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Who Takes Cigna Dental Insurance

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Dentist Who Take Cigna Health Insurance In Picayune Ms 442

Cigna Dental Insurance – No Waiting Periods

Cigna Health Spring welcomes patients with private dental insurance. At this time, we accept Cigna Health Insurance. For all other private insurance, we will assist you with completing claim forms to obtain reimbursement from your insurance company. If you are in need of an emergency visit to a dentist, prepared to handle every kind of emergency out there, do not hesitate to call our emergency dental office

Services we offer in Picayune, MS 39466:

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East Cobb Cigna Dental Insurance

If you live in East Cobb, have Cigna Dental Insurance and are looking for a qualified dentist, call Grateful Dental. Our dental services include dental cleanings and checkups, fillings, extractions, crowns/bridges, dentures/partial dentures, dental implants, teeth whitening, veneers, six month braces and more. You can trust our practice to provide all the dental care you need to keep your teeth and gums feeling healthy and looking great. Our state-of-the-art dental office includes flat screen televisions in each exam room as well as digital X-rays. We also offer Nitrous Oxide to keep our patients relaxed and comfortable while receiving dental care.

Learn More About Your Cigna Dental Benefits

Cigna dental insurance can be an invaluable asset for your oral health! Its emphasis on preventive care can keep your smile looking and feeling its best, and it can serve as a financial safety net for those times when your teeth might need some restorative TLC. At Hampton Dental, Dr. Peramala is proud to be an in-network provider for Cigna. Our team is ready to help you understand your coverage and get as much value out of it as possible.

If You Choose A Dppo Plan Through Cigna Its Important To Know How It Works1

  • This plan covers most preventive and diagnostic services at a competitive rate, or at no extra cost to you.2
  • You choose a licensed dentist for routine, preventive, diagnostic and emergency care. You’ll pay less for many covered services if you use in-network dentists; out-of-network services will usually cost you more.
  • When you meet your annual deductible and satisfy any waiting periods, you pay a coinsurance , and the plan pays the rest .
  • Easily search for Cigna DPPO network providers in the directory on or

Cigna Dental Coverage And Costs

Should I Take an Antibiotic Before a Dental Procedure ...

Its imperative to pick the proper plan for your needs, and Cigna provides some of the best affordable dental insurance. While the company doesnt offer plans specific to older adults, the variety of options available to any policyholder makes it an insurance company seniors should take a look at.

The companys three plans are Preferred Provider Organizations, also known as PPO plans. A PPO allows policyholders to choose a dentist from a large network of providers and is a popular plan option many insurance companies offer, including Aetna and Kaiser.

Cigna has more than 90,000 dentists in over 286,000 locations in its national network, meaning there are most likely provider options for older adults living anywhere in the United States. That being said, it is important to note PPO plans tend to have slightly higher premiums, but you get what you pay for as they provide the most flexible service options.

Each plan offers different benefits when it comes to preventative care, basic restorative care, major restorative care, and orthodontia care. Before I started looking into insurance benefits, I didnt know which services fell into the different categories. Below is a breakdown of whats included in preventative, restorative, and orthodontia services.

You Should Know: Cigna offers Bright Score, a tool that allows you to compare dental providers and rates dentists on their patient experience and affordability.

Preventative Care

What To Do During A Dental Emergency In Picayune Ms

Immediately dealing with a dental emergency is vital. Oftentimes, a lost tooth can be saved if a visit to an emergency dentist takes place within 30 minutes. While waiting for your emergency dental visit, important measures can be taken to help deal with your issue:

Toothache clean around the tooth, rinse with warm water, floss gently to remove any trapped food. Use Tylenol, if needed.

Infection or abscess a discharge might be present or a large amount of swelling. In this case, the dentist will prescribe antibiotics to clear up the infection. Sometimes, a cool ice pack, on the affected area, can offer relief.

Lost filling sugarless gum is a great way to seal up a lost filling until a dentist can be found.

Also, we help during Loss of a tooth or Bleeding from the mouth.

What To Do During A Dental Emergency In Rehoboth Beach De

Immediately dealing with a dental emergency is vital. Oftentimes, a lost tooth can be saved if a visit to an emergency dentist takes place within 30 minutes. While waiting for your emergency dental visit, important measures can be taken to help deal with your issue:

Toothache clean around the tooth, rinse with warm water, floss gently to remove any trapped food. Use Tylenol, if needed.

Infection or abscess a discharge might be present or a large amount of swelling. In this case, the dentist will prescribe antibiotics to clear up the infection. Sometimes, a cool ice pack, on the affected area, can offer relief.

Lost filling sugarless gum is a great way to seal up a lost filling until a dentist can be found.

Also, we help during Loss of a tooth or Bleeding from the mouth.

What To Do In Case Of Dental Emergencies

When you experience a dental problem or oral injury, it’s important to know if you need emergency dental care and if your dental plan covers you. Not all dental problems are emergencies. A tooth falling out, a toothache, a chipped tooth, or pain from a dental crown could be serious dental problems, but not necessarily emergencies, so it’s best to consider your options in advance.

The Best Way To Use Your Cigna Plan With Us

Cigna Dental Insurance Provider in Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe and Gilbert AZ

Different plans have different benefits, but the majority of dental insurance plans are specifically designed to make basic preventive services, like checkups and cleanings, more affordable. In most cases, these kinds of treatments are fully covered, while restorative services, such as fillings and crowns, are only partially covered.

So for you, this means that the best way to maximize your plan is to simply get your two recommended checkups and cleanings each year. Not only will your plan likely completely cover them, but the services themselves will drastically lower your chances of needing more involved and costly care in the future, potentially saving you thousands over the long term.

More Dental Plans Through Your Employer

1Not all preventive care services are covered. For example, athletic mouth guards and prescription medications are generally not covered. In general, the following limitations apply: two cleanings per calendar year, one bitewing x-ray per calendar year, one full mouth x-ray every five calendar years, and one panorex x-ray every five calendar years. Plans vary, so see your plan documents for details and a complete list of covered and non-covered services.

2Please refer to your plan documents or contact your employer for more information on what out-of- pocket costs you may be responsible for and whats covered and not covered by the plan.

All dental insurance policies and dental plans contain exclusions and limitations. For costs and details of coverage, see your plan documents. Dental PPO plans are insured and/or administered by Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company or Connecticut General Life Insurance Company, with network management services provided by Cigna Dental Health, Inc. and certain of its subsidiaries. In Texas, the insured dental plan is known as Cigna Dental Choice, and this plan uses the national Cigna DPPO network. Policy forms: OK HP-POL99/HP-POL388, OR – HP-POL68/HP-POL352, TN HP-POL69/HC-CER2V1/HP-POL389 et al. .

  • I want to…

What It Means To Be In

An in-network dentist in Parker has come to an agreement to provide certain services to you at a predetermined fixed price. When you visit us for a treatment that is fully covered, you wont have to pay anything at all at the time of your appointment. For anything else, simply give us the small amount that you owe when you receive the service — and then go on your way! We will file all the paperwork and make sure we get the full payment from Cigna.

You may still be eligible for the same discounts when you see an out-of-network dentist, but you will have to pay the full amount out of pocket and wait for a reimbursement to come later on.

Cigna Employers In Dallas

In addition to selling dental insurance to individuals, Cigna also offers group coverage through employers. One of the primary employers in our area that works with Cigna is the City of Dallas. We welcome city employees into our practice! Well verify your coverage before your appointment so we can familiarize ourselves with your policy. Then, we will get to work on helping you use your benefits in a way that maximizes both your savings and your oral health. Additionally, since we are in-network with Cigna, you wont have to worry about paying for your services upfront and then waiting for reimbursement. Youll be able to use your benefits right away.

Are you ready to learn more about how our team can help you take full advantage of your Cigna dental insurance benefits? Contact us today.

What Types Of Services And Treatment Does A Full Coverage Dental Plan Cover

Cigna Dental Insurance Cleveland OH

The services and treatments covered under a full coverage dental plan depends on the type of dental plan you choose.

Typically, full coverage plans go beyond preventive care. They may also offer coverage for the following:

  • Basic restorative care: This usually includes things like fillings, extractions, and non-routine X-rays.
  • Major restorative care: This includes things like bridges, crowns, and dentures.
  • Orthodontic treatment: This includes things like space maintainers, braces, and other devices used to align your teeth.
  • Preventive dental care: This includes regular teeth cleanings, routine X-rays, fluoride treatments and sealants as indicated by age and frequency. Many dental plans cover 100% for preventive dental services with the exception of a copay at the time of the visit.

When choosing a full coverage dental plan, read the details carefully. Dental plans can vary even between insurers.

How Can I Make The Most Out Of My Dental Insurance

The first step to making sure you receive the full benefit from your dental insurance is ensuring that you completely understand the details of your plan. Contact our team, your employers human resources department, or Cigna directly to discuss what your coverage includes.

You should also make sure you are scheduling and attending two checkups and cleanings per year. These regular visits are free under your Cigna plan for a reason. Prevention is key to preventing oral health hazards like tooth decay and gum disease. And if an issue does pop up, well catch it early with regular attention. Prevention and early diagnosis are crucial steps for avoiding long, costly services later on!

While our dental insurance experts will work to ensure you get the most out of your investment, we also encourage patients to make decisions based on whats best for their dental health rather that what is covered by their insurance. Dental implants, for example, are usually not eligible — despite being the best solution for missing teeth. Well help you understand what your options are and how to move forward, no matter what it is you need.

Online Access To Your Plan gives you 1-stop access to your coverage, claims, ID cards, providers, and more. Log in to manage your plan or sign up for online access today.

Accidental injury, critical illness, and hospital care.

Controlling costs, improving employee health, and personalized service are just a few of the ways we can help your organization thrive.

Our flexible health insurance solutions can help your clients to lower costs, improve employee health and productivity, and more.

Article | October 2019

Questions We’re Here To Help

If you have any questions or would like more information about participating in a Cigna health care network, please contact us.

Medical and Dental


Individual and family medical and dental insurance plans are insured by Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company , Cigna HealthCare of Arizona, Inc., Cigna HealthCare of Illinois, Inc., and Cigna HealthCare of North Carolina, Inc. Group health insurance and health benefit plans are insured or administered by CHLIC, Connecticut General Life Insurance Company , or their affiliates . Group Universal Life insurance plans are insured by CGLIC. Life , accident, critical illness, hospital indemnity, and disability plans are insured or administered by Life Insurance Company of North America, except in NY, where insured plans are offered by Cigna Life Insurance Company of New York . All insurance policies and group benefit plans contain exclusions and limitations. For availability, costs and complete details of coverage, contact a licensed agent or Cigna sales representative. This website is not intended for residents of New Mexico.

 Selecting these links will take you away from to another website, which may be a non-Cigna website. Cigna may not control the content or links of non-Cigna websites. Details

Cigna Dental Insurance 08540

Cigna-Dental-Insurance-Provider in Phoenix-Scottsdale-Tempe-and-Gilbert-AZ

Prime Dental Care accepts Cigna dental insurance and serves the residents of the 08540 zip code with premium preventative, general, restorative and cosmetic dental services. Our dental office is staffed and equipped to treat children and adults of all ages. If you or a member of your family is in need of dental care, please contact our Princeton Dentists That Accept Cigna Dental Insurance today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you.

What Are The Main Types Of Full Coverage Dental Plans

Many types of dental plans provide coverage for services and treatments that go well beyond preventive care. These are considered full coverage. Dental PPO , Dental HMO , Dental EPO , and Dental POS , may all provide coverage for a wide range of dental services and treatments.

They can differ greatly, though, in covered services, costs, and limitations, even between insurance carriers.

How Do I Know If Something Is An Actual Dental Emergency

Not all dental problems require you to seek emergency dental care. In cases where one or more teeth have been completely knocked out, your mouth has been injured, or a tooth abscess is leading to a lot of pain, you may need to be seen immediately.

Serious dental injuries or problems can lead to even worse problems if not cared for immediately. On the other hand, a filling that has fallen out, a minor chipped tooth, or a broken wire on braces, may be things that could wait until your dentist has an appointment, but always talk to your dentist for instructions on what action to take.

Visit Your Trusted Cigna Dentist This Month

Are you covered by Cigna dental insurance? Make sure you are visiting a dentist who is in-network with your provider — and thats us here at Hulen Dental! We will work to help you maximize your investment no matter what. Request an appointment for affordable, flexible dental care today.

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What Is Covered By Your Plan

Cigna Dentist San Ramon

The Cigna website provides clear information about what is covered by your plan, but we have listed it here for your convenience as well.

  • The fee for all preventive services is waived. That includes oral exams and cleanings , x-rays, fluoride application, sealants, and non-orthodontic space maintainers.
  • You will be responsible for paying 20% of the fee for basic restorative dental care, including fillings, non-routine x-rays, extractions, and emergency dental services.
  • For more major restorative services, like periodontal maintenance, crowns, root canal therapy, wisdom tooth extraction, dentures and partials, and bridges, you will usually be expected to pay 50% of the fee.

For anything that is not fully covered by your plan, all payments should be made at the time you receive the service. We will file and follow-up on the claim to ensure we receive the full payment on the backend.

Does Aspen Dental Take Insurance

Aspen Dental, Insurance767 Views

Dental care at many dental care facilities can be expensive for most people.

Therefore, some, if not many, dentists and dental care providers collaborate with insurance providers and third-parties to help reduce the finance load for clients.

Aspen Dental accepts Insurance plans and third-party payments for some of the services provided in their facilities.

Some of the acceptable insurance plan providers have been discussed here below. Well, what kind of insurance does Aspen Dental accept?

Article Contents

What Is A Dental Ppo Plan

Dental PPOs have a network of providers to choose from. You can opt to see a dentist outside the network, but your costs will be higher. You are not required to choose a primary care dentist.

DPPOs typically have an annual deductible and coinsurance. Once you meet your deductible, your dental plan will kick in to start sharing costs as part of the coinsurance up to the annual maximum each year. Most in-network preventive dental care, like cleanings, routine exams, and routine X-rays, is covered at 100%. You may be required to pay a copay at the time of your visit and share costs with your plan for any care that goes beyond preventive.

A DPPO can help keep your costs lower if you are willing to see dentists within the network. This is one of the most common and popular types of dental plans.

What Types Of Dental Plans Cover Crowns Bridges And Dentures

When you’re shopping for a dental plan, look for those with coverage for major restorative care. This kind of dental care usually covers crowns, bridges, and dentures. Check the plan annual maximum. This is the most your plan will pay for covered services in a plan year. If you reach that limit, you will be responsible for paying any and all additional costs for your dental care. If you expect to need more restorative care, a dental plan that has a higher annual maximum and more coverage for restorative care may be right for you.

How To Use Your Cigna Plan At Dental Station

Dental Design Studio CIGNA PROVIDER

There are two distinct ways we can help you use your Cigna benefits with us:

  • When you call us to schedule an appointment, just mention that you have a Cigna plan. Well ask for your membership number so we can confirm your benefits, and once that is done, we can let you know what benefits you have available and what you may be expected to pay out of pocket when you come to see us.
  • Simply bring your Cigna ID card with you when you come to see us. If were not able to confirm your benefits during your appointment, you may need to pay for your treatment the day of your visit so you can be reimbursed later. Thats why we recommend that everyone should call ahead!

Discover The Benefits Of Cigna

Are you looking for a Cigna Dental dentist? If so, look no further than Celebration Family Dental! We are happy to serve an in-network provider for a multitude of dental insurance companies, including Cigna. We know how important preventive care is, and when it comes to ensuring your oral health remains at an optimal level, you can entrust our team to provide the highest level of care at an affordable price. While cleanings and checkups will be your number one defense at keeping decay and disease from developing, its important to have effective and trustworthy dental insurance just in case a problem does arise.

Emergency Dentist In O Fallon Mo 63366 442

At Cigna Health Spring, we have handled all types of emergency dental care. Our emergency dental services continually satisfy the needs of each patient we see, no matter what time of day or night. We know that, because your teeth function all day and all night, you need a dentist that can be available to meet the demands of your teeth, including an emergency dental visit. Dental emergencies in the middle of the night make it difficult to find immediate help from an emergency dentist in O Fallon, which is why we serve 24-hour emergency dentistry service to ensure patients can get the help they need when they need it. If you need same-day denture repair in O Fallon, MO, or even emergency denture repair, we can help. We have emergency dentists who work closely with denture lab technicians who can restore your dentures or have you fitted for a new set on the same day, in a single appointment.

What Are The Different Types Of Dentists

General Dentists: provide all the services you need to maintain healthy teeth and gums.These services include preventive care like cleanings and checkups, along with restorative services suchas fillings, root canals, crowns and other treatments for broken or missing teeth. They also providecosmetic services such as overlays and whitening treatments.

Endodontists: help heal infections of the soft tissue inside the tooth and are typicallythe dental specialist youd see if you need a root canal treatment.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons: focus on treating problems related to the hard and softtissues of the face, mouth, and jaws. Youd likely go to an oral surgeon if you have an impacted wisdomtooth or need another type of other complicated extraction.

Orthodontists: correct the position of misaligned teeth and jaws, typically this is donewith braces although treatments using other dental devices are also utilized.

Periodontists: these dentists specialize in treating complex cases of gum disease, alongwith other infections or problems involving the tissues that support the teeth.

Prosthodontists: restore damaged teeth or replace missing ones, with procedures thatinclude dental implants, bridges, crowns and dentures.

Pediatric Dentists: provide dental care for children and young adults.

What Services Does Cigna Cover

Cigna Dental Insurance

Cigna offers both DHMO and PPO plans. PPO plans are popular because they have a simple structure and allow you to visit any dentist and still use your benefits. To learn exactly how your policy works, you can use Cignas online portal. You can also give us your insurance information, and we will help you figure out how your benefits apply to specific services.

In the meantime, here is a basic overview of how your policy might work:

  • Preventive care is 100% covered. This means you can attend routine cleanings and checkups for nothing out of pocket.
  • Restorative care is 50 80% covered. Minor restorative services, such as fillings and simple extractions, are covered at a greater rate than major restorative treatments, such as crowns. In most cases, patients must go through a waiting period before they can use their Cigna plan for restorative care.
  • Elective procedures are not covered. If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry or any form of treatment that is not necessary for your oral health, our team will be happy to help you explore payment options outside of insurance.

Are Video Visits With A Dentist Online Covered By Cigna

Most insurers provide coverage for video visits at the same cost as in-person visits. You can search on Zocdoc specifically for Dentists who accept Cigna for video visits by selecting your carrier and plan from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. We recommend you check with your insurance carrier directly to confirm your coverage and out of pocket costs for video visits.

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