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Which Travel Insurance Reviews Uk

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Which Policies Have The Best Coronavirus Cover

From fresh lockdowns and changing lists to getting sick or being denied boarding, there are still dozens of ways the pandemic could wreck your holiday, even if youve been vaccinated.

This is even the case if youre travelling to a green list country.

Thankfully, there are some insurers who offer protection for all or many of these.

Weve sorted policies into four categories based on the strength of their Covid cover. From weakest to strongest these are:

  • Basic For policies providing emergency medical cover and repatriation for coronavirus while youre away.
  • Low Insurance that covers unrecouped costs from cancelling your holiday if youre diagnosed with Covid-19.
  • Superior Policies that cover cancellation if youre told to self-isolate without testing positive yourself, for example if you receive a test and trace notification via the NHS app.
  • Complete Our highest rating. Complete policies cover you for cancellation if you cant travel due to changes in FCDO advice or because of a lockdown.

We gave our Complete rating to just two policies . Both of these are from banks. The Barclays Travel Pack add-on is for current account holders, and HSBCs Select and Cover, is available to current account, savings account, mortgage and credit card customers.

Youd be eligible for HSBCs travel insurance if you opened an Online Bonus Saver account with a minimum of £1.

And 53% of the policies we analysed had Low cover, while 14% received our Basic rating.

Staysure Annual Travel Insurance

Annual multi-trip travel insurance covers you for multiple trips in a policy year and you can get cover for a maximum of 183 days abroad, although each trip cannot exceed 50 days . However, if you needed to, there is an option to extend an individual trip limit from 50 to 100 days with the 100-day upgrade add on. Staysure’s annual travel insurance policy includes cover for winter sports as standard with the option to enhance your cover with added extras such as cruise cover.

Avanti Travel Insurance: How Can I Claim

For emergency medical assistance call +44 1403 288 123 or +1 833 251 8487 for USA and Canada.

To make a claim call +44 1403 288 122. You can also make a claim online.

Before calling for cancellation claims, you should contact your travel agent and/or airline to seek a refund or to move your trip.

You’ll need your policy document when you call.

The Best And Worst Policies For Covid Cover


These details are correct as of May 2021. We recommend checking directly with the insurer before buying a policy. All ratings are for policies available to new customers at the time the data was collected.

In July 2021, Travel Insurance Facilities – an insurance company which underwrites the cover for many travel insurance brands – temporarily paused sales of policies to new customers . We’ve indicated in our tables which policies are currently unavailable as a result. We will update the information as we become aware of changes. 

Staysure Vs Virgin Money

TravelTime Travel Insurance Reviews

Virgin Money offers annual multi-trip, single trip and backpacker insurance and you can choose from four levels of cover ranging from Red to Black, Black being the most comprehensive with unlimited medical cover. Like Staysure, Virgin Money says that it tries to cover most pre-existing conditions but some serious conditions may need specialist cover. If you take out travel insurance with Virgin Money you can also benefit from exclusive deals on days out, holidays and everyday essentials.

In the below comparison table we compare the cost of the most comprehensive travel insurance policies with both Staysure and Virgin money. For the purpose of the table, the quotes are based on a 30-year-old individual with no underlying health conditions travelling to the USA.

Policy Cost – Staysure travel insurance vs Virgin Money travel insurance


Staysure Uk Travel Insurance

Staysure’s UK travel insurance policy covers your staycation for cancellation or curtailment of your trip as well as repatriation and medical transfer costs within the UK. Medical treatment, if needed whilst you are holidaying in the UK, is obviously covered by the NHS however repatriation costs will help to transfer you to a hospital closer to your home if required. If you require medical treatment when travelling to the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man you will not be covered by the NHS or the EHIC/GHIC but there is a healthcare agreement between the UK, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man which means you won’t have to pay healthcare costs. It is however worth noting that this agreement is not in place when visiting Guernsey, so you would need to arrange a holiday travel insurance policy to cover the cost of healthcare if you should need it.

Can I Get Travel Insurance If I Have A Medical Condition

If you have a medical condition – such as cancer or a heart condition – it can be tough to track down affordable travel insurance.  

You’ll usually be asked some questions about your medical history. If you declare a medical condition, the insurer could increase your premium, add an exclusion to the policy , or decide they can’t accept you as a customer.

Fortunately, you do have options.

Our guide assembles the key information on travel insurance policies and illness, and how to make specialist providers part of your search. We’ve also rated the cover offered by some of these insurers.

But here are some quick tips for getting cover if you have a medical condition.


Medical conditions don’t always make a difference

Declaring a medical condition doesn’t automatically mean you’ll struggle to get insurance. Many are fairly straightforward to cover.


Be honest

When applying for insurance, you’re obliged to answer all questions accurately and honestly – which means that if the insurer asks about your medical conditions, you need to be forthcoming.

If, when you come to claim, you’re found to have withheld information that was requested, the insurer could consider the policy to be invalid.

Some insurers will allow you to not declare conditions on the understanding that these conditions are automatically excluded. This may reduce the premium, but could leave you with far less cover than you need.  


Phone insurers


Consider all insurers

  • Find out more: our of hundreds of policies. 


Can I Claim On Insurance If Im Offered Rebooking Vouchers

If you accept vouchers or refund credit notes as compensation, you cant claim for cash from your insurer as well, as this would be a double claim.

Legally, you should be able to reject vouchers and get cash refunds instead, but many holiday firms have ignored this rule.

Your insurer will likely advise you to pursue this legal right if youre in this situation. The ABI told us: Where travel operators have a legal obligation to refund customers, insurers expect them to honour that legal agreement. Insurance cancellation cover kicks in when no other safety net is available.

After campaigning from Which?, the government confirmed that RCNs will be covered by the travel industrys Atol scheme. This means if you accept an RCN and your holiday provider goes bust, your money will be protected.

If youre not offered a cash refund by your travel operator, and you dont want to accept an RCN, Which? believes banks should refund customers under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, for purchases by credit card of more than £100, or through the chargeback scheme for other purchases.

Banks dont always accept these claims, but card issuer Mastercard has confirmed that chargeback is valid in these cases.

Heading Away Twice Or More This Year Annual Cover May Be Cheaper

If you know you’re going to travel at least twice in a 12-month period, consider an annual policy instead of single-trip cover. This is because annual cover can work out cheaper than buying two single-trip policies. But always do the calculations.

Of course, this varies depending on where you’re travelling and for how long, but if you get an annual policy you also have the added comfort of knowing if you have a third trip within that 12-month period, you already have the cover in force.

Annual cover will insure you for an unlimited number of trips over a 12-month period. However, the number of days you can be on holiday for per trip may be capped it can often be as low as 17 days, with other setting the limit at 31 or 45 days but can sometimes be as as high as 90. If you’re planning a backpacking trip or gap year travelling where you’ll be away for months on end, you’ll need specialist backpacker insurance.

Don’t Go With The Cheapest

I too have an annual travel insurance policy with Admiral. I have been insured with them for 12 years and had 2 claims for cancellation .Once I provided the proofs claims were settled with no… Read more

I too have an annual travel insurance policy with Admiral. I have been insured with them for 12 years and had 2 claims for cancellation .Once I provided the proofs claims were settled with no hassle.Insurance is not about cost.It is about how you are treated in the unlikely event of a claim.Do not go for the cheapest.

Reviewed on 24th December 2015John Sotos

What Does Uk Travel Insurance Cover

To be covered at all, your trip must first fit your insurer’s definition of a UK holiday and this not as straightforward as it sounds. 

Generally, you’ll only be covered if your trip involves spending at least two consecutive nights in pre-booked accommodation.

This means that very short breaks, road trips and some camping holidays won’t usually be covered. A few insurers also stipulate you must be more than 25 miles away from home.

But each insurer has their own definition, so check the policy wording carefully to make sure your trip is covered. If you’re not sure, it’s best to ask the insurer directly before buying the policy.

Buy Travel Insurance As Soon As You Booked To Cover Non

If you’ve booked a holiday a holiday, do not leave arranging the insurance on the ‘things to do’ list, as you’ll be taking an unnecessary risk. 

This is because travel insurance doesn’t just cover you while you’re away it also covers you for cancellation, events such as redundancy or an injury or death in the family, or anything else that might go wrong BEFORE you make your trip. You’re also covered if you catch coronavirus shortly before your trip and can’t go.

So, always buying your travel insurance ASAB . The same rule applies for a UK holiday, and have a guide to help with arranging UK travel insurance

… and see if it’s cheaper to get a group or individual policy.

If travelling with your partner or family, you have two options you can cover everyone under one policy, or each person takes their own. It’s often cheaper to get a combined policy, however, there are times when separate policies will be a better option , including:

  • If one of the travellers is over 65, as the group price you’ll pay is based on the oldest traveller, or the person deemed to be the highest risk, so the insurer will usually hike the price for all .
  • If one of the travellers has a medical condition, as it will increase the price for all.
  • If just one of the travellers is going outside Europe, in particular to the US, or on a skiing trip , it could be better to have separate policies, rather than the whole family buying extended cover when it’s not needed.
  • How Does Saga Travel Insurance Compare To Competitors

    Multitrip Com Travel Insurance Review

    To better understand the value of Saga travel insurance you need to look at it in the context of other available options. We compared it to other plans in the market so you can see which may be more suitable for you.

    Saga Travel Insurance vs AA Travel Insurance

    Apply Now

    AA travel insurance is another provider offering good value that can work for older travellers, as the upper age limit on AA annual multi-trip policies is under 80 years of age at the start of the policy; there is no upper age limit on Single Trip policies.

    In particular, we like their higher-tier Standard plan as it offers higher limits plus includes Abandonment and Financial Failure, may cover pre-existing conditions and you can add extended Travel Disruption protection. Personal Belongings and baggage are covered on all policies, although cover limits may be too low for some travellers. When purchased online, customers can lock in a 20% online discount for the first year.

    Bottom Line: If you want an online discount, AA offers 20% off to new customers.

    Saga Travel Insurance vs Direct Line Travel Insurance

    Apply Now

    Bottom Line: If you book trips with miles, Direct Line might offer better cover since they reimburse for used miles/points if your trip is cancelled or curtailed.

    Saga Travel Insurance vs AXA Travel Insurance

    Apply Now

    Bottom Line: AXA might be another solid option for travellers in their 50s, 60s and 70s, who can benefit from a simply online system for notifying of pre-existing conditions.

    None Of These Policies Cover You For Most Amber List Countries

    It is important to note that none of the 250 policies covered by Which? will cover you if you travel to a place which is on the Foreign Office do not travel list.

    Confusingly, the Amber List does not fully match the do not travel list. The FCDO says that you should not travel to Spain and so you are not insured but you can travel to Malta, even though both are on the Amber List.

    Travel Insurance For Pets

    Travel Insurance won’t cover expenses associated with taking your pets abroad if your dog needs vet treatment while overseas, for example.

    However, there are several pet insurance policies that cover pet travel – learn more about them in our article about Travel Insurance for Pets to find out how to get the best deal on travel insurance for pets.

    Bought By Many’s Complete pet insurance policy comes with up to £2,500 of vet fee cover when travelling abroad.

    Compare The Best Travel Insurance

    Our travel insurance star ratings are compiled by the independent consumer group Fairer Finance.

    A five-star policy will be one that will protect most travellers in most situations including:

    • lost baggage
    • delays & cancellation
    • medical treatment while away

    Our travel insurance customer experience ratings will also give you an idea about which travel insurance companies are best at keeping their promises and have the happiest customers. 

    Is Paying For Travel Insurance Worth It

    Travel insurance premiums can cost hundreds of dollars, so its ultimately up to you to decide if its worth the cost. It might not be worth it on lower-cost trips and low-risk vacations. However, expensive international trips or large family vacations can make additional travel insurance a reasonable investment.

    If you spend thousands of dollars on a trip, it is probably worth a couple of hundred to make sure you get your money back if the trip doesnt go as planned. If something goes wrong, which can lead to expenses valued at tens of thousands of dollars, its good to have a so you dont have to pay for everything out of pocket.

    #8 Columbus Direct Insurance Travel Insurance For Ozzies And Kiwis

    Since we have covered some UK and American-only travel insurance companies, I thought to give a shout to the Ozzies and Kiwis out there! These guys offer some kickass deals on backpacker travel insurance for Ozzies and Kiwis. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, be sure to read the terms and conditions thoroughly before taking up the insurance.

    What Travel Insurance Do I Need For A Cruise

    If you are planning a cruise for your next holiday, then specific cruise insurance is worth considering. Unlike standard travel insurance, this covers the specific activities and risks that come with a cruise. For example, travelling to multiple countries is automatically covered, but you must check your destinations are not excluded by your insurer. The length of your cruise may also exceed the maximum number of days allowed by most travel insurers.

    What Covid Cover Is Available

    Practically all policies provide cover for a coronavirus-related medical emergency – but around one in seven won’t cover cancellation if it’s connected to the pandemic.


    Most also provide some element of cancellation cover if you can’t go on your trip because you’ve been diagnosed with Covid-19 .

    Much rarer are policies providing cancellation cover if you can’t go on your trip because you’ve been told to self-isolate without having tested positive – for example if you’ve been instructed to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace . 


    Just two firms in our survey confirmed they offer Complete cover, which means you can claim if you can’t go on your holiday due to a change in advice from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office or because of a regional or national lockdown.


    In both cases, these must be new advice or restrictions – i.e. not in place when the insurance was purchased or the holiday booked .

    Staysure Single Trip Travel Insurance

    Review of Allianz Travel Insurance UK 2019

    Single trip travel insurance insures you for one trip outside of the UK. As well as individual cover, you can also choose couples or family single trip travel insurance so long as each family member lives at the same address. Having a couple or family policy could work out cheaper than multiple single trip policies.

    Staysure’s single trip travel insurance policy covers you for more than one destination as long as you notify Staysure of the destinations you are planning to visit prior to purchasing the policy. Staysure’s single trip travel insurance policy insures you up to 104 days on standard policies and if you are looking to go away for a longer period of time you should look at a long stay travel insurance policy.

    Free Travel Insurance Options

    Did you know there are actually some free options available for travel insurance? Its true!

    Several of the best travel credit cards offer various types of travel insurance to card members. Keep in mind, these offers typically work best as a supplement to a more robust travel insurance policy. Youll also need to book your trip using your card to be eligible, and medical coverage is not usually included.

    With that said, if you are new to travel rewards cards, the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is our favorite option. Heres a list of some of the travel perks it provides:

    • Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption Insurance
    • Primary Auto Rental Collision Coverage
    • Baggage Delay Insurance
    • Trip Delay Reimbursement
    • Accidental Death/Dismemberment
    • No Foreign Transaction Fees

    Pretty sweet, right?

    Weve personally used this insurance several times. In fact, we use the card every time we rent a car so we dont have to purchase the rental companys insurance. A few years ago, we also filed a trip delay reimbursement claim. The process was smooth and they paid the claim exactly as expected.

    In addition to travel insurance, there are lots of other awesome Chase Sapphire Preferred benefits you should be aware of. Currently, new U.S. card members can earn a 100,000 point signup bonus when you spend $4,000 on the card in the first three months. Thats worth a whopping $1,250 in travel when booked through the Chase portal!

    Learn how to apply | Read the review

    How Trailfinders Travel Insurance ‘s Policies Have Been Ranked Using Our Star Rating Formula

    Single Trip Policy Ratings

    We have reviewed 1 Single Trip Policies from Trailfinders Travel Insurance. They are – Standard. We have rated these as follows:-

    Thats Insurance Rating for Single Trip Standard:

    Backpacker Policy Ratings

  • Winter Sports Equipment up to £350
  • Winter Sports Hired Equipment up to £200
  • Ski Pack up to £300
  • Piste Closure up to £200
  • Avalanche Closure up to £150
  • 5. What is classed as a family and how many people can be quoted for?

    In relation to families, the policy states ” For families travelling together a special premium applies, for children aged 18 years or under, or 21 years or under if in full time education, at date of payment of insurance premium. Adults pay normal premium, the first child is charged half premium and all other children are insured FREE OF CHARGE.”

    Up to 9 persons can be quoted for online, if you are in a group of 10 persons or over you will need to call the insurance provider to book over the phone.

    6. What are the policy rules on reciprocal health agreements ?

    The policy states that “where possible every effort should be made to utilise any reciprocal health care facility”

    Should you require medical treatment in Australia you MUST enrol with It can be done after the first occasion on which you receive treatment.

    You should also obtain an EHIC card if travelling within the EU.

    7. What is covered under Sports and Activities on the policy?

    8. What are the policy Alcohol Exclusion terms?

    How Do I Complain About My Travel Insurer

    If you feel like you’ve been caught out by an unexpected clause in your insurance when it comes to claiming, don’t be afraid to make a complaint. 

    Do so in writing if you can, using the insurer’s complaints process.

    If the insurer isn’t proving helpful, take the matter up with the Financial Ombudsman Service by calling 0300 123 9123 or visiting their .

    Be Clear About What Battleface Covers For Covid

    The key selling point of battleface is that it provides travel medical insurance for holidays in Amber List countries where virtually no other insurer will cover you at all.

    It does not, however, provide coverage for all Covid-19 related expenses. Here is the summary wording from the policy document:

    This insurance covers medical expenses necessarily incurred by an Insured Person aged 59 years or under for the treatment of COVID-19 and SARS CoV2 or symptoms thereof subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

    battleface will not reimburse you if you test positive and have to quarantine, nor will it cover you for consequential loss such as the cost of buying new flights or lost income if you cannot work due to being in quarantine abroad.

    Always Declare Medical Conditions Including Coronavirus Or Your Claim May Be Rejected

    The thought of having to declare medical conditions can be daunting but travelling without making your insurer aware of any issues can result in any claim you make being rejected. Just let the insurer know, even if you don’t deem it particularly important, especially as each insurer will have its own list of conditions it deems as more serious. Make sure you give a full and frank rundown of all the health problems you have, or have had  including any coronavirus-related health issues usually in the last five years. Plus you’ll need to tell the insurer if you’re pregnant too.

    For much more, including tips, tricks and how to find the cheapest deals, see our Pre-Existing Conditions Travel Insurance guide.

    Recommendations For Travel Insurance That Delivers When You

    We’re an active couple in our 60s with pre-existing medical conditions

    We’re looking for long stay travel insurance for 2019 for a trip to New Zealand followed by Thailand

    We can get quotes for travel insurance from several companies, but when you drill down into the reviews the findings are quite alarming:

    1) almost without exception the 5* reviews refer to the process of obtaining cover at a reasonable price

    – typically: great price, but I haven’t had to make a claim

    2) pretty much all the 1* reviews are tales of travellers having difficulty with claims when something has gone wrong

    – some of the stories are truly horrific and my perception is from all the reviews I’ve looked at that the travel insurance companies will try and wriggle out of paying any claims

    I’ve looked at reviews for lots of travel insurance companies, but I haven’t found one yet that I feel confident about

    The true test of travel insurance is that it’s there when you find yourself needing help

    Can anyone recommend a travel insurance company where they’ve had good experience when making a claim

    Thanks for reading and any advice greatly appreciated


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    I suggest that you look at the moneysavingexpert website which reviews a wide range of travel insurance companies that suit specific needs. I have only made one claim from a travel insurance company – SAGA – which went well.

    Thanks for your suggestions, and here’s what I’ve already done:


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