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Which Life Insurance To Choose

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Can I Have More Than One Life Insurance Policy

How to choose a life insurance policy

Yes, you may be covered by more than one life insurance policy. In fact, stacking multiple life insurance policies is a good way to add or remove coverage as your life circumstances change.

For example: Once you get married, you may get a $250,000 term policy to replace your income. Once you buy a house and have children, you may opt to pull out another $500,000 policy to cover the loss of income and help pay for the mortgage and additional expenses of raising children.

How Much Life Insurance Should I Get

The amount of life insurance coverage you should carry depends on a few factors:

  • Your age
  • Years until retirement
  • Your family

Many financial professionals recommend coverage of at least 10 times your annual salary as income replacement but you may need more or less, depending on your circumstances. For instance, if you have a large mortgage and are the sole breadwinner for your family, you may opt to get more than 10x coverage on yourself. Or this may be a simple final expense policy that covers end-of-life costs.

Heres a quick example of how to determine how much life insurance coverage you may need:

John has a wife and three kids. He makes $100,000 per year as the sole breadwinner, and they carry $500,000 in debt . John has decided to get 10x his salary in term life insurance coverage, plus another $500,000 to cover their debt obligations. Term coverage allows him to obtain coverage for a specific amount of time , for the lowest monthly cost.

Life insurance coverage should allow your loved ones to grieve without worrying about the financial implications of your passing.

What Are The Rules For Beneficiaries

It’s also important to know what rules, if any, could apply to the individuals who might be named as beneficiaries.

For example, in some community property states, a surviving spouse may have a legal claim to part of a life insurance death benefit — even if someone else has been named as a beneficiary. And if a child is named as beneficiary, the child can’t inherit and manage the money directly if they are under 18, so parents may need to set up a trust or appoint a guardian.

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Ok So How Many Insurance Brokers Do I Need To Call To Get The Best Deal I Hope The Answer Is Not Talk To 15 And One For Good Luck

Heres a secret about the insurance business: Whether you shop at one of the Internet-based non-face-to-face brokerages or visit the office that sold your dad life insurance, chances are for term life policies, youll end up with practically the same set of offers, from the same group of big insurers, for the same prices.

Generally, term policies are quite competitive. Whats most important is to ask if your policy has guaranteed premiums, if it’s renewable and if it’s convertible ?

The distinctions are important, particularly if someone is healthy when they take out their policy, and then get diagnosed with an illness that may make them uninsurable in the Canadian market. If when diagnosed they are already in a term policy that is renewable and convertible, then they will be able to convert it to a permanent policy without paying any penalties due to declining health.

The insurance industry is heavily regulated, giving you the peace of mind to buy from whomever you like. When going with independent insurance agencies, though, be sure they offer a large menu of policies, and know the market.

A bonus is if you can find someone with a strong financial planning background who can scope out your needs.

Picking A Term Life Insurance Length

How to Choose the Best Life Insurance Plan for Your Needs ...

To choose the best length for a term life insurance policy, consider the length of the debt or situation you want to cover. For example, if youre buying term life to cover the years until your children are through college, and thats in nine years, you might pick 10-year term life insurance. If you just bought a house and took on a 30-year mortgage, youre likely looking at 30-year term life.

Term life insurance is typically available in lengths of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years. Some companies are venturing into longer terms of 35 and 40 years .

The most common term life length purchased is 20 years, says Steve Robinson, vice president of partnerships for Legal & General America.

If your familys financial needs stretch past the typical term life lengths, you should consider a permanent life insurance policy such as universal life insurance.

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What Questions Should I Ask My Advisor

Most advisors have a few go-to life insurance carriers that they use for life insurance. Ask them which ones they generally use and why?

If an advisor works for a life insurance carrier or works under their company, ask them to disclose how they get paid and if they get higher commissions for positioning their own life insurance carrier. In some situations, youâll find that this is the case. Be sure to ask about what carrier has the best claims experience.

The last thing you want to deal with after a death or illness is having to wait on hold for hours or be hounded by lawyers or administrators for unreasonable asks. A good life insurance advisor will work with you through that process to ensure that it is a pain-free experience.

Life insurance can also serve strategic purposes. As you buy a policy and foresee a change in your life within the next few years, let your advisor know. Certain life insurance policies can include features that make them more flexible at a comparable cost.

What To Look For In Affordable Life Insurance

Your insurance needs have probably changed since you first purchased a life insurance policy. Meeting with your agent periodically to review your coverage is a good way to continue protecting what matters most.

If youre purchasing life insurance for the first time, start by evaluating what obligations you have. Is someone financially dependent on you? Do you have outstanding debts like a mortgage or car payment?

Ask yourself, Whom am I trying to protect with this policy? Answering this question will help you know what to look for in your life insurance policy.

Are you trying to replace the income your family would lose if you passed away? Do you want to cover funeral costs? Pay off a mortgage? Look for a policy that can address those specific needs should you pass away.

Shopping for life insurance is a lot like shopping for a new car: The prices of several models may be relatively the same, but the specific features can vary significantly. When shopping for coverage, carefully compare the benefits offered by each insurance provider. Dont automatically choose low-cost life insurance just because the cost is attractive. There may be a policy with features more closely aligned with your needs even though its more expensive.

Because premiums are higher for those 50 years old or over, finding affordable life insurance can be a challenge. Choose a policy you can reasonably pay for today, tomorrow, and the foreseeable future.

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Why You Can Trust Bankrate

Founded in 1976, Bankrate has a long track record of helping people make smart financial choices. Weve maintained this reputation for over four decades by demystifying the financial decision-making process and giving people confidence in which actions to take next.

Bankrate follows a strict editorial policy, so you can trust that were putting your interests first. All of our content is authored by highly qualified professionals and reviewed by subject matter experts, who ensure everything we publish is objective, accurate and worthy of your trust.

Our insurance team is composed of agents, data analysts, and customers like you. They focus on the points consumers care about most price, customer service, policy features and savings opportunities so you can feel confident about which provider is right for you.

  • We guide you throughout your search and help you understand your coverage options.
  • We provide up-to-date, reliable market information to help you make confident decisions.
  • We reduce industry jargon so you get the clearest form of information possible.

All providers discussed on our site are vetted based on the value they provide. And we constantly review our criteria to ensure were putting accuracy first.

Other Types Of Life Insurance To Consider

How to CHOOSE The RIGHT Insurance Plan? | Life Insurance Canada 101

While term life insurance and whole life insurance are some of the more common types of life insurance youll come across, they arent the only options out there.

As we noted earlier, whole life insurance is one type of cash value insurance, which combines a death benefit with the ability to accumulate cash over time. Here are some other types of cash value insurance you may want to consider.

  • Variable life insurance This type of life insurance has a death benefit thats tied to the performance of certain investment assets. The value of the death benefit varies depending on the performance of those assets, which could mean a higher or lower payout depending on interest, timing, investment performance and other factors.
  • Universal life insurance If flexibility is what youre after, a universal life insurance policy could make sense. This type of policy may allow you to vary the amount of your premium payments or even skip certain payments. The death benefit is also adjustable, and youll accumulate cash value from a combination of premium payments and interest.
  • Variable universal life insurance As its name implies, this is a combination of the above types. Its variable in the sense that its value is also tied to certain investments, and universal in the sense that it allows for some extra flexibility.

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Types Of Insurance Companies

There are various types of insurance companies, but for this article, we will be considering the Allianz worldwide care, the electric insurance, liberty mutual insurance company, rate kick insurance company and esurance insurance company. These companies offer services ranging from health insurance, to life insurance policy, which are masterminded by life insurance companies, travel insurance, auto insurance, liberty and Allianz.

Allianz worldwide cares insurance company: Allianz care is the leading provider of health and wellbeing insurance internationally. Its company offers insurance services which cover life, health and disability insurance. They provide a range of international healthcare plans for mobile individuals globally. Their product and services include:

  • Individual Health Care Plan
  • Global Health and Protection Services
  • Administration Services Only.

Best For No Medical Exams: Mutual Of Omaha

  • Types of Life Insurance: 4
  • Issue Ages: 0-85

Mutual of Omaha offers term and whole life insurance policies with no medical exam for applicants who qualify. This means you may be able to fill out a health questionnaire from the comfort of your home, with no invasive health exam, and get coverage when you pay your first months premiums.

  • Excellent ratings for financial strength

  • Easy to get a quote online

  • Apply for certain term and whole life products without a medical exam

  • Must apply for eligibility of coverage with no medical exam

Originally founded in 1909, Mutual of Omaha has grown tremendously over the years and is now a provider of life insurance, long-term care insurance, annuities, investments, and more. In terms of financial strength, Mutual of Omaha has an A+ rating with AM Best and an A+ rating with S& P Global. Also, Mutual of Omaha secured the fifth spot out of 23 in the J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Life Insurance Study with 789 points out of a possible 1,000.

Mutual of Omaha offers a selection of life insurance policies to choose from including term life insurance, whole life, universal life, childrens whole life insurance, and accidental death insurance. You have the option to speak with an agent in your area if you prefer, but Mutual of Omaha also lets you get a free quote or apply for any of its policies online. Mutual of Omaha also offers term and whole life coverage options with no medical exam, although not all applicants will qualify.

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After All Is Said And Done Which Type Of Policy Should I Buy

The truth is there are a lot of things to consider in addition to the type of policy you get. How much coverage do you need? What are all the different policy options ? Is there other coverage I need to protect my family?

Heres an easy way to get answers to all those questions: Just contact Guardian to find a financial professional who will take the time to learn about your unique situation, listen to your concerns, and clearly explain the different insurance options that best fit your needs and your budget from a company thats been helping protect families for over 150 years.

If you are an employee, taking advantage of your benefits at work is a smart and affordable way to get the financial protection you want for yourself and your family. Contact your HR department to review your plan details and determine how much life insurance is available to you. Your employer may provide life insurance as a benefit, or you may opt to pay for additional life insurance through payroll deductions.

Life Insurance Proceeds In Your 40s Could Help Your Beneficiaries Pay:

How To Choose The Right Life Insurance Policy
  • The remainder of a mortgage that your partner couldnt pay off without your financial contribution
  • Make up for a gap in coverage because of increased earnings and a lower amount of coverage from when you were bringing home a smaller salary
  • Protect a stay-at-home mom or dad who solely relies on your income
  • Day-to-day childcare expenses, along with future child care expenses like extracurricular activities and college
  • Serve as a financial cushion to keep your family from tapping into savings to cover the bills
  • Medical bills or other final expenses

Choosing a policy with a shorter term or a lower level of coverage can make a significant impact on saving money while still getting ample coverage.

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Simplified Issue Life Insurance

Simplified issue life insurance is a type of whole life insurance that falls under the final expense category.

With simplified issue life insurance you can skip the medical exam. Thatâs the “simplified” part of this policy type. This is also known as a type of “no exam policy.âYouâre not out of the woods completely, though. You donât need to go through the medical exam, but you do need to fill out a health questionnaire, answering questions about smoking habits and serious illnesses.

If youâre over a certain age, have severe underlying medical conditions, are unable to independently fill out the application, or are a smoker, you may not qualify for simplified issue life insurance.

Drawbacks of simplified issue

People in poor health may have to take the exam if they have too many health issues, and they could be flat-out denied by insurers. For healthier people in a hurry, it can be a way to skip scheduling the paramedical exam, which adds some time to the underwriting process. But this benefit comes with a major financial drawback: it tends to be more expensive than a term policy.

What Is An Insurance Broker

An insurance broker is a professional who acts as an intermediary between insurance companies and customers. They understand the market and help you choose the right coverage based on your unique needs. Insurance brokers sell all types of insurance, ranging from health to homeowner and life coverage.

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Assess Your Wants: Third

Since third get together insurance is a mandate by legislation, its a should for all autos. However, you may choose between opting solely for TPI and a Comprehensive insurance policy that covers injury to your personal vehicle as effectively. If you have got an older vehicle or you dont take to the street very often, a 3rd get together cowl could also be a adequate possibility for you. This is since you would possibly find yourself paying extra premium in an intensive policy when you may not want it. For small damages, paying out of your personal pocket might be a less expensive possibility than an intensive policy.

On the different hand, if your vehicle is new or being usually pushed, it is best to positively choose for complete protection. This is not going to solely guarantee safety from unintentional damages but in addition dangers like flood, fireplace, theft and many others.

What If You Already Have One Type Of Policy But Want Another

How to Choose the Right Life Insurance

Weve talked about the different options and features that a whole life policy provides compared to a term policy, as well as the fact that a term policy can be a more cost-effective way to purchase a given level of death benefit. But no matter which kind of policy you have, you may be able to get the benefits of the other type. How?

  • You may be able to convert your term policy into a whole life policy. Most companies allow for this, and it can be an excellent way to continue your life insurance policy and build cash value from which you can borrow.
  • You can also buy a term policy to supplement your whole life policy. For example, if you feel you want an added level of protection to supplement payment for your childrens college as your whole life policy is building cash value.

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Who Can Change The Beneficiary On A Life Insurance Policy

In most cases, only the policyholder can change the beneficiary, but there are exceptions:

Power of attorney: Depending on state law, a power of attorney for you can change the beneficiary on your life insurance policy. As such, a power of attorney should be someone you trust.

Community property laws: If you live in a community property state, your spouse is usually considered to be a partial owner of your life insurance policy, since the money used to pay the premiums is considered the property of both of you. A community property spouse may have rights to the death benefit.

Irrevocable beneficiary: Some life insurance policies are written with an irrevocable beneficiary, which means you can’t remove that beneficiary from the policy without their consent.

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