works with smaller businesses but you must have at least 5 employees to qualify for their group life plan. Their policy pricing is competitive but it is not the lowest.

    MetLife offers basic group term life and group basic group whole life. Additional coverage includes: supplemental life, dependent life, Voluntary Retiree Life and accidental death and dismemberment . MetLife makes our list for financial strength and a vast array of group life options.

    MetLife Financial Ratings:

    S& P rating AA-

    Best Group Term Life Insurance Companies

    Best Life Insurance and Annuity Leads –

    There are more than 800 life insurance companies in the industry and finding the best group term life insurance companies for your small business can be overwhelming. Figuring out who offers the best group life insurance is not always easy. While you can get quotes from all of the top rated life insurance companies, you may never know if youre choosing the best policy at the best price for your employees.

    Since we work with dozens of the top rated life insurance companies, we can help take the mystery out of finding the best term life provider for your business. The biggest benefit to representing multiple carriers is that we can find the best company for you based on your specific business needs. Here are the top 10 group life insurance companies which we feel are best in the business.

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    Life Insurance Premium Calculation:

    When life insurance companies calculate the premium for each individual, there are certain factors that are taken into consideration. Since life insurance is a form of investment, even low premiums have the potential to yield relatively high returns over a period of time. However, availing a life insurance policy with a low premium may not always be possible as you will have to meet some requirements as laid down by the insurer. With that said, some individuals tend to avail similar life insurance policies as others at significantly low costs. The reason for this is that these individuals have made the right life choices that have enabled to avail lower premiums.

    Following are the factors that are taken into consideration by life insurance companies for the calculation of premiums:

  • Age: Age is a critical factor when it comes to determining premium rates. Younger applicants are likely to receive lower premiums while older individuals may have to pay a relatively high amount. The reason being, life insurance companies believe that younger people are less likely to contract terminal illnesses or die during the policy term. Older people, on the other hand, are at a greater risk of contracting major diseases or die during the policy term. Hence, the risk undertaken by a life insurance company is considerably lower in case of young adults, and much higher for old individuals, thereby resulting in differing premium payments for each set of individuals.
  • How We Ranked The Top Life Insurers

    NerdWallets life insurance ratings are based on consumer experience, complaint index scores from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners for individual life insurance, and weighted averages of financial strength ratings, which indicate a companys ability to pay future claims. Within the consumer experience category, we consider ease of communication and website transparency, which looks at the depth of policy details available online. To calculate each insurers rating, we adjusted the scores to a curved 5-point scale.

    These ratings are a guide, but we encourage you to shop around and compare life insurance quotes from several companies to find the best rate for you. NerdWallet does not receive compensation for any reviews.

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